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Concept of Bhavottama House Bhava Vargottama by G. K. Goel

Prasana Marga annunciates following seven yogas, which lays down the basis of formation of yogas of all categories:                                   

Chapter Nine-Sloka: 49, 50, 51 and 52:

There are seven varieties of yogas: a. those formed by position – 1.Sthana (sign), 2. Those formed by Bhava (house) 3. Those formed by planets 4. Those formed by sign, Bhava and planets, 5. Those formed by sign and Bhava, 6. Those formed by Bhava and planets and 7. those formed by Sign and planets.

  1. Sthana means 12 zodiac signs.
  2. Bhava (house) means Lagna, etc. 12 houses.
  3. The planets are Sun to Ketu- nine planets.

The dominant cause of the yoga created by the combination of planets, houses and signs or any two of them indicates the nature of results to be experienced. The strongest in bringing about yoga is called Yogakarta (composer of yoga) and it is this combination which gives the yoga results.

In the context of Vargottama last four yogas are most significant and are given in order of their merit and importance:

  1. Yoga of house, sign and planet- This yoga is formed when same sign is rising in two or more Vargas and simultaneously one or more  planet(s) is / are in same Bhava(s) – obviously in same Signs

Planet(s) become both Bhava and Sign Vargottama and all the houses of two Vargas become Sign Vargottama.This gives strength to Lagna and it becomes auspecious.

In such a case, if Moon also becomes Lagna Vargottama.  This enhances the auspiciousness of the  nativity many fold.

  1. Yoga formed by Bhava and Sign – this yoga is formed when same sign is rising in two or more Varga’s.And no planet is in Vargottama.
  2. Yoga formed with Sign and planet- this yoga is formed when a planet in the same sign in two Vargas. This planet is disposed to give auspicious results.

In case, Moon is in Sign Vargottama, Moon Lagna becomes strong to provide auspicious results.

  1. Yoga formed by Bhava and Planet- this yoga is formed when a planet is in same Bhava in two or more Vargas.

The last yoga (d) is termed as “Bhavottama “ and  this is the topic of discussion of this article.

Mr. C.S.Patel has given the terminology of Vargottama planets on pages18 to 21 of his book“Navamsa in Astrology” after scanning various classics and Nadi granths. Mr. Patel says 0n page 20 of this book:

Bhavottama means a planet in same house in Rasi and Navamsa charts. It enhances the good results of the house occupied. Research on this point is necessary”

It is suggested that the following classics, books and including articles of this scribe may be scanned for better understanding on this subject:

  1. Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra
  2. Navamsa in Astrology by C.S.Patel –published Sagar Publication, New Delhi

3 Varga Chakra – a SJC Publication –same publisher as above.


This study is based on following basic parameters (Savants may verify the findings in this articles based on their own parameters)

  1. A) Bhava are adopted on whole sign basis-i.e. one sign represent one complete house in all varga’s

The Concepts of Vargottama/ Bhavottama are very important and powerful tool in predictive Astrology. This Concept had to be applied and adopted if method of judgment of the nativity is based on divisional charts.

          The predictive astrology is based on three main pillars, namely,

  1. Planets
  2. Signs
  3. Houses

Maharishi Parasara has precisely explained this concept to his disciple Maitraye in chapter 3, slokas 4, 5 and 6 of BPHS:

“Those, celestial bodies are called the planets (Grahas) that move through the Nakshatras (or asterisms) along the Zodiac (Bhachakra). The Zodiac comprises of 27 asterisms from Aswin to Revati and also devided in 12 equal parts known as signs (Rashis) from Aries to Pisces. The Zodiac sign which contains the rising (ascending) point at the time of Birth is called Lagna (ascendant)”. Based on the ascendant and the planets joining and separating from each other, the native’s good and bad fortune is deducted”.

Parasara has given the concept of Bhavas (houses) along with 12 signs in the above narration. This is called the compartmental system of houses. In this, system the whole sign in which the degree of ascendant falls is considered the first house and subsequent sign as 2nd house and so on. The longitude of the ascending point becomes the most sensitive points of the ascendant i.e.1st house, and the sensitive points of other house will be 30° apart. The sensitive point of 10th house will fall in 10th sign from ascending sign and will have the same longitude as that of the ascending point in Lagna. In this system M.C. is not considered as the Mid-point or cusp of 10th house. M.C. is however given prime-importance due to it and is widely used for many other important purposes.

 The above mentioned Hindu (Vedic) Method, advocated by Sage Parasara, seems to be more rational and worthy of being followed in all astrological calculations particularly in the casting of a nativity. This method has universal applicability. In this system either the longitudinal duration or mid-point / cuspal degree of houses does not get distorted at higher latitudes.

