The 8th House Probing the Under-World by Andree Leclerc

The 8th House Probing the Under-World by Andree Leclerc

If you have read our 6H piece, you will know that this is an after-effect which proposes to auscult mysteries of the 8H.  So, here we go…

Another fine hot sunny morning when my A/C was still mercifully working, my Teacher-ji called me and inquired how the 6H article was doing.  Then he said he’d be thinking about all these dushtanas and how they somehow show the subconscious in a chart. 

Thinking about it, I figured that a large part of the shadowy side of the 8H, which stands for the occult, metaphysical, psychology and psychoanalysis must indeed be a large portion of the subconscious, something over which we have no apparent control and no direct perception as far our individual selves are concerned. 

In reference to the Karma Theory in the 6H article, here’s a quote about the 8H:

The 8H is 12th from the 9H and indicates the way we have spent in our last life, the moksha and realizations carried from the past. The 8H focuses on life beyond the mind as the Moon is fallen there.

The facts of the matter are that, as “regular” folks, we do not know the forces, laws and subtle substance that have been designed and assembled to provide us with the bodies we perceive ourselves as wearing and which enable us to act and experience “life”.  The more we know, the closer we get to a real experience of life, its anti-matter energy, how it operates with its infinite possibilities. 

This not-knowing leaves plenty of space for ignorance to rule our thinking patterns, behaviours, desires, decisions, actions…

Our universe is ‘scientifically proven’ as being mostly unknown due to 95 to 97% of it being Dark Matter – that’s a pretty large percentage that casts a 95 to 97% shadow on what is said to be partially known.  This is news also for us as microcosms of the universe – there must also be a huge chunk of our “Selves” that is lying in that Dark Matter – if we multiply this by 12 houses… we might just find ourselves trying to see the universe in the light of a candle, and decide to give up finding out!!!  But, being brave, we’ll still give it a shot… 

Before jumping head first into this dark pool, let’s point out as an appetizer, that the 6H is the 11H of gains from the 8H of the subconscious…  We can only gain what we know and we can only know what we have experienced – book-knowledge is very helpful but cannot substitute for real felt practical life lessons.  The 8H is that of the mystic who has complete cognizance of what goes on beyond physical and mental perceptions hence, the Moon is fallen in the 8H.  Before reaching that stage however, it should be noted that the Moon is what links both material and spiritual – as these two are of different natures, they cannot directly connect with each other without the perception part of our psyche.

As Lagna, House #1, We Are That We Are; the basis of our own consciousness… and the outcome and future of our past.  As such, the origin of our present existence is seen in the potency of the 8H – only through this mysterious seed of life strangely carried through organic matter such as semen that inexplicably fertilizes another living organic substance called an egg to develop our body in our mother’s womb could we aspire to know and find ourselves out – our physical, emotional, spiritual as well as metaphysical selves, the temporary and the eternal.  At this stage, it is very naturally tempting to identify with our 6H prarabdha and develop an ego or identification that will, most likely, turn out to be a misidentification thus giving rise to “Ahankara” or material ego – something that can easily lead to egotism.  Isn’t anger, when it arises, something very difficult to control or just ignore??  Are not fear, anger, cruelty, poison, punishments, destruction all under 8H jurisdiction?  You bet.  And the 8H also has the potency to regenerate and transform what has been destroyed, to unveil the nature of fear through analysis of subconscious and beyond-subconscious forces at work.  As an occult science, astrology is an 8H goody to tackle and point out such hidden causes

The more we are under the spell of our subconscious, the harder the prarabdha of the 6H will hit, 6H being the gain of the 8H.  To illustrate this by a crude example, let’s take a serial killer who has a compulsion to kill – he could not tell you why, he just has to do it.  What is lying in his subconscious to undergo such a prarabdha?  We can adopt the perspective that such a person is a slave of his own evil ignorance as his actions demonstrate – but we should bear in mind that his victims may not be completely innocent since his killing them is also their prarabdha – something that needs to be worked out between themselves…  As beings with limited perceptions, we are disqualified to judge the serial killer’s acts as good or bad or according to whatever the laws of men may judge them to be.  Our fellow might just be a guy who dived a bit into black magic in the past, was used as the ‘goat’ of a human sacrifice by others and had to come back to kill his past life’s killers in order to re-establish the balance between his karma and that of these folks (just an example).  As a general rule, if we see suffering, we can guess ignorance lies near behind as there is no smoke without fire.

