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Intercepted Signs in Horoscopes – A New Concept

Intercepted Signs in Horoscopes – A New Concept by Anita Khandpur

Intercepted   Signs   In    Horoscopes – A New Concept


Anita Khandpur, India

Interceptions are a very fine point in astrology. An intercepted horoscope has all the planets but not all the signs. Interceptions are a factor of geography. Because of the Earth’s irregular shape, as births occur further and further North or South of the equator the division of houses becomes more irregular. For births near the polar latitudes it’s possible to have not only two, but four to six Zodiac Signs intercepted. This reveals a tremendous focus on just one or two of the twelve houses of the Zodiac.

Missing signs show What You Lack. If a sign is intercepted, the sign opposite to it will also be intercepted. eg: if Aries is intercepted, then the opposite sign Libra will also be intercepted. If you have intercepted signs, then you have Duplicated signs as well. So another two zodiac signs will occupy two houses each. RASHIS ARE INTERCEPTED BUT HOUSES ARE NEVER INTERCEPTED. The intercepted signs are overlapped by two rashis and the qualities of the intercepted

signs find difficulty in coming out and giving its result to the native. The qualities of these signs can get bottled up and suppressed. Intercepted signs show a blockage. With intercepted signs a balance is broken. We must interpret intercepted signs in pairs.

Aspects should be seen from the lagna chart.

How To Judge Intercepted Signs And Dominant Signs In A Horoscope

With the help of this horoscope we will understand how to find the intercepted signs and dominant signs. Astro-office software & E-kundali have readymade cusp chart inserted in the horoscope. In JHora, which is a free software and widely used all over the world, the cusp chart is not given. Below demonstration would be given via Jhora software

First we insert the birth details 18th July 1989, 20:32:00, Mumbai/India

Chart 1

After opening the chart we get Capricorn ascendant chart, then go to the bottom of the screen, where key info is written, next to it is houses, we click on houses. Then in the center we get the degrees of each cusp, right click on cusp and we get various options. Select Placidus cusp/KP and we get the exact divisions of each house.

On the center you would get the tables – House/Start/Cusp/End/Planets In It. Now vertically from the top go through the table of Cusp, you would notice that starting from Cp (the Asc) there is Aq, then suddenly Aries, meaning Pisces is not there. Then go down further and you would notice that after Leo there is no Virgo. Thus you arrive at two missing signs (intercepted). In this chart the zodiac sign Pisces and Virgo are intercepted, means they get hidden between the neighboring signs. Like Pisces is hidden between Aquarius and Aries and Virgo between Leo and Libra. So the native will have to put in lots of effort to get the effect of the significations of these two signs.  Once again go through the diagram above and you would notice that the sign Taurus has occupied the 4th and 5th house and Scorpio has occupied the 10th and 11th house. The significations of these signs (Taurus and Scorpio) and the houses 4H, 5H, 10H, 11H have an important role to play in this natives life coz these signs have become Dominant (being repeated Two Times) . The energies of this native will focus on these. He is trying hard for a job, but not able to get one and once he gets it, his total focus will be on sustaining his position and gains. He wishes to have a relationship but not putting efforts to have a friend circle, going out, mostly at home. He must make efforts to move out of the house as 4th is dominant and holding him. Next see where the intercepted signs are falling. In this chart it’s the 3H (Pisces) and 9H (Virgo), the house of communication and father. He is a shy person so communication is weak and his parents are separated.

Snap Shot

  1. Intercepted (Missing) signs show What You Lack.
  2. If you have intercepted signs, then you have Duplicated signs as well. So another two zodiac signs will occupy two houses each.
  3. The qualities of the intercepted signs find difficulty in coming out and giving its result to the native.
  4. The qualities of these Intercepted signs can get bottled up and suppressed.
  5. If the lords of the intercepted signs are well placed in a chart, then the effect of interception would be less, this is an important point to be noted.
  6. Intercepted signs show a blockage. With intercepted signs a balance is broken. We must interpret intercepted signs in pairs
  7. The native will have to put in lots of effort to get the effect of the significations of Intercepted signs.
  8. The houses which repeat are called Dominant Signs – The energies of this native will focus on these
  9. It can hold the energies of the native here in these Dominant Signs

We will try to understand these principles with the help of example charts.

Chart-1: 34yrs female, 10th Dec 1979, 20:40 pm, Mumbai

Untitled design (3)

Cusp Chart: In the chart below notice the Arrows, the two signs it covers shows the Sign that is missing (Intercepted), then Note Dominant Signs are marked in two houses with the same color (yellow) in the complete house. Aries and Libra is Missing so Arrows their and Cancer is repeated so yellow color and Capricorn is repeated hence Green Color.

Chart 6

This is a chart of a female, who has the signs Aries and Libra Intercepted and the signs Cancer and Capricorn have become Dominant by occupying two houses each. 1H, 2H, 7H, 8H are Dominant. Cancer occupies the ascendant and the 2H, so her total focus is on how to create and have her own identity and matters related to family, finance occupy her mind. The sign opposite Cancer is Capricorn which occupies the 7H and 8H. Matters related to these two houses become dominant. She is always trying to please her husband and maintain peace and sustain her marriage.

