Some Important Methods of Prediction without any Laptop and Computer

Some Important Methods of Prediction without any Laptop and Computer

As a good astrologer ,it is expected that you know at least the Sun –Rise and Sun Set  time of the day , if not exact every astrologer knows the rough  time , but in fact if you know exact it will give you finer predictions.                                   

 1. Find the Hora lord at the time of question. Take the example of the Article no. 5  Hora Lord Difference in time of the Query from the Sun rise is 18.0116 and the difference in the Sun Set and Sun Rise is 13.49.09=13.818 in decimals/12=1.151, now the time difference is 18.0116/1.1515=15.6418 =16th Hora=Saturn, now 1.1515/3=0.3838, hence Hora Lord Saturn 2nd part.                                                                                   

2. Calculate the approx. Longitude of Sun , which is not difficult for a Practising astrologer, since he knows the Solar ingress days. Find out the nakshatras which are inauspicious from Sun. — Not difficult , just mathematical calculations.Sun travels 360 degrees in 365.24, therefore each day Sun progresses 360/365.24=0.98 degrees every day. Substract the Longitude of Sun from 360 degrees and divide by the one nakshatra. Let us take an example  of the Prashna 5 . in this article Longitude of Sun  70.31 therefore 360.00_ 70.31=289.29=289.48 in decimals/13.33=21.71 .Hence 22 that is Shravan  nakshatra. Now counting from this nak. the nakshatra inauspicious are 1,2,7,10,11,14,16,18 and the 20th. Here Rohini nak., nak. Chitra that of Saturn Lagna Lord   and Venus 9th Lord  in inauspicious, nakshatra     Negative   Saturn and Venus acquire a negative dimension                                                                                                                                                                            3. Fast Prashna method by Sun Rise and Time of question. Take the example of the article 5.   . Fast Prashna Method     Sun Rise time is  5-29-18 Hrs and Query time is 23-30, therefore 23-30_5-59-18=18-00-42=18.0116, now 18.0116×2.5=45.02 Ghati and Pala, now adding 3 =48.02 approx=49, now dividing by 7=49/7=remainder 0 or 7 being odd hence Negative.                                                                 

4. Calculate the Asc. at the time of question and place the planets as per transit and answer as per the lagnesh and karyesh relation .The important thing in this calculation is as follows .Find out the difference of the question time and Sun -rise time and query time, add 1 and divide by 2=x. Now count the figure x arrived from the sign of Sun transitted by Sun that day at 5.30 am.                              

5. Now once the chart has been made the relation of Lagnesh and Karyesh can be established .An experienced astrologer can reach all these figures in   almost 80-85% and then can predict.                                                                                                               

6.Another method of Muhurat can also be applied on the above parameters arrived called Panchaka Rahita Viddhi.  Take the example of the article 5.     

Prashna asked by a friend  on the 20th May 2012 18-25 hrs New Delhi regarding Green card  lost             

1.  Lagna is Libra  a moveble sign at 27.36 degrees in the nakshtra of  Jupiter. Lagna is aspected by benefic Mercury at exact degrees. Mercury is also at 27.36 degrees.——- +ive for the prashna.                                                                                                                                                            2. Jupiter the nak. lord of the Lagna is placed in the 8th house at 00.47 degrees and since shifted in the 8th house very recently , the date 17th May 2012 , attains importance.—– This is indicating that the query is for a lost article. Jupiter is also in a fixed sign.                                         


3. Moon is Exh. and also placed in the 8th house at oo.57 degrees.—–again confirming the query pertaining to article lost. Since Moon Exh. The article lost is Expensive and carries weight.                                                                                                                                                        

4. Moon has Poorna ithasala with Jupiter, the 6th lord and placed in the 8th house again confirming the query of article lost. Involvement of Jupiter confirms that the article is not stolen, and ismisplaced.                                                                                                                               

5. Lagna is Libra and  Saturn or Mars  placed in the 7th house or owner of the 7th house is a query of item lost.                                                                                                                                      

6.Lagna Lord orthe 7th lord posited in the 3,6,8,12 houses, prashna relateds to missing article.                                                                                                                         

7. Mars or Saturn placed in the 3,6,8,12 houses and lagna is libra, then query pertains to missing article, since there is involvement of Jupiter with Lagna Lord and Saturn , the article is misplaced  and not stolen.