Since our desire to dig in, develop, dissect and link these mysteries is growing, let’s first illustrate the sequence of where the 8H – along with its content – will hit and influence the different spheres of our lives by exactly reversing the 6H magic number with the 8H under-world number

8H – 3H– 10H– 5H– 12H – 7H – 2H – 9H – 4H – 11H – 6H – 1H

So we could say that the vitality, self-knowledge and expression of the 3H are some factors behind the conception/origin of life found in the 8H (this supposes that we’re born to ‘Be’ something – there is something left to spend in our 8H bank account).  Then the 10H of actions in the outside world would be the motivating factor behind the need for self- knowledge in the 3H (might be useful to know oneself before getting out there and performing actions that might affect others).

The 5H of desires and purva punya is the force lying behind the actions of the 10H, what ignites its motion and carries it forward.  And the 12H’s realizations of one’s Self and what was spent in the last life quite logically plugs in behind 5H affairs (per example, the 5H’s desires would logically be for what we have not realized yet, the piety available to carry our 10H actions…) Our associates of the 7H will play an important part in what we were able to realize of our Selves and what we spent – some folks are more costly to hang out with than others…

And then, our family, gains, education and what enters and leaves this body through the mouth, philosophical depth of the 2H will be influential to determining whom we’ll get as partner(s).  And this 2H takes its roots from the 9H of father and ancestors who might, amongst other benefits, leave unearned property to the 2H of agriculture, ‘unearned’ being an 8H goody.  The luck and goodness of the 9H (or some form of substitute if the real stuff is unavailable) is, in turn, a product of the 4H of happiness, mother, feelings…

The 11H of attachments, friends and profits sets the stage for the 4H’s happiness (worldly accomplishments being sometimes acquired at the cost of one’s peace of mind).  Then comes in a big player, the 6H, to compel us toward our attachments, friends, profits…  And finally, the Lagna of a lifetime will further set the stage to the Rashis where the action is to take place.

This also brings us to the dynamic of the 6/8 relationship which goes to show that while one house is the prarabdha of another one, this second house is the origins or subconscious forces lying behind the first – these kind of “break” one another since they are both mutually “victims”, so to speak, of actions performed in past lives (and rest assured that desires are subtle actions…)

As we had done for the 6H, we’ll sum up how the Rashis’ elements interact with each other on the under-world 8H basis:

  • dharma sthanas (fire signs) have their mysteries lying in water signs (my actions are based on the subjectivity of my feelings)
  • artha sthanas (earth signs) go to fire signs (I acted and now I want results – quickly please!)
  • kama sthanas (air signs) are motivated by earth signs (darn! I’m getting attached to my obtained results)
  • moksha sthanas (water signs) are stirred by air signs (freaky, my attachments are getting hold of my feelings)

… in light o­f this, we can’t help noticing how the sub-consciousness of the 8H, which is linked to Scorpio, a water sign, colours our actions, attachments and desires with the most beautiful subjectivity, leaving no ghost of a chance that we could perceive Reality from Its own standpoint – which most likely accounts for ghosts being 8H manifestations (!)  

We are also brought to notice the existing balance between masculine dharma and kama Rashis who are outgoing by nature – and the subjectivity and receptivity of female signs – and vice versa… Input leading to output and output being reabsorbed as input.

We have seen in the 6H article that the 12H is the prarabdha of the 7H of spouse, business partner, etc.  And guess what?  The 8H from the 12H is the 7H – what a surprise!  So, the mysteries/roots (8H) of each house’s prarabdha (6H) bring us back to that initial house.  The reverse logic that the prarabdha of each house’s mysteries/roots brings us back to that very same house also holds true.  Conclusion: these Dushtana houses have ganged up together to keep us out of their club…!

Given these facts, we’re going to have to sneak in by their back door to get some info.  And who do we see?  Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and even Moon (!)  all sitting and chatting over some ‘chai’, samosas and sweets (I thought Saturn would not like sweets…)  They don’t look annoyed by our intrusion since they know there are folks out there trying to get to the essence of Dushtanas.

