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House Fruits of Mars by M. P. Pathak

House Fruits of Mars by M. P. Pathak

Mars is the male planet and is the protector of all living beings. Mars is bilious (pita) and of hot constitution. It’s look & temperament can be describe as easy to anger & rough in approach (ugra).

Mars could be described as strong, tall and hefty, with rough look and reddish complexion. It appears like a warrior ready for a fight riding on a horse with spear in his hand, helmet on his head and armor on his body.

For praying to Mars it is essential to pray Lord Ganesha. Ganesha is also known as “Mangalmurti” (auspicious idol). As “mangal” is “auspicious” so is Mars auspicious and considering it “inauspicious” would be sin.

Strength: Mars is enthusiastic, energetic planet. It is the strength of the chart and recharges the chart. Hence it could also be called as Battery.

Mars is heat. It is energy which is reflected in every act of an individual and presence of this energy indicates business orientation.

Mars is very important with respect to strength, capabilities, efficiency and alertness.

Hard work is the duty of Mars and hence we see Mars performing various kinds of significant roles in different charts.

With the energy of Mars, concentration and efforts is experienced but if the energies are unutilized then anger, frustration, quarrels, enmity, envity, jealousy, harshness are experienced.

If some other planets also directs the energy of Mars then Mars can give better results as to confidence, dutiful and determinant.

Desires/wish: – Mars can struggle as it has desires and strength to fulfill its motives.

To fulfill its desires it is ready to fight and also to take enmity and bitterness. Every act of Mars is fiery. It is always ready to fight. We san say that defending is the nature of Mars. Wherever there is competition, opportunity for your capabilities and popularity, Mars presence is felt. Mars has liking and will power to win. Mars is a warrior like “Arjuna” but is also charitable like “Karna” hence it will never accept defeat nor will take a back step. Mars is proud and maintains satva guna (or is satwick). It is the signification of happiness from friends.

Guna dharma (inherent qualities):- Mars being a powerful planet it can be related with anger, hot temperament, heroic acts, hasteful decisions, dominating, clear speech, sincereity and with interest in farming, engineering, chemistry, maths and medicine.

Mars enjoy giving orders as against making request to the persons to do the work and it can make use of sam, dam & danda (equal pay and equal punishment). Hence Mars is linked with higher position and authority eg: police, militant cheif, commander, engineer, technicians, chemistry, surgeon, doctors, mathematician etc.   Mars is an ambitious planet.

Nature:- Mars consists more of bitterness, intensity and fire. When taking hard decisions we have to often keep aside our emotions, because of these natures Mars often become infamous. Mars is Rajjasic also signifies fire and energy. Fire, anger, burning, breaking, weapons, injury, onion, garlic, non-vegetarian signifies Mars.

Mars is the signification of land and siblings, hence it is also known as “Bhumi Putra” (son of the land), Kunj (garden) and Angarak (body guard).

Mars is war-god, it is also known as Militant Chief (Senapati).

Aries and Scorpio are its own signs and it is exalted in Capricorn.

Sun, Jupiter and Moon are its friends. Nine (9) is its auspicious number and coral is its gemstone. Mars gives good results in 1st, 6th and 10th house.

Relation with body parts and ailments: Mars is related with sensory organs, forehead, excretory organs, bile, kidney and strong build. It is related with red spots, bleeding, chicken pox, pile, blood, heat and nose related diseases.

Occupation:- The main occupation of Mars is Chief Militant, apart from this it could also be related to chemist, Medical Stores, doctor, goldsmith, Chef, operation theatre, advocates. Being the son of the land it is also connected with farming and fossil fuel.

Results in each house:

First house: – A person with Mars in 1st house is tough and sturdy, they are of reddish complexion and harsh look. They are short tempered but kind, sincere and ready to face difficult situation and also find way out of the difficult situation. They may also get eye problems and possibilities of head problems. They may have mark on head and they fear fire.

In Mars dasha (period) the individual may get problems from fire or they may get boils due to heat. Mars in Aries is auspicious as it is Lagnesh and Kendresh (Lord of Lagna and Kendra). In this example, Mars is also the lord of the 8th house but would give fewer good results.

Mars in 1st house gives better results for 1st, 5th, 9th or 10th house. If Sun, Moon, Jupiter conjoins Mars in the 1st house Mars gives best results,

Mars and Saturn together would increase attraction towards opposite sex and sexual pleasures.

Mars with Neptune and Uranus may give the person problems related to head due to accidents. The person makes progress in secret science. Mercury with Mars may give problems related to head.

Mars in 1st and Jupiter in 5th, 7th and 9th will never give bad results.

Second house: – Presence of Mars in 2nd house may give defects of eyes due to heat and surgery. The native owns a farm and his speech is clear and fearless which may create misunderstandings. His family may be the worshipper of Lord Ganesha and goddesses. Such person’s professions are mainly related to engineering and medicines.

Mars in 2nd house in Taurus may give problems within the family and illness related to big intestines (piles).

With the presence of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn with Mars, the native’s occupation will be dependant on the nature of the planets present with Mars.

Presence of Mars with Rahu and Saturn may give problems related to (Munja) and if Jupiter is forming 6/8 relation with Mars or is in 10th house from Mars the native is free from ill-effects of Mars.

Third house: – the native has self-respect and is good at debate. Mars in 3rd house may give health related problems because 3rd house is 8th house from 8th.

Mars being determinant and dutiful, it has capability of taking immediate decisions. The native has big and beautiful handwriting,

Presence of other planets with Mars in this house will give the results as per the nature of the planet.