  1. B) Chitra Pakchha Ayanamsa is adopted. The definition is as under:

        AYANAMSA = Tropical LONGITUDE OF STAR CITRA (SPICA 16) – 180 deg.

    This Ayanamsa value could be obtained by deducting 57 secs from the value of Lahiri’s Ayanamsa for a period of 1950 -2050.

  1. C) True Rahu is adopted in this study-Mean Rahu is being use based on long tradition because at that time other option were not available.

    However, savants may adopt true or mean Rahu according to their experience.

  1. D) JH HORA 7.2 soft ware is used
  2. E) When Sixteen Varga scheme is adopted as per the teaching of BPHS, A SIGN IS DEVIDED IN 150 unequal SECTORS – largest sector is being of 30min arc and smallest sector is only of 1min. 40 sec. arc. Thus Ayanamsa value becomes very crucial in the construction of Varga charts.
  3. F) For the shake of convenience, let us call HOUSE VARGOTTAMA as ‘Bhavottama’
  4. G) Bhovottama planet enhances the good effect of Varga chart as a whole. As an example if a planet is in Bhavottama in D-1 and d-9 charts, it will enhance prospects of marriage even if placed in adverse bhava

  say in 8th house. The planets’ placement even in 8H WILL NOT CREATE HINDRANCE IN MARRIAGE.

  1. H) If a Bhavottama planet will be associated with one or more than one planet by association or aspect-(both planetary or sign aspect) it becomes ‘YOGAKARTA”.
  2. I) Other rules of judgment will be similar as given in references given below:

THE following basic principles should be noted for handling D-charts.

  1. The most important factors for consideration in D-charts are :
  • Placement of planets in Kendra and Trikona houses and then in 2nd and 11th houses
  • These placements are strengthened if the planets are in Vargottama (both by sign or house), Exaltation, Mooltrikona, own house, friends house, or in the sign of natural benefics.
  • The planets in 3,6,8,12 houses are of no avail even if good by sign.
  • Malefics in 3rd and 6th will strengthen the chart. But there are some exceptions:
  • Mars in 6th in all D- Charts does good, as he aspects the lagna. Other Malefics give some good in the beginning only.
  • Mercury even in 8th house of D-4 charts gives good results.
  • Generally it is believed that Saturn does not bad in 8th house, thus, Saturn in D-8 lagna also does not considered as bad
  1. Even if a Planet is powerfully placed in D-1 Chart, it does not give good results if badly placed in D chart for the specific portfolio of D chart and vice versa.

– Any incident, such as marriage, joining service, birth of child – If dasa lord is placed in bad houses in concerned D-chart, may not end in happiness.

-Accession, victory in election – should be judged from D-11.

-UCHA  with Neecha or any planet with his enemy – not good.

-Planet placed in 8th of D-chart does not harm if aspected by Jupiter.

-In the case of house wife- D-9 should be studied.

-In D-11 chart, a planet placed in 4th house give property and vehicles, in 7th marriage, in 10th status, in 5th  progeny. And so on.

-Yoga, planetary conjunction, mutual aspect, exchange in signs has its effects in D-charts also

-Yoga karaka planet of D-1 chart, will give some good effects even if debilitation in other D- charts provided placed in a good house.

