Jupiter’s Curse Part 1 by Kiran Gupta

Jupiter’s Curse Part 1 by Kiran Gupta

There are Jupiter curses for all houses. This article covers curses associated with Jupiter in 1st house, 6th house and 9th house.

Jupiter in 1st house

Such natives may get born into very well-to-do families. They are very nice and helpful. They help everyone. They may be wise and are very fond of gold. They get gold in marriage by parents or by in-laws or as ancestral property. Whatever they give blessing it always comes true. If native will curse anyone it may come true but native’s bhagya (luck) will be suffer at same time and start giving bad results. If they work with father there will be loss. Father will be out of native’s life (reason may differ person by person) in young age like 24-27. Jupiter in 1 house shows early marriage.                             

Native will maintain sanctity of marriage (pativrata/ patnivrata). They will earn money according to their education / learnings. Partner will not be interested in sexual relation or problem in married life. When in 7 house there is no planet, Jupiter 1 house don’t give full results.

Father can suffer health-wise because of marriage or because of child-birth or because of building house before age of 28. When Jupiter starts being afflicted the native only speaks (becomes talkative), don’t listen to anyone.

They say bad words/curse many people. They become egoistic. Native’s kid will not get love or attention in young age by native’s spouse (reason may differ). If there is planet in 7 house then person may enjoy sexual life.

There are many different conditions which can differ chart by chart. Mother of the native is very kind and caring in nature. Native have good immunity. They love sweets. Some native may have fat body and lazy in nature.

Native may have cough problem or throat allergy or throat infection. They are intuitive. They will be able to sense if anyone is hatching a conspiracy against them. They want respect from everyone. In few cases, native says “I am avatar of god”. Native can be aggressive in nature with clean (pure) heart. They are very brave. They are not afraid from enemies.

The Story

The curse is given to Lord Vishnu by Bhrigu rishi and Narad rishi.

Lord Vishnu killed sage Bhrigu’s wife with his Sudharsan Chakra. Bhrigu seeing his wife’s condition, got furious because Lord Vishnu broke his Dharma by killing a woman.

Therefore, Maharishi Bhrigu cursed Lord Vishnu to be born on Earth many times and suffer the pain of birth and death all those several times. Due to this legendary curse, Vishnu had to take countless avatars on Earth and endure all the worldly pain as a price. Although Bhrigu later revived his wife by sprinkling holy water from his Kamandalu, he was so deeply infuriated and full of vengeance that he decided not to spare Lord Vishnu.

And sage Bhrigu cursed Lord Vishnu to be Born as Human and live apart from the wife most part of the life. Lord Ram is the example who lived with his wife in jungle with brahamcharya and also lived away from his wife Sita.

Once Lord Shiva blessed Narada to meditate in Tapovan, a forest for tapasya (meditation), and no one would be able to disturb him. He started his meditation and this became the matter of concern to Lord Indra as he was worried about his aim of meditation. To disturb him he decided to send Agni (god of fire), Varuna (god of rain) and Vayu (god of wind). Thus they began their task. Varuna made it rain, Vayu made the wind blow and later Agni lit the place on fire. But of no use, and all of them returned to heaven.

Indra then approached Kamadev, the god of Love, to disturb him. He tried every possible thing from beautiful dancing girls to buzzing bees to birds humming. It was an atmosphere of love. But Narad remained unaffected. He defeated everything not with Shiva’s blessings but due to his attainment. After completing the meditation, Proud Narada met Lord Shiva on Kailash and boasted how he defeated Agni, Vayu, Varuna and Kamadev.

All that Shiva had to say was not to say anything to Vishnu. But Narada couldn’t resist and boasted everything before Vishnu. To which the latter replied, “Be on guard.” Narada was so happy that he couldn’t read Vishnu’s mind. On his way back he visited King Sheelanidhi’s palace and was informed about princess Shrimati’s swayamvar.

He fell in love with the princess the moment he saw her and wished to marry her. On reading her fortune he came to know that whoever marries the princess would be the king of the three worlds. He approached Vishnu for help and requested him to make him look like Vishnu’s avatar ‘Hari’ the most handsome prince in the ceremony so that the princess chose him as her companion. Finally the day of ‘Swayamvar’ arrived. Narada dressed in a royal avatar walked confidently in the ceremony.

