Esoteric Vaastu by N H Sahasrabuddhe

Esoteric Vaastu by N H Sahasrabuddhe

Mandalas refer to the cyclic movement; so, repetition in a mode of movement is obvious in the mandalas. Creation of the energy by this cyclic movement is the soul of the mandalas and the centre point where the grace of the deity lies is another foundation source of each mandala .

So even in the Vaastu this pattern of repetition of events is observed by the occupants in the life . Type of dissatisfaction in each activity of the life if west aggression happens ; is also the mode of cyclic repetition. It means that the Vaastu Purusha Mandala refers even to the behavioural pattern of the person in the happenings in the life .

So Vaastu is the solution to change the nature of the person; if the form of the Vaastu is changed or repeatedly the dosing of the energy is done by rituals and small changes in the Vaastu is affected.

In traditional philosophy there are there are three patterns of behaviour based on the tendencies:

Namely Vrutti-Pravrutti-Nivrutti i.e., repetition-creation-subtraction. 

When one goes with the same faulty house without any changes then this repetition of events keeps happening in the life as the consciousness of the person gets caged in some typical faulty format. This can be said as the Tamas of that form of the house. When some corrections are done in the house then the phase of the Pravrutti begins i.e., there lies enthusiasm in all the activities of life that leads to all types of the sensuous pleasures. Still in this format of the house the repetition of the events in a better way keeps happening.

But when the form of the Vaastu is perfect then it creates the ascending helical streaming due to the continuous rhythmic vibrations of the dynamic mode of the Brahmsthan. This ascending helical streaming automatically creates the state of oneness with Thee and supports the ascension of the consciousness; termed as the Nivrutti. Here due to the divinity there happens the effortless gain. A cosmic dynamic bridge gets formed in the Vaastu that gives the possibility to attain this state of consciousness. Such deeper thought gets evolved through this shastra so it is said as Sacred Holistic Science. So the eighteen ancient sages showered their blissful attention to create this Shastra.

Normally in three dimensions these mandalas are of saucer shaped where Focussing of the whole surface happens from one central point, which lies in the vicinity of the Mandala but it is not a physically part of it. In all the religions such concave mandalas are used in the worship places. Such dome structures are like a positive confluence of the wind and water element, where both these when in rhythm give the ascension of the mind due to the ascending helical streaming of the prana and the Svara. So, it’s the faith that; this space acts as the source of mysterious powers-tranquillity and Siddhis. It is considered that this form transforms the Sarupa frame of consciousness to the Arupa state of the being.

Above such dome there lies the architectural shapes like the mount Meru and is termed as the Vimana. This Vimana has top tapering roof form with perfect symmetry to the central point of the dome structure. So that the whirling of the wind and cosmic energy happens above this Vimana and this saucer shaped structure keeps sucking the cosmic energy due to its form and keeps Focussing on the deity. Since the deity faces east this structure happens to be in the west end of that temple as the topmost and heavy most point in that complex. Such heavy structure to the west attracts lot of the Pranik Energy of the East by attracting the blissful currents of east deities of deities; namely Indra-Ravi-Satya-Aryama .

The formation of the mandalas in case of the temples are quite static so the form signifies the place where the time is frozen and the orbits beyond the solar systems are opened for the ascension of the Jeeva .

Rather in every form related to the temple have hardly any horizontals. The whole space is carved by the verticals and curvilinear forms, where even any noise gets transformed into the sound. All horizontals and laterals are related to the physical world like ambitions-attainments-acquisitions. Such geometric forms are used in the Shastra for the residential places. The high-lows used are also not much helically ascending in their forms; rather the high lows are used to create the three-dimensional form with sink directions with raised formats and source zones with depressions. In totality it forms descending helical form for the ether-energy-light and it forms ascending helical form towards the southwest. This can be simulated to the Dakshin-PashchimDvishala ; the classical successful form for all the material gains along with subtle transformations in to heavenly abode .

The basic module of energy as said in Brihadaranyaka is named as Tejasdravyam. Tejas Dravyam has holonomic free will; so, it may follow the rules of physics or May form the new set of cosmic rules; rather it’s like a god particle which modern scientists refer sometimes.

Holonomic drive is defined as the ability to move in all directions and rotate independently. Normally this term is used in the modern mechanics of robotics, but it expresses the power of Maya to exhibit by the free will of the Rhut i.e. cosmic order.

As light particles photons are said as organic in nature ; because sometimes they exhibit the wave pattern and sometimes the particles .

So anything that attains the subtle status then it goes nearer to the Prakriti .

After understanding of this subtle free willness of the Prakriti ; one realises the futility of the all fooling techniques which have become popular in modern days like antennas-dowsers-scanners-breath techniques .

Two ends of expression of the Prakriti are Tejasdravyam and the Pruthvitatva; one the subtle most and the other gross most. If the gross most can be organised with the nature of the subtle most medium, then it may create some positive confluence of two ends of the Prakriti to form the movement in the rhythm of the infinity.

The holistic approach of Vaastu shastra is based on this foundation to make the form such that it enters in the mode of the Brahma where the creation becomes the free choice, and the same mode gets seeded in each zone through the establishment of the Ang devta as the nucleus of that zone. So, it’s the only Shastra where the creative confluence of the two extreme ends of the Prakriti; namely the earth and ether meet together in a one knot that forms the infinity. It can be understood through one curve as defined by great spiritual master Yogi Aurobindo in his literature and I think its small miniature model is also there in Aurobindo Ashram.

Recently I visited One very potentially strong, financially very rich person’s old house. Two generations back this house was constructed, and that times Prime Minister had also visited that house. But at present in next and present generation; that grace that family could not sustain. They lost many court cases and had to give up the charge of many properties due to reservations and government objections. It is interesting to see the form of the house that started shrinking the financial as well the social status of that family due to this house, but the losses happened in financial and social status only.

Since there lies Northeast cut in the form of the house so there is no premature deaths over there; due to blissful activation of Isha-Tattva.

The faculty of the northeast being connected only to Aakash -Prakash-Urja; thus, cut means no earth element; so hyper excitation of these blissful currents happened; which saved the breaths of the family; and protected against the premature deaths.

Full cut to northeast acts as the DakshinPashchimDvishala ; traditionally termed as the Siddharth Dvishala and showers this bliss of the cosmic shield to occupants to some extent.

Earth and ether; earth and light; earth and energy are complementary elements; so, when one is there then the other is absent. By this rule this hyper excitation of the light-energy-ether happens when there lies cut to the northeast zone.

Since in next-to-next generations nobody stays there; the physical dangers from the form house are not applicable and depends on their present houses where they are staying. But as the mid generation has stayed there; it’s still dangerous to stay in such house; where the severe faults are there to southeast-southwest and west zones . In one case of Maharashtra secretary of engineering department; there were similar severe faults to the west-south-southwest and the poor man faced murder at the age of 84. So, it’s beyond the human thought that how the cosmic forces work; hence it is advised not to break the cosmic laws stipulated by the great 18 ancient sages in Vaastu as well in Astrology.

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