Chandrat Nakshatra Bindu Kundali

Chandrat Nakshatra Bindu Kundali Part 2 by Dr. Paresh Desai

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This is one of the research based kundali developed by my Guruji which we have included in our Sarvatobhadra Chakra. (There are three types of fruits of our KARMA- Dradha i.e. certain, Adradha i.e. uncertain and Dradhadradh i.e. mixed.) There are certain incidents taking place in our life, the course of which we are not able to change as we have seen under Suryaat Nakshatra Bindu Kundali. But there are certain things happening in our life, the course of which we are able to change.

For example, there is a heavy rain outside and we want to go out. We are not in a position to stop the rain but if we take an umbrella or wear a raincoat to go out, then we can prevent our getting wet. Or, if we go by car or taxi, we can also avoid getting wet in spite of the falling rain. Alternatively, if there is a terrific summer heat outside and there are all likelihood of falling sick should we go outside in the strong sun, we can make some effort to go out in an air conditioned car, therefore protecting ourselves from scorching heat; or at by starting an a/c during hot summer days at home, we can avoid feeling the summer heat and prevent the ill effects of scorching heat on us.

This is to say that, by making some efforts, we can change the fruits of certain incidents or karma. We can say that these fruits are changeable fruits. We can also increase the good effects of good fruits and decrease the bad effects of bad fruits.

This is possible with planning and efforts. Such fruits that we will get in our life can be predicted from chandrat nakshatra bindus and chandrat nakshatra bindu kundali. In astrology, Chandra or Moon is considered as the Maan or mind of the native. We can think positively or negatively with our mind – happiness or sorrow is felt by our mind.

It is possible to change our mind. We can train our mind not to feel unhappy during sad events. Some people like getting wet in the rain while some literally hate getting wet in rain. So there are two different reactions of mind to the same event. It is the mind which makes some feel happy and makes some unhappy under the same situation. So mind plays a vital role as to how we react to a certain situation. This shows the changeable nature of the mind or maan. As the Moon is considered as Mind or Maan in astrology, we can find out the houses in the CNB horoscope, the fruits of which we might be able to change by proper efforts and planning.

The CNBs differ from SNBs in this regard. We can change the fruits of Chandrat nakshatra bindu kundali but we cannot change the fruits of Suryaat nakshatra bindu kundali. The fruits of SNBs are mandatory. One has to endure these fruits whether a native likes it or not because deeds have been performed in previous incarnation and he has been awarded good or bad fruits as per his karma. He only has to endure the fruits in this birth. But the fruits of the CNB’s are not mandatory. One can change the fruits by proper planning and efforts. One can reduce the bad effects of bad fruits and can increase the good effects of good fruits.

Let us prepare a CNB kundali to understand this properly. We will prepare CNB kundali of same native whose SNB we have discussed in previous issue.

Name: KPD

Date of Birth: 13-05-1986

Time of Birth: 17:24 hrs

Place of Birth: Vadodara (Gujarat State)














































































Chandrat Nakshatra Bindus and their position

















Name of CNB




















































































































Chandrat Nak.Bindu Horoscope

Chart 225

Karma in 1st house: 1st house is the house of mind and body and Karma means deeds or work. The whole karma of the native’s life is concentrated on the 1st house i.e. mind, body and stability in life. The native lives a satisfactory working life enjoys his work. The native is very conscious of his body and health works at keeping it fit. His work is aimed at keeping his life stable. But as the Sun aspects the first house and the Karma bindu, this native may sometimes become engaged in unnecessary work and thus may loose precious time and energy.

Sanghatik in the 3rd House: 3rd house is the house of enterprise and brothers and sisters. Sanghatik means together or in groups. Whenever the native starts any undertakings, he may get help and co-operation from others or from his brothers and sisters. It has been observed that sometimes the native cannot properly accomplish work if trying to perform it on his own but can execute the same work nicely with the assistance of others or within groups. The native is fond of doing new things or experimenting with his enterprises.

Sanghatik in 4th House: 4th house is the house of property, vehicle, house, mother, happiness in general and of very close friends. The native gets support or cooperation from his mother or close friends in receiving happiness in the general sense as well as in getting contentment regarding house, vehicle property etc. i.e. the things which are indicated by 4th house. Similarly during the rotation of malefic planets, the native gets worries about his happiness, property, vehicles, stability etc. from the very persons who were instrumental in increasing his happiness. He may get worries created by his close friends or mother or family members.