Honourable and splendid Mars, the energetic warrior who presides this eminent Graha get-together, addresses us:

“Welcome children, welcome.  Want to know about the 8H right?  And you must be wondering what one earth the Moon and Venus are doing here, right?  For Saturn, I guess you can easily justify his presence in this club due to his being karaka of the 6H and 8H… 

You’ve already figured out the scoop between the 6H being the gain of the 8H – so let’s just randomly apply this to a chart for starters before I take you for a ride in the under-world.  Who would you like?  Celine Dion?  Yes “My Heart Will Go On” for The Titanic – great song for a great movie…

So, as a superstar singer Celine Dion got Mercury and Venus in the 8H in Aquarius, Saturn’s air sign, and facing Jupiter R in Leo – she artfully blows out that air thanks to the 3 benefics.  The association of these 3 benefics would be quite sufficient in itself to make her sing all she wants but see that the 8H is the 12H from the 9H of past life (you need to recall the Karma Theory for this one).  The 12H is what she spent in her last life, it’s her ‘moksha’ from the last life – I see you wondering what this exactly means ‘moksha from the last life’…  We could say that she has worked out and released these benefic’s energy and they’ve transformed into available strength she has with her now – her ‘self-realization’ – get it?  They’re sitting in her 8H bank account and are complemented by Jupiter, ‘big bank’ himself.  Jupiter is retrograde in the 2H of speech (a singer you know), which means that there is something very significant about the 2H which needs to be worked out in this life – this Jup complements Venus and Mercury because it is in the 7H from them.  To add to this, Jupiter is dispositor of Saturn and Sun the 2L (parivarthana between Jup & Sun in fact) plus Rahu all in the 9H, in emotional Pisces (she sings about love and feelings…) The 8H Lord has gone to the 9H of luck along with 2L and Rahu to boost the show.  Jupiter is a mega-bank in this chart… And is the gain of the 8H as well because he is the 6L. 


We could add that Mercury is the 3L of voice and creativity and 12L of international along with Venus being 4L of feelings and emotions and 11L of gains from career in the 8H (which is also a place of gain from career because it is the 11H from the 10H) – these 2 facing 9L Jup produce a winner package!  (Call that a timely birth.  I know, many other people were born with the same chart and they are neither that rich nor prominent although they may sweetly sing while taking a shower!  Your Teacher will give you the assignment of writing about this apparent lapse of astrology when he finds you ripe for it).  Yes, yes, we can add Rajayoga karaka Mars in Ruchaka yoga with Lagna Lord in the 10H granting her all the energy she needs to get out there and show the world.

– You picked an easy obvious chart actually – 

To carry on with the subject, know I am both the energy of passion and the passion of energy although I am not the life-spark as such – this is the Sun’s attribute and he is exalted in my sign of Aries; meanwhile the Moon is fallen in my Scorpio – I mean, Aries is for getting out there and existing while Scorpio is for introspection, a job for which your external perceptions would only interfere. 

Scorpio is a water sign where you can get poisoned and die; and then be brought back to life again in these same waters as they are the womb of the universe.  I am fire and I warm up the waters of Scorpio to grant you new energy so that you can actualize your inner passion to live.  Because the next house to Scorpio is Sagittarius, the 9th Rashi of father and ancestors, you need to get through my process in order to get there – that’s part of the scoop behind my sign being a place of desire and passion.  On the other hand, the sign of Libra being the 11th sign from Sagittarius (your father), his attachment to your mother and gain from his relationship with her needs to be ‘consumed’ in my sign of Scorpio before you fully become your father’s descendant.  That’s one reason why Venus is sitting here with us – moreover, his sign of Taurus complements my sign of Scorpio by helping provide a context to link Scorpio to the outside world, being 7th from Scorp.  And please bear in mind that Taurus is the 6H from your father (9H) and your father will no doubt reap the 2H when you are born.  Taurus is also the 8H from your father’s attachment (Libra) – so the quality of the 2H (Taurus, that fertile land) is really the roots of the 7H (classically Libra). 

Like a little puzzle, the 7H which we just said is your father’s attachment also plays the part of being your mother’s happiness since 7H is sukha of the 4H – so the 7H really shows how your father’s attachment to her makes your mother happy!  Taurus is in fact the hidden roots for this happiness of hers in her marriage or relationship.  Taurus is also the 11H of gains from your mother as 4H (classical Cancer).

– I hope you’re not getting confused – have a warm drink to help wash down this info… Because there is more to come :–) –

Do you really want to know why Moon and Venus are hanging out here with the classical Dushtana Lords??  Ok, let’s improve on your 6H findings which brought you to the Karma Theory and the Nadi concept of Jupiter being Jiva, the conditioned soul in this very life – making Jupiter’s moolatrikona Sag as Lagna from this Nadi perspective.

