Graha Dosh and Nivaaran by P S Venkataramanan

Graha Dosh and Nivaaran by P S Venkataramanan

Author : P S Venkataramanan

Editer  : Vinayak Bhatt

All human beings face some kind of problem or other at various points of time and they must have come across advices given by various spiritual persons/astrologers. Learned persons attribute the various difficulties to the different types of Graha Dosham (Dosh) viz. planetary afflictions and suggest various remedies. Extensive studies and research have been done by the writer about various Graha Doshams (Planetary Afflictions) and their remedial measures (Nivaaran) in various places of worship, with special focus in various temples in holy city of KASHI. For this purpose, extensive study of Kashi Khand (Skand Puraan) has also been done.

The details of Doshams (afflictions) have been culled out from authentic ancient texts and the remedial places of worship have been located by personal visits by the writer. Astrological charts have been given to explain the position of planets which constitute various Doshams. It is believed by properly applying the remedial rituals in consultation with thelearned pundits in the respective places of worship, the affected persons get a strong inner energy and resolve to overcome the evils of the afflictions. The aim of the writer is to simplify matters in such a way that any ordinary person is able to understand the details of the various Doshams in a simple language and go for the remedial measures.

The writer has got a web-site also namely in which the details of various temples of Kashi and photos are given and the readers can take help of the site. Initially various doshams have been given by proper chart presentation, the negativities resulting out of the doshams and the remedial measures (both practical and religious/prayers). From astrological chart point of view, doshams are a result of placement/ conjuction etc. of various planets in the horoscope.


Manglik Dosh is also known as Chevvai Dosham or Kuja Dosham. Kuja or Mangal or Mars or Chevvai is attached great importance in horoscope match making for marriage purpose.. For determining the location of a graham in a horoscope, one should start counting from the house where Lagna is located. Lagna house is the first house and start counting clock-wise in South Indian Horoscopes and Anti Clock wise in North Indian horoscopes.


In respect of Marriage, the seventh house from Lagna is considered. This house should be occupied by good planets and free from any evil afflictions. For girls, seventh and eighth houses should be considered with equal importance. Among the various great Rishis who wrote about Astrology, it is noteworthy to mention about Rishi Parashar who was the father of Rishi Vyas. (It may be noted that Vyas Rishi is credited with scripting the 18 Mahaa Puranaas). Rishi Parashar wrote the ancient text which contains details about astrology and is known as “Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra” and even now references are made to that book by eminent astrologers. In Chapter No. 80 (Stree Jataka or Female Horoscopy), Rishi Parashar states in shlok 47, 48 and 49 as : 47. The woman born becomes a widow, if Mangal is in the 12th, 4th, 7th, or 8th from Lagna, without aspect by, or association with any benefic. 48-49. The Yog, which causes the woman to become widow also causes a male native to become a widower. If the man and woman, possessing this Yog, join in wedlock, the Yog ceases to have any effect. Explaining the above shlokas, if in the horoscope of a girl, Mangal is located at 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house from Lagna, she will become widow and so on for any male horoscope. Now astrologers have added the 2nd house and 1st house (Lagna) in this category.

In due course of time, the girls and boys having such placement of mangal in the horoscope came to be called Manglik.

As per Shlok 49 of the above text, if a Manglik girl marries a manglik boy, the bad effect is nullified. According to eminent astrologers, if a person with Manglik/Kuja Dosham Horoscope marries a person without similar Dosham, there will be death of the marriage partner or separation. This will result in total ruin of the family and all happiness will vanish. Based on various studies and inferences, it can be stated that the Manglik Dosh in cases of Mangal (Chevvai) situated in 4th 7th and 8th house is more intense. If a girl has this combination, it is essential that alliance should be fixed with a boy having similar placement of Mangal.

Nivaaran (remedial measure) should be done before marriage in the following cases :

• Alliance is sought for a girl with Mangal in 4th, 7th or 8th house (strong Manglik) with a boy who has Mangal in 2nd or 12th house (weak Manglik).

• If a girl has Mangal in 2nd or 12th house (Dosham of lesser intensity) and alliance is sought with boy who does not have this combination, then the case can be taken up, subject to other factors viz. longevity of the boy’s life as seen in the horoscope and other social factors.

• Due to slight Manglik Dosh, if the girl’s marriage is getting delayed, nivaaran rituals should be considered.


For delay in marriage due to above factors, girls and their families undertake Manglik Dosh Nivaran Pooja at Mangla Gauri Temple in Kashi. This pooja is generally done on Tuesdays. Since there will be a huge rush, it is advisable to consult the temple Pundits in advance. For other problems on account of adverse Mangal, devotees are advised to worship Mangaleshwar Shiv Ling in Pancha Mudra Mahapeet (Atma Veereshwar Temple) in Kashi. According to Kashi Khand, this Ling has been installed by the Planet Mars (Mangal). There are other places for Nivaaran in India. Those who cannot come to Kashi, are advised to get Navagraha Shanti Pooja done at their premises with special focus on Mangal. Also, they should worship at Durga Temple and/or Kartikeya temple on all Tuesdays and recite Mangal Gayatri without fail.

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