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Role of Rahu & Ketu At the Time of Death By Bhausaheb Sakurkar (3)

Saturn’s 8th House Aspect by Hemant Bhatt

With obeisance to Lord Ganapati, and to the beloved Saturn who is the karaka for Karma, we submit this technique at the holy feet of Sage Bhrighu, the founder of Bhrighu astrology, the greatest one who no doubt is most beloved for showing us all that we do not know astrology yet. May he accept and bless this technique. May the ones who follow the rules of Jyotisha Purusha be able to use this technique effectively.

In support of this technique BPHS Part-I, Chapter-8, Verse 33 is found as under.

मन्दादष्टमतो मृत्युस्तातादीनां विचिन्तयेत्॥

Mandad ashtamato mrtyusta tadinan vicintayet ||

Means from Saturn and 8th from Saturn death or trouble like death or adverse event like ill effects on father can be discerned. The basic logic is that Saturn is the Karaka of sorrow and grief and is death Karaka, also as said in part-II, chapter-10 verse 10 ‘ शनिर्मृकरो ’

Shanir Mrukaro. Here we used this method for judging bad events to native’s life.

Yoga, bad or good visible in the natal chart will fructify in the life of the native when it will be facilitated by appropriate Dasa and Gochara. Whether it will be malevolent or benevolent will be the prudent judgment of the astrologer. This general but very effective concept is applied in this article.

Please note the Steps

Step 1: Cross the house which is the 8th from natal Saturn.

Step 2: See the natal position of that house and lord to evaluate malevolence effects.

Step 3: Whenever very dire malefic transit this house or aspect this house in conjunction with a bad Dasa is to be noted. Vimosattari Dasa and Chara Dasa [Parasari] has been used as both are applicable here. Results obtained have all been unfavorable event/s in this article.

In a nut shell, the 8th house from natal Saturn if afflicted by malefic in the natal chart, the Gochara of malefic affecting this house by occupation or aspect and the dasha and Antardasha are also of adverse planets  there will be bad results to the person signified by that house.

Note: The point to be remembered here is that both Gochara and dasa periods have to be bad at the same time. Hence all transits or all bad dashas will not produce adverse results.

Chart 1 – Female: Saturn in 8H

DOB: 28-Dec-1994; TOB: 18:00:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Chalisgaon, India, 75 E 01, 20 N 28

Chart 2

Step-1: 8H from Saturn is 4H Virgo sign.

Step-2: 4H stands for principal house of education. Its lord is Mercury is in Sun Nakshatra with Sun the lord of 12th to 4H. Sign depositor Jupiter is in 12th from it aspected by Saturn. (Ketu aspect is not considered).

Step-3: 8H from Saturn is 4H of educational career; in 2011 Saturn is in transit in Virgo sign in natal 4H. This native succeeded in her SSC exam and has decided not to study and abruptly takes a break; till the date she is at home. There are other factors also preventing education, but deciding factor of permanent blockage of 4H which becomes Saturn’s 8H. There is no vedha to Saturn. Vimsottari Dasa running was Jupiter MD-Mars AD. Jupiter is the sign depositor of 4HL Mercury and Mars in 12H to 4H in Sun’s sign Leo the Nakshatra lord of Mercury aspected by Saturn. Mars is also sign depositor of Jupiter, Karaka of Vidya aspected by Saturn.

Chart 2 – Male: Saturn in 5H

DOB: 21-Mar-1981; TOB: 10:30:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Valsad, India, 72 E 56, 20 N 38

Step-1: 8H from Saturn is Aries of Mars the planet of Karaka of siblings in 12H.

Step-2: Mars is seated in brother’s house (3H & 11H both can be taken as house of siblings but BPHS without differentiating elder or younger has allocated 3H). Mars the Karaka of brother is aspected by Saturn an Airy planet with watery planet Moon the Karaka of tragic situation, Rahu the sudden force in watery sign, both Karaka of suffocation and slips and is with Gulika/Mandi the odd and undesired situation in watery sign Pisces. Rahu in 3H is not desirable especially in inimical watery sign both in rasi and D9. Rahu in D9 is in debilitated sign of its depositor in 8H of death. So Rahu Dasa will give the worst results to siblings. Rasi depositor of Rahu also aspects Mars the lord of 8H from Saturn.

Step-3: On 13-December-1997 Rahu in transit from Leo sign and Mars from Makara sign aspected Aries sign the 8H from Saturn in natal chart, both have no vedha. The dreadful event happened with the brother of the native. They went on tour and the brother of the native was clicking photos in water fall and suddenly slips in the deep water and tragedy is that though was a good swimmer another fellow nearby [3H] also slip down with him and grabs the brother of the native in deep water. The brother tried to getting up water but due to cold clothes wearing was wetted and as the other fellow grabbed, he could not come up and suffocated in deep water and drowned to death. Other fellow was saved by others as he might have kicked the brother to came up to water nobody knows what happened in deep water. The Dasa was Rahu MD-Rahu AD.

