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Jain Nakshastras Tatva and Nakshatras – An Exposition

Jain Nakshastras Tatva and Nakshatras – An Exposition

Jain Nakshastras

Tatva & Nakshatras – An Exposition


Hemant Shah, India.

In Indian Culture great importance has been given to Tatva (Element) and Nakshatra (Asterism). In our culture more importance to PanchaMaha Bhoota – 5 Elements, among these 5 we find 4 elements being prominently considered in Jyotish. In 1960s to 70s a man from Ahmadabad by the name of Late Shri Premchand Jain researched into Sarvatobhadra Chakra, Saptashalaka Chakra, Pancha Shalaka Chakra & Tara Chakra thereby developed his own methodology called Jain Nakshatras. In this he gave more prominence to tatvas and nakshatras.

After that this Paddathi has been practiced by many prominent astrologers of Ahmadabad like Dinesh Shah, Mukesh Modi & this scribe. With the help of this method one can achieve extremely accurate results resulting in phenomenal predictions. This scribe has practiced this methodology effectively for 20 years in his astrological practice of 30 years.

In this article let us start with understanding Tatvas in which we use Swara Shastra & effect of it on human body.

Agni Tatva

The location of Agni Tatva is Manipura Chakra (near navel). One span of breath will continue for 60 minutes approx, and this 60 mins is composed of 5 tatvas. This agni tatva would be the 2nd tatva when a new swara has started. Also as per Swara Shastra, from 21st June to 21st September one would find Agni Tatva to be predominant. The shape of Agni Tatva is Triangular (trikona), taste of Agni Tatva is spicy, the color is red, in your hand the agni tatva is represented by thumb, if one pressurizes the tip of the thumb for some time then agni tatva in the body would increase. The way to do is to use the tip of  the forefinger and press it against the soft upper part of the thumb to increase the agni tatva which would in effect also give instant energy in the whole body. This can also be used by common man when he is in colder climates. Also, in India when one is going to war, it is with thumb (agni tatva) we put the Tilak, between the eyebrows.

The direction of Agni Tatva is South as per Svarodaya Shastra.

Agni Tatva is also significator of minerals & 4 legged wild animals. In wild animals Wild Stag is represented by Agni Tatva. In domestic animals Pet Dogs are represented by Agni Tatva.Grain – Bajari, Var – Tuesday & Friday , Agnee Tatva spread up to Swadendriya and organ For Swadendriya is Toung, Karmedriya for Agnee tatva is Limbs. Summer and hot is unfavorable for this tatva.If he works in such atmosphere he would be face a lot of problems like fever, dehydration, high heart beating etc. His feelings are unbalanced and react rapidly. He likes to walk. Agnee tatva is pure and helps for healing. He gets more sweat; rankle on face, white hair in early age.

This tatva provide Pitta , and expressive face. Forehead line appears in count of three or four. It provides good health but some constipation. Fiery person should have more water and fruits hence our Rishis took a lot fruits. s  

Check and insert diagram of Manipura Chakra

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