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Education vs Literacy by Abhishaik Chitraans

Education vs Literacy by Abhishaik Chitraans

The human being has been considered to be civilized for living in self-made houses, eating cooked food and wearing colourful and designed clothes, but the question remains – “are we literate or educated to be considered  civilized?” Yes, there is a major difference is in these two words, education and literacy. We are all are doing practice in various subjects and languages to communicate amongst the people and to explore ourselves. We know how to speak and how to improve, but we don’t know, how to handle ourselves in opposite situation public and obstacles of literacy. Only education can help in this.

To gather knowledge and to learn by the alphabetical languages and various subjects. According to the alpha-numeric system, literacy, is signified by the letter of zodiac sign Libra (ruled by Venus) and the alpha-numeric value comes to the number 2 (20), signified by the moon. Literacy is the knowing of A to Z or अ to ज्ञ   and provides the talents to live with luxurious in this technical and physical environment. It can be disciplined and improved accordingly with powerful imagination. We can be termed as ‘divine souls’ by learning and practicing the spiritual path with meditation, but obstacles are one of the characteristics associated with only literate people. 

The first letter ‘L’ represents the high craving combination of aspiration and the material world. That’s why Literacy can increase the stress and pride out. The literate person can go deeper into a subject as the soul urge number is 7, the intellectual knowledge. Literacy, the word of eight letters ending ion ‘Y’, gives us the position of changing the direction, which is useful to manifest the alternative lifestyle as per choice.    

The Education: To get enlightenment by intellectual knowledge and spiritual knowledge. As per the alpha-numeric system, says about education, it is signified by the letter of zodiac sign Gemini, (ruled by the Mercury) and the alpha-numeric value comes to number 9 (36), signified by Mars. It denotes the complete, civilized human with pioneering leadership and curious sociality to communicate about intellectual-spiritual knowledge. The educated person can go without harming others and knows how to handle the stress of achievements by literacy.

Education is the only word in the English language that has all five vowels i.e. A, E, I, O & U. The vowels denote the five elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky present into three combinations in the human i.e., mind, body and soul. The inner thoughts number is 2 and represents the awakening. It is the best combination of number 3 (Jupiter), 6 (Venus) and 9 (Mars)., also denoted by the first letter ‘E’ in the form of spiritual, mental and materialistic level. Only education can balance the blessed energy received from biological parents, educational teacher and spiritual guru. Education, the word of nine letters ending ion ‘N’, gives a neutral or balanced approach to achieve accordingly, which is useful to live into situational and environmental lifestyle. Educated people can make a fortune for themselves and for society as well.

The talent of education gives you an ability to get success from the bottom to top level. Educational people don’t need any support from others, but they enjoy their journey of intellectual enlightened education very well.     

Hence, we need to think about it, what we are and what we are going to achieve in this present scenario of living standards with the help of Education and Literacy. We need the development of mind and body but must know how to control the negativity of this development by the soul.


S, No.





Start Letter




End Letter




Total Letters




Sound Vibes

Lit (e) + Ra + Cy

Edu + Ca + Tion






Alpha-Numeric Value


20 (2)


36 (9)



LTRCY = 13 (4)

DCTN = 16 (7)



IEA = 7

EUAIO = 20 (2)






Education is more important than mere literacy because it helps one to differentiate between the good, better and best. However, both education and literacy are related to the logical brain and important for making proper decisions in any situation.

Literacy can be a step to get civilized or educated, but education never depends on any type of literacy. Education is a base to get enlightened, while literacy can never tell about your inner sense.

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