8. Lagna is Flower ,  Moon is the seed ,  Relevant house is the taste and Navamsha is the fruit . Lagna is in paap kartari yoga, Moon in the 8th house, &th house has Mercury aspecting lagna at degrees, clearly indicates the article is a document which is connecting to the 9th house and 12th house and is the Green card lost. Navamsha is of Gemini a dual sign and Venus the Lagna Lord if D1 is Deblitated and is with 8th and 9th lord Saturn. In D9 moon and jupiter again in the 8th house . Hence the possibility of getting the lost item is not favourable.                                                                                                                         

Let us  do the analysis after knowing th above facts if the document can be found out and other parameters relating to the querist.                                                                                                   

9. The Query is with 3 days of the Annual Solar eclipse which took place on the 21st May 2012.——– Failure of Prashna.                                                                                                                              

10. Fast Prashna method  using Ghati and pal at the time of the event  Supposing it is Ax2.5=some figure and adding 3 and rounding off to the nearest digit and the didviding by 7, if the remainder is odd negative and if even then Positive for the query.——  here it is negative for the Prashna.                                                                                 

11. The question asked on the day of Amavasya——–Negative for the query.                                    

12. Lagna Lord in the 8th house  in D1 and in D9 deblitated.——-Negative for the query.                                                                                                                                

13. Dates which are important are 16thMay, 17th May and 20th May 2012 , since there was movement of planets Saturn, Jupiter and Moon.  This also confirms that some help would have been taken from Police, since 8th lord and 10th lord are together.  This also confirms the article is misplaced and not stolen.                                                                                                            

14.  2 and 7th Lordin 11th house and in a fixed sign , the article is misplaced and with in the places where the querist had placed. Mars is vargottam. It is the strongest planet as a kendra Lord, the article is misplaced by a person who is male, since duranal sign is rising in lagna the item is misplaed during the day.                                                                                                                  

15. According to Dreshkanne, the article is misplaced by male who is fond of gems and Jewellery. Since the 3rd D3 is rising in the Lagna the article may be at the back portion of the house, the place they had placed the article, sice the 7th lord in fixed sign it at the places the querist had placed.                                                                                                                                      

16.  As per position of Sun the age of the person misplaed the article is around  48 years .                                                                                                                                    

17. Where the article is Kept. From the rising sign, in Market place, article is lying in the Bunglow of a beautiful women richly decorated with clothes and gems. Hence at the natives house it self.  Mercury is placed in the 7th house and signifies north direction. The article can be lying with gems/Jewellery in a Box etc.                                                                                                                                          

18.  There is no ithasal of the lagna lord and the 7th lord, hence recovery is doubltful.                                                                                                                                

19.  Snap shot method  lagna in movable, Moon and sun in fixed signs .——Disaggrements, loss ,buisness and happiness.                                                                                                                        

20 . Gulika with Saturn, stoppage of important works.                                                                  

21.  About the querist Name of the person may be starting from MA.  The person will be tall and having long neck

Most amazing part is the Native is tall with long neck lives in a bunglow and his wife is beautiful and the documents have been misplaced by her . She had kept the documents along with the Jewellery box in the locker, now not traceable.3.. Prashna  asked by a  friend.  What will happen ? I have seen a lizard on my bed on the bedroom . The Query was asked on the 8th May 2012 around 13-58 hrs.  Delhi .                                                                                                                                          

I immediately drew a chart for Sagitarius Lagna with all planetary configurations and longitudes at that time as below.                                                    

The actual Lagna was Leo at the time of the question

Why I drew a Sagitarius lagna chart was due to the following reasons.                            

1. Lizard is signified by Rahu.                                                                                             

2. Rahu on that day was transitting in Scorpio, hence since 12th house is Bedroom and being Scorpio sign because of Rahu transitting there , I made the chart of Sagitarius Lagna. I observed the following Parameters.                                                                               

1. Mars influencing Rahu in the 12th house by degree aspect almost. Mars at 12.52 and Rahu at 11.03 degrees.                                                                                                       

2. Mars aspecting 3,4 and 12th house from the 9th house and also Deb. Moon placed in the 12th house, who is about to change sign and come in Lagna. Moon indicating some event concerning the 12th house.                                                          

3. Saturn a slow moving planet to come back in Virgo on the 16th May  2012 and aspect the 12th house and Rahu and being the 3rd Lord also aspecting the 4th house after shifting.                                                                                                                                         