-Karaka principle is also applicable to D-charts

-OUT of all powerful positions, the most important are

  • Vargottama (both rasi and Bhava) ,Kindly refer an article’Concpt of Vargottama’ earlier posted on this site
  • Exaltation
  • Mooltrikona
  • own house
  • Digbala
  • Placement in kendra, Trikona and 2nd and 11th houses.
  • Even if planets are in exaltation, Mooltrikona and own sign, but placed in , 3,6,8 and 12 houses, are of not much use.
  • In Rasi chart, the signs which are placed in 4,5,9 and 10 house, the planets in such signs in Vargas show merit, particularly if Kendra lords are placed in Trikona and Visa versa.
  • The planets placed in Rashis, which occupy 6,8 and 12 houses in D-1 Rasi chart, loose lot of their Beneficence even if strongly placed in D-charts.e.g. if sign Cancer IS Falling in 6th house of D-1 chart, any planet placed in Cancer in any Varga chart will give indications of 6th Please study Madhya Parasari.
  • If any yoga is formed in D-1 rasi chart, and such yoga also manifests in D-Charts, then these yogas will enhance the yoga results according to the portfolio of concerned D-chart(s)this creates vargottama effect.
  • The conjunction of planets in D-charts modifies the effects. Guru, if not in debilitation improves the results.
  • In D-charts lords of lagna and karya bhava are very important.
  • A debilitated planet in D-chart gives bad effects, even placed in good Bhavas/until debilitation is not cancelled.
    1. Debilitated planet, if placed in Kendra houses and is lord of 6H,8H or 12H in D-1 or in the concerned Varga , will give yoga karka results. This is the reason that Jupiter placed in debility in Kendra houses always do some good . If these planets are in vargottama , then they become even more auspicious.
  • Similarly, a planet in exaltation, if is also lord of 6H,8H or 12H of D-1 chart or of concerned Varga chart does immense harm.However , if this planet is in vargottama , it will do only good.
  • If D-lagna is in vargottama it is an indication of very good effect, provided lagna lord is well placed. If lagna lord goes to 8th house, the D-chart will give only dreamy effects. The excellent results are felt if lagna lord is strong and placed in good houses and signs.Vargottama lagna if aspected by more than one planet, will yield to yoga results.
  • BHAVA VARGOTTAMA GIVE EXCELLENT RESULTS. If a planet is bhava vargottama in D-9 chart will give marriage,D-3 co-born ,D-24 education etc irrespective of house placement,,
  • Exalted planet if aspects by friendly planets will give excellent results (in such cases Moon , Mars , Saturn and Venus give yoga results and Sun ,Jupiter and Mercury give only good results.)
  • 3rd and 8th are death like places. In D-9 to wife, in D-10 to profession etc. Death means severance. A planet in 3rd in D-10 causes retirement from service.
  • 2nd house is neutral and planet placed there in gives similar results.
  • If more planets aspects D-Lagna, it becomes strong.
  • Benefic yogas in D-charts give immense good. Malefic yogas spoil the results. 2nd and 12th place from any house is very important for a Bhava.
  • Similar to 2 and 12, 3-11, 4-10, 5-9, 6-8 and 1-7 places are also important.
  • Argala and upchaya places hold key to prediction because Argala places intervene/influence the effect of a house and upchaya places are responsible for the upliftment of the bhava in life. However 3 and 6 position should be in malefic influence.
  • Similarly any planet placed in a Bhava provides argala or becomes upchaya to some bhavas.e.g.
  • Suppose Rahu is placed in 8th house, it will ACT AS UPCHAYA PLACE FOR 3RD, 6TH 10TH AND 11TH The signification of these houses will improve if Rahu is in auspicious influence.Similarly, a benefic in 8th house will provide argala on 5th, 7th and 11th houses and improve the signification of these houses.
  • Malefic in 3rd house- THIS provide benefic argala on the concerned houses. e,g. Lagna lord Sun in 3rd house will strengthen lagna. This is the reason, whenever debilitated Sun and Saturn are in Apoklim houses , they enhance material signification of their respective Angular houses owned by them.
  • In D-12, association of ketu with Moon or Sun is bad for parents.
  • Malefics in 12, 1 , 2 or 6,7,8 or 4,8,12 or 5,8,9 are bad for the indication of bhava. Benefics in these places do good.
  • The bhava lord in a good Shashitiamsa D-60 will enhance the benefic effects and visa-versa
  • The bhava whose lord is in a benefic Shodasamsa D-16 ( Kalamsa) will flourish.
  • If lords of 6th, 8th and 12th houses are in exaltation and are placed in angular houses in a varga chart will not yield to good results, but lords of these houses in debility and placed in angular houses yield to vipreetraj yoga.



Date of birth- April3, 1965, 17.25 hrs , 77E36,14N41 ,Tz 05.30 hrs

Chart 44

Mars and Ketu are Bhavottama and occupying 12H and 3H RESPECTIVELY BOTH IN D-1 and D-24 charts. The native is presently employed in a lucrative job in south India and

Joined management course conducted by Birla institute of Pilani.

Mars and Ketu are not directly connected with education in both charts, except that these Planets are Bhavottama. Both the planets are also acting as ‘YOGAKARTA’ as they are being aspected by other planets in D-1 and D-24 charts.


Male- Born on Jan27, 1956, 23.00hrs, 77E36, 28N36.India, Tz 5.30hrsE

Chart 45

Saturn is BHAVOTTAMA in D-1 and D-24 charts and is conjunct or aspected by many planets ,thus becomes ‘YOGAKARTA’ for education.

Mercury/ Saturn-He was admitted to IIT Delhi and completed B Tec in civil engineering

Ketu /Saturn –He has taken admission in management course of IIT Delhi.