Special note for other research work: [this clue is given especially by SA editor and reproduced here for ardent scholars to work on] Please note that the elder sister of this native also died in the same year before 6 months of the death of this brother and there is no Saturn’s 8H effect. It is Naisargik planet age that is working, see here Jupiter the 8th lord of death and elder sibling is aspecting the 11H of elder sibling, the age of Jupiter is 16 when the elder sibling died.

Chart 3 – Male: Saturn in 10H

DOB: 28-Jun-1947; TOB: 14:15:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Navsari, India, 72 E 55, 20 N 51

Step-1: 8H from Saturn is Aquarius sign of 5H.

Step-2: 5HL of dignity and status, Saturn is in 6H from it with 12HL of Bandhana or 8HL from 5H in 10H of natal Cancer sign indicating Karma Bandhana as 10th to its sign depositor Moon. Please note that Mercury is the Naisargik lord of 6HL, Vanijya (occupation) and is natural Badhaka; Mercury is the ruler of Mandi/Gulika and 22nd Dreshkona to Moon. Ignoble or unethical means of income is indicated by malefic planetary position or aspect in 11H from Arudha Pada (BPHS ch-29 verse 29 translated by R Santhanam). Here AL is 4H Capricorn (degree position selected) and 11H there to is 2H where natural malefic planets Mars-Rahu and Saturn [50%] aspects it. Venus aspect is feeble there and Mercury aspects do not count to protect as Mercury itself is with malefic and is treated as malefic. Role of Mercury will be very important and adverse to the native being natural Badhaka and natal 12H for imprisonment. Its Dasa and Antardasa is the most troublesome.

Step-3: Event-1: On 18-March-1988 transit Saturn aspect and Rahu with Mercury having position on Aquarius sign i.e. 5H; there are no vedhas. This native was working in Government and was caught red handed in the case of bribery by a man (Muslim by caste; Rahu ruler of hidden sign Aquarius) and was suspended from service immediately. It is noteworthy that Rahu-Saturn both are the lords of Aquarius sign and as a dire malefic did the rest. The Vimsottari Dasa is Mercury MD–Mercury AD–Saturn PD.

Event-2: On 30-October-1994 three natural malefics Saturn-Rahu-Mars aspects Aquarius Rasi and session court declared the native guilty of the bribery case with fine and imprisonment both. Dasa is Mercury MD–Moon AD, Moon is the depositor of Mercury and is Karma Vipaak for the native.

Event-3: On 03-May-2010 Supreme Court announced the native guilty and confirmed the order of high court and on 22-July-2010, the native surrendered and was sent to jail and was there for one and half years. On 03-May-2010 Mars was aspecting Aquarius sign; Chara Dasa [Parasari] was Capricorn lord Saturn MD and Cancer AD depositor of sign of Saturn-Mercury tells the rest. High court order date was not available to decipher.

Chart 4 – Male: Saturn in 8H

DOB: 04-Sept-1956; TOB: 22:07:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Valsad, India, 72 E 56, 20 N 38

Chart 5

Step-1: 8H from Saturn is 3H Gemini sign indicating movements and if it is afflicted is taken as restriction to movements i.e. a kind of Bandhana (captive).

Step-2: 3HL Mercury posited in 6H, another Bandhana house; 12th from 3H is Taurus with Ketu loss/bandhana of movement afflicted by three dire malefics Mars, nodes and Saturn.

Step-3: In natal chart 12HL Jupiter aspects LL Mars and Mars aspects Mercury and Taurus sign and Saturn the Karaka of Bandhana again aspects this 12HL. More important is Saturn-Rahu and Mars are in hidden sign of behind the bars and Saturn-Mars are in mutual aspects (Parivartan Yoga) tells that there is Bandhana yoga in the chart.

Chart 5 – Female: Saturn in 5H

DOB: 24-Nov-1985; TOB: 22:14:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Wadala, India, 72 E 51, 19 N 01

Chart 6

Step-1: 8H from Saturn is Gemini sign in 12H.

Step-2: Betrothal represented by 3H (ceremony related to marriage) has death inflicting Mars missing sufficient Shadbala and 3HL-12HL (6th to 7H of mishaps to marriage). Mercury is retrograde with other two dire malefic Saturn and Sun in 5H i.e. 3rd from 3H indicating premature break; Mars-Mercury having 8H resemblance of death having 64th D9 and 22nd D3 lordship. 8H from Saturn is Gemini whose lord is Mercury is afflicted as said carrying the influence of Gulika (in Gemini) and Mars (in Mercury’s house).

