Jaimini Chara Dasha - My Approach Part 1 K.N. Rao

Jaimini Chara Dasha – My Approach Part 1 K.N. Rao

Lost in wilderness, shrouded in the ambiguity of aphorism and interpreted in arbitrary fashion by astrologers with genuine to fraudulent claims, Jaimini astrology will continue to baffle astrologers for many more decades. What then should be the approach of an astrologer in genuine search of working and workable Jaimini methods tormented me, as it must have many astrologers. I therefore evolved a seven step approach


First step      Each astrologer wanting to make Jaimini astrology his predictive tool must first read whatever books are available, most of them in translations.

My Findings: Karakas

The first problem was to decide when to use seven karakas and when eight. It was not a ticklish problem at all as if all planets are calculated upto seconds, there never was a clash between two planets contesting for the position of a karaka. Try it and see if I am right. I solved this problem easily.

Meaning of Karakas: my original research

I studied whatever was available on Jaimini and collected a huge library and found that no one, even the most respected Krishna Mishra or Neelakantha even hinted at how these Karakas were to be used. It was like someone telling me that he lived in Bombay but never gave his address. It shocked me totally and sometimes I felt that either it was hidden or these great and famous commentators never understood their uses. Then, B.Suryanarain Rao, B.V.Raman, P.S.Sastry or Iranganti Rancharya who wrote articles in the Astrological Magazine never even pointed out or produced any research to show how these karakas were to be used. I took a bold decision to do it myself, a task which had never been done before by anyone.

Rule of harmony

Then as in law, so in astrology follow the principle of harmony in the interpretation of karakas. I reasoned out myself and came with a workable method which has turned to be a very effective tool for prediction. I have shown it through various examples for twenty-six years now in 2010 and will show many more in this article.

In Parashara you have the first house and its lord for self so that should be the Atmakaraka a planet with the highest degrees.

In Parashara you have the third house and its lord for siblings etc so that should be the Bhatrikaraka. So that should be a planet with the third highest degrees.

In Parashara you have the fourth house and its lord for mother and home etc so that should be the Matrikaraka. So that should be a planet with the fourth highest degrees.

In Parashara you have the fifth house for education, children, mantra etc. So the fifth karaka must be Putrakaraka. So that should be a planet with the fifth highest degrees.

In Parashara you have the sixth house and its lord for enemies, diseases etc and so it should be the Gnathikaraka.So that should be a planet with the sixth highest degrees.

In Parashara you have the seventh house and its lord for spouse etc and so it should be the Darakaka. So that should be a planet with the lowest degrees.

What about Amatyakaraka then ?

What about the second karaka then ?

It is Amatyakaraka which means a courtier or an important man in the court of a king in the days of monarchy. So in our days it should mean an important man and by extension your own importance. Is it a hint about career I wondered and proceeded with this assumption with my research and got amazing results as I will show.

What about a karaka for father ?

The problem is easily solved if you use Bhatrikaraka and Sun for father and Bhatrikaraka and Mars for siblings as has been ashown   shown in some books on Jaimini. Here we must remember that sthirakarakas must always be considered in Jaimini astrology.


The abbreviations I used then were AK, AmK, BK, MK.PK.GK. and DK.

I then combined sthirakakas like Sun for father, Moon for mother etc.


For padas I decided not to use any exception and got excellent results which I will show partially in this article or a later article.

Second step 

Whatever the translators say must never be accepted blindly. Remember that most of the translators are Sanskrit scholars but not distinguished astrologers or successful predictors. We are grateful to them for making available many manuscripts but we must become cautious when it comes to their what I call “ shloka mauling and sutra chopping” boast.

My Finding

Manoj Pathak a teacher of astrology in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, decided to do a research on Parashara’s Chakra dasha and found that out of eight different translations of available Parashara texts, no astrologer knew how to compute it. The translation they gave never gave any accurate results. He has solved the problem amazingly now. He and his students have been giving brilliant readings based on Chakra dasha. Soon they are going to come out with an amazing book.

Through experience you will know when and how to ignore these translators or even commentators (though there is none really who can be called a commentator of these books)  and then getting enmeshed in a confusion, seek a way out of it with lot of struggle if you persist with your research.

Third step

Test whatever has been understood on the well known events of your own life on your chart and on those of your family members or friends whose life events are known to you with correct events and correct dates.

My Finding

The results I got were amazing and brilliant and it is the experience of my students also.     

Fourth step  Now try it on the well known horoscopes of famous people and test the validity of your understanding on the horoscopes of yours and of your relation and  friends which you have done earlier.

My Finding

It is what I am going to show in this article.

Fifth step

Do not bring in fanciful theories which are not mentioned in any translation of Jaimini like the CHAR KARAKA SUBSTITUTION which is a fanciful, if also fraudulent, theory being circulated now.

My Finding

Reject totally what is not given either in Jaimini sutras or in the Jaimini portion in Parashara text otherwise you will walk into a cave where you will suffer astrological suffocation.