Venus/Saturn –He has taken admission in Astrology courses at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

Sun/Saturn – Joined Law courses in Delhi University through competitive examination

He had successfully passed all examinations with merit. Saturn is ‘YOGAKARTA’ in this nativity for education as it is aspected as well as associated  with several planets in both charts.

EX -3

Male born on April 23, 1937, at 16.31hrs IST, 79E23, 25N21, India, Tz 5.30hrsE

D-10 chart is sign Vargottama and ascending sign is occupied  by Ketu.Thus Ketu becomes initiator for carrier matters. Mars and Venus though placed in 3h and 8h respectively , are Vargottama as well as bhavottama as such are strong indicator as well as ‘yogakarta ‘ for profession.

Ketu is occupying D-10 sign Vargottam lagna.

The native started his carrier in Rahu /Ketu period.

Rahu/Venus – Venus is both house and sign Vargottama- His services were confirmed in this period.

Venus and Mars are placed in 8th and 3rd houses respectively and are in Bhavottama in D-10 chart. The native did not have any problem in his carrier in the dasa of these planets.

Saturn/Mars-This period was running from July3, 1996 to Aug13, 1997, and was coinciding with the retirement age of the native. Saturn was also transiting over natal Saturn. At that time.inspite of all these factors, the native was absorbed on contract and continued on same post till the end of September 1997.

The main reason was that Mars, the sub-dasa lord, was in Bhavottama.

Now compare D-1 and D-3 charts of this native:

Chart 478

Moon and Mars are Bhavottama in D-1 andD-3 Charts and acting as ‘YOGAKARTA’ for co-born.

These planets are associated with several planets in both charts

The native was blessed with 5 sisters and two brothers in  major dasa of these two planets. Mars major period ended on Dec30, 1949 and his youngest brother was born on July7. 1949.

EX -4

Male born on March 18, 1917, at 2.18 AM IST, 79E23, 28N21, India, Tz 5.30hrs E.

Chart 48

Moon is Bhavottama in D-1 and D-7 charts. Moon also becomes ‘YOGAKARTA’ for progeny as Moon is with Rahu and aspected by Mars, Sun, Ketu andJupiter in D-1 chart ; and Mars and Ketu in D-7 chart. Moon is getting Argala from Rahu (2H) and from Mercury, Venus and Jupiter (4H). D-7 Lagna lord is also getting Argala (11H) from these three planets in D-7 chart .Moon thus becomes key planet in this nativity to give progeny along with Mars (though Combust) and Rahu.

In the major periods of Moon ,Mars and Rahu ,the native was blessed with 3 sons and six daughter ( eldest daughter was born on Sep2,1935 and youngest Son was born on July 7, 1949) All the offspring’s are alive except eldest daughter who expired on March31,2006 after crossing the age of 70 years.


Male: 25.9.1980, 10.52.40 AM, 77E12, 28N36 TZ: 5.30 hrs.

Nakshatra: Revati 1 charan

Balance Dasa at Birth: Mercury 14 yrs 0 months 19days

Ketu dasa ends on 13-10-2001

Chart 49

Marriage of the Sister

The sign Scorpio is rising both in D-1 and D-3 charts. The Sun and Saturn are sign Vargottam and Bhavottama in these charts and aspected by several planets (Mercury and Moon in D-1 charts and Ketu, Venus and Rahu in D-3 charts). Mercury is exalted in D-1 chart and Venus is exalted in D-3 chart. Venus is Karka of sister and strengthening the Yoga by its aspect on sun in D-3 chart.

His sister was married in Venus/Sun period (operating from 19-2-2005 to 19-2-2006) with the active help and assistance of the native.

Example 6 and 7

Husband and wife

The couple was married on 27.11.2005. The husband was running Rahu major period. Rahu is placed in 8th house in Navamsa chart but is Bhavottama and Vargottam. The wife was running Ketu dasa. Ketu is placed in 6th house, but in Vargottama.

Husband: 26.8.1979, 16.43 PM 77E13, 28N39 TZ 5.30 hrs.

Nakshatra: Hasta 3 Charan.

Moon- major period balance at Birth 2 yrs 7 m 15 days.

  1. The Capricorn sign is rising and Vargottam in both D-1 and D-9 charts. This indicates strong attachment among the couple.
  2. Rahu and Ketu are Bhavottama and also Vargottam and placed in 2/8th house axis. Rahu is with 8th lord SUN, Yoga-Karka Venus and Ascendant lord Saturn.

