Esoteric Astrology by Sharad C. Joshi

Esoteric Astrology by Sharad C. Joshi

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Here within the sphere of spiritual astrology, after deep meditation, I would like to share and place before you the insights I received.  Opinions of learned and experienced persons may differ from this. We expect that they may throw the light of their knowledgeable conclusions.

House-Sign-Planets-Aspect-Star (Constellations)

The house, sign, planets, aspects and constellations, (Fixed Stars) are the main constituents of a horoscope. We can see Planets and Star/Constellations in the sky. A sign is made up of or derived from the relationship of star/constellation. Aspects are formed from the mathematical relationship between the planets, i.e. 60, 90, 120, 180 and “parallel” aspects between planets and points. There are also sidereal aspects according to signs and placement near house or house cusps. The calculations of houses are done on the basis of time and place of birth on the earth. While sign-planets-aspect and star- constellations are related to space.


The houses arrange the matters relating to concrete manifestations in a human being’s life in chronological order. Generally, the trump card, or karmic inclinations of making decisions pertaining to matters of human life, can be both harmonious and/or inharmonious. This is indicated by the prevailing situation of the house concerning that matter. The birth chart is prepared and based on the birth data consisting of date, time and location. In a particular matter, the result or the outcome whether good/harmonious or challenging/inharmonious depends upon the sign, planets, constellation and aspect. In each matter what type of situation is prevailing can be ascertained from the house. When a human being cannot be unattached from the prevailing circumstances due to a situation of that particular house, he cannot proceed further on the TRUE Spiritual Path.

Nature has given liberty to everyone to do and act according to his desires. 

The native under all circumstances behaves in the following three manners.

  • To act according to circumstances

(To go ahead on the path of compromise)

  • To act according to own method in adverse circumstances
  • To overcome circumstances.

The native changes himself according to the prevailing circumstances and time. There are very few people who act according to their wish or choice, and who do not act according to circumstances. That doesn’t mean one behaves in an uncontrolled manner. In ordinary circumstances, the native changes his mental inclination according to the motion or transit of the planets.  Those who are unattached to the outcome of an action derived from the meaning of the house circumstances, do not change their principles or mental inclination and behavior, and do act according to laws of nature and perform their duty. According to my understanding, and from the point of view of Astrology, the person who is unattached to the matters of the house is on the first step (stair) of Spiritual life.


Sign is a combination of elements and nature. It’s a mixture of 7 (4 elements and 3 types of nature.) Such as 7 planets of Solar system- 7 plexus (chakras), 7 colours, 7+7=14 regions of the universe and 7 upper most and 7 lower most mythological subterranean regions.  In the same manner, changes in the body also occur at the interval of 7 years according to medical science. When a planet enters the sign which has the constitution of 7, the entering planet also changes its natural qualities. Each native whether he likes or not, has only to accept it. The person who is above the qualities of sign can embark further on Spiritual path.

The exaltation and debilitation of planets are decided by the same standard. No planet is entirely harmonious or inharmonious. When we do not get the result of the house according to our expectations during the period of that planet we call them inharmonious. Upon change in circumstances the trend of harmonious and unharmonious also changes. Sign and houses are the cause of this. If the native becomes free from the effect of these changes, a planet may enter any sign and the native remains unconcerned for that matter.  Or he does not make any change in his attitude. When a planet changes sign, its qualities are also changed. If that person follows the natural qualities of planets then he is on 2nd stair of Spiritual Path.


Planets do not have aura of their own. But planets do obtain it from the Sun and fixed stars (Yog Star) like the Sun, and its qualities are sent through the media of Moon to us. Moon is the significator of mind. We all know that the effect of anything is first on the mind. In the era of developing science, we can perceive from the aura of the body the condition it is in now and after how it affects the body. Planets move around the Sun and during that movement they come into contact with fixed stars and other planets. Changes then occur in their qualities and attributes. The combined effects of these changes are experienced by us. If we make two divisions then the following figure may appear:

cHART 34

The Sun gives light-energy and it is always pure. As the light comes from Sun in the sky- i.e., above our head, in the same way the flame always reaches toward the sky. This gives an indication that a person can be lifted up. This is also one of the reasons that the flame of a lamp is always kept lighted at holy places. It keeps the environment sacred for the holy place. The real true aura and light can be obtained from the fire, rather than the light of the electrical lamp. There is a third eye, Agnaa Chakra, between the eyebrows where there is a flame or fire that Lord Shiva through this third eye, burnt to ashes the God of Love. The place of fire is between the eyebrows according to spiritual belief.