From Sagittarius, the 6H is Taurus where Moon gets exalted, the 8H is Cancer where Jiva himself gets exalted and the 12H is my Scorpio where Moon is fallen – getting on?

From Kalapurusha, Scorpio is that dark metaphysical area where the soul is granted a new body which really means a new life to experience itself and learn the lesson – Saturn as 6H & 8H karaka is the one in charge of teaching you the lesson so please bow down and thank Him for this, He is a very patient and loving graha even though He mostly gets treated as persona non grata.  My same Scorpio is the 12H from Jiva’s Lagna – whatever is left from Jiva’s spending in his last life and his self-realization or moksha from the past, becomes energy that can now be used and actualized – or it can also be lack of energy if you blew it.  We referred to the 9H as being one’s past, one’s ancestry.  In this context the 5H from your Lagna, as one’s child, carries forth this past into the future – you’re the junction between both… how does this feel? (Lord Mars is wearing a charming and enigmatic smile now…)

This brings us to state that, as a deduction of logic, the 5H from any Bhava is its future.  Therefore, the future of the 12H is the 4H of thoughts, memories, happiness, education, home, security – these are the 12H’s ‘children’ so to speak, the outcome of Jiva’s past moksha, how he was able to surpass his conditioning and know a larger part of his Self.  But, because it is a hidden house, the 12H being the 9H of past from the 4H also shows in this life the thoughts and desires that you did not or could not actualise and experience in your past life.  These were carried in this life and have been transported through the vehicle of your subconscious because, as you know, most of us are granted forgetfulness of our past lives.  Lagna is the 10H of actions from the 4H – I Think Therefore I Am… eventually! – … as well, Lagna is the 9H of luck from the 5H – and the 5H is the gain or realized knowledge from your 4H which may bring you desires, wisdom, the capacity for spiritual practices, creativity, children – so you are also the result of that. 

Now, the 12H is the 5H of future from your 8H of the subconscious.  And, the 5H being the prarabdha of the 12H, will give indications as to how the 12H energy will be expressed.

Don’t think we’re getting off track because this also brings to our attention that the 8H is the 5H of future from the 4H of home (your mother’s child! – someone you might be acquainted with…)

The 8H would therefore be the future that your present feelings, happiness, sense of security and nurturing will bring.  All 4H matters are directed to your subconscious 8H and constitute the ‘luck’ or purva punya or… ‘poison’ if you are not careful with your thinking – of the 4H but, you can’t really see it because it is hidden – it will show up in your behaviour, reactions, actions, etc. and then, you can make a conscious effort to analyse the stuff and see what’s its made of.  And, because the 4H is the 9H from the hidden 8H, we will say that it is the 8H’s past – which makes sense because we just identified the 8H as being the 4H’s future – but it’s still worth mentioning because this makes the 4H a focal point as both ‘victim’ and ‘fortune’ of the unknown in the 8H… How you will handle this will, in turn, print new impressions on your subconscious and be stored in your 8H for maturation and future use.  So the 4H draws from its unknown source and replenishes it.  In fact, just like you entertain different relationships with varied people (parents, spouse, children, friends, co-workers, boss and so on) that you may benefit in different ways, the 8H is also related to all the other bhavas in some ways like we’ve just seen (this goes for all houses as well).  Without repeating what we’ve covered, we could in addition consider that the 8H complements the 2H as the 2H complements the 8H (being opposed); 8H is prarabdha of the 3H, the outcome of the 7H (the marriage contract), the action of the 11H (I see your eyes crossing here) and the past of the 12H.

If we examine the physical functions of the 6H and 8H being, respectively, digestion in the intestines and excretion of what was digested, we will acknowledge that these are pre-set functions for which conscious effort is not needed.  Same thing on the level of the karma they stand for – the whole thing is pre-set by our past actions, desires, attitudes, etc.  The 6H being ‘health’ and the 8H ‘chronic diseases’ will show the pathology of our thinking, where it got stocked and now obstructs. 

As such, the 8H is also the 4H of feelings, perceptions, memories, etc. taken from the 5H of wisdom, desires, creativity, children…  So, nothing we think or create in any way – whether we do it consciously or not – goes wasted.  It all becomes imprinted in our subconscious and gets stored in this hidden place to be given back to us when the time is ripe (scary…?)