The native was married on 27.11.2005 in Rahu/Moon/Venus directional period though Rahu is placed in 8th house in D-9 cart. Besides Rahu which is Vargottama, Moon is the lord of Seventh house and conjunct with Dara Karka SUN and Venus in D-9 chart.

Wife: 1.10.1972, 15:45 PM, 77E13, 28N39 TZ. 5.30 hrs.

Nakshatra: Pushyami 1 charan

Balance period of Saturn at Birth –16 yrs 1m 26days.

There are following interesting features in this nativity.

  • Saturn is Atma Karka and occupying Navamsa Lagna.
  • Ascendant sign of wife in D-1 chart is the rising sign in Navamsa chart of husband.
  • Rahu is Vargottama in this nativity.
  • The marriage was negotiated in the period of Mercury/Saturn/Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn are Ascendant lords of D-9 and D-1 charts respectively. The Jupiter, being the Yoga-Karta, has made all arrangements for marriage
  • When ever Venus is in Leo, and sun and/or moon are in Cancer sign, this yoga does not help marriage. But on account of strength of Vargottama planets, the marriage did take place. Venus is house Vargottama in D-1 and in this nativity. The marriage was performed on 27.11.2005 on commencement of Ketu/Ketu/Ketu period. The dasa of Ketu commenced on the day of marriage.
  • This example clearly establishes the role of Rashi and Bhava Vargottama Planets provided they are aspected by other planets.
  • This also establishes the validity of adopting true Chitra Paksha Ayanamsa D-9 charts. Besides, 7th lord Moon in D-1 chart is conjunct with up-pada lord Mercury in D-9 chart.
  • Placement of moon and Mars in 7th house of D-1 and D-9 charts respectively, the husband is much younger in age compared to the age of native.
  • Note :- Bhovottama planets had arranged the marriage , but it could not last long on account of adverse yogas’ in wife chart as well as Venus is in Gemini navamsa.The law suit is now pending in court for divorce.

Example 8

Male: 25.11.1973, 8:46:24 AM, 77E13, 28N39 TZ-5.20 hrs,

Nakshatra: Anuradha 3 Charan

Saturn Dasa balance at Birth – 5 yrs – 8 m 29 days.

  1. Ketu Dasa commenced on 23-8-1996
  2. Married on 29-1-2001 in Ketu/Jupiter/Venus

Period (26-1-2001 to 23-3-2001)

  1. Separated on commencement of Venus Dasa on 24-8-2003
Chart 54

This is an interesting nativity which depicts the role of Vargottama placements:

  • As fifth and seventh houses are occupied by retrograde malefics, the chances of marriage are bleak.
  • Similarly, fifth house is occupied by retrograde Mars in Acvani Nakshatra. The Karka Jupiter is in debilitation and its dispositor Saturn is retrograde and placed in Rahu/Ketu axis in 7th These are also not good indications either for progeny.

However, the following features in this nativity are worth noticing.

For Marriage

  1. Ketu and Rahu are house Vargottama and associated with Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in D-1 and D-9 charts.
  2. The 7th lord Mercury though is in the sign of debilitation in D-9 chart, but in BHAVOTTAMA. Mars is in Vargottama. Mercury and Mars are in mutual aspect in D-1 chart. Mercury is aspected by Sun and Mars are aspected by Moon in D-9 chart.

The native was married on 29.1.2001 in Ketu/Jupiter/Venus period. Ketu is in Bhava Vargottama and in association with Jupiter and Venus which are ascendant lords of D-1andD-9 charts respectively. Besides other influences, Bhava Vargottama Ketu plays the key-role in arranging marriage.

For Progeny

  1. Mars is in fifth house in D-1 and D-7 and becomes both Vargottama and bhavottama. Mars is aspected by Mercury in D-1 chart and by Jupiter in D-7 chart.
  2. Venus is in house Vargottama in D-9 and D-7 chart and aspected by Jupiter in D-7 chart.
  3. Ascendant of both D-1 and D-7 charts are in Vargottama.
  4. The native was blessed with the child in Ketu/Mercury period. Vargottama Ketu is giving auspicious argala to 5th house and Vargottama Mercury is aspecting 5th house and its lord.
  5. In D-7 chart, Ketu is placed in 8th house and Mercury in 3rd With the result, the native should lose the custody of the child or child may not survive.
  6. In D-9 and D-7 Venus is Bhavottama and this indicates  the strong affinity mother and child.


As soon as, Venus dasa commenced after 24-8-2003, both partners separated from each other and wife returned to her parental home with the child.

It may be noted that no sooner Vargottama Ketu dasa was over; the marriage could not sustain on account of other evil Yogas and also resulted in the separation from the progeny.

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