Donald Rumsfeld – A Hero for some Villain for Some

Donald Rumsfeld – A Hero for some Villain for Some

He is no more in the battlefield ousted by all, deserted by his mentor against popular vote is what is his fate now. All of us heard of his resignation & though post mortem astrology is the easiest but astrology is about learning this Vidya & not fame associated with predictions. By application of various dasas & other methods in ‘brief’ lets see the event through our jyotish eyes & maybe develop some further.

(Write Brief Note on his time of birth source & chart erection issues)

 Event: 8th  Nov 06, it was announced he would resign  from one of the most powerful positions in the world

The issue is how we look at it – is it a good event for him or a bad event. Any average person in the position he held would swear that it is a life of tensions that are unbearable where complete performance of our job is not in our hands. So when a person lets go of that job or is forced to do so does it mean good times might have come his way or bad times – its subjective.

The aim of this write up is to see the yogas or authenticity of the chart which has been done a lot on internet groups.


Method 1:Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

Merc MD:  2002-09-02  –  2019-09-03/Ven AD:  2006-01-26  –  2008-11-26/Moon PD:  2006-09-07  –  2006-12-03/Merc SD:  2006-10-28  –  2006-11-09

  • Mer the MD & sookshma Dasa lord is 10th lord in 8th H of ‘DownFall’ (mostly)& is also the moon sign dispositor.
  • Ven though involved in the Parijata yoga has blemish of 6L & 11Lordship is with Gulika making it poisonous & also its dispositor Mer has gone in house of downfall indicating after rise (in Mer Dasa) there would at some point be downfall (gulika disposits in 8H)
  • Moon PD – PD shows nature of the event and it is in 10H indicating effecting his career but it is 8L in 10H (rise after downfall to be predicted normally) but at the same time Moons dispositor Mer (who is exalted in 10H of D10) is in 8H of shame.

Whenever the10L is in 8H, it shows there will be downfall and most important it would be due to non-competence of the person.

Method 2: Vimshottari Dasa & SAV

Many scholars have shown this usage though one of the first ones was Shri C.S.Patel on his illustration of Amitabhs horoscope

  • Mer MD has 27 SAV points in D1 but in D9 SAV it reduces to only 25 showing loss of inherent strength after some time (still in D10 it is 29 )
  • Ads & PDs are always the finer keys to events, here Ven AD scores
  • PD Moon who is in Kula-Nasa gets low of 27 points in D1 & 27 in D9 but very low of 24 in D10 showing loss of strength

Though pretty systematic when combined with BAVs it still requires a lot of experience to implement when tricky order comes in

Method 3: Amsa in Divisionals ref to Dasa

Each planet is in a particular amsa in every divisional & every amsa is ruled by a Deity

These deities are to be particular watched in Dasa sequence


In Dasa sequence 2 out of 3 are malefics so dasa can give malefic results esp if Yama has come.

Method 5:  Moola Dasa – From Lagna

This dasa is mentioned in 41st Chapter of Saravali by Kalyan Varma

Moola Dasa some use for timing curses but other traditionalists use it more successfully to time ‘Current Karma’ which is what life is all about.

Moola Dasa (dasa showing the root of events -):

Rah MD:  2003-07-09  –  2009-07-09

Sat AD:  2005-11-21  –  2007-03-23

Mars PD:  2006-10-18  –  2006-11-11

Rahu MD is in 3H of death (secondary house of death) & Sat® AD is 2H of maraca, for Sg lagna Sat is a pure maraca & here esp it disposits Rahu(Gk – enemies in Jaimini 8 chara karaka). Mars is 12L in 6H of enemies, 3 malefics in dasa sequence something bad surely has to happen & all 3 planets are badly disposed indicating end of an era

 Method 6: Moola Dasa – From Ghatika Lagna

D1: GL is in Pisces in 4H

Ghatika lagna shows ones seat of power & fame, especially useful in charts of big people. Any loss to ones fortunes esp in concerning power will be easily seen in dasa when reckoned Ghatika lagna. Here we use a rare but effective variation of Moola Dasa as reckoned from Ghatika lagna

Rah MD:  2003-07-09  –  2009-07-09

Sat AD:  2005-11-21  –  2007-03-23

Mars PD:  2006-10-18  –  2006-11-11

Jup SD:  2006-11-06 – 2006-11-09

Asc as GL (Ghatika lagna)

MD Rahu is in 12H from GL & 3H from natal Asc

AD Sat is 12L of loss in 11H from GL & 2H from natal Asc

PD Mars is 2L of maraca in 3H of death from GL & 6H from natal Asc

SD Jup is LL in 6H of loss in Rahu/Ketu Axis

All amounting to loss of power & hence loss of post.

All this must be confirmed from D10 too

D10: GL is in Leo, make this as lagna & see the dasa

MD Rahu is 7th maraca co-lord in 3H of death & 11H of natal D10 asc

AD Sat is 6L (natal 3rd) & 7L in 5H of power from GL –  so end to power

PD Mars is 10L of career placed in 12H of Exit from GL & 8H of natal D10 asc

SD Jup is 8L of End in 1H of self in natal GL & 9H of bhagya of career from D10 Asc

So confirmation of what we saw in D1 is seen in D10.

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