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Experiences in Muhurtha

My Experiences in Muhurtha by K K Parashar

It is prohibited in Muhurtha to choose Scorpio and Capricorn Lagna in any Muhurtha Chart. Years back when this author had just started learning Astrology, a teacher had said that

Jupiter in Lagna is the best thing to have in any Muhurthan Chart”.

This author being a travelling man likes to check the time before leaving the house. On one occasion, Jupiter was in Lagna but in Scorpio sign.

I took out time with Jupiter in LAGNA,SCORPIO RASI…

Years back I took A Train from DADAR ( MUMBAI)to go on tour to South India. My ticket was on the waiting list.

I searched for the T. C. (Ticket Collector Officer) – But could not find him. So, boarded the train inspite of being on the waiting list.

Chart 5

But I was SWEATING PROFUSELY till I got settled on my berth. Then at COIMBATORE, I could not find a Room near the RAILWAY STATION. I walked good about 1.5 km before I found a Room in SINDOORI Hotel–opposite THE OKDAM BUS STAND.


Another example is of PM Modi’s swearing in chart on 30th May 2019, 7.04 P.M.? New Delhi.

Sc was rising with Jupiter in the lagna. Mars and Rahu were in the 8th house.

So, how much trouble has he faced up to now? Firstly, the Kissan Rally for more than a year, Shahin Bagh, Galwan Valley confrontation with the Chinese and there are innumerable ones to count as he is always on the move with no respite.

Chart 6

So, two planets – Mars and Rahu in the 8th house have played their parts well. Scorpio Rasi in Lagna has played its part differently as when you are on the move continuously, It’s indicative of sweating, virtually if not really.

Another rule propounded by the Muhurtha book is the 8th house should always be vacant i.e. neither benefic, nor malefic should be there.

Graha Pravesh & A Mistake

Years back a Muhurtha time was taken by this author’s uncle in-law for a Graha Pravesh (new home inauguration). The exact time is vague, but it was around 7 a.m., possibly Taurus Lagna occupied by Jupiter and Sun. The residents have been living in this flat for the last 46 years. See the fixed Lagna – Taurus with Jupiter in it.

But there was a great drawback in the Muhurtha.

Chart 7

Dr B.V.Raman’s Muhurtha Books says “No Graha Pravesh be done when wife is in advanced state of pregnancy ”. It is not clear if this rule was known by the astrologer at the time of the ceremony and so it proceeded on 29 May 1977. This author’s wife was in an advanced stage of pregnancy at the time. The next day she delivered our 1st child – a girl  i.e. on 30 may 1977.

Later she had 4 abortions. May be the advanced stage of pregnancy at the time of the muhurtha proved to be unfavorable.

In other words astrologers often Ignore the directions in the Muhurtha book. And do not even bother to enquire if everything went well.

Car Muhurtha & A Costly Overlook

Dr B V Ramans  book says the mere presence of the Sun or Moon in the 11th house removes all the doshas obtained in a horoscope. Now coming to another Muhurtha, this author’s son-in-law wanted to take delivery of an important car from Bangalore. They stay at Hubli i.e., 7/8 hours drive from Bangalore towards Pune. The highway is excellent but the rains had left many pot holes. The Government had repaired most of them. but some remained.

Chart 8

The son in law’s car’s front left wheel hit a pot-hole, causing quite a damage to the wheel and some parts around it. Imagine, the new car had not even reached home yet. It was quite a shock to all of us at Hubli and Mumbai.

See the Sun in the 11th house Muhurtha.

The book says the mere presence of the Sun or Moon in the 11th house removes all the doshas obtained in a horoscope. It worked just partially as only the wheel and some parts around it got damaged.

After getting the car fixed, they took it to Pune. On the way, a dog crossed the car, damaged its front right light and died in the process.

So, this Mars in 8th house has played its part well – giving small accidents but damaging a new imported car. Now I have asked them to keep Fatkari (Alum) in a black cloth in the dash board, it’s a great Totka (protective remedy) to avoid accidents.

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