4. Saturn influencing Mercury, Sun and Jupiter the Lagna Lord , shall aspect Rahu as well after 16th May 2012.                                                                                   

5. Moon and Venus aspecting each other in Rahu-Ketu axis .Moon  25.14 and Venus 28.58 degrees.                                                                                                    

6.Opening Dasha of Mercury-Rahu-Mercury.                                                                  

I gave the following Predictions.                                                                                       

You will very soon after Saturn shifting to Virgo on the 16th May 2012,  Sun and Jupiter on the 15th May and 17th May 2012  respectively shifting to Taurus , will have to shift your Country for Career related activities.   Mercury is 10th lord MD/PD and  AD Rahu placed in the 12th house and its dispositor aspecting the concerned  houses as explained above for shifting.                                                                                

Exact Timing of the event   Lagnesh  Jupiter and Karyesh Mercury meeting in Taurus degree at 1 degree on the  21st May 2012     or when Moon transit over Saturn  and the 10th house on the 1st June 2012.                                                                  

The Lady  informed me on the 1st June 2012, that she has to come to India from S.Africa    to join a Govt. Job. She was on long leave and because of her husband posting abroad. Now if she does not join now she will lose the VRS benefits  . She was also waiting for her husbands result of his interview for Delhi, for which he had applied . Her husband got the results on the 1st June 2012 when Moon was over Saturn and the 10th house  ,  Saturn is the main slow moving planet which gave me a signal that she will have to shift the country for her Career.  Another point in the chart  Jupiter the Lagna Lord the querist shifting sign from Aries to Taurus indicated that the native will come alone to India. Using Pya Milan principle Lagna Lord separating from 7th Lord Mercury. Jupiter is slow moving planet hence indicates a change. The spouse did not get transfer to India. My prediction was almost 100%.                                                                                                               

Prashna Chart  8th May 2012 at the actual time  13.58 hrs. Delhi

4. Some interesting episode which lovers of astrology would like to read.                                                                                                                              

On the  10th June 2012  I had gone to my brother in law house for a satyanarayan puja . He had invited all his near and dear for the prayers. After the puja and dinner around 8.25 pm. One of my sister in law close friend (My salis close friend knowing that I was learning astrology for some 6-7 years ) asked me how accurate is astrology science ? I told her I will give you some predictions without looking at the charts and even your Date of birth is not required for the time being. I did not even see the Prashna chart.——————– What I knew about her.——————————————————————-                             

1. She was a brilliant student and cleared IAS and was in the Customs Deptt. —

2. She went to US in the last 9 months for her sons addmission in a very prestige college for music, where the fees is in tonnes and un imaginable.———

3. There was an appreciable age difference between her and her husband.I did not know her birth details . I only guessed that since she is close friend of my sister in law, she must be around her age and may be 1959 born roughly.———-

4. Her husband went in some surgery and was a life and death question , which he survived. Some 4 to 5 years back.——————————————————

5. Some 6-7 years back she was transfered on deputation to another deppt.———-My Predictions which I told her.——————————————————–

1. She was running the dasha of Venus or a planet with Venus and the dasha started somewhere 12-18 months back or will start in 12-18 months from now pertaining to Venus specially.                                                                                         

2. If Venus dasha has to start in 2011/2012 roughly, she has to have Moon in Gemini,Libra or in Aquarius. I will give the reasons. If she completed Ketu 7yrs+Mercury 17yrs yrs.+Saturn 19yrs+about 9 yrs of Jupiter= 53yrs completed in 2012. Moon has to be as follows Jupiter dasha is 16yrs, since 16 yrs =800 minutes , therefore 9 yrs of Jupiter=800/16 x9=450 minutes=450/60=7.5 degrees, hence Moon is 7.5_3.33 degrees of the next sign in 4,8,12 rashis=4.17 hence the degrees of Moon =30-4.17=25.83=25 degrees and 49 minutes, it is in 8th Navamsha and hence is Exhaltedin D9.                                                                    

All this I did on a piece of Paper. 5.I told her she is having Venus in the 9th house/10th house more so in the 10th house and Exh. , and Venus has to be the Lord of 5th and 12th house , that means Gemini Lagna and most probably, Moon in Lagna/9th house because of her looks. She has to be Feb+ one month born for this hence between 24th Feb. to 14th March 1959 born and time of birth to be between 1.30 to 3.30 Pm. This was on the placement of Sun , since she is an IAS officer the Sun has to be placed well and some connection of the 9th and 10th lord with it. I roughly drew her chart in my mind and told her she will have more long journey foreign travels to meet her son or even otherwise for excursion. She will have a transfer back to her parent deptt. when Venus -Sun dasha will start in couple of years. ———————————————She was amazed at my predictions , which I made in just about 10 minutes or so. She confirmed what ever I said was almost 90% true. She gave her birth details as follows 9-3-1959 13-30 PM Delhi . See her horoscope as below. See the degrees of Moon what i have calculated and the actual , 23.21 actual and my calculation 25.49. Moon is exh. in D9. Most interesting thing which I noticed was the Moon on that day was in Aquarius in transit. The female also has moon in Aquarius and so do I. Astrology is more of mathematics and actually how we apply.

