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Mrithyu Bhaga and BCP by Hemant Bhatt

Mrithyu Bhaga and BCP by Hemant Bhatt

[We had mentioned to Mr Bhatt few months back to note the planets in MB and then see when it or its houses gets activated via th e BCP rotation, he was requested to study MB planets transit along with BCP during a disastrous event, he has produced this study on his own. Readers are requested to simplify it more thereby taking it further. – SA]

Mrityu Bhaga (MB) is an affliction causing degree portion for a planet in a particular sign. When a planet is posited or transits these inauspicious degree points, they can cause death or death like troubles to the native. For example, Sun in 20 degrees Aries is in its MB, which means that the degree portion form 19 to 20 is in MB.

How to Make Use of Mrityu Bhaga

When a planet in a horoscope falls in the same degree in a specific sign as given in the table below, then the planet is said to be in its Mrityu Bhaga (MB). Hence, such a planet that occupies the MB will become an super afflicted planet. The table given below is the one that is detailed in Jataka Parijata translated by Late V Subramanya Sastri (Chapetr-1; Verse-57; page-88) & is the most widely accepted format for MB.

Chart 11

Bhrigu Chakra Paddathi (BCP) Concept

The concept of Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati (BCP) and its working is fairly simple and straightforward. The basis of Bhrigu Chakra is one sign equals 1 year on the linear plane. There are no complex computations, no juggling of astronomical elements. The steps involved in computing the BCP and a table for a 120-year BCP cycle is given below:

  1. Take the 1st house of your chart (Ascendant) to be the 1st year of your life.
  2. The 2nd house will be the 2nd year of your life and so on and the 12th house will be the 12th year of your life.
  3. Then the chakra will rotate and come again to the 1st house which will become the 13th year of your life.
  4. Thus the 12th house will be always 12th year, 24th year, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84th year, etc.
  5. What must be noted here is that from the first day of birth to 365 days is the first year of one’s life and this is denoted by 1st house. This way the 2nd year would be from 366th day and so on. The mistake in counting the years and the house is a common mistake and one must note the point 5 as highlighted here.
Chart 12

Using the Mrithyu Bhaga Technique Stepwise

Step-1:  Identify the planet(s) occupying the MB referring to the above table. Then, note down the sign and planets (conjunction-dispositor-lordship) by its position and aspect. Specifically, if this planet in MB is aspected by (or) aspects the dusthana lords (Lords of 6-8-12H) then pay attention since this can give clue to good deal of troubles.

Step-2: Bhrigu Chakra Paddathi (BCP) is considered to predict the events related to the MB planet with respect to its position-aspect as mentioned in Step-1. This exercise is to decipher the nexus between MB & BCP. In order to achieve accuracy in determining the events one should be well versed with attributes of houses-signs-planets and the karaka tatvas (significations) of planets.

Step-3: Transiting planet(s) over the MB degrees having relationship with the house-planet as given above is considered to validate the fructification of the event.

Clue: The clue to identify the most probable year of the BCP cycle would be to note which house(s) connects (viz-a-viz conjunction, aspect, lordship, dispositor) most strongly with the MB house or it’s Lord”

Chart 1: Male

DOB: 21-Nov-1982; TOB: 00:30:00 Hrs (+5.30 east); POB: Valsad, India 72 E 56, 20 N 38;

Chart 13

Step-1:  Rahu is in MB (11 Ge o4) posited in 11H (8H from 4H of Mother). Rahu aspecting Mars the 4L of Mother and 7H (4H from 4H). Dispositor of Rahu, Mercury is death lord of Mother posited in 4H. Jupiter the 8L and Rahu has mutual 5/9th aspects. 4H indicates water well (note 4H has the sign Scorpio, a watery sign).

The Clue: Since we got the clue that Rahu is in MB and it is 8th from 4H, so we have to search which of the houses (in BCP rotation) will cause harm to the 4H of mother, these would be 3H(12th from 4th), 5th house (2nd from 4H) and 9H (6th from 4H) and 11H (8th from 4H). Out of these see & select the best contenders, which connects Most Strongly with a problem to the house of Mother. The strongest contender for mischief to mother becomes the 3H since it contains the 6L and 8L.

Step-2: The 15th year (Nov 96 to Nov 97) of the native would be 3H as per BCP. 3H is 12th from 4H and its lord i.e. final exit lord Venus posited with Mercury in the 4H of mother, who is also the 8L of death of Mother and dispositor of Rahu who is our focus MB planet.

Step-3:  On 19-Feb-1997 (15th year) Mercury was in MB (21 Cp 08) at 08:00am. The Mother of the native died by drowning in well.

Chart 2: Female

DOB: 09-Feb-1970; TOB: 11:00:00 Hrs (+5.30 east); POB: Silvassa, India 73 E 1, 20 N 16;

Step-1: Saturn (9 Ar 49) and Jupiter (12 Li 21) are in MB. Saturn, the 10L and 11L of leg and ankles is in debilitation aspecting the 3H of right hand. Jupiter is the 9L of knees aspecting the 3H of hands. Jupiter-Saturn is in mutual 7th aspect. Sign Aquarius is the natural sign of spine with 3-7-11H according to medical astrology. In addition, Sun is the backbone or spine vertebra karaka and Ketu being tail is karaka of spine.

Step-2: 22nd year means 10H where lord of the hand Mercury and Sun is posited and aspected by 10L Saturn in MB, note Saturn is badhak in MB. The dispositor of Saturn is Mars the karaka of accident posited with Moon (natural karaka of travel) the 4L of conveyance in 12H of hospitalization (Pisces) and aspecting its dispositor MB planet Jupiter in the 7H of accident.