Next we see, the intercepted signs are Aries (in natal chart it is 10H) and Libra (in natal chart it is 4H). Development of her own personality, identity and benefit or happiness from partner/spouse is lacking in her life. She needs to put in lots of efforts to get gains of 1H and 7H matters. (refer signs Aries and Libra here to 1 & 7 self and partner of kaalpurush kundli)

Next we see that where the signs 1 & 7 are placed in her chart. The 4H and 10H are affected. 4H—No happiness at home. No property in her name, her husband buys property in his siblings name and all the assets/documents are with her in-laws and not with her. The opposite house 10H interception—her husband does not allow her to work inspite of being qualified. She has to leave the house if she wishes to work and earn.

Uranus is in Libra in lagna chart, since Libra is intercepted the qualities of this planet find it difficult to come out. Uranus gives us a rebellious nature wanting to be different and free.

Summary: Lack of confidence to develop her own identity, not wanting to be rebellious to maintain peace at home and sustain her marriage. Having financial problems but can’t take a strong step and have her own profession.

Before marriage she was a teacher.

Intercepted/Missing Sign In Above Natives Chart

  1. Aries – 10H – No Profession/Lack of happiness from Marriage
  2. Libra – 4H – No property in her name

Intercepted Signs

Aries-Libra Intercepted: Aries is a sign of aggression, dominance and opposite sign Libra is a sign of partnership, your social circle. Intercepted Aries makes it difficult to take action, difficult to be assertive. Libra intercepted makes it difficult to form partnerships, be social and charming.

Taurus-Scorpio Intercepted: Taurus is the sign of family, finance, of accumulating and Scorpio is the sign of generating and eliminating what is no longer useful to us. Scorpio also has the skill of confrontation. If Taurus intercepted, a person only accumulates and seldom eliminates. The desire to confront or end a friendship/issue is suppressed due to Scorpio interception.

Gemini-Sagittarius Intercepted: Gemini is the sign of communication, gathering information. Sagittarius is focused and likes details. With this interception a person finds it difficult to express his opinions or may not be able to express at all. He may not believe in destiny/religion.

Cancer-Capricorn Intercepted: Cancer is a sign of emotions, home and Capricorn is a sign of karma, ambitions and power. With this interception, one cannot express emotions easily and the working talent is not brought out totally, a person is not able to aggressively bring out his potential.

Leo-Aquarius Intercepted: Leo is exhibitionism and Aquarius is where we want to be different, to be rebellious. With this interception, a person finds it difficult to be noticed and desire to be different is suppressed.

Virgo-Pisces Intercepted: Virgo is a secretive sign, slow, careful, critical and meticulous. Pisces is visions of future we wish to achieve, a sea which has the good and bad, both. With this interception, the quality of serving/sevabhav is intercepted and we find it difficult to differentiate the good from bad. We may only dream and not actually implement efforts to achieve them.

NOTE: If the lords of the intercepted signs are well placed in a chart, then the effect of interception would be less.

Chart-2: Dimple Kapadia Film Actress: 08th June 1957, 02:48:00, Mumbai

This chart has 1 (Pisces) & 7 (Virgo) intercepted. As we all know through the media, this well known film personality had issues in her married life and was staying separate from her husband. She achieved tremendous success with her first film ‘Bobby’ and immediately got married to Rajesh Khanna, and quit films. Later when she made her comeback with the movie ‘Saagar’, she was trying to have her own identity. Ketu is intercepted in Aries and Rahu in Libra. The 2H, 3H, 8H (inheritance), 9H have become dominant in her chart ruled by Taurus and Scorpio. Her concentration would be on accumulating wealth, she is fighting for her husband’s inheritance. She also achieved fame with her efforts.

Chart-3: Male 34 yrs, 24th Jan 1979, 12 pm, Patiyala

Chart 10
Chart 11

This is a chart of a 34yrs male who is working abroad and staying there with his family. He has 5-11 signs intercepted which fall in the 5H of romance and entertainment and 11H of friends. He does not have many friends and his wife is always complaining that he only works and has no time for romance. Saturn and Rahu in the 5H are said to give problems in having children. But since these planets are in an intercepted sign, their negative effect is not seen on this native. He has a 5yr old son and 1 yr old daughter. Ketu is intercepted in Aquarius sign in guru’s nakshatra and he has Jupiter exalted. BSP: If Jupiter is exalted, the house where Aquarius is posited one point gets spoilt. This BSP does not apply here, as the sign Aquarius is intercepted, so he gets full benefits of exalted Jupiter. The 4H, 5H, 10H, 11H ruled by Cancer and Capricorn have become dominant. He is very much attached to his parents, has many properties, assets, investments. He is a very ambitious person and his total focus is on his career and achieving position which he has. Sun the ruler of Leo, which is intercepted is well placed in the 10th house so the effect of interception is less.  


Madhubala: 14th December 1933, 07:00:00, Delhi


Chart 12

This is the chart of Madhubala, a famous actress of yesteryears. She has the signs 4 & 10 intercepted. She had no happiness of her home life, parents since childhood. The 1H,12H,6H,7H have become dominant in her chart. She was born with a hole in the heart, which could not be cured, was hospitalized many times. She had many affairs, but none could give her the love and emotional security she needed. Remember 4H is the house of infidelity.

Chart-5: Lata Mangeshkar: 28th September 1929, 23:00:00, Indore/M.P

Chart 15
Chart 17

Lata Mangeshkar, the melody queen of Bollywood has 1 & 7 intercepted and we all know she is not married. Her 1H, 2H, 7H, 8H are dominated by Gemini and Sagittarius. She has made a name for herself in the film industry with her voice.

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