The light of the Sun is received by Mercury (intellect), Venus (love), Mars (energy), Jupiter (knowledge), Saturn (one whose mind is fixed in knowledge of the highest truth and is free from pleasure and suffering etc.), Herschel/Uranus (originality), Neptune (the depths), and Pluto (creation and destruction), and their qualities, attributes and properties are changed through the sign and according to elements and the nature. Those qualities are received via the Moon, Herschel, Neptune and Pluto and have a higher degree of qualities than the lower octaves of Mercury, Venus and Mars respectively. That is why importance is given to 7 planets of the Solar System.

If we give consider their astronomical relationship to the Suns we see that Mercury and Venus are inner planets, while Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are external planets. Mercury and Venus affect the mind more quickly than any other planets. So if the person is without the effect of these two planets and remains unattached while carrying on their work through the signs of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, then they are on the highest path of spirituality.  Capricorn is the sign of Saturn which is work and action oriented and if any work is done in combination with the Sun (soul), Moon (mind) and Mars (energy) then the 11th sign Aquarius gets the benefit of it.  It can then assimilate it because of Mars(energy-power), Rahu(controlling planet) and Jupiter(highest knowledge). In this manner the native can get the highest spiritual knowledge.

When a person becomes unattached to the house (circumstances) or Sign (elements-Nature) and can then assimilate the qualities and attributes of the independent constitution of planets, that person is on the spiritual path.  The 4th house in a horoscope shows the end time condition of a person’s mind.  The 4th house from the 5th houses is the 8th house which shows the physical death of the body.  The 4th house from the 9th house is the 12th house which shows Moksha, or Liberation.  In this manner from the 1st to 4th houses and the  5th to 8th houses, and 9th to 12th houses show respectively the  mind/body and the miraculous power of soul.

Now we will consider it from another angle.

Our birth is because of our previous deeds or actions. The deeds of the previous births decide where to take birth and who will be the parents and in which circumstances. Spiritual persons of the highest level take birth according to their wish and choose the parents and circumstances under which they want to take birth. The motive and purpose of their birth is for the upliftment of society and religion.

In this way, we can also see that inspite of the fact a couple may be physically and medically healthy and fit, they may still be childless.  This is because their previous deeds are such that no Soul is ready to take birth through them. Unless and until the ground is ready according to the deeds of soul, it is not ready to take birth.

The ascendant or 1st house is the house of work to be done through body, i.e., by the person but the intellect and mental status also play a most important role. The second house shows family both of the immediate family and the world as family and the native’s responsibility for them. The third house shows the semi-conscious mind, civility (religious rites), adventure, bravery(mentally) and movement (mentally). The 4th house shows the mental condition of the end moments. The 5th house shows progeny such as children and descendants and the ability to produce a child is order to keep running the incarnation cycle of the earth. For their nourishment, shelter, feeding, and ailments or illness and to exert efforts, labour and service is the 6th house. The 7th house shows the supporting partner for producing a child. The 8th house shows the physical death of a person. The 9th house shows (Sun) Soul. To reach up to this level, the native has to end the attachments to mind(1st to 4th houses) and physical death(5th to 8th houses), that is to live life unattached from the effects of the 1st to 8th houses. If a native crosses all these then they can fully enter this house. As said earlier, one has to make themself free from the effects of houses and signs. This is a journey from 1st house to 8th house. After that is the beginning of another journey for religion; to act without any attachment or concern and to pass on the benefits of this to the global society.  But at the same time a person must be unattached to the outcome of his efforts with no thought of benefits, achievements or gains and must always go further, thereby coming to Moksha (9 to 12).

In this manner a spiritual person can come into motion but that takes many incarnations. Divine Incarnations like Shree Ram, Shree Krishna, Shree Ram Krishna Param Hans,Shree Buddha, Shree Mahavir, Shree Sai Baba of Shirdi, Shree Rang Avdhut Maharaj have a journey starting from 12th house. Their life’s work is for the well- being of all people and to establish religion, after which they leave the body (8th house in the form of body).

For ordinary people like us, the journey is from 1st to 8th house. Their journey is from the houses 12th to 1st, 11thto 10th, to 9thand finally 8th.  A divine incarnation has the reverse journey to us.  They take birth at their will and upon completion of their tasks dissolve themselves.

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