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Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 7 by Venkat Ramana

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 7 by Venkat Ramana

Editor-Publisher: The bliss that comes to us when we see such a young mind working on BSP methods, there is full praise to Mr Venkat who worked dedicatedly on this method & developed it on his own without any guidance from our end. His humbleness, non-gossip attitude & extremely fast hard work enthralls us and makes our daily chat with him a pleasure. We thank Shri R.N.Acharya from Kadambi Book Stores, Hyderabad who has served astrology since last 5 decades in his own way & constantly encouraging us, for introducing Mr Venkat to us. Please find below a genuine praiseworthy piece of work.

After reading BSP-6 of the article one should genuinely get a doubt as to how ‘Exactly & Easily to give future predictions using this dictum. For instance when Mars influences 7th (which is 10th from itself) house in a nativity due to its position in the 10th house from ascendant, is it only marriage or relationship event will occur in the 27th year for any native? Surely not, marriage is one of the significations of the 7th It is for the astrologer to pinpoint the event which may take place for the native in his 27th year by applying the above rule. Here the wisdom of the astrologer comes in to force to announce the result. Without being complacent with the application of rule for the events already happened, an attempt is made here to decipher the key and apply the same with a view to facilitate future predictions with accuracy.

The steps followed for the method:

  1. Note the degree at which Mars is positioned in any birth chart.
  2. Note the kakshya (slot) in which Mars is posited. The concept of Kakshya (slot) is used in Ashtakavarga (eight parts of a sign) system of prediction. A sign is divided in to eight equal parts of 3 deg 45 min each. Each planet is given lordship of one kakshya (please see table below). The sequence of kakshya is akin to the sequence of the Hora (horas are seven in number) with only exception that ascendant becomes the owner of the eighth kakshya. A village astrology memory table helps one in remembering the sequence of hora. Remember it the Hora Table as from slowest moving planet to the fastest moving planet. Saturn-Jupiter-Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury-Moon (of course the first hora of day will change on each day). The kakshya of the signs are constant. The table is given for ready reference.
table 1
  1. One should be thorough with the Karakatwas (Significations) of the Planets and the Houses. This becomes the most important factor in this method of prediction.
  2. If there is a planet located exactly at the same degree as mars in the 10th from Mars it will be influenced by Mars in the 27th year of the native. It means the significations of the planet will be activated along with the house for which it is lord. For instance if Mars is placed at 10 degrees of Aries and if Venus is at 10 degrees of Capricorn then Mars would influence Venus in the 27th
  3. If there is not a planet as in point (5) above then Mars would activate the Kakshya lord and his significations as also the significations of the house(s) for which he is lord in the chart.

Now let us analyze the charts given in Part –I of the Article by using the above steps. It is reiterated that the basic premise on which the method is developed is the BSP-6, Mars – 10Th House rule.


The native of this chart born on 13th Dec 1948 TOB: 13:41 POB: Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh. The native got married on 06th Jan 1975 at the age 27. In this chart Mars is located in Sagittarius the 10th house from Ascendant. In this chart Mars is at 19 °26 “of Sagittarius. This as per the table given falls in the kakshya of Mercury. Mars has to implement in the 10th from itself in the 27th year. Tenth from Mars is Virgo which is 7th from Ascendant. As there is no planet in Virgo Mars will influence the kakshya lord and the houses he owns. The kakshya lord Mercury is also the 7th lord signifying marriage. Therefore the native got married being kakshya lord and the 7th lord too and placed in the 9H of religious ceremony.

Chart No. 2 Native born on 28th March 1946 TOB: 22:30 POB: Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. The native got married on 21st March 1973 at the age of 27. In this chart Mars is located in 8th house and influences the 10th from itself which is 5th from ascendant. Mars is located at 27° 14 ” in Gemini. The house which is tenth from mars (Pisces) has Venus at 27° 50 “. As explained above since there is a planet which is exactly at the same degree as mars, it will activate this planet (Venus) in the 27th year of the native. In this case Venus is the 7th lord and kalatra karaka. Therefore the native got married in his 27th year.


Chart No: 3 Native born on 26th Aug 1968 TOB: 09:44 am POB: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. In this case Mars is sitting in the 10th house from Ascendant in Cancer Sign. From this house it activates the 10th house which is the 7th house of marriage from ascendant. During the 27th year the native got a promotion on 24th Oct 1994 in his job and also married on 27th Apr 1995. Here note that Mars is located at 19 °45 ” of Cancer sign, tenth from this sign is Aries and there is no planet located at the degree which mars is located. In this case Mars has to influence the kakshya (19° 45″) lord Mercury. The Kakshya lord Mercury in this chart is the Amatya karaka and the lord of dharma house (9th) and located in 11th house of promotion. Further, Mercury being the lord of 12th house (house of bed comforts/pleasures) located in 11th house of marriage. 11th house is marriage as per BPHS.