Step-3: On 08-April-2011, the nodes, Saturn and Mars, heavily afflict 8H from Saturn the Gemini sign. On this date, betrothal took place and within 2 months proposed husband died (date of death not available). Chara Dasa [Parasari] is Scorpio MD–Gemini AD. Scorpio is Mercury depositor sign, Gemini owned by it and third from 3H of betrothal is Scorpio where 3HL & 8HL from Saturn seated is premature end.

Chart 6 – Male: Saturn in 10H

DOB: 21-Oct-1978; TOB: 09:45:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Valsad, India, 72 E 56, 20 N 38

Chart 7

Step-1: 8H from Saturn is 5H of Pisces sign with Ketu both natural Karakas of final exit i.e. Moksha.

Step-2: Nodal effects and Jupiter aspect indicates some liver, sugar problems and 5th is house of liver. Jupiter Nakshatra lord is Saturn and Moon the Karaka of blood and Jaivik Prakriya [Dehadhipati] is the depositor sitting in 8H and indicating Arista all these show some serious problem as Jupiter carrying the influence of Saturn-Moon.

Step-3: on 9/10-February-2012 Rahu and Mars are aspecting sign Pisces. Vimsottari Dasa was Jupiter MD–Mars AD–Rahu PD. It is noteworthy that Jupiter is the lord of Pisces the 8th sign from Saturn, Mars the aspecting lord in transit posited in 12H of final exit in natal and Rahu also aspects sign Pisces in transit and natal tells the rest. The native died on 9/10-February-2012 with Liver failure.

Chart 7 – Female: Saturn in 5H

DOB: 15-Nov-1974; TOB: 14:30:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Tana, India, 74 E 12, 20 N 44

Step-1: 8H from Saturn is 12H of mishaps to spouse, Moksha etc. and its starts from 12 Cp 45 ends to 12 Aq 45 degree [equal house system].

Step-2: 12H stands for detriments to spouse and Viyoga in general and its lord is Saturn Karaka of sorrow again in 6/8 axis of 12H/5H. Mars is the death infliction planet aspects this 12H. 5H where Saturn seated receives its aspect, as 12HL inflicts mishaps to spouse.

Step-3: On 10-March-1994, spouse of the native is died. On that date Saturn is in 8H from natal Saturn in transit at 11 Aq 02 and Mars at 8 Aq 11 please note, so also Mandi is without vedha. Chara Dasa running was Gemini where 12H lord Saturn is posited and Taurus is 12H lord in D9 posited.

Chart 8 – Female: Saturn in 5H

DOB: 10-Jun-1985; TOB: 06:20:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Rajpipla, India, 73 E 30, 21 N 52

Step-1: 8H from Saturn is 12H from 16 Ar08 to 16 Ta 08 degree.

Step-2: 12H is the house of mishaps and separation of spouse with Pati Karaka Sun. If you will see the degree position of Saturn and Rahu they are afflicting 12H (from 7H & 1H). With Mars aspect on 7H separation from spouse is inevitable. Moreover, Saturn in the nakshatra of 7HL Jupiter is aspecting 12H and posited in Maraka house to 7H (2nd to 7H).

Step-3: on 31-12-1985 in transit Mars at 16 Ar 59 just touched the 8H degree position of natal Saturn and Saturn in transit if we take orbs of Saturn at 4.30-degree aspects the natal 8H from Saturn. Vimsottari Dasa is Saturn MD–Ketu AD at degree both opposite to Taurus sign the 8H from natal Saturn. In D9 Ketu is in Taurus sign. Chara Dasa is Taurus MD–Pisces AD lord Jupiter carrying the influence of Saturn (Capricorn sign Saturn aspects it) from natal death house (Maraka house of spouse) aspects Taurus the 8th sign from natal Saturn.

Chart 9 – Female: Saturn in 8H

DOB: 15-Oct-1977; TOB: 13:40:00 Hrs (+05.30 east); POB: Mumbai, India, 72 E 50, 18 N 58

Step-1: 8H from Saturn is 3H of Pisces, the natural sign of exit where Ketu the Moksha Karaka is seated.

Step-2: 3H is the house of fate for spouse (9H from 7H of spouse). The emancipation planet Ketu is posited in 3H and its lord Jupiter is posited in the 12H to Spouse (7H) indicating early loss of spouse. Note Jupiter is also Karaka for Marriage.

Step-3: On 16-September-2009 when the native was widowed, transit Saturn aspects sign Pisces without vedha and Ketu has 5/9 Sambandha (Connection) to the sign. In natal and transit Saturn is in the nakshatra lord of 8H Sun who in turn in natal is with 7HL-6HL aspecting sign Pisces. Dasa is Mercury MD–Rahu AD. Mercury is the lord of 6H i.e. 12th to 7H and Rahu the co-ruler of 12th to 3H i.e. 8th to 7H aspects sign Pisces and thus destroyed the fate of spouse.

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