Pitfalls of Mundane Astrology - 1 by Dr. Gary Gomes

Pitfalls of Mundane Astrology – 1 by Dr. Gary Gomes

Editor: Vinayak Bhatt, India

One of the main reasons I personally got involved in astrology was so that I could basically tell the future—not just for individuals, but for the world. Without making this article entirely about me, I was always a history buff, took up history as my first major in college, studied anthropology, sociology, and journalism as an undergraduate to see how the world developed and later concentrated on Economics in my MBA program and have followed artificial intelligence and focused my doctoral work in education on postsecondary international education. I didn’t do it to be rich.

I think my Satabishak Moon makes me genuinely curious about long term trends. But I waited about ten years before I rendered my first mundane predictions (I watched the internet crash in 2000; and I correctly predicted the housing crash in 2007; the Trump election in 2016; and the current ongoing crash in Crypto and warned several of my clients not to invest in Crypto or to get in and out quickly- The chart looked great at the start but looks very bad for now).

Bitcoin Horoscope:

Chart 222
Chart 223

Bitcoin Chart Analysis

Anyone who decided to invest in Bitcoin must be willing to see a great deal of fluctuations in the commodity.

The specific as per the chart –

  1. It is Mercury dasha with Mercury in the seventh house along with debilitated Jupiter and Rahu.
  2. Mars is the lord of the fifth house of speculation and is in the 6th house of competition and placed very close to Mula Nakshatra, but it will be opposed by the government (Sun).
  3. Venus is in the eighth house of recurring income, but it is directly aspected by Saturn. This is a very high-risk investment.
  4. Furthermore, in this Mercury dasa- Moon is currently aspected by Saturn and Bitcoin’s Moon is about to enter Sade Saati. This is not a good investment unless one wants to wait another seven and a half years for permanent results. (In fairness, there are other charts for Bitcoin analysis; this was taken from Astrodienst.)

Always keep in mind real world conditions, such as extra money to invest, inflation (based on real world shortages like oil supplies) and political expectations, when looking at economic charts.

Also, I am not an investor, and this does not constitute economic advice.

Mid-Term Elections: United States

The current midterm elections in the United States made me go back and take heed of my own advice to keep in mind the current chart of the country you are analyzing while reviewing election results. Every traditional political indicator for a huge Republican majority (except abortion rights and the preservation of democracy arguments currently being used in the U.S. favored the Republicans-Inflation, crime, dissatisfaction with the current President.

But let’s look at the U.S. chart I use:

Chart: Author Specific chart for Mundane Analysis of United States

I like this chart because it coincides so well with events. The United States enters WW 1 during a Jupiter dasa; is in the great Depression and WW 2 during a Saturn dasa; enters technological growth during Mercury; Ketu in the late 1960’s ushers in rebellion and societal change (as Rahu does now); Venus, money, economic growth, Sun, and Moon dasas, economic growth and terrorism, respectively, Mars, economic collapse (real estate triggered) and some internal violence, Rahu from 2015 onward, desire for reform, wars between elites and working people, panic. And we are now in a Saturn sub period.

The United States will not vote for leadership change in any big way during a Saturn sub period! They will feel a karmic duty to wait it out! Leadership, even though we are unhappy with it from both sides, thrives on fear and fear of loss of tradition and security. Given that commencement periods of elections have changed, we also need to consider and average multiple start dates foe elections, which increases our workloads.

The United States enters a Mercury sub period this Summer; this will reveal secrets that had been kept for a long time from us and will also unify the United States against a common enemy. I make no predictions, but Venus and Mercury tend to favor innovation and Republicans from history. Saturn and Sun favor Democrats, it so appears from charts I have examined. So, the planetary placements favor a Republican presidency in 2024 unless a war breaks out—which is possible, but astrologically unlikely, from where I sit. No matter who wins, we will see increasing use of technology and more Artificial Intelligence than we will know how to control. The next conflict will be cyber, with major problems with every large country’s infrastructure as we have never seen.

China’s chart indicates big losses over the next 17 years or so. India’s chart indicates gains over the next ten years.  I will look at these countries and the EU in a subsequent piece.

But here is the caveat all astrologers must be aware of; we are all looking in the eye of the world through our own lenses. We must not fool ourselves into thinking we are looking at objective reality, because these charts are covered by our own perspective. I think that, as astrologers, we must not fool ourselves into thinking we are fighting good against evil through our predictions, We are trying to predict how the world might function and identify ways to enhance plenty and minimize destruction. We are not moral arbiters.

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