Finding Date of Marriage Through Nadi Astrology

Finding Date of Marriage Through Nadi Astrology

Deepak Taneja, India

SA Volunteer: Vishal Sharma

In Nadi astrology, the directional aspect is very important, which means planets in the same direction have a strong influence on each other and a special yoga. Planets have 2/12 relations, and 3/11 relations and planets in opposition have special influence, depending upon their natural, positional relationship. Similarly, in Parashari, dispositors and aspect theory are given importance.  While the progression of a planet is important in Nadi astrology, the Dasha system remains paramount to Parashari.

The rules mentioned in the classics of Nadi astrology are,

  1. First, we check if there is a promise of marriage in the chart of the native

It could be in various forms – a timely marriage, late marriage, very late marriage, obstacles in marriage, no marriage, dissatisfaction in married life, divorce, and detachment in couple, abusive and violent married life.

  1. After confirmation of the promise of marriage, we consider the timing of the marriage.
  • 2a: As per Nadi in the male chart, if Jupiter and Saturn have any relations with Venus, then it’s a 100% promise of marriage.
  • 2b: If in any chart, only Jupiter is having any relation with Venus, then it’s a timely marriage.
  • 2c: If only Saturn is having any relation to Venus, then it’s a late marriage chart.

Similarly, in the female chart, when Jupiter and Saturn are having any relationship with Mars, it’s a 100% promise of marriage. All the other parameters will remain the same, as mentioned above for timely and late marriage, just that Mars will be seen, instead of Venus.

The aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on the 7th house or lord of the 7th house will give further accuracy to the readings.

After verifying the promise of marriage, we should analyze the probable timing of marriage. We should follow the progression of Jupiter (Jeeva Karaka) in calculating the accurate time of marriage. We can use the transit of Jupiter and Saturn for analyzing the year, degrees to verify the exact month and transit of the 7th lord, Mars, Venus, and Moon, for probable dates of the marriage. In addition to this, we can verify the timing of the marriage with Dasha. The aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on the 7th house or/ and lord of the 7th house will confirm the timing of marriage. Maximum planets in both charts must be 1/2/12 or 6/7/8, which verifies that all relatives and friends are attending the marriage.

Example 1: Male, 29 January 1965, 3.12 am Bansi Uttar Pradesh.

Chart 01

In the above details, we can see that the Ascendant is Aquarius, Jupiter is in Taurus with Rahu, Mars  in Leo in the 7th house, Venus is in Aries sign, and with the Sun, there is an exchange of Mars and Sun. In Chalit chart, Jupiter is in the 3rd house. Both, Jupiter and Saturn are in connection with Venus, which means, the promise is there and after the exchange, it’s a better chart. So, using the progression technique, we can see that in the 3rd round Jupiter will be in the 9th house Libra sign, as per progression, and in transit Jupiter in the Sagittarius sign. which means that actually its having a directional aspect on Venus.  At the same time, the Dasha of the Ve/ Ve/Su/ Ve/Ve. Dasha of Venus is the Dasha most favorable for marriage. Here Sun is the 7th lord on this date, they got married (26/2/96).

Example 2: Female, 11 November, 1970, 00:10, Delhi

Chart 02

It’s a Cancer Ascendant chart, where the planets are, Ketu is in Leo sign, Mars, Sun, and retro Venus are in the 4th house, in Libra sign, Mercury is in Scorpio sign, which indicates the exchange of Mars and Mercury. A very good indication, for this chart, Rahu, is in the 8th house, Aquarius and Moon are in Pisces, 9th house, and retro Saturn is in 10th house. Now, we can see that Jupiter is in conjunction with retro Venus and has a connection with Mars in 2/12 relations and retro Saturn will aspect Mars from the rear house after retrogradation.

Now let’s check the timing of the marriage. In the 2nd round of progression of Jupiter, when it will relate to Mars, marriage will take place. Checking the actual position of Jupiter, we see that it’s moving above Mars (Virgo sign), which verifies the rule. Dasha on the day of marriage is of Ve/Su/Ve/Ra/ Ju, which again verified that progression, transit and Dasha work very well together.

Example 3: Female, 28 August 1980, 19.25, Jhansi, India

Chart 03

Its an Aquarius Ascendant chart. Significator of Marriage, Venus and Jupiter placed in Gemini (5th house) and Leo sign (7th house), respectively. Mars is in the 9th house, and Saturn is in the 8th house, here, Mars and Saturn are in 2/12 relations, and Jupiter and Mars are in 3/11 relations, Saturn and Mars have a strong impact so, little late marriage. Now, after verifying the promise of marriage in the birth chart, let’s check the progression of Jupiter.3rd round of Jupiter, is from the 7th house and above Mars, and Leo. Jupiter took the next 3 years to reach this point. Actual Jupiter the planet of blessings is in the Scorpio sign, and Saturn, Venus, and Ketu are in the Leo sign. Dasha on the day of marriage is again Ve/Ve/Ra/Mo/Ju, again Dasha is of significators.

Example 4: Male, 16 May 1958, 22.15 Delhi, India

Chart 04

He has Sagittarius Ascendant, Saturn(R), in the Ascendant, Venus is exalted, and is in the 4th house and Rahu is with Jupiter (R) in the Libra sign in the 11th house, Mars, is in the 3rd house, Mo, Me, and Ketu are in the 5th house, Sun is in the 6th house. Retro Saturn and Retro Jupiter give promise of marriage. Ju is having an exchange with Venus. So, 100% assurance but late marriage, as the aspect is from retro Saturn and retro Jupiter. The date of marriage is 29/1/1988, on that day, he is running of Mo/ Ma/ Ve/ Ve/ Sa, again pratrayantar Dasha of the significator, confirms marriage. Now let’s check the progression of Jupiter. The third round of Jupiter is from the Ascendant, and Sagittarius, Saturn, Jupiter, and Rahu are moving from the 4th house and Pisces sign, where Venus is there. This confirms the date of marriage.  


Astrologer Deepak Taneja is a full-time Astrology and Vastu consultant. He teaches Basics and Fundamental of Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Medical Astrology, Vastu, and Nakshtra. He has been practicing for the last 10 years and has developed more than 100 Nadi and Medical Astrology experts

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