Precautions for Each Planet - Venus

Precautions for Each Planet – Venus

Precautions For Each Planet – Venus


Anita Khandpur, India

Lal  Kitab (Red Book) is a common name heard by many people across India. The remedies given in Lal Kitab are very simple and require very little time and they are inexpensive. There are many books available in the market by many authors and all of them have nearly the same remedies. What is more important to learn is what to avoid in life. This has been my personal experience as a professional astrologer in Mumbai, dealing with various category of charts & what it has been observed by this scribe is that it is not the remedies one does to solve ones problems that an astrologer needs to tell his clients but what the client should never land up doing on his own which will cause his downfall, this is what the astrologer must warn his clients. This would be a 9 part series which I have culled out from Lal Kitab and one rare old Gujarati Book, which I have observed to work very well in my experience over decades.


Venus In 1H


  1. Do not wear torn or un-ironed clothes or clothes used by others.
  2. Venus in the 1H makes a person very romantic. Do not get involved in love affairs. It will bring downfall.
  3. Avoid sex during day-time.
  4. Do not eat jaggery
  5. Do not ignore elder’s advice. Listen to them before starting any work.

Venus In 2H.


  1. When Venus is in the 2H, do not get involved in extra-marital affairs.
  2. Do not do charity of items related to Venus (ghee, camphor, curd) By doing this we do not get the good effects of Venus.

Chart 1: Female: 04 February 1963. 02:49:00.  Mumbai.

Chart 1

This is a chart of a female who has Venus in 2H with Mercury in Dhanu rashi. This female does lots of charity of ghee, rice in various temples. Her husband is involved in an extra marital affair for more than ten years now. She does not try to maintain herself properly (using perfumes, deodorants, ironed clothes). Her husband was back with her since past one year, but again her habit of doing charity of Venus related items spoiled her marital life.

Chart 2: Female; 22 June 1960. 04:30:00. Aurangabad/Maharashtra.

This female is not married still. She was advised at a very young age not to wear used  clothes, but whenever her relatives gave her their old clothes she would not refuse. She never uses perfumes and never makes efforts to take care of own self. She moves in uncolored hair most of the time, never bothers to iron clothes though she can afford all.

Both have exalted moon.


  • Do not give in charity items of venus, if Venus is in the 2H.
  • Do not ignore beauty items for self. Use perfumes, ironed clothes. 

Venus In 3H


  • Do not be involved in affairs and insult your wife if Venus is in the 3H

Venus In 4H


  1. Do not dig a well at home.
  2. Remarry your wife if you do not wish a separation from her. 

Venus In 5H


  • Do not fight with your wife. Listen to her advice, or you face loss.

Venus in 6H

  1. It is said if Venus is in the 6H, the wife of such a native must not touch the floor with bare feet. Either always wear socks or slippers. When going for bath also, either wear slipper or keep your feet on a wooden plank, patla or stool. If this is not done the native faces losses or thefts.
  2. If you get involved in multiple affairs, it brings the downfall of the whole family.

Chart3: Male; 14 January 1963. 16:25:00. Mumbai

This person has faced many losses in his business. He was not aware of this precaution. Every few months till this date there is a robbery at his factory and he is always in debts.


  • Do not let your wife touch the floor with bare feet.
  • Do not be involved in multiple affairs. It brings downfall to the whole family. 

Venus In 7H


  • Take Blessings of parents. Do not ignore them.

Venus In 8H


  1. Do not take charity.
  2. Do not be a witness or guarantor to anyone.

Venus In 9H


  1. Do not marry at the age of 25.
  2. Do not eat curd.

Venus In 10H


  1. Avoid alcohol, meat and fish.
  2. Avoid illicit relations and do not spoil anyone’s life due to excessive lechery[1]. Result semen turns incapable of bearing child.

Venus In 11H


  1. When Venus is in the 11H, do not give the total financial control to the wife, that might bring disaster.
  2. Keep Venus items at home.

It is observed when Venus is in 11H, the person suffers from low sperm count and in a female also has some problems in conceiving. They have children after medication.

Venus In 12H


  • Do not give in charity items of Venus if it is exalted

[1] Excessive or offensive sexual desire

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