4. PRASHNA an Experience                                                                                                                          

I was away for Dinner on Monday 25th June 2012  and came late night and opened my mailbox at 23.30 hrs.I was waiting for some information and saw a mail from a facebook friend from US. I  immediately  made a Prashna chart and looking at the adverse planetary combinations and some untoward happening for her Father on the 4th July early Morning.                                             

I  sent a mail back  Hello, Thanks !. I wanted to start  the analysis but, shastras say when planetary slow moving planet in adverse condition , then donot start the Prediction. Saturn is Stationary till 29th June 2012. Other planetary positions also adverse till 3rd July. I will start for the analysis after  3rd  July  2012 . Please bear with me . Thanks anil aggarwala.

Here in the Presentation I am trying to lay emphasis that we should see the Prashna chart in a comprehensive manner as we see the birth chart . The query was for the Business and Profession  and I could also predict correctly for the father demise. PD of the  birth chart did not show the father death as per the Dasha. I could also correct the horoscope with the help of this Prediction and the event later .

Now see the    Msg from the client on 4th Morning  8.30 hrs.  Anilji,  just wanted to let you know that i lost my dad today. I am heading to India tomorrow.                                                                                                                   

I did the analysis for Career also, but not included here.Prashna chart 25th June 2012 23-30 hrs.

1. Day Monday – 2   Moon gains special dimension                                                                                                            

2.Tithi SP-7                                                                                                                          

3. Nakshatra  Poorva Phulgani- 11.   Lord is Venus                                                                             

4. Lagna Aquarius-11   Lord Saturn                                                                                                         

Total of the above =2+7+11+11=31. Now dividing by 9 , the Remainder is 4 which is Raja Panchakam and bad for the Muhurat for Prediction is not good as per Panchak Rahita Viddhi.   –Negative                                                                                                           

5.   Karna  Gara          Positive                                                                                                 

6.   D9  Navamsha at Junction point , since Lagna is 23.51  Venus placed in it  Negative                                                                                                                                 

7. Fast Prashna Method     Sun Rise time is  5-29-18 Hrs and Query time is 23-30, therefore 23-30_5-59-18=18-00-42=18.0116, now 18.0116×2.5=45.02 Ghati and Pala, now adding 3 =48.02 approx=49, now dividing by 7=49/7=remainder 0 or 7 being odd hence Negative .                                                                                                    

8.Gulika   Not in Lagna   Sagitarius 29.03 degrees Positive                                                                                                                            

9. Hora Lord Difference in time of the Query from the Sun rise is 18.0116 and the difference in the Sun Set and Sun Rise is 13.49.09=13.818 in decimals/12=1.151, now the time difference is 18.0116/1.1515=15.6418 =16th Hora=Saturn, now 1.1515/3=0.3838, hence Hora Lord Saturn 2nd part.   Saturn is Stationary on 25th June 2012 . Strong Negative  more so it is also the Lagna Lord in the 8th house                                                                                          

This indicates the sickness of a family person and worries on account of health of family members. Also relates to financial difficulties .  Mars the 10th lord and the Arudha Lagna Lord  placed with Saturn, but in the house of a benefic.                                                                                              

10. Snap Shot Method  Lagna  Fixed, Sun in Dual and Moon in Fixed—- Result happiness success and gains  after troubles                                                                                              

11. Longitude of Sun  70.31 therefore 360.00_ 70.31=289.29=289.48 in decimals/13.33=21.71 .Hence 22 that is Shravan  nakshatra. Now counting from this nak. Rohini nak., nak. Chitra that of Saturn Lagna Lord   and Venus 9th Lord  in inauspicious, nakshatra     Negative   Saturn and Venus acquire a negative dimension                                                                                                                 