So here’s the crucial point: the 4H, 8H and 12H are in trine to each other and play a game of being past and future of each other.  The 4H is where we can perceive and identify the other two’s workings – or qualify them.  These are all part of the underlying forces that brought you back in another birth justifying the 12H being the future of your subconscious 8H – and the 8H being the future of the 4H. 

Pertaining to this pivotal 4H as junction of subconscious forces, here’s a piece of news: as per the Karma Theory, the 4H is a place of ‘free-will’ (yeah!)  True, the subconscious forces will sprout up in our minds and this is when we become empowered to deal with them.  We DO have the choice of our reaction to any thoughts and feelings popping out of our subconscious – as we have seen above, our feelings are directly related to our actions.  Human life, while it lasts, is a chance to get smart – it won’t happen in other forms of life because their biological equipment is unsuited for this.  I’ll take this opportunity to mention that Kendras (4H, 7H, 10H) are places of free-will meaning, we can choose our 10H actions, our 7H partner (or no partner) and our 4H attitudes to thoughts and feelings.  Since we know that the 4H is the weakest of the kendras, we can see that dealing with more subtle notions such as thoughts and feelings is a greater challenge – and they are not without consequences.

From Kalapurusha, Jiva is exalted in the 4H – that’s where he is at his wisest and… most selfish that is, concerned with himself above the rest.  As we know, Moon is fallen in my Scorpio and Venus is exalted in the 12H of spending, bed comforts etc. as Venus wants to share everything.

From the point of view of Jiva, Jiva himself is exalted in the 8H – because Jiva is the expansive Jupiter, whatever lands in Cancer becomes expandable – for better or for worst.  Which means that as a conditioned souls, you are given the opportunity to expand the future of your 4H of knowledge, to expand the knowledge you acquired from the wisdom of the 5H (8H is 4H from 5H)…  8H is also your 3H of ‘free-will’ regarding how you will handle the prarabdha of your 6H (that ‘unknown factor’) – since your attitude will determine your gains from the 6H that is, if Saturn’s lesson was wasted on you or if you came up with high marks.  And then, we can also state that the 4H is the gain of the 6H (because 4H is 11th from the 6H), isn’t it interesting how all interlinks?

I know your mind got ‘jammed’ a while ago on this 11H thing (8H being the action of the 11H) so let’s get back to it and put it that way: 8H is the 10H of action from the 11H right?  11H is for profits, attachments, friends, success, wealth and satisfying one’s desires as it complements the 5H.  So, 11H also has a field of action and that is the 8H – where the Moon is fallen because if you complicate your mind in acting for these areas of life, you may flatly become a loser or a saint (this is often said about my Scorpio as Lagna).  Then, from Jiva, Jupiter (big bank) is exalted in the 8H (of other people’s money) so that your actions pertaining to 11H affairs can increase your 11H with all its joys

– Have some sweets, we’ll still be here for another while…-

So, still from Jiva, we were saying that he expands at his best in the house where the Moon is fallen, where Moon’s perceptions stop snooping in – and Moon in turn is at his best in the 6H where his perceptions in dealing with Fate can be attuned and his actions are best carried out on a daily basis since Taurus is a very patient and stubborn worker… 

As far as Venus is concerned, I must confess that we have a particular passion relationship together.  In Nadi astrology, Venus is the classical karaka for the wife and I, that of the husband.  Therefore, you should know that in both Aries and Scorpio, I find my complement in Venus who, like me, also has a 6/8 relation between its signs.  So from my Aries, Venus is exalted in the 12H and owns the 3H of “free-will” from my 12H of expenditures and bed comforts (ever heard the joke about wifely response “not tonight dear, I’ve got a headache”) – this same Venus is no one else than my spouse in Libra, the 7H of complement.  As you can see, in my moolatrikona sign of Aries, I am surrounded by Venusian influences – and I’m not complaining as the guru of the asuras is a warm sweet watery graha who balances my dry active warrior passion.  Sweet is also acid and you know, sometimes, behind his lovely appearance, Venus has the power to bitter my passion – as a side note, if you link this to Ayurveda, you will see that bitter taste reduces acidity and fire – this is how beautifully we complement each other on many levels!!!

