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SJC Atri Classes: Atri Class 17- Part 1 – Kalachakra

SJC Atri Classes Atri Class 17- Part 1 – Kalachakra

SJC Atri Classes

Atri Class 17- Part 1 – Kalachakra

  • Mithuna lagna, chandra and ketu in lagna – doctor is not able to identify the disease. [SR]: First note that whenever Ketu or Rahu is in lagna then always Remember 90% of the cases the doctor will not be able to catch the diseases Easily – blindly follow this, one will not understand why the health is failing, specially with Ketu in lagna, nodes have a very mysterious effect on Lagna, today we will concentrate on lagna and what is the lagna
  • In Badhak rahu is neecha house- in Sg, this means Sarpa Dosha, (in transit Rahu is transiting over ur lagna lord, doctors right now are NOT able to find out what is the disease), Lagna deg is 1deg (pisces ? in audio) and it is in first drek, see this is the way we see the health, when will this badhak get activated when Rahu transits over LL.
  • Rahu ketu is very bad in badhak house, when they transit over lagnesh then they will activate the lagnesh, Rahu ketu (remember a Graha sitting is badhak house means Badhak DOSH, this is more powerful that Badhak lord)
  • Rahu ketu is very bad in badhak house, when they transit over lagnesh then they will activate the lagnesh, Rahu ketu (remember a Graha sitting is badhak house means Badhak DOSH, this is more powerful that Badhak lord)
  • Rahu is most bad, Shani is less, Mars is lesser and Sun is least – this order – these planets in badhak is most most malefic and when they transit over Lagnesh (not lagna – note this fine point) it is most most harmful period. They will create problem to ur intelligence (lagnesh) , a badhak lord is less harmful than a planet sitting in Badhak house – this is the fine fine point. (for moveable signs – badhak house is 11th house, for fixed it is 9th house & for dual signs it is 7th house) . badhak lord will not do as much damage than a planet in badhak house, planet in badhak house means Badhak Dosh
  • g. Visti has Rahu in badhak house, when rahu dasa was starting, he was given upaya, recite Hare Rama Krishna mantra, go to Shiva mandir, donate 9 small gold eggs & now he feels his Rahu dasa is like Jupiters dasa, see the effect of remedies
  • Badhak dosha is for malefics only, if there is Subha graha is there he will remove the badhak, just give pranam to that planet, if benefic is there it is the best thing, if papa graha then it will give dristi, understand badhak is something evil, is evil being increased by evil or being reduced by Good – understand this. Subha graha filters the house, makes it clean.
  • If two planets one malefic and one benefic then accordingly logic to be applied
  • Rahu is the karaka for Badhak (this was explained in badhak paper, everything has a karaka, see Arudha karaka is Moon, lagna karaka is Sun, lagna ka badha is rahu – the way Rahu eclipses Sun, same way Rahu will badhak the lagna). 99% of the cases he has seen irrespective of who is sitting in the Badhak house , the gochara of Rahu over the lagnesh badhak gets activated provided if a malefic is sitting in badhak house, esp when Rahu in transit comes in the DRESHKAN where LAGNESH is sitting (remember KNR told u same method for predicting rainfall)
  • This is the way to time it, see where Rahu is today (when the lecture was given) , it is Sarpa Dreshkon of Meena here is where the lagnesh is sitting, as soon as Rahu came to this Dreshkon the problem started – this is what is called Badhak Srishti Hogaya, so badhak is to be healed, what is the Ultimate healing of Badhak, to understand this healing see badhak is Rahu eclipsing Sun in general and sun has to be strengthened by Gayatri Mantra, which is why SR advised him to do Gayatri mantra, if one is not well on bed, then no need to take bath etc, u can do it while in bed itself