The native born 09th Sept 1963 TOB: 04:00 am POB: Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. He got a Government Job in the 27th year and joined service on 28th Feb 1990. In the above chart Mars is located at 4 deg 23 min of Libra which is 4th house from ascendant. Mars will influence the ascendant which is 10th from itself in the 27th year. Mars is located in the kakshya of Jupiter who is the 6th and 9th lord and located in the 9th house of bhagya (luck). By way of government Jupiter conferred luck to the native in his 27th year. As already discussed 1st house is also considered as the house of profession.

Chart No. 5 Native born on 18th Sept 1962 TOB: 06:20 am POB: Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. He got married on 24th Oct 1988 in the 27th year. In this case Mars is located in the 10th house from ascendant and influences the 10th from him which is 7th from ascendant. Mars is located at 23 °09″ of Gemini which is kakshya of Moon the 11th lord. As indicated earlier 11H is also the house of marriage as per BPHS and thus Moon gave marriage to the native. Moon is also the lord of A~2 and located at 11th from AL addition to family.


Native born on 02nd June 1969 TO: 09:25 am POB: Khammam, Andhra Pradesh. The native has Cancer Ascendant and Mars is in 5th house Scorpio. During the 27th year of the native got promotion in Sept 1995. Here Mars influences the 2nd house from ascendant. Mars at 16° 04″ is in the Kakshya of Venus the lord of 4th and 11th house located in the 10th house. The lord of 11th house in 10th indicates gain in profession and hence promotion. What must not be forgotten is 11th house is often regarded as the house of promotion. Further, Venus is conjoined with lord of 7th (business) house again indicating gain in business. Here the main signification of the second which is activated is financial gain. As mentioned in our BSP-6 article in the same year he has done business and gained financially and later on he handed over his business to someone (Mars is retro).

Chart No: 7 Native born on 11th May 1973 TOB: 09:46 am POB: Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mars is posited in 9th house from ascendant and will implement in the 10th from it which is the 6th house in the 27th year of the native. During the 27th year the native had job issues and he had a break in his relationship with a girl whom he loved. In the mid of the 27th year he has taken up another job with a fairly high salary. The chart given below has Mars in Aquarius (9th house from ascendant) in the Kakshya of Mars and influences the 6th house (which is 10th from mars) in the 27th year. Mars being the kakshya lord and the sixth house lord mainly causes breaks & changes and obstacles. Therefore the native had to leave his previous job (sixth house is house of service/profession). Further, 6th house is 12th to 7th house causing break in relationship with opposite sex. In this chart Mars has given the sixth house results predominantly. Mars is the lord of 11th house also and during 27th year the native took up another job with fairly high salary. Mars has fulfilled the significations of both 6th and 11th houses.


Chart no: 8 Native born on 20th Jan 1968 TOB: 02:55 am POB: Bangalore, Karnataka. He has got an offer in the 27th year and joined new job which fetched him a salary which was three times he was getting from the earlier job. He joined his new assignment on 26th Feb 1995 and this was a turning point for his career. In this chart Mars is located at 14° 46 ” (kakshya of Sun) in Aquarius. This sign is the 4th house from ascendant and Mars would influence the ascendant in the 27th year. The Sun is the 10th lord and gave the native a big jump in his career in his 27th year. As already mentioned 1st house is the house of profession. Since Sun was located in the 3rd house which is 12th from 4th the native had to shift to a different place from his native place for the purpose of job. Third house is displacement from the native place or change of residence.


Chart No: 9 The Native born on 13th June 1959 TOB: 11:27 am POB: Eluru, Andhra Pradesh. During the 27th year she was selected in a competitive examination, appointed in a Public Sector Bank and joined service during November’ 1985. Mars at 13° 60″ is placed in the 12th house from ascendant and activates the 9th house (house of dharma) which is 10th from Mars. Mars is placed in the kakshya of Sun the ascendant lord who is posited in the 10th house (profession) which gave her a permanent job. In this case ascendant is also 10th (profession) from AL doubly actuating the result.


Chart No: 10 Native born on 31th Dec 1960 TOB: 09:06 am POB: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. He got married on 25th May 1987 in his 27th year. Mars posited in the 6th house from ascendant influences the 3rd house (10th from mars). Mars at 15° 09″ is located in the Kakshya of Venus (kalatra karaka) who is lord of 5th (love) posited in the 2nd house of family. The native married a girl whom he loved (the girl was working in the same office with the native).


Conclusion: The use of kakshya in the Mars 10th house dictum is giving very accurate results & this scribe has used this method in last few months to even predict successfully using it. Predictions for charts Nos. 7 and 8 above were given applying the kakshya method and the results were later on confirmed from the natives. With the use of this method any one can arrive to a near to correct picture of the nature event which may take place in the life of a nativity. The readers are requested to be thorough with the Karakatwas (significations) of the houses and planets before venturing prediction using this method. This technique will work more profitably to those who follow the rules of Jyotisha Purusha.

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