He knew he was the most handsome and the princess would chose him. But after looking at his face the princess busted out laughing and walked past him and then gave the garland to the last king, Lord Vishnu. This didn’t go well with Narada and told the princess that he deserves the garland. Everyone at the ceremony teased him and asked him to look into the mirror. After looking in the mirror he was in for a surprise as he was not a handsome looking man but a monkey.

Unfortunately, Narada was unaware of the fact that Vishnu’s another name ‘Hari’ also meant a monkey. Thus Vishnu actually bestowed a monkey’s face on Narada. Unaware of the monkey face, Narada asked for the princess’s hand at the swaymvara. Every one mocked and laughed at Narada and showed his monkey face. Enraged by this humiliation Narada Muni tried to insult the lord by calling him a misdadiger, misuser of power, filled with ego etc. And Narada cursed him that he will also have wander for his wife in one of his avatars and suffer the pain separation from loved ones. Further the monkeys, whose face was given by lord, will only help him.


  • Don’t use bad words or don’t give curse to anyone. Help everyone.
  • Don’t work with father.
  • Put kesar Tilak on forehead, tongue and naval (naabhi)
  • Give respect to women and cow. Help/serve women and cow.
  • Serve mother.
  • Make moon strong and positive.
  • Worshipping Hanuman ji can be beneficial. Like chanting hanuman chalisa, bajrang baan, etc
  • Wear 5 mukhi or 3 mukhi rudrashaka.
  • Don’t marry before 22 age.
  • Don’t make toilet or anything in blue in colour in south -west direction.


Chart 01

Female, Birth details- 4 February 1982, 00:05 am, Raxaul (Bihar)

She is born in a very well family. She is a helpful and wise person. She got married in 18 years. She got gold from her parents in her marriage. She got many problems in her married life. Husband was not interested in sexual life and didn’t support in anything. She separated and came to her mother house. Father also went out of her life and didn’t help her at age of 21. She gave birth to her boy child in 23 years of life and they both have no support from husband and in-laws family.

Jupiter in 6th house

Native birth may be the outcome of his father’s jealousy, taking revenge or enmity towards his mother (in some special cases). In most case, there may be the environment of debt, diseases, enmity in the family when native was in womb till birth. Native may be unlucky for their mother maternal family (nana Ghar) or the relationship between native and nana Ghar family is not good or there is chance of no Nana’s family after native birth. In some cases, relation with maternal uncle’s family may be normal. They may face enmity (jealousy) from the outsider as well as inside the family or in-laws family. Native’s father may be seriously sick (on bed) or very aiyaash (unchaste) person in some cases. Native’s father may be wealthy and well known (famous) person of the society. Native like to eat more (foodie) or food lover. They have anger issues, can be considered as stubborn (jiddi), may be emotional fool, etc. They prefer to follow their own path. People use them emotionally. Some people misjudge them as egoistic, fool, mad, fearful person, etc. They face frauds in money related matters.

There is guru curse due to which they don’t get respect from relatives. They have to face enmity or jealousy or disrespect from own relatives as well as from in- laws. Native can face fight, loan (rin) and enmity through their life. They may suffer from fatty liver, pancreas, asthma, lung related issues, tetanus, indigestion issue, stomach issues, cholesterol problem, diabetics, etc. In 6th house, Jupiter is not comfortable because Jupiter is neither servant nor fighter. But Jupiter will give job / service to the native. Native can earn money from field related consultation, education, doctor, lawyer etc. Such native’s should work for others (job) instead of doing their own business. They should take advice from 4-5 person in case they have any doubt.

But when they think/ know that someone is enemy, that person will not able to come face to face. Infront of native/ that person will never come in native life / that person will lose the battle. Jupiter 6 house (especially woman native) has to face struggle married life or stressful married life. They will learn from lessons of life. If they take wrong decision, then they may face debt (Rin). At age 12 or 24 or 36, they have to face ups and downs and have to take some important decisions or choices.

They will get almost everything without asking. There will be enemies at the age of 40 (in many cases) or meaningless life till 40.