Presence of Saturn with Mars will give emotional stress as both the planets are of opposite nature.

Presence of Uranus with Mars will make the person research oriented.

Mars in 3rd house will also give its results in 9th and 11th house.

Fourth house:-If Mars is in Cancer in this house; the native is ambitious but gets late results. Mars in 4th will give native home, vehicle and farm. The native is fond of ruling and this wish is often fulfilled.

Presence of other planets with Mars in this house will give the results according to the nature of such planets.

4th house being the quadrant, all planets are strong.

Presence of Rahu in 4th house may give vastu-dosha but with the presence of Jupiter in 8th, 10th and 12th house the native may not feel the ill-effects of Vastu-dosha.

Mars in 4th house may give short happiness from mother but presence of Jupiter will give good maternal happiness and the mother is dutiful. The presence of Mars with other planets in 4th house will also show its effect on 10th house.

Fifth house: – With Mars in 5th house, the native is hot-tempered but also  benefits from ruling over kingdoms (in today’s context it would mean Ruling Government). Mars in 5th is good for medical science, surgery, engineering, technical and mathematics but Mars has to be strong.

Its presence with Mercury will not make it weak but instead it helps Mercury.

Its presence with Jupiter in this house, 9th, 11th and lagna indicates happiness from children.

Presence of Saturn with Mars will give confusion with respect to decisions and delays in completing education.

Sixth house: – Mars in 6th house makes the native brave, self-respectful, hard working; do not bother about friend/enemy but lives dependant life. The native is brave but selfish.

If Mars are with benefic planet then the planets present in 10th house and the 10th house gets inspiration and the native get riches and fame because 6th house is the house of fame house of 10th.

The native suffers from illness related to heat in childhood.

As 6th house is related to maternal house it indicates separation from maternal uncle or aunty.

It also indicates loss from servants.

Presence of Rahu and Saturn in 6th house along with Mars indicates accident and handicap arising out of accident,

If Mercury is present with Mars and the decision is taken haste fully without analyzing it would give financial loss.

Seventh house: – Mars in this house creates disharmony/disputes with partner/spouse. Rahu and Uranus along with Mars may give divorce or short life with the spouse.

Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter with Mars will give independent business and good gains. Presence of Venus, Uranus and Neptune with Mars indicates possibilities of extra marital affairs but presence of Jupiter in 3rd and 11th house would prevent such relationship. The natives with Mars in 7th house should take the occupation related to factory or workshops. The native should also take up the occupation with respect to the nature of the other planets present with Mars in this house.

Eighth house: – Mars in this house does not yield good results nor does it gives stability in financial matters. This does not give good results with respect to marital happiness or children. If Mars in 8th house is of own house or exalted or of 1st, 8th or 10th house then it gives sudden financial gains. It also gives legitimate testamentary financial gains and also gains from the spouse. Mars in 8th house would also give troubles from enemy.

Ninth house: – As the lord of the lagna is 9th, it gives lot of fame. It also indicates engineering studies. It also indicates growth due to self-hard work. With Leo lagna, Mars form Raj-Yoga. Mars in fiery sign makes the individual to protest and suspicious and also short happiness from father.

Presence of Uranus, Rahu and Saturn with Mars would indicate problems in occupation and financial loss.  With Jupiter and Neptune the native is inclined to spirituality. Similarly it is also a believer in meditation of Lord Ganesha. Mars in Aries, Leo and Sagittarius in its house would make the native harsh and of clear speech. Mars in Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces gives good luck and lots of travel but malefic planets if present will give hindrances.

Tenth house: – Mars is courageous and independent. It indicates change in job and differences with superiors.

As 10th Mars is in quadrant it has self-respect, creates differences with father. Natives with Mars in 10th are militant chief/ major/police due to Martian activities they get red, green and blue medals. Mars with Jupiter, Moon and Mercury will give the natives with life achievement awards. The natives get success regularly and also it does not destroy the fruits of other planets in the horoscope.

Saturn and Mars in 10th house makes the Mars very hasteful and it does not get along with Saturn,

Mars in 10th in quadrant will give different results with respect to the planets placed in the lagna.

10th Mars have its aspect on 5th, 11th and 1st house. Females would behave like males, similarly it would create disharmony due to its determinant nature.

With aspect on 5th house it does not give good results with respect to children.   Mars in 10th house at the time of transit indicates change in job/occupation/home and vehicle. It gives natives the fame, luck, status and good financials. With 10th Mars and the 2nd lord in 4th and Jupiter in 6th the native would make a progress and rise higher with his own hard work and does not remain content in his downs.

Mars in 10th indicates that it is the life of the horoscope and without Mars the horoscope has no life.

Eleventh house: – This house is called as the house of gains. Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius in Mars would give major financial gains. If Mars 4th aspect is on 11th and 7th aspect is on 5th the native gets good gains as this place is the gain house of the lagna and being 9th house of the 3rd house it gives good fame and luck however this would require lot of efforts.

Mars and Saturn will give financial instability.

Rahu and Uranus with Mars may give sudden change.

Mars with Neptune may give job in foreign company and success but does not get along with siblings.

Twelfth house: – This house is disliked by Mars. This house does not allow Mars to bear it fruits. This gives illness of eyes and liking towards other’s wife.

Aries, Capricorn and Scorpio in 12th, the native is inclined towards medicine and engineering, but takes time to gain stability in job/occupation. Loss of business if Mars is present with Rahu, Uranus and Saturn.

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