To make the Sun strong

  • Keep listening to Gayatri mantra to make the Surya strong as much as possible


  • Ur lagnesh is Budha, see it on Aditya Chakra – 8 petal lotus of Kalachakra – this lotus is to be used in everything in jyotish, write east in this lotus on top and here Sun resides, S.E is Mars, South is where Guru resides, South west here Rakshak resides – Nirriti – Buddha sits here and removes the Rakshak(demons), in West Varuna resides where Sins are counted and Saturn’s dig is here but Vaas (residence) is Venus – here Sukha is given by Venus, then come to NW here Vayu has Vaas & Chandra has dig here, from this dig one gets longevity and from Moon one gets Ayus(longevity) and Vayu gives blessings of Dirgayu (long life) but the planet who has Vaas is Saturn who is karaka of Ayus (longevity), then comes to Uttar (north)– the dig is of Mercury (Buddha) from here one sees KARMA YOG and the lord is Kubera and hence this is Kuberas dig, the graha is Moon who resides here and it helps in removing one out of Karma yoga or giving success to Karma Yoga in kalachakra
  • Two things together – Graha Dik & the Graha which has Vaas here, e.g in North Graha Dig is Mer but Graha Vaas is of Moon & Kshetra (area) is of Kubera. Come to North East here Dig is of Jup, this is Punya Dig, here Isaana (Shiva) Shiva has 5 forms the highest form is Isaana and this form resides here. 4 forms of Guru, a) Guru b) ParamGuru (Gurus guru) c) ParatparGuru (lineage, one who collected gyan) d) Parameshti Guru (one who is Gyan himself, who allowed all this to happen)