12. The most crucial point in the horoscope is Saturn  Lagna Lord and Hora lord is stationary,fallen  in 8th house afflicting  Mars the Arudha Lagna Lord , and  Saturn in inauspicious nak. from Sun. Mars and Saturn in the 8th house is again a very crucial point in the Prashan chart and is a query of life and Death.  Strong Negative                                                                                                 

13.Rahu-Ketu in forward motion in the 10th house and the 2nd from 10th house  being marak sthan for father and aspected by Stationary Saturn from 8th house and 12th from 9th house and with Mars the 10th and the 3rd lord of the chart being Marak for father.                                                                                                           

14.Lagna in Mrityu Bhag  Strong Negative.   Lagna in 8th navamsha, and at 23.51 degrees and in the nak. of Jupiter, placed in the 4th house in very close degrees with Rahu-Ketu and both coming towards each other Ketu 10.38 and Jupiter 9.05 degrees Jupiter is 2nd and 11th Lord—– Negative    .                                                                                                                                         

15.  Moon in the Query chart is  in the 8th house of Birth chart and 12th from Moon Rashi of Birth chart—— Negative                                                                          

15.    Arudha Lagna not  aspected by benefics, but aspected by own Lord  The Aruda Lagna Lord Mars with Saturn. Result Negative                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

16. The Navamsha rising is Fixed and the 4th house of the Prashna chart  which is the 8th house from the 9th house of Father not good for Father.                                                                             

17.   Sun is in Gemini. Therefore Lagna Aquarius is Adhomukh, downward looking but in 8th Navamsha , hence the worst will be over soon since only 2 navamsha left to be completed for the prashna chart.                                                                                                                                    

18.  Moon in Poorva Phalguni   nak. and aspecting the Lagna at very close degrees at 22.46. Moon is also 6th Lord   showing the connection of Rog, Rin and Ripu. Moon has entered in the 7th house on the 24th June 2012  Aggravation of the problems .                                                                                                                                  

19.  Lagna is a biped sign and shirshodaya ,Relative will face problems dependent on the Querist.                                                                                                     

20.Each Muhurat is of 48 minutes, The Prashna is after Sun Set hence the Muhurat is at 23.30-19.18.27 ( Query time –Sun Set time)=4.11.33=251.55 minutes now dividing by 48=5.24 , hence 6th Muhurat , this is inauspicious at night  . 21.The opening dasha is    Venus-Saturn _Venus-Rahu. All the Dasha Lords are malefic as per above analysis. Mars is marak for father being the 3rd and 10th lord .Jupiter and Ketu very close degrees not good specially when Jupiter is a benefic and Lord of 2nd and 11th and karka for Dhan.  Mars and Saturn placed in the 8th house in the 12th from 9th house.—Hence problem to Father and Buisness  Strong negative                                                                                                                                                                            21. Out of the Saptvargaya  D1,D2,D3,D7,D9,D12 and D30 charts D1 and D12 were in malefic vargas of Saturn and Mars repectively .Rest were in benefic vargas. I could see the following in D12

things .9th  House /Lord  Libra sign and Venus of the Prashna chart in the 12th house along with Karka Sun Deblitated. 3rd lord for the Longevity of the Parents Saturn in Rahu-Ketu axis .  This varga chart is clearly showing an event pertaining to the 9th house and Father. Trishamsha Lord of the 6th Lord Moon is Mercury and that of Mercury is Mercury, hence Mercury also acquires a special dimension for inauspicious influence in the chart. Mercury and Venus have ithasala Mercury is 8th Lord and Venus 9th lord .Venus is also in Retrograde motion not good. Mercury is 5.32 and Venus the 9th and the 4th lord 13.31, both coming towards each other difference 13.31-5.32=almost 8 degrees, hence 8days after the query date there could be untoward happening=3rd July 23.30 Hrs. for the 9th house significations since 9th lord placed in the 8th from 9th house and Saturn also aspecting Sun karka for father.Hence after 3rd July 23.30 hrs the period could be bad. Here Mercury is Malefic being 8th lord and placed in a movable sign will take days .                                                                                                                          

22.The Query was asked at 23.30 hrs on 25th June  and since Venus was to be stationary for some time on the 26th June and then direct on the 27th June 2012 is important parameter since it is the yogkarka for this chart.   Negative .                

Shows some untoward event for the 9th house since Saturn also aspecting the Sun karka for father. Sun also has ishraaf yoga with marak Mars . Mars 1.58 and Sun 10.31 difference =8.33=8 days 7 hours and 55 minutes substracting this time from query time the father of the native could have had some serious problems it to the Query time 25th June 2012 23.30 hrs=17th June 2012 15.35 hrs  This time becomes critical for the father of the native.  Now see the mail received by me              

Msg from the client on 4th Morning  8.30 hrs.  Anilji, 

Just wanted to let you know that i lost my dad today. I am heading to India tomorrow. 