The Story

The curse was given to Draupati by Sage Maudgalya and his father Drupada

  1. Drupada wanted to avenge his defeat, but there was no one in the world who could defeat Dronacharya. Therefore, he decided to perform a yajna and give birth to a son that would kill Droncharya and avenge his defeat. After an extensive search, Drupada found two Brahmins named Yaja and Upayaja who were capable of doing such a yajna. After the preparation of yajna was complete, Yaja called Drupada’s queen, Prishatha, to consume the sanctified libation, but she asked him to wait for some time because her mouth was filled with saffron and other perfumed things. Therefore, Yaja poured the libation on the fire. First, from those flames of the fire arose a child who possessed the effulgence of fire. He was named Dhrishtyadumna. Raja Drupada didn’t want a girl child (as he saw shrikhandini lost the last battle). So he asked only bad things and impossible things (curse) for Draupati, thinking that god will not give a cursed girl child. He gave aahuti (birth) for aahuti in revenge, in jealousy, in anger,….. He asked for her :—-1. Life full of pain, life full of suffering but also she will smile. 2. Relation with many man but she will be pure virgin. 3. World’s most beautiful girl but she will have to serve others. 4. In worst situation or circumstance also…. She will stand strong and make other strong. 5. Every time she will suffer from injustice but she will be the good example of justice. But god accepted the aahuti. Then fire arose after this from the center of the sacrificial platform, a daughter, called Panchali. After her birth, a celestial voice was heard saying, “This dark-complexioned girl will be the cause of the destruction of many Kshatriyas. This slender-waisted one will, in time, accomplish the purpose of the gods, and along with her many a danger will overtake the Kauravas.” 
  2. Per another version of the Mahabharata, her name was Nalayani, and she was the wife of Sage Maudgalya. She was very devoted to him. Hence, he asked her to ask for a boon. She asked him to take five different forms and have sex with her. The sage granted her wish and did so. This sport continued for many years, but Nalayani was not satisfied and wanted more. Therefore, the sage cursed her to have five husbands in her next life. 


  • Make Krishna your friend or God and ask help with Krishna whenever you needed.
  • Always pray to God.
  • Put Chandan/ kesar Ka Tika on naval (Naabhi) .
  • Do job. Don’t do business.
  • Take advice from well- wishers.
  • Don’t believe easily in others for money related matters.


Chart 02

Male. Birth details- 13 March 2005, 8:50 am, Raxaul (Bihar).

He was born in the environment of enmity. His father and mother were separated. Native is the outcome of his father’s jealousy, taking revenge or enmity towards his mother. He was born in hospital from maternal family side. Paternal family side wanted to kill the native in childhood. He is growing in his nana house. None of his enemy could harm him and tried many time to kill him. He has no any support from father and paternal side. He has many health issues since childhood. God is helping him. He has everything now like living in house of other, food, clothes, etc. But till now don’t have own house, no job /own business, etc. He is still in the environment of enmity, disease, jealousy, etc.

Jupiter in 9th house

Native is well educated, wise, miser, good character, Brahmagyani, good looking, kind, self-made person, humble, good position, lucky, etc. They have good immunity. They are more spiritual than practical. Anyone gets in contact with the native, they always get benefits from native. Here native gets blessings from dharmik work, from their parents or ancestors. Bhagya will increase by the help of dharmic work and ancestors. If they are not dharmic type person, then they may suffer from health issue and heart problem when 1st house is empty.

Native belong to very good and wealthy family. Native has house, good water resources, all relative, siblings, etc. They like their religion and follow their religion. But if there is influence or affliction of Rahu, then native will do showoff of their religion (dharm). They change their religion (in some cases). Native’s and his/her father’s thought will not match most of time. But such natives are very clever to and they know how to make everyone in family agree with their decisions. Kids will get born late or problem with kids (in some cases). Financial status will be mediocre. When such natives are lazy then there will be some problem or obstacle. In some cases, health issues can be seen.

They like to perform religious activities, motivational speaker, spirituality, astrology, teacher, professor, higher education, philosophy, accounting, judiciary, commerce, research, analysis, law, etc. People will fool you just for taking money. Whenever such natives need help nobody (no relatives) will come to rescue them. Native have to work alone (help yourself). Such natives will travel to many religious places. They know everyone’s thoughts & intensions but they don’t show them.

