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Case Study Based on Tajik Prashna (Rog Prashna) by Neeraj Verma

Case Study Based on Tajik Prashna (Rog Prashna) by Neeraj Verma

Edited By: Dipesh Parmar

Horary Astrology is a unique science of astrology for giving the most accurate and quick answers in the world. Astrologers have been using this knowledge for many years to solve the problems of their clients. There was a time when this miraculous science of astrology attracted my attention. That led to my completion of a comprehensive course – “Prashneeyam” – on decoding of Prashna Kundli in Saptarishis Astrology.

After that I continued my research in Horary Astrology and today I can say that Horary Astrology can prove to be like the “Brahmastra” of Astrology.

Tajik Shastra is a unique system of astrology that is capable of making extremely accurate horoscope predictions with great depth. It has its own rules and methods, which should be used to decode a chart for making accurate predictions. The method of decoding Prashna Kundli in Tajik Shastra is so perfect in itself that up to 100% accurate predictions can be made. In all the methods used in astrology, we make predictions by paying attention to the positions of the planets and the combinations or yogas created by planets. But in Tajik Shastra, apart from all these, we also pay attention to the movement of planets. The nature of the movement is studied to determine the sequence of events.

As an example, we can see  a prashna chart that was discussed Tajik class. This reading was done for a person who was admitted to hospital due to a sudden physical problem and later faced a lot of miseries.

The patient was in hospital for 14 days, during which time none of the doctors were able to diagnose her illness. At the time of the prashna some liquid had been taken out from her intestines and sent for examination.  This is the Prashna Chart given below.

Chart 001

Now let’s try to understand this.

For decoding Rog Prashna (health issue):

1st house is Doctor.

4th house is Medicine.

7th house is Diseases.

10th house is Patient.

In the 1st house there is Capricorn which is a Prishtodaya sign which indicates much difficulty to resolve the problem. There is no aspect on the Lagna and Lagna lord is Retro in the 2nd house. The Lagna represents doctor and Saturn being retro shows that they will change multiple doctors. The retro planet also indicates that the actual disease could be different to what is diagnosed by the doctors, or that the disease may reoccur.

The 7th house is the house of diseases and the lord of this house is the Moon, conjunct with Rahu in Aries. It shows that the diseases may not be detected easily. Jupiter has an aspect on the 7th house (Cancer, its sign of exaltation). It is also the jeeva karaka.

The 4th house, indicator of medicine contains Rahu and Moon. The influence of Rahu will prevent the medicine from working effectively. The 4th lord is with Mandi in the 3rd house, while, Mars is 12th from the 4th house.

The 10th house shows patient, it is occupied by Ketu. The 10th lord Venus is with the 6th lord, a dusthana lord. Venus is also 8th from the 10th. This is not a good situation for the patient.

The 6th Lord with patient (Venus) and 8th Lord in the 6th house shows the disease will be hidden from doctors (1st house). On a plus note, Saturn as the karaka of longevity has an aspect on the 8th house indicating that the patient’s life is not under threat. The 3rd house is 8th  from 8th so this house is also responsible for longevity. Jupiter’s presence here, strong in own sign also shows the life is safe. However,  Mandi indicates poison so the person will survive with lots of misery.

Now coming back to the Lagna. Here, Capricorn being a movable sign shows the current situation will change. But what will change? That is the question. Since the lagna lord is in retrograde, things may change for the worse.

The chart also shows that the diagnosis would not happen until a long time. When the student asked me how long, I said when transit Moon reaches Gemini. This was matching with the estimated time given by the doctors at the time. It was also predicted that there will be more than one organ failure and though the patient will survive, it will be with misery.

If we want to about chances of recovery, we could not give a positive answer. The lagna being a prishtodaya sign with the lagna lord in retrograde

There is no itheshala yoga in this kundli so we can’t say there will be any good news but at least the person will not die.

Also there will be problems for the kidney, liver and possible blood related issue.

Chart 002

Look into this chart again. In this chart we should see Ishrafa yoga because it already happened.

Mercury, the 6th lord being conjunct with Venus is able to pass energy to it. Mercury is making Ishrafa yoga with Jupiter, 12th lord of hospitalization. Now Jupiter is with Mars, meaning they can exchange energy.

Mars has an aspect on the 6th house.

So, because of involvement of Jupiter and Venus there will be kidney failure and also harm to the liver. The involvement of Mars is also responsible for the blood related problem. However, this effect will take some time because Mars at 28°19’ is far away from Mercury which is at 17°48’.

Despite the numerous issues, the person will still survive in my opinion.

Eventually the doctor’s reports arrived as soon as transit Moon entered Gemini. The diagnosis showed failure of kidney and damage to liver.

Om Tat Sat

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  1. Nicely explained. but one can say that as now jupiter retrograde position is fine and moved to 11th sign since may 2022. we can expect things to move on a bit. another good point with this prashana is that disease will be diagnosed as sun in 6th house. Thanks Neeraj have a wonderful day ahead.

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