Step-3: On 09-Jan-1992 in the 22nd year, so 10H so Saturn would be activated, who is in MB and aspected by another MB planet Jupiter.  Transit Saturn was infact in MB (13 Cp 03) degree at 1:00pm thereby giving double activation. The native encountered a fatal accident when riding with her friend on a bike resulting in permanent disability with lameness of right hand and leg due to spinal injury. The native underwent 6 months of hospitalization and was under medical care for 2 years.

Clue: Saturn the 10 & 11L is in MB in Asc (body) so whenever these two houses are activated in BCP cycle and also afflicted by Transit malefics, like in this case MB planet Saturn is in Cp afflicting its own house Cp

Chart 3: Male

DOB: 08-Feb-1981; TOB: 21:30:00 Hrs (+5.30 east); POB: Balasinor, India 73 E 20, 22 N 57;

Chart 15

Step-1:  Planets in MB are Venus (11 Cp 58) and Saturn (15 Vi 49). Retro Saturn the lame-tragic (6L) lord is aspecting the 10H of leg (calf) and 11L of ankles Moon in 7H. Venus the 9L is in Capricorn the sign indicating leg of Kaalpurusha with foot lord Sun (12L) and breakage lord Ketu aspecting the 11H of ankles where Rahu is posited mutually aspects each other. More to this 10L Mercury is in 6H of accidents with 8L and natural accident karaka lord Mars.

Step-2 & 3: Venus rules the 5H. Fifth year means 5H, which was heavily afflicted by Venus in MB. A motorbike ran down the native when he was 5 years old. A motorbike permanently crippling him overran the native’s leg. Due to the absence of accuracy of the date/period of the mishaps, we could not be able to evaluate the transit position.

Commentary from SA Editor

Saturn is in MB so its two houses Cp and Aq would be afflicted at one time (readers must note that MB planets own houses might not have been mentioned in any work so far). Incidentally Venus another planet in MB sits in the house of MB planet Saturn. One observation this scribe has often observed is that whenever a planet is in MB is in natal chart, see its Transit and when it connects with other MB planets or its own houses, it will trigger an event and then use BCP. This chart is a perfect example, in the 5th year of the native MB planet Saturn was in 3H of mobility in Scorpio and it aspected the 5H, its own house (note it is the house of an MB planet Saturn) so this is double whammy and the permanently crippling accident happened. If you use only BSP, then refer to BSP 5 or 6 written by Andree Leclerc, where Jup Saturn together destroys one signification of Aries, here it works as Aries is in the 8H of chronic ailments, crippling the child. If you use BCP only, then 5th year is the 5th House and it has one MB planet Venus and the 5th house lord Saturn is in MB and in Asc (body) & it is with Jupiter who is having Kendradhipati Dosha. One must remember that Kendradhipathi Dosha is mainly to be used for calamities to self or death. – SA

Chart 4: Male

DOB: 08-Jul-1993; TOB: 10:00:00 Hrs (+5.30 east); POB: Valsad, India 72 E 56, 20 N 38;

Step-1:  Ketu is in its MB (17 Ta 53).  Ketu is the karaka for breakage and separation. The mythological depiction of Ketu as a tail is attributed to the body part spine. Note Ketu is in 10H (8H from 3H of mobility) with 3L Venus. Ketu is the ruler of sign Scorpio and its other co-lord Mars the natural karaka for accident and conveyance (4L) aspects the 12L Moon and 6L Saturn in 7H Aquarius causing permanent disability.

Step-2:  19th year is 7H of Aquarius as per BCP. The co-lord of Aquarius is Rahu, which is posited in the 4H of conveyance and vehicles.  Retro Saturn (6L) is posited with 12L of hospitalization Moon in 7H, receiving the aspect of Mars, the natural karaka of accident and a badhaka in this case.

Step-3: On 19-Jan-2012 at 3:53pm (Valsad, India) Mars was in MB (28 Le 55). A fatal accident took place on a motorbike badly injuring the spinal discs-lumbar region of the native. This incident has severely damaged and crippled the native below his waist.

Chart 5: Male

DOB: 16-Mar-1981; TOB: 12:20:00 Hrs (+5.30 east); POB: Dahod, India 77 E 29, 23 N 02;

Chart 17

Step-1:  Mars is in MB (5 Pi 48) and is posited in the 10H Maraka house for the Father. Mars is with 3L Sun, which is also a Maraka lord (7H from 9H) for father. Mars is in mutual aspect with 8L Saturn (Longevity) and 10L Jupiter (2H to 9H of Father).

Step-2: In the 25th year of the native, which is 1st house as per BCP, 1L Mercury is sitting in the 9H of Father with 12L of exit Venus. The depositor of Mercury i.e. Saturn is posited in 8H (death) from 9H of father.

Step-3:  On 07-January-2006 at 5.30am (Mumbai, India) Mars (6L) was transiting its MB (18 Ar 46). Note that Mars was in its MB in the 8H from 9L Saturn. The native’s Father breathed his last that morning.

Chart 6: Male

DOB: 29-Jul-1977; TOB: 16:15:00 Hrs (+5.30 east); POB: Bardoli, India 73 E 07, 21 N 07;

Step-1: Mercury (8L & 11L) is in MB (7 Le 52) in 10H. Leo sign stand for heart, insulin tube, etc., Virgo governs efficient working of gland insulin, and its ruler is Mercury. Mercury is receiving the 4th aspect of Mars the 6L of disease and surgery.

Step-2:  34th year rules the 10H where Mercury in MB in Leo sign is posited.

Step-3:  On 7-July-2011 at 16.30pm (Surat, India) Venus (12L of hospitalization) was in MB (10Ge01) in Gemini the sign ruled by Mercury. The native underwent a life threatening surgery to remove a stone from his insulin tube.

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