The father of the native died on the 4th July 2012  Morning  around the same time .                                                                                                                             .                                                                                                                                     

23.  Problem to Father because of following Reasons .                                                               

a).  Stationay Saturn aspecting Sun in the 5th house the shooksham sthan of the 9th house.                                                                                                                                                    

b).   Dispositor of Sun  Mercuryplaced in the 6th house and is 8th lord also showing some chronocity,There could be problems of heart for father.                                        

c).   9th Lord Venus gone in the 8th from itself the 9th house and in Rahu-Ketu axis  and Retrograde approaching Ketu .In some time from Prashna time will be stationary and then Direct, hence some event being signified for the father.                      

d.)  Rahu Moving forward in the 10th house and 2nd house Marak for father from 9th house and aspected by Stationary Saturn from 8th house and 12tth from 9th house. Saturn with Mars the 3rd and 10th lord strong marak for the father  and also the dispositor of Rahu in the 8th house.                                                                        

e.)  9th house of the birth chart of the querist has become the  8th house in Prashna chart and having Mars and Saturn. Query of Life and Death                                                                                                                          

f.)  9th Lord  Venus in   D1 with malefic Ketu  and in D12  9H/L in 12 house with Deb. Sun  .                                                                                                                            

g.)   Lagna Lord , Hora Lord Saturn, Arudha Lord  Mars and Arudha Navamsha Lord  Saturn placed in the 8th house of Prashna chart                                                                                                                                   

24. Nak. lord of Moon is Venus and also has very close ithasala with Rahu-Ketu Venus R and coming towards Ketu and with in 3 degrees in a fixed sign  . Venus and Mercury have Ithasala together with Ketu the difference is 13.31-5.31=8 degrees   Mercury is 5th and 8th lord and Venus is the 9th and 4th lord yoga karka. 9th lord is placed in the 8th house from it self indicating a problem in the 9th house and Father. Sun is also aspected by Stationary Saturn, which is extremely bad . Mercury and Venus have future ithasal and shows an event . pertaining to father on the 4th Jul 2012 Morning , since 8 adding in the 25th June 2012 23.30 hrs  . Moon in Libra navamsha hence future will be good   after completion of the 2 navamshs left . Indicates fresh cloths and benefit from women .                                                                                                                           

26.As per Navamsha method   2 navamsha have passed from the date of query and the death of the father of the native.and is about 8 days plus .Hence 7 navamsha before the date of query the father of the native would have become serious, now 2 Navamsha are completed in 8 days plus therefore 9 navamsha will be completed in 36 days to 40 days. Therefore the date when the natives father would have become serious will be  24th-May 2012                                                                                                                                     

27. The onset of Disease  to father is when a planet from the 6th house shifts to the 7th house  . Mars shifted from the 6th house to the 7th house on the 30th Oct 2012, hence this date acquires importance. Counting  from the nakshatra   of lagna to the nakshatra of Moon P. Bhadrapad to P. Phalguni is 14, now counting from moon nakshatra 14, the nakshatra is shatbisha . Moon was in Shat bisha nak. on the 4th Nov. 2011. Hence the onset of disease was 4th Nov 2011 , Saturn then was in Virgo and 28.44 degrees , same as at the time of the query and the day when the Father of the native expired. Venus was at 9 degrees and now Ketu and Rahu at those degrees Venus was in Scorpio  then with Mercury at 9 degrees. Since Mars was there in the 7th house for a long time the disease could be a serious one. 6th  Moon in fixed sign  duration of the disease a long one. Moon shifted in Leo on the 22nd June and the same day mars shifted from the 7th house to the 8th house  of Life and death. Mars signifies  diseases of blood, fever due to bile, blood pressure, leprosy, sours, wounds , ulcer,elipesy, poison and wounds.Sun signifies heart . hence the father of the native could have heart problems as well.                                                                                                                        

The Prediction for the Buisness and Career I have not included here although there will be some relief after 4th August and 14th august 2012 when Both Saturn and mars shift to the 9th house  specifically when Mars reaches the scorpio sign on the 28th Sept. 2012 and then when Saturn Transits Scorpio on the 4th Nov. 2014, there will be betterment in Buisness.

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