Then, from Scorpio, Libra is the 12H of (bed… etc… you got it!) and Taurus is the 7H of spouse…  What’s more is that Venus is exalted in the 5H of my romance, children, desires, creativity, wisdom.  So, from all angles, Venus is my past, present, future, the prarabdha of itself just like I am the prarabdha for myself.  Which means that Venus as 6th and 8th Lord from its own signs is responsible for his own ups & downs and is prone to receiving something which is more like ‘instant karma’ – so he has to deal with his present thoughts and decisions in this life.  The same thing holds true for me also.  But then, our signs are marakas from each other (2H & 7H) so we both need to reduce our selfishness and make space for one another if we will gain from complementing each other.

From both my signs, Venus is the thoughts, spending and moksha carried from the past into this life – and the 12L placement will show where these went. 

Anything else you should know…?  Ok, let’s apply these concepts with an example chart before we conclude this talk – you choose…

Hitler the Fuhrer?  Mmmm… why not?


Libra Lagna so the 12H of past thoughts that he wants to actualize in this life is Virgo, the natural 6H and prarabdha sign – good start.  Mercury goes to the 7H with royal exalted Sun, I (Mars) as warrior and Merc’s enemy – and I am exactly conjunct Lagna and 8L VenusR.  Since 7H complements the Lagna, his associates are warriors and also work through some form of communication – Merc – like propaganda = mass distributed lies we could say, bearing in mind that Mercury is also dispositor of… Rahu!  It would look like I’ve got Venus crushed to powder in graha yuddha (planetary war) but, if you look at the declination you’ll see that I’m actually at 16 degrees while Venus is 22 degrees – as a matter of interest, Venus gets the highest declination score in this chart and this not only makes Him part of our 7H gang but to top it up, He becomes our leader – so He is not quite the victim you would think at first sight although he may himself become victim of his own delusions being the 8L – or the illusions brought on him by a black magician, something we cannot rule out since the 8L is in pretty heavy company (he became a changed person after being hospitalized in 1918 having been injured in WWI.  That’s when he was diagnosed with ‘psychopathic hysteria’ – he was ‘transformed’ by the psychiatric treatments received).  Venus as both Lagna Lord and 8L in this context could bring either possibility… 

With Venus there, Mr. Hitler’s expenditures and moksha from the past life rests with his associates in the 7H which includes his Fate from Kalapurusha combined with his thoughts and feelings from the past life (Merc) – something he came to work out with them as assistants because you see that it is the Lagna Lord which is retrograde (& 8L) – so he’s the one calling the shots as there is something from his past life he needs to work out.  The 12L being with Lagna Lord who is also 8L show that he goes along with his fate.  I’m also part of the crowd as Kalapurusha 8L – you know, I’m part of that ‘subconscious’ factor and bank balance carried from his past.  I must say I’m in a pretty good position and combining with Venus – so, he did bring sufficient ‘funds’ to spend which gave him power and charisma.

Mercury, a natural manufacturer and merchant is also the 6L of prarabdha of the 7H – that unknown factor that qualifies the 7H’s associates – it’s obviously sitting with two warriors and another merchant (Venus, Lord of Libra as classical 7H).  This Venus also being natal 8L, their combined marketing could tap right into the subconscious of the public which would come as no surprise with Saturn as 4L and 5L in the 10H of actions, in the sign of Cancer (that’s the public!) aspecting the whole 7H party (I hope you remember our little chat about the 4H and 5H’s relation to the 8H – well, believe me when I say that their Lords will not just stand there as innocent bystanders – so while Saturn is applying the 4H & 5H’s to the 10H (let’s call these knowledge and wisdom) of the public, the 10H of action from there (7H) shows conflicts, breaks, wars, manipulation, treachery, fanaticism…)  Moreover, I am also aspecting Shaniji – when we aspect each other like this Shani and Me, the result leads towards engineering, technical fields, manufacturing…  Shani is in Cancer, the place of feelings, emotions, mind and the public – and we thought we could apply our united technical orientation to exploring the engineering of the mind, see how it could be compartmented and programmed so we’ve experimented this on our perceived enemies (see Jupiter below) who also happens to be Shaniji’s prarabdha (remember the six enemies) and the Lord of my own past and ancestors… 

As we’ve seen, the 7H is, in fact, the attachment, profit, etc. of the 9H.  The 9L resides with us in the 7H – and, same 9L is dispositor of Rahu (!)  So this 9L fellow came to the 7H to gain from us and with Rahu’s ‘grandeur’ complex made worst by Jupiter (see Jupiter below), he is ruthlessly determined to get the sough-after gains…  Exalted Sun who is amongst us in the 7H is also the 11L and He’s also bringing his strongest desire for profits and royalty – as my sign of Aries is for leading and ruling, Sun and Mercury sure are fully cooperating with its agenda – looks like the four of us were not meant to behave like ‘saints’ so it comes as no surprise if history has pictured us as being ‘corrupt’.  Shaniji is also in trine to the Fuhrer’s 6H – which means that He collaborates with the water signs – normally associated with ‘liberation’ right?