Om Gurave Namah

Om Paramgurubhoy Namah

Om ParatparGurubhoy Namah

Om Parameshtigurubhoy namah

  • Sometimes graha stops u here like say Kaal is like Rahu ka vyaas
  • Here we talked about Dig chakra and kalachakra together, dig chakra shows what KARMA I WILL DO whereas KALACHAKRA shows WHAT OBSTACLES WILL COME IN THIS KARMA i.e. which graha will cause obstacles. In every karma there is obstacle, in Suryas dig vighana himself is Sun – no one outside can create obstacle in front of Sun, in Isaa in terms of health one is himself responsible he himself will have to create good health (sun) and this sun will decide
  • Now come to South East, Dig is of Venus & it is Agni Kona, from Sukra it is agni (energy) and graha here is Mars, it is from Agni only that marriage happens but keeping Agni as Witness (in Hinduism) , Vivaha karaka(marriage karaka) is Venus and dig is SE, the devata is Agni & the obstacle is Mars – keep it in mind, that is the reason we keep in mind Mars for such matters, say Mars in lagna or Tuesday or Mars in 8th house or  Mars dosha so keeping this in mind we do marriage, if mars is too strong then do not marry since Mars is Celibate (Brahmacharya). See both these points have to be kept in mind, whenever we have to see marriage in chart we see Venus but also we have to see Mars condition too. By doing pooja of Agni we can make the marriage of anyone alright since Agni is the Devata of this Dig, this is a KARMIC DIK, the dik is sukra, Mars is the kaala here
  • The word Kaal is not a good word, it means one who gets destroyed by Time , Kaala means Time and in Time everything in the universe gets destroyed
  • By reciting agni mantra Sukra gets pacified
  • Lets come back to Poorabh Dig, East Dig, here lord is Indra the digpala, here graha is also Sun and also Kaala is also Sun, one is lord of oneself, what happens to ones own self is in owns hands is the meaning of this sun lording both. See lord is Indra, he has a very good story behind him, when he started seeing his body, he noticed he had a Sahastra yoni – so that he can do Srishti, see sun is the creator of the Universe, it is thro Yoni he does Sristi, his first dharma is Sristi, all Sristi is through Sun. If person is not getting child straight away do not run to see the condition of Jup, first see if Sun is alright or not, sun is good then children will happen. Jaimini Rishi says that see 3rd house & 9th house from Sun and see their arudhas and if arudha is not in good house then children wont happen
  • Dakshina Dig is of Mrityu (death), of Yama who is digpala , karaka is Mars who is the karaka of death, and he becomes stronger when there is war, violence. He is stopped by Jup, that is the reason in Maha Narayana Upanishad it is said it is only Jupiter who can stop Yama – Death (Mrityu), that is the reason Shiva kept another name for Jupiter as Jeeva. He binds atma and Sharira (body) through his aaakash tatva and this bond is so strong that it is difficult to break this bond. If ones Aakash Tatva is very strong he cannot die. When a person on death bed or is facing Apar Mrityu then make his Jupiter strong, what is the fastest and most powerful way to make Jupiter strong – by reciting Juum  this is the beejakshara of Jupiter it is derived from Jeeva,  SadaShiva’s beejakshara is Haaum , so it becomes Haum Juum Sah, so what we call Mrityunjaya mantra it is of this Jupiter who was gotten by sage Sukra. It is for the Akash Tatva of Jupiter, this akash tatva is present in this Mrityunjaya mantra
  • Yama is the digbala of the above, Ya – vayu, ma- (mujhe subho) – give blessings, so if we do recitation of Gayatri mantra by starting it with Om Yama Yama Yamah Sah Bhurbhuvasah……….. so Yama Raj will be happy with us and will give us his blessings by avoiding Apar Mrityu
  • We will do Gati of Yama and other devatas later
  • Graha, Devata & Kaala – so lets see this together, see Shabdharat of Raksharsh (demon) Raksha pe aaya hain, jisko dekhte hi mujhe bole Bhagwan Raksha kar mujhe. If we see someone bad and we feel like telling god to save us then that person is Rakshash, in planets Rahu is the owner of this dig and becomes very STRONG in this dig, in this dig we see very BAD KARMA, bhayankar karma (very bad karma), Shadayantra, manushaya ko faasna, (to trap others, to destroy others, playing games with others) and if MER IS PLACED HERE then he SAVES US FROM ALL THESE, why see Buddha means Learning Process , when child is small and see candles but he puts his finger in light of candle and then he learns that this is Agni and so I should not keep my finger there in future, so it is through Buddha (Mer) that we learn how to PROTECT ourselves , this way we humans should learn to protect ourselves and it is by propitiating Buddha only, the tatva in this spoke is Prithvi Tatva and Buddha gets strong in Prithvi
  • WEST – Varuna ashtra (weapon) is Pasa (Neck Tie kind of rope), if u do not wear neck tie u are not worshipping Varuna, as soon u are wearing neck tie Varuna is happy, see people from west they wear neck tie a lot, Shani is the lord, Varuna keeps pasa everywhere, varuna completely controls through his pasa, how much control how much freedom is an important concept when it comes to this DIG, see Saturn is the karaka for Slavery (rope/control) and also the karaka for Democracy(freedom), only when slavery is there then only people will talk about democracy. Here Sukra Resides here, Sukra has bala to remove us through these troubles (bandhana of this spoke) , if u give loads of chocolates to a kid then the temptation will be finished after some time – this is the principle of Sukhra, taste something so much that u would leave it after getting tired with it. To be mukt of Varuna /Shani’s bondage.
  • Remember in a Chakra there is an axle, both the spokes need balance, stretching too much one thing will break the other.
  • NORTH WEST Direction – Dig is of Moon (Chandra) , ayu is given here, vayu is the devata here, if one is sick not getting a good doctor then pray/namaskar to Vayu devata and to his child Hanuman or smaller kid Bheema – the body becomes protected. From this Dig one gets Soma Raasa (Amrut) – see soma is Chandra. See the Drig/Dig is different for Healthy body/Vitality and for Death it is different. From now on we can call this direction Strength and Vitality. This drig graha is Shani (age), the more one becomes older the more ones vitality health reduces that is LIFE FORCE reduces.
  • NORTH direction – kubera (God of Money) is also called Manushya Vahana (human is vehicle of this God) , the fact is the Vehicle of Kubera is Manushya (that is the reason if u help a human the God kubera is helpful) the Drig Graha here is Mer, who is also karaka for 10th house of Karma and that is the reason 10th house is also seen for wealth, if Mer is badly spoilt from AL so person wont go towards wealth, if it is good from AL then person wont become Vivekanda – he had Mer 6th from AL.  its like Kubera could not throw his nose around the Manushya (human Vivekananda) and who saves u from this Chandra (Moon – mind, Maa) If mother wishes no son will ever go to work, the boy will eat and sleep at home and be happy, mother always wants son to be happy, only moon has this power to take u out of this. Which also means its only ones Mind which stops us from going into constant Rat Race of not being satisfied with money (Kubera) that is for this reason see relationship of Moon & Mer, if they are in opposite rasis then this native will have tension in Karma kshetra. Remember in Kalachakra if two planets are opposite to each other then it is very very bad.

Part 2 Kalachakra

Very rough notes

  • ISAANA – North West – Shiva (Isaana) is digpala here, the mantra for this dig is ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ – this dig is of Guru. By this mantra Rahu runs in that moment is this mantra (Om Namah Shivaya – this is Isaana Mantra) (remember it is not Namah Shivaya which is a Panchakshari mantra whereas previous mantra is a Shadakshari mantra)

Namah Shivaya is ok for every dig but for Gurus Dig it is Om Namah Shivaya

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