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Jaya Lalita Nadi Nakshatra by Lavanya Subramanian

Jaya Lalita Nadi Nakshatra by Lavanya Subramanian

Nadi Nakshatra is a predictive technique that teaches us that certain nakshatra(s) are active in a given year for the native.

The activated nakshatra produces major events with respect to its placement and the houses owned by the nakshatra lord.

The transiting planets into the activated nakshatra can also deliver these events which are discussed below.


  • First, the running year of the native is calculated by taking the birth year as the first year. In other words, the first 365 days is taken as the 1st year, then 2nd year and so on. For example, if a person is born on Jan 1st, 2007, the 1st year will be from Jan 1st 2007 to Dec 31st 2007, the 2nd year will
  • be from Jan 1st 2008 to Dec 31st 2008, the 3rd year will be from Jan 1st 2009 to Dec 31st 2009 and so on.
  • Then we look at the nakshatras that are active in a given Major events of the year can be seen through these specific nakshatras.
  • The activated nakshatras can be found in the book, “Timing events using Nadi Nakshatras” by Saptarishis Publications.

Disclaimer: This is an analysis of the events that happen when certain nakshatras activate in a chart. This is for study purposes only. This analysis should be used to interpret the events based on the Nadi nakshatra study and not to be used as a medical or legal interpretation. 

View of Selvi. J. Jayalalitha’s Demise Through Nadi Nakshatra Jayalalitha Jayaram was an Indian actress and a politician who served five terms as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, India. From 1989 she was the general secretary of the All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), a Dravidian party whose cadre revered her as their Amma (mother) and Puratchi Thalaivi (revolutionary leader). In 1991 Jayalalitha became chief minister (CM) for the first term.   She was a dynamic personality whose courage was immense and sometimes outrageous.

Some of the notable events in her term that caught public attention:

  • 1 rupee salary per month.
  • Extravagant marital ceremony of her foster
  • Youngest CM in the history of Tamil
  • Denial of status as CM multiple times led to puppet government with her
  • Ambitious program of social welfare and development in the later
  • One of the two CMs of Tamil Nadu to be reelected for the second consecutive

Nadi Nakshatra Analysis

Selvi. J. Jayalalitha was born on 24 Feb 1948 at 14:43PM at Mandya, Karnataka, India (Source: Internet).

Event year: Feb 2016 to Feb 2017                                   Running age = 69

Active Nakshatras @ 69th year

Nakshatra Lord

Padas and Zodiac Sign

Chitra activates

Mars in 3H

1st & 2nd pada in Virgo

3rd & 4th pada in Libra

Purva Bhadrapada implements

Jupiter in 7H

1st, 2nd, 3rd pada in Aquarius

4th pada in Pisces

Chart 9
  • Moon, 2L of maraca and Jupiter, 7L of maraca are associated with Mars who is the nakshatra lord of Chitra nakshatra.
  • Mars is placed in 3H which is the Bhavat Bhavam of 8H (8th from 8H) of longevity.
  • Mars owns 6H of diseases and also 11H. Note, 11H is the Bhavat Bhavam of 6H of diseases and 12H of hospitalization (11H à 6H from 6H and 12H from 12H).
  • Saturn, 8L of longevity is placed in 2H and aspects Chitra nakshatra in Virgo sign.
  • Venus, 5L of heart is debilitated in this nakshatra.
  • Venus is also the 12L of foreign countries, hospitalization is debilitated in this nakshatra.
  • Venus aspects Virgo sign, its debilitation sign. When a planet aspect its debilitation sign, it is called the aspect of debilitation and gives malefic effect.
  • This shows she is going through tough times and her health needs attention.

Planets Transiting Chitra Nakshatra Around Her Demise Various planets transits Chitra around the period of her hospitalization and played their roles in the diagnosis, treatment and death of Jayalalitha.