Sixth step

Wherever your testing necessitates it, modify with reasons the translation of Jaimini texts remembering that most of these translators were and are only Sanskrit scholars and not sucessful predictors because of which they may have misinterpreted or even wrongly translated some shlokas and sutras.

My Finding

It is a risk you take but not rashly or with fraudulent claim that you have learnt it from some secret tradition which can be dubious and fraudulent.  Claiming to be belonging to a secret tradition is marketing.

You must prove it and replicate it over a period of many years as I have done before publishing my research. Your aim must be to contribute something for understanding the changed and changing times through astrology and reject  or modify whatever has agricultural and pastoral connotation when these books of astrology were written.

Seventh step Without losing respect for Krishna Mishra or Neelakantha, the famous commentators on Jaimini sutras, keep in mind that their own understanding or interpretation may be incomplete or even wrong.   

My Finding

I will refer to it later and not in this article. After laying the seven step approach let me explain how I proceeded in interpreting Jaimini astrology within my own limitations.

 I took a bold decision to do it myself, a task which had never been done before by anyone.


I must explain that I had been giving excellent predictions through Vimshottari dasha and vargas which late Shehadri mentioned in his books but which I popularised on a large scale.

But I had to use Chara dasha and many other dashas of Jaimini out of sheer necessity and demand.

The reasons are:

  1. During my service career I was posted in Shillong (1962-63) when I met many Bengalis who had lost their birth horoscopes when they were fleeing from what then was East Pakistan.

2) Then I had two postings in Calcutta (1967 to 1969 and again from 1975 to 1978 when again I met many Bengalis who had lost their birth horoscopes when they were fleeing from what then was East Pakistan.

3) From 1978 till my retirement in 1990, I met many Punjabis and Haryanvis and Delhites who were either refugees who had lost their horoscopes while fleeing from west Pakistan at the time of the partition of India in 1947 or had Arya Samaj background and never got their horoscopes prepared.

When they felt the need to have astrological readings, some of  them came to me and I found out that if I fixed their lagnas properly on the basis of the scanty information they provided, without fixing the degrees of the lagna, I could give them helpful predictions on the basis of Chara dasha and seven, and only seven karakas.

I also found that being a government officer with ten to five office hours, I was always short of time and I needed accurate Vimshottari dasha after correcting the birth time which is wrong in ninety percent times.

I solved my problem by heavily relying on Chara dasha and Karakas and double checked it with Vimshottari dasha without using vargas in most cases and gave good predictions though some went wrong awfully also.

In those cases where I had accurate horoscopes, I used both dashas and even some conditional dashas on which I did lot of research but have left it to my colleagues in the  Astrology Faculty of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. In these cases I invariably used divisional charts most of which,(leaving some) I have revealed in my books.

Keeping this background in the mind follow my discussion of the horoscopes under ECMCD or  education, career, marriage , children and death.

Follow my line of reasoning by preparing charts in which all birth horososcopes are           1)       Marked with karakas.
          2)       Mark the Karakamsha (KL) along with the Atmakaraka also in the lagna.
          3)       Mark the putrakaraka (PK)
          4)      Mark the darakaraka and also the darakaraka navamsha in the birth horoscope. (DKN) and note the dual use I make of it for marriage and also death.
          5)       Mark the upapada in the birth horoscope.       

Computing the Chara dasha periods

In calculating the periods I neither add one extra year for exalted planet nor deduct one extra for debilitated period for the following reasons:

1) Since there are only twelve rashis, so the maximum dasha period can be of twelve years only. If Mercury is at two degrees in Kanya,by adding one year to full twelve year period it will become thirteen.

2)If Jupiter is at two degrees in Makara, for the Dhanu period the period will be zero which appears absurd to me as no rashi can have zero period. Additionally, Dhanu periods are known for rise and fall, sudden events and even tragedies. If in a horoscope there is a zero year for it, some important events cannot be seen at all is my experience.

3) In timing events in horoscopes which have exalted and debilitated planets as in the case of Queen Elizabeth II and Chandrasekhar the former prime minister of India, I will show how following my method, timing of events becomes accurate.

I and my students have followed this method and have given many successful predictions with timing becoming accurate.

The illustrative horoscopes being used here are of those famous persons who life events are historically documented and the horoscopes used have correct lagnas though the degrees of the lagna may be debatable. But in using Chara dasha that is not a handicap.

NOTE : I use the Karakamsha lagna in the birth horoscope for many good reasons which are sound. I will explain it.

If all karakas are used in navamsha it is called Swamsha.

It is the tradition followed in many parts of northern India and gives excellent results.

See a sutra for example:

Shukrendo Shukradrishe rasavadi 

Meaning that if Venus is in Karakamsha lagna and is aspected by Moon, he will become a dealer in medicines etc.

(Suresh Ch, Mishra Jaimini Sutram of Ranjan Publications, 1989 edition in Hindi)

Anyone in the world with Moon and Venus in the same degrees as Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka in the birth horoscope will also have them in navamsha and they all will become dealers in medicines.