In the meantime, Jupiter, the 6L from Lagna is with the 10L of actions – Moon – in the 3H of vitality, communication, self-knowledge. 3H is Sagittarius, a natural place for teaching, philosophising, ‘religioning’, the father of humanity, the warrior fighting a holy war – so this can become the vitality of a nation, the information of its collective self-knowledge and its prarabdha, in fact, due to this being the 6H from the 10H in Cancer.  Ketu is also there – this is where Fate strikes; Ketu gives, let’s go of things or people (10L) or his perceived enemies (6L)…  Giving us the picture of a tyrant whose tyranny was taken away – he was fated to lose.  Ketu combined with Jupiter as Jiva the 3L of hands and 6L of Fate in the 3H, he also ‘escaped’ by taking his own life when he had to let go of his power (in the official version of the story anyways).  Ketu also very closely aspects Me and Venus.  This 3H is complemented by Rahu in the natal 9H which throws the 9H sectors of the chart completely off balance – Mercury the 9L, as we’ve seen, is cooperating with some questionable company for the sake of enacting this chart (know that like all Grahas, I am very fair minded but I still have to follow the rules of the game and play my part as set down by this person’s past deeds).  Rahu also stands for psychology, manipulation, poisons (Rahu smells like the 8H sometimes!) He and Jupiter amplify each other and Rahu is most definitely influencing the Moon also.

And to quote your own words here “Then the 10H of actions in the outside world would be the motivating factor behind the need for self-expression in the 3H of self-knowledge.” In this chart, you’ve got the 10L in the 3H and influenced by two expansive Grahas: Jup and Rahu. The Fuhrer actually studied arts but the fire signs are way too surcharged for such peaceful creativity alone because, to add fated power to this, the 4 planets in Aries are in trine to the 3 planets in Sagittarius – so these are all marching in the same direction (Fire!) and sharing common goals – Powerful!  Fanatical, cruel, inevitable…

So as you can see, this was simple especially considering that you did pick another obvious chart in the sense that it replicates official history from different perspectives.  Whether he was himself wholeheartedly this personage or was induced to become this personage by some obscure outside force by Fate still may not be ruled out.  If you dutifully apply your latest hidden houses’ findings, all charts should reveal their potential like this.

I hope you will benefit form our talk and I’m sure that you will be able to improve on this with some further introspection.

To leave you with hope about further targeting the Dushtanas’ workings, I’d like to mention that you could, as a study, take the particular degree of the 10H which would act as a midpoint between the 8H and 12H – another particular degree of the 7H would be the midpoint between the 6H and 8H and another particular degree of the 3H would be the midpoint of the 12H and 6H – these could be used to see if any graha lands on these points natally of by transit and if anything significant would result. You could also find the midpoints between the Dushtana Lords to further your research. And, if you find something interesting, let me know…!

You take care now, relax and digest all this – it was great having you around. Wish you all the best!” 

On these kind words from Lord Mars all present clapped hands and applauded his enlightening speech.  With mixed feelings of both gain of insights and loss of precious associates, we graciously paid due reverence to all Grahas present and to the Sun who is always present as our atma.  We then went home, offered all due respects to the Seers of Jyotish including our valued dear Teacher and laid our buzzing mind down to rest into a welcomed 12H activity… Sleep!

Sweet 12H dreams of 8H subconscious matters resulting from the 6H prarabdha which gains from a well-kept 4H, to All…

… Special Thanks and Bye Bye to our chivalrous and sweet Lord Mars – we’ll miss you O Lord of Passion & Energy…!

P.S. I know, we need to frankly spell out the whole Karma Theory – this might happen in the future, God willing always…

P.P.S. It looks like my live-in lizard had babies… – which means that some of his cronies were… boyfriends!

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