Uday in 4th House: Uday means rise of fortune and, as stated above, the 4th house is the house of happiness, mother and close friends, property and vehicles. The native’s fortune rises with the help of his mother or close friends; these people also become instrumental in giving him happiness while also helping him acquire stability in life through the satisfaction related to house, property and vehicles during benefic the rotation of planets. But during the malefic rotation of planets in this house, his mother or close friends become instrumental in bringing unhappiness in his life or in bringing worries about house, property or vehicle.

Uday in 5th House: 5th house is the house of intelligence, studies, children, lottery or bets, love life and previous incarnation. Because of the good deeds of previous incarnation, someone’s fortune rises nicely during the current incarnation. His studies and knowledge become helpful in the rise of his fortune. His children are also lucky. His fate rises with the birth of his child.

Aadhan in 5th house: Aadhan means invisible fruits or growth. The native does his work as per his knowledge and intelligence but his deeds’ fruits may not be seen immediately. The fruits are developed invisibly and native may think that his efforts have gone in vain while this is not the case. He will reap these fruits later on. So the characteristic of the Aadhan bindu is such that the native always gets the fruits of his deeds although these may come after some time and not at the time of doing his deeds. Aadhan may give the native confusion as to how to carry out his work and he may have to think hard about it.

Vinash in 7th House: 7th house is the house of married life and of partnership business while Vinash means destruction. This means that the native may get worries about his married life, life partner or partnership business which could be of extreme nature causing break in his married life or business. He may have worries about his wife or his wife may cause destruction or create obstacles and worries for him. His business partners may cause obstacles and worries in their partnership business. But as per the characteristics of the CNB, this Vinash or obstacles and worries could be minimised or avoided with proper advanced planning and efforts.

Manas in 7th house: As stated above 7th house indicates one’ better-half (spouse) and partnership business. The meaning of Manas is remembrance. The native cannot forget the good or bad fruits of this house as they leave long lasting impression on his mind. The native cannot forget the worries, obstacles and bad incidents of his married life or his wife or of the partnership business as they leave such a lasting impression upon his mind due to this bindu. The native cannot forget these incidents even if he tries very hard to forget them. Similarly, the native also rejoices upon receiving the good fruits of this house for a very, very long time as these incidents have left a long lasting effect on his memory or mind. The native has a deep feeling for his better-half and always thinks of the effect of his deeds on other persons.

Manas in the 8th House: 8th house is the house of darkness and Manas means memory. This may give rise to confusion as his mind works in the darkness of the 8th house. It may render the native coward as his mind cannot find out correct ways in the darkness. This bindu makes the native extremely sentimental which affects his work and may cause instability in his deeds. This instability and darkness may give failures in the person’s work and he may not get the desired fruits or results of his work.

Raaj in the 8th house: Raaj means Kingly or Royal. This bindu denotes the happiness, wealth and power of a King. The person leads a King like life. So the native should live a royal life but, since this bindu falls in 8th house which is considered as a malefic or weak house and the house of darkness, the royal happiness which this bindu denotes are nullified and the native does not get the wealth, fame and power of a king. All the royal happiness is engulfed by darkness so in reality, the native does not get to enjoy the happiness. But during favourable transits, he does get happiness. This bindu gives inclination to do social work but sometimes this person just pretends to be doing social service.

Abhishek in 8th and 9th houses: Abhishek means public honour or admiration. This bindu occupies two houses, the 8th and the 9th. 8th house is not a good house while 9th house is a good and auspicious house. So during the rotation of planets affecting 8th house, native does not get credit for the good work he is doing. His work and selfless services are not appreciated by society or family which makes deep impression upon his mind as Manas bindu is also present in this house. He cannot forget the unhappiness created by such non recognition of his selfless work. But as this is a CNB, native can reduce the negative fruits of this house.

As the rotation of planets starts in the 9th house, his selfless work is recognized by his family and society and he gets credit for his good and selfless work. He is honoured in public and gets medals and awards for his work. This helps in the rise of his fortune. The native gets sudden fame and public honour and is praised everywhere like commandos and police officers who put their lives in danger for national safety during the recent terror attacks on Mumbai.

We shall provide more examples in our Part 3.

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