Gajakesari Yoga in the Birth Chart of Famous Personalities by Saumita Mazumdar

Gajakesari Yoga in the Birth Chart of Famous Personalities by Saumita Mazumdar

Gajakesari Yoga in the Birth Chart of famous personalities.


Saumita Mazumdar

Yogas or planetary combinations are results of many such hundreds combination of two or more planets conjoining that produces benefic or malefic results in a birth chart, when two or more naturally benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Waxing moon, well associated mercury come together in chart by placement, aspect and conjunction. The dasha of these planets certainly gives good fruits as per their lordship for particular ascendant in their natal chart, here I would like to site an example that arises through by their inherent strength or shadbala and the extent of house and (pada).

Yog-karaka planets are essentially the lord of kendra and trikona and ought to give good results at the first place in a person’s life. Dr. B.V. Raman, in his book ”Three Hundred Planetary Combinations” has given comprehensive list of human transactions including fortunes, misfortunes, death and elations all that connects man to material and material to spiritual growth and development. This article and my upcoming articles will state few prominent yogas present in the chart of bureaucrats, political figures, musicians, actors and saints of their time and genera. Birth Data of few personalities were procured from the astro databank for research and investigation, It is my humble request to readers that one must cross check at their own end to bring in the perfection in analysis. Few, birth charts to site examples how it works well when two well placed benefic planets like Jupiter and Moon come together to form a yoga named as kesari yoga or Gaja- Kasari Yoga.

About Gajakesari yoga – If Jupiter is in kendra from moon the combination is known Gajakesari Yoga

Pauli Wolfgang:-25 April 1900; 13 hrs 43”; Vienna, Austria, 48 N13, 16E20


Leo Ascendant: (Jupiter is in Scorpio 17d 10” and Moon is in Aquarius 20d 45”) Pauli Wolfgang is an Austrian born Physicist and recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery in 1925, Pauli made major contributions to quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and solid -state physics, and he successfully hypothesized the existence of the neutrino. He won Nobel Prize for his work on 10th December 1945. Due to his association with the legitimacy of parapsychology Pauli had collaborated with C.G Jung on the concept of synchronicity. He won the Nobel Prize when he was running Aries – Cancer Chara Dasha sun is in it’s exalted sign Ariesand from Ariessign, Moon is placed in eleventh house in Purva Bhadrapada Pada( 1 ) (i.e., in the nakshatra of Jupiter) of gains and recognition, public accolade, being a Public Figure. His Jupiter is well placed in the house of education, comfort and vehicle hence when he was running Aries – cancer; the twelfth house lord as for Leo lagna is well placed in kendra and by virtue of its beneficence, it shall prove benefic planet for the native.

Charlton Heston:- 4 Oct 1923 ; 7hr:55“; Evanston illinios; 42N02, 87w41; time zone: CST h6w


Libra Ascendant: Charlton was famous Hollywood movie star he won prize in 4th april 1960 in Hollywood (best Actor Academy Award for Ben Hur) His Maha Dasha was Aquarius the fifth house where ketu is well placed and Jupiter is in lagna getting directional strength. The Aquarius – libra dasha brought him the award and recognition and made him “legendary actor”.From sign of Aquarius major period, Jupiter is in 9th house of fortune and great luck aspecting the mahadasha sign and Ketu. From sub period sign, Sagittarius, Jupiter is in 11 house of gain and in its own sign nakshatra of Vishakha( 2).

(Moon is powerful in his chart and in the Nakshatra of Jupiter which is noteworthy, as moon being in cancer receivingsign aspect and aspect from Jupiter)

. His Vimshottari dasha running was ketu -venus and from venus, moon is in in 11th house of gains, fame and limelight.

Bill Clinton: 19 August 1946; time: 8hr 51”; 93W35 , 33N40; Hope, Arkansas, USA.


Bill Clintion virgo ascendant rising and Jupiter is in 2nd house of wealth and moon in 8th house of inherited property or donation from outside source(an unearned money) Now, see how the these two planets giving magnificent result in his chart, Jupiter being benefic kendra lord and moon being 11 house lord of gain exchange its place in Dasha and Bhikuti giving an extra ordinary results. In vimshottari Dasha the Jupiter Mahadasha was highly beneficial yet full of controversy, Jupiter Maha dasha started in the year May 1987 to May2003 In the year 1998 when Jupiter-Moon Mahadasha about to start a large sum of $450,000 donated by Denise Rich To Clinton library. In the Year 20th January 1993 he Sworn in as U.S. President at 11:59 am In Jaimini Chara Dasha he was running Pieces -Sagittarius From Pieces moon is in 2nd house of social status and wealth and from Sagittarius subperiod sign Jupiter is in house of gain. If, we further move into the dasha of Major – Sub period – sub period i.e., Mahadasha antardasha patyantardasha Pieces -Sagittarius -libra then from Libra dash Jupiter is in directional strength Jupiter has additional qualification being a vargottam planet in his chart and hence both pieces and Sagittarius chara dash results were remarkable.

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