  • Venus transit into Chitra (debilitation nakshatra of Venus) in Sep 2016. She was hospitalized for fever and dehydration on Sep 22nd.
  • Sun, dispositor of natal Moon & Mars transit into Chitra around mid Oct followed by Mercury (LL). She was diagnosed with blood infections (Septicemia). Sun is the 3L of maraca (8th from 8H). Moon + Mars = Dehydration, blood infections (malefic influence in transit).
  • Jupiter transits into Chitra on 4th Dec 2016. She experienced a massive cardiac arrest and was declared dead at midnight of Dec 5th

Justice Arumugaswamy Commission: 

Tamil Nadu government led by AIADMK from 2016 to 2021 appointed a retired Judge Mr. Arumugaswamy to find the real cause of the death of Jayalalitha as controversies were surrounded around her death. Some of the controversies were.

  • No one was allowed to visit her during her stay in the
  • Political leaders who tried to visit her told the public, “They wish her speedy recovery”.
  • No photograph or official press release about her treatment was released from her party or the hospital to the
  • She was a bachelorette, and her blood relations were denied visiting her in the
  • On Dec 5th she was declared dead around 5-6 PM on the local TV channels but news was revoked by the hospital in 15 minutes.
  • Officially she was declared dead at midnight on Dec 5th, 2016.

Arumugaswamy Commission Findings:

  • She was dead on 4th Dec 2016 and the shraadh done by her family members each year was based on the Panchang details on 4th Dec 2016. Transit of Jupiter into Chitra nakshatra on 4th Dec confirms this.
  • The commission raised questions on why she was not taken abroad for further treatment? Note: Venus, 12L of foreign countries is debilitated in Chitra nakshatra and Jupiter, Bhadakesh was transiting in Virgo sign in 2016 which did not allow her to go out of the country.
  • The commission also raised questions as to why angioplasty suggested by the foreign doctors was not conducted on her? Note: Venus, 5L of heart is debilitated in Chitra nakshatra.

Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Nakshatra lord

Padas and Zodiac Sign

Exalted/ Debilitated planets


1st, 2nd, 3rd pada in Aquarius

  4th pada in Pisces

Moon aspects Aquarius. Mars aspects Aquarius and Pisces.

Mercury, LL and Sun, 3L are placed in Aquarius.

Jupiter gives Kendrathipathi    Dosh and is a Bhadakesh for Gemini Ascendant.

Planets Transits/aspects Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra Around Her Demise.

No planets were transiting Purva Bhadrapada around the period of her demise.

  • Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Mars aspects Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra between the periods of her stay in the
  • Both the lords of the active nakshatra (Mars and Jupiter) cast their aspect on Pisces (natural 12H of exit) and Venus, her 12L while she was admitted in the hospital making her recovery
  • She was also going through her Jupiter Mahadasa (MD), Saturn Antardasa (AD) and Jupiter Pratyantardasa (PD) at the time of death.
  • Jupiter is her 7L placed in 7H of masses and her Maraca Jupiter aspects Lagna and 3H with its 7th and 9th aspect on Gemini and Leo.
  • Transiting Jupiter is in


It is interesting to see how Jupiter, the lord of Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra placed    in Chitra (in transit) got activated by the nadi nakshatra for 69th year implemented both Chitra and Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra energies in the same year and played a major role in her death.

Being the current CM of the state, she received the honorary final farewell with 21 bullet ovation, elite group of public leaders (Rahu in 11H aspect Jupiter), a huge gathering from the movie industry (exalted Venus) and enormous public crowd (Jupiter in 7H Sagittarius) present.

The mutual aspect of natal Jupiter (7H of public) and Rahu in 11H of network are playing an expansive role in the controversies around her death. No transparencies were maintained in the 75 days of her treatment.

Both the luminaries, Sun and Moon were eclipsed by the transit of Rahu and Ketu in Leo and Aquarius in 2016. There were lot of shadows formed and controversies were prevailing.


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