Death by Snake Bite by Nitan Charan Ray

Death by Snake Bite by Nitan Charan Ray

Credits: August 1984, Astrological Magazine of Shri B V Raman
Typed for SA By: Mohini Cox, Australia

Many a bad yoga on death through snake bite or poisoning has been enumerated in the writings of ancient sages. Some of these yogas are:

(a) Rahu and Venus in the 10th.
(b) Rahu and Sun in the Navamsa of Atmakaraka and aspected by evil planets.
(c) Mars in the 4th, Saturn in the 8th and Sun in the 10th.
(d) Saturn in the 2nd, the Moon in the 4th and Mars in the 10th.
(e) Saturn, the Sun and Rahu in the 7th.

The aforesaid combinations need not apply strictly in all cases of snake-bite. Simultaneously, a different combination has been expounded by the author of Bhavartha Ratnakara. According to him, if Rahu or Ketu joins the Lagna and 6th lords, the fear from snake or tiger is apprehended. On the contrary, the author of the celebrated work Sarvartha Chintamani has given a unique yoga on snake-bite. It reads:

    rahu dviteeye gulikenadrishte
    yutethava sarpa bhayam vadanti

If Rahu in the 2nd house is conjoined with Gulika or aspected by it,  danger from snake-bite should be predicted. The most leading modern astro-scientist Dr. B.V Raman in his book Three Hundred Important Combinations has supported the latter view. He has stated that when the 2nd is free from Rahu – Mandi affliction, one need not be afraid of ever being bitten by a snake.
  By taking the views of Bhavartha Ratnakara and Sarvartha Chintamani as the basis of my research, I have come to a definite conclusion on the four aspects of snake-bite, i.e., (i) fear of snake-bite, (ii) certainty of snake-bite, (iii) frequent snake-bite and (iv) death or escape from snake-bite. My findings are nothing but the simple permutations and combinations of those two views, which have been proved true in actual cases.

1. Fear of Snake-bite

Here the dictum of Bhavartha Ratnakara holds good with a small modification. If Lagna and its lord is with the 6th and/ or it’s lord is afflicted either by Rahu or Ketu leaving the 2nd house and/or its lord free from the combined clutch of Rahu-Mandi, the fear of snake-bite would arise in the native. The native many come close to being bitten by a snake, but not be actually bitten.

  1. Certainty of Snake-bite

The question of certainty of snake-bite arises when the 2nd house and/or its lord is heavily afflicted by both Rahu and Mandi along with the above combination in the horoscope. The 2nd house should be the basis of judgment in each case of snake-bite.  In any birth chart the 2nd house denotes mouth. When benefics influence the 2nd house and /or its lord, one feeds many people, whereas the malefic influence of poisonous planets on the 2nd house and/or its lord would mean some other mouth containing poison will come in contact the body of the native. Here poisonous planets include Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mandi of which Rahu and Mandi are the worst mostly denoting the cobra and other harmful snakes, while Ketu-Saturn influences indicate less poisonous snakes.

3. Frequent Snake-bites

By frequent snakebites, I mean to be bitten by snakes at least once in every week or month during the Bhukti of any planet connected with Rahu, Ketu or Mandi with the operation of the Sarpa Ganda Yoga in the horoscope subject to the following conditions. This mishap occurs only due to one’s poorva karma. In other words when one’s poorva punya is minus and poorva karma is full of cruel deeds, he is bound to suffer similar misfortunes in his present life. What one sows in the past he will reap in the present life.  Hence when the 9th lord denoting poorva punya and the 5th lord denoting poorva karma being afflicted join in the above yoga, the native suffers frequent snake-bites.

Death or Escape from Snake-bite

The occurrence of death owing to serpent-bite may arise if the afflicted 8th and maraka houses and/or their lords take part in the yoga.  One may escape from the danger if Lagna and/or its lord have the benefic glance of Jupiter. The efficacy of these yogas can be assessed through various natal charts taken from my astrological diary:

Chart 1: Born on 11-9-1952 (Thursday). Time-Night 4h. 39m. I.S.T.  Lat, 20° 29’ N, Long. 85° 52’ E. Ayanamsa:  23° 11’ 25”.

Rasi: Leo – ascendant 12° 33’,  the Sun 25° 56’ and Mercury 14° 12’;  Virgo -Venus 17° 25’  and Saturn 21° 15’, Scopio – Mars 16° 15’;  Capricorn – Rahu 28° 04’; Aries – Jupiter (R) 27° 47’;
Gemini – the Moon 5° 35’;  and Cancer – Ketu 28° 04’ and Mandi 15°.  Balance of Mars Dasa: 6 months and 25 days.