There is guru curse that although native have much knowledge or abilities or virtues, but they will not get respect. They will face disrespect, loneliness, no helping hand, etc. They have to go out from society or family (reason may be any) to live. They must prove their ability (knowledge) to make their own kingdom. There is curse to live in isolation, insults, defamation.

In Raghukul, suryavanshi, there is one proverb “Pran jaaye par vachan na jaaye.” Which means one should stick to his promises because the promises are more important. If they keep their word like Raja Dashrath, that will be dharma and that dharma will give wealth. And if native does not fulfill their promises, they will suffer a lot in terms of respect and wealth.

If native slips in loose character, then he can’t stop himself. And he will get caught and will be insulated badly someday suddenly. Native is good observer. They will never leak any information or don’t betray anyone. They are not selfish. They take others work too as per their plan. They can’t say no to anyone. But they should learn to say no and focus on their own work.

The Story

There was curse given to Rishi Vishwamitra by Sage Vashist. Here Brahmin hatya (killing) Dosh / Brahmin pitra dosha is seen.

  1. Once Harishcandra performed a yajna for which Visvamitra was the priest, but Visvamitra, being angry at Harishcandra, took away all his possessions, claiming them as a contribution of daksina. Vasistha, however, did not like this, and therefore a fight arose between Vasistha and Visvamitra. The fighting became so severe that each of them cursed the other. One of them said, “May you become a bird,” and the other said, “May you become a duck.” Thus both of them became birds and continued fighting for many years because of Harishcandra. Later he apologized to Vasishta because of Brahma. 

Brahma agreed to make him Rajarishi and later agreed and called him Bhramarishi when Visvamitra finally gave up his anger. Vashist maharishi also agreed finally that Viswamitra has reached Bhramarishi level upon giving up all the desires and anger. In this way the fight took place and finally ended with Vishwamitra become Bhramarishi as well. 

  1. Vishwamitra wanted Vashist to call him Rajarishi or Brahmarishi, meaning “one who has attained the absolute highest.” But Vashist refused to use that title when he was speaking to Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra said, “If you do not tell the whole world that I have realized the absolute Highest, then I shall kill all your spiritual children one by one.” Even then Vashishtha would not address him by that title, so Vishwamitra killed Vashishtha’s one hundred disciples, whom he called his sons. Still Vashishtha would not declare that Vishwamitra had achieved the status of Brahmarishi. His wife, Arundhati, pleaded with him: “What are you doing? If you just say that Vishwamitra has realized the Highest, what harm is there in it? He has killed all your disciples. I am afraid that if you do not fulfil his wish, he will kill you as well. “In spite of his wife’s request, Vashist remained firm. “No, I cannot do that,” he said. “I am ready to be killed, if necessary.”

Strangely enough, on that particular night Vishwamitra had come to kill Vashishtha. As he stood in front of the door to Vashishtha’s cottage, he overheard Vashishtha’s wife say, “Why do you not want to tell him that he has realized the highest Truth?”

Then he heard Vashist’s words of reply: “Because I love him. If I tell him at this stage of his life that he has realised the Highest, then it will be a lie. He will think that he has realized the Highest and yet he will not be able to get the results of the Highest. He will not be able to drink Nectar. Because I love him, I cannot tell him a lie.”

Vashisht’s words touched Vishwamitra’s heart, and immediately he fell at Vashist’s feet and begged for forgiveness. At once Vashist forgave him. By touching Vashist’s feet, Vishwamitra did reach the Highest. 

  1. There was a king named Kalmashapada, a descendant of Ikshvaku, who was famed for his learning. (This King was originally called Pravriddha, but his feet had become disfigured when he they came in contact with water that had been charged with incantations for a curse. (Kalmashapada=blemished-feet). While traveling in a forest, he encountered an ascetic, while walking on a narrow path. The path would admit just one. An argument ensued regarding the right of way, each maintaining that the other ought to yield. Inflamed with rage, not stopping to consider his actions, the King struck out at the ascetic with his horse-whip. Angered, the Rishi cursed the King to become a flesh-eating Rakshasa. While these exchanges were going on, the sage Vishwamitra, came that way. He recognized both the King and the ascetic, for the ascetic was none other than Shakti, the eldest of sage Vasishta’s hundred son. Now, regarding the King, both Vishwamitra and Vasishta had wanted to make him their disciple, but neither had succeeded till this point. Vishwamitra seized this opportunity to revenge himself on both the king and Vasishta. Vishwamitra concealed himself by his yogic powers and made the curse of Shakti take effect immediately. By his yogic power, he caused a Rakshasa spirit named Kinkara to enter the body of the King. The King, under the influence of this Rakshasa, turned back to his palace. On the way home, he met a Brahmana, who begged him for food. Seemingly disregarding the beggar, the King returned to his palace. Once in his palace, he ordered his chief cook to prepare a meal of human flesh mixed with rice and feed it to the Brahmana whom he had met in the forest. When the food was offered to that Brahmana, by his spiritual sight, he saw at once that the food was unholy. In his wrath, he cursed the king saying, “Since Kalmashapada has caused unholy food, made from human flesh to be fed to me, he shall develop a hunger for such unclean food. He shall be turned into a human flesh-eating Rakshasa!”

Thus reinforced, the curse became very strong. Impelled by the workings of fate, Kalmashapada once again returned to the forest where he had been cursed first. When he encountered Shakti again, he commenced his career as a human-eating monster by devouring the Rishi. Vishwamitra, who was really the force behind the Rakshasa, then caused the King to hunt the other sons of Vasishta. One by one, Kalmashapada devoured them all.

When Vasishta came to know that all his sons were dead, by the stratagem employed by Vishwamitra, he became consumed by grief. If he had wished, he could have destroyed Vishwamitra utterly, but he had made a vow of peace, never to hurt any creature by his yogic powers. Feeling that his life had lost all meaning with the utter destruction of his sons, he tried to commit suicide by various means. He was unsuccessful in this endeavor, for the ocean would not allow him to drown, nor did fire burn him. He tried to drown in a river named Haimavati, but the river, recognizing him as a Brahmana of great merit, fled in a hundred directions to avoid him. It is known to this day as Saptadaru (of a thousand streams). Then wanted in his attempt to commit suicide, he began wandering all over the world.

At last, he returned to his hermitage. As he approached his abode, he heard a young voice reciting the Vedas. When he entered his hut, he found that only his daughter-in-law Adrisyanti was there. The mystery of the anonymous voice was solved, when the Rishi divined by his yogic power that it was the unborn child in her womb that had been reciting the Vedas! Glad that there was at least someone to propagate his race, the Rishi became consoled.

Much later, the Rishi saw the Rakshasa Kalmashapada in the forest. When the demon saw the sage, he tried to attack him with the intent of eating him. By his Yogic powers, the sage destroyed the Rakshasa spirit Kinkara and freed the King from his curse. The King, restored to his original form, fell at the feet of the sage and begged his forgiveness for his transgressions. Vasishta said, “I have already forgiven you, for I know that your actions were the direct result of the curse. Go to your kingdom and rule justly, and never insult Brahmanas anymore.” 


  • Don’t insult Brahmin, pandit ji or guru.
  • Don’t break your promise. Fulfill your given vachan (promise).
  • Respect and obey your parents, serve them.
  • Don’t work with siblings.
  • Put Chandan Ka Tika on forehead…. or kesar (saffron) Tika.
  • Don’t eat non veg food and don’t drink alcohol.
  • Go to temple and take blessings.
  • Go to religious place/ Tirth Yatra.
  • Try to Strong your sun.
  • Don’t do affairs.
  • Don’t lie.


Chart 03

Female. 14 November 1963, 21:45pm, Raxaul Bihar.

She was born in normal family. After her birth, many progress happened in family. Her parents became well known. They got wealth, house, land, business, car, etc. She got married at very early age in a reputed and wealthy family. Once she moved with her husband and kids for work, and till now no contact with in-laws family side. Husband didn’t support in anything. There was fighting and arguments in married life. Husband went back to his paternal house leaving wife and kids. Now every relatives (own parental and in-laws side) treat them as they are not their relatives. Nobody (relatives) helps them. She always gets defamation, insults, etc. without any reason. She is learning how do live without any support from family with her kids.

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