Chart 110

In this chart, the 2nd house is occupied by the 6th lord Saturn and is fully aspected by both Rahu placed in the 6th and Mandi placed in the 12th with Ketu. In the Navamsa also the 2nd is occupied by Mercury and aspected by Mandi, while Lagna is occupied by the 6th lords Saturn and is seen by Ketu. Hence the 2nd house and its lord Mercury both in Rasi and Namvasa become quite poisonous. Again Lagna lord the Sun is conjoined with the 2nd lord Mercury in Lagna and is in the sub of Ketu, while in Navamsa he is with Mandi. Thus Mercury, Ketu, Saturn and Mandi all inject poison to Lagna. As a result, the native suffered from a cobra-bite in his foot during the Sun Bhukti in Jupiter Dasa. But he survived after treatment owing to the benefic aspect of Jupiter on Lagna, the Lagna lord himself being strongly posited there with Mercury and the 2nd lord.

Chart 2: Born on 7-9-1965 (Tuesday). Time –  7:32pm I.S.T, Lat. 20°29’ N, Long. 85° 52’ E. Ayanamsa: 23° 21’ 48”.
Rasi; Pisces – Ascendant 23° 06’ and Mandi 19° 06’; Leo- the Sun 21°22’ and Mercury 4° 50’;
Virgo – Venus 29°14; Libra – Mars 18° 19’; Scorpio – Ketu 15°12’; Capricorn – the Moon 13° 51’;

and Aquarius – Saturn (R) 20° 24’. Balance of Moon Dasa: 7 years, 2 month and 3 days.

Chart No. 2  belongs to a beautiful young college going girl of a village in the district of Cuttack (Orissa), which also happens to be the native place of the author. This is really a unique illustration of the snake-bite yogas discussed above.

Here Rahu is posited within the cuspal degree of the 2nd house and is aspected by Mandi placed in Lagna Rasi. The 2nd lord Mars is in the constellation of Rahu. Both the 2nd and the 6th along with the 6th lord are under the malefic glance of Saturn. In Navamsa too, the 2nd and the 6th are aspected by Mandi. As such the 2nd and the 6th and their lords are subject to complete poisonous influences. On the contrary, Lagna lord Jupiter himself is in the constellation of the 2nd lord Mars and in the sub of the 6th lord the Sun, besides being aspected by Rahu both in Rasi and Navamsa. Thus the 2nd lord, the 6th lord, Rahu, and Mandi are all jointly pouring poison on Lagna. As a result, during the Jupiter Bhukti of Rahu Dasa, the girl suffered her first cobra-bite on the foot on the weekday of Jupiter (Thursday).

Although she was rescued by an outstanding sadhaka (practitioner) through recitation of tantrik mantras, the snake-bite phenomena started to repeat at regular weekly intervals every Thursday. Then the girl was kept in a closed room on every Thursday in order to prevent the mishap, but the cobra-bite occurred on other days ruled by the star of Jupiter. Many more tantric propitiations were recommended by the said sadhaka for her, but to great surprise, the cunning cobra (the same snake came to take revenge on her for her past karma as stated by the sadhaka), tried to bite her as least once or more in every month, any time when it got the chance. Then the girl was advised by the sadhaka to capture (not kill) the cobra boldly when it came again to bite her. When the girl tried to do so, the cobra became furious and bit her more deeply than before resulting in loss of much blood. Each time she has been surviving due to the tantric power of that famous sadhaka although she is becoming psychologically paralyzed day by day.

From the astrological point of view, her 5th house aspected by Ketu and the 5th lord, the Moon, representing poorva karma, is placed in the 6th and aspected by Rahu in the Rasi, conjoined with Rahu in Navamsa and finally remains in the sub of Rahu. In astrology Rahu is a shadowy and outcaste planet who specializes in poison. Hence it clearly denotes that her poorva karma was deeply connected with clandestine dealings in poison and which she could have been caste out from the society to which she belonged in her past life. Again, her 9th lord of poorva punya Mars is in the constellation of Rahu and has been placed in the 8th, the house of death, and is also in the 12th from the 9th, which signifies that she had earned no poorva punya due to her sinful activities in the past life and thus must suffer now.

Each cobra bite she is surviving only due to the benefic aspect of Lagna lord Jupiter on the 8th the house of longevity, and the 2nd lord the source of poison; but since Lagna lord himself is quite weak owing to the combined malefic influence of the 2nd and the 9th lord, the 6th lord and Rahu besides the 8th lords being debilitated both in Rasi and Namavasa, I think the chances of a normal good life are feeble.

In conclusion, I request the astro scholars to throw light on the future prospect of the girl, i.e., whether she would become a Vishakanya or would meet any premature mishap?

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