If you judge it from Karakamsha in lagna it may give a different meaning and lot of flexibility is available for interpretation. It is why traditionally, north Indian astrologers put Karakamsha in the birth horoscope and judge the results.

If you blend the results from Karakamsha in lagna and Karakamsha in Swamsha (meaning all karakas put in navamsha as south Indian astrologers do) you get better results.

Special Point

Finally, no writer on Jaimini has talked of Darakaraka as both giver of spouse and also death. Death should ofcourse be predicted after finding out the span of life which is a tough  task and should be approached through many techniques combined in a harmonious scheme and technique.    


Birth of sibling  Birth of her only sibling Margaret or Countess of Snowdon

Princess Margaret was born on 21 Aug 1930 in Scorpio-Simha with BK Venus aspecting the third house from Simha and in dreshkona  where Venus is in the third house from Simha.

Marriage She was married on 20 November 1947. Karka -Mesha- Vrischika which has darakaraka.

Cancer is the seventh house from her lagna and is aspected by DK Saturn and also has DKN.In the navamsha lagna there is DKN in Karka while the pratyantara dasha of Vrischika has DK Saturn.

Birth of children

  1. Prince Charles 14 Nov 1948

Elizabeth gave birth to her first child, Prince Charles, on 14 November 1948,( Karka- Meena which has PK).

From Karka the fifth house receives the aspect of Jupiter the sthira Putrakaraka. In Saptamsha Mercury the PK is in the fifth house aspecting the natural PK Jupiter. 

2.Princess Anne  15 Aug 1950                 
A second child, Princess Anne, was born on 15 Aug 1950. Again in Karka but Makar antardasha which is aspected by PK Mercury in the Saptamsha.

3.Prince Edwards was born on 19 Feb 1960 in  Mithuna mahadasha which is aspected by Mercury (PK) and Kumbha antardasha from where the fifth house has the aspect of PK. He must have entered his mother’s womb in the antardasha of Meena which has PK.

  1. Edward Mountbatten-Windsor was born on 10 March 1964

It was Mithuna mahadasha aspected by PK and Simha antardasha from where the fifth house Dhanu is aspected by PK.

I have discussed these events in my book Planets and Children using Vimshottari dasha and the double transit of Jupiter and Saturn.
Proclaimed Queen  “On 6 February 1952, they had just returned to Sagana Lodge, about 100 miles (160 km) north of Nairobi, after a night spent at Treetops Hotel when word arrived of the death of Elizabeth’s father. “
It was  Makar Dhanu Kumbha dashas with BK  aspected by Sun natural significaor for father.

Note: How BK combined with Sun the natural significator for father shows the event of her father’s death. There is no need for an eighth karaka as some softwares have and have confused many lovers of Jaimini astrology.
She was proclaimed the new queen as both AK and Amk aspect the tenth from Kumbha.
She and the Duke of Edinburgh moved into Buckingham Palace. Fourth house is aspected by both AK and AmK in the same dasha.

Coronation 2 June 1953

It was Karka mahadasha from where AK and Amk  aspect the eleventh house and Tula antardasha with both Atmakaraka in the fourth house of raj simhasana or the royal throne and Dhanu antardasha which is the rashi of rise and fall and from Dhanu the ninth house of dignity gets aspected by both Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka.

A bad year

In 1992, which Elizabeth termed her annus horribilis, meaning horrible year, two of her sons separated, her daughter divorced, and a severe fire destroyed part of Windsor Castle. Revelations on the state of her eldest son Charles’s marriage continued, and he divorced in 1996. “ (from the internet)

It was the period of Kumbha-Dhanu which is aspected by PK and from where the seventh house has Rahu.

In the Saptamsha,(Karka lagna) Dhanu antardasha is the sixth house. It is worse as the PK is in the twelfth house (Vrischika twelfth from Dhanu) DK and GK are in the sixth house showing trouble to her children making it a horrible year for her.


How I make use of different vargas and the researched Chara dasha along with exalted and debilitated planet is shown in the riskiest prediction of my life given to a former prime minister of India ,Chandrasekhar. It has been mentioned in the biography of Chandrasekhar of the late Hiralal Chaubey with a mention of how I corrected the lagna itself of Chandrasekar and predicted his rise to the post of the prime minister of India. It is given also in my website www.journalofastrology.com (see Articles)



29 July 2007, 3:45 AM

The late Hiralal Chaubey, a noted Hindi journalist, had revised his biography of Chandrasekhar, the former prime minister of India, before his own death.

Today, 8 July 2007, Chandrasekhar died in Apollo hospital in the dasha of Venus, a maraka for Mesha lagna.

Hiralal had promised to present me a copy of the revised bioAgraphy because he had mentioned the prediction I had given to Chandrasekhar of his becoming the prime minister at a very crucial time in his career when Chaubey had taken me to him in August 1990. But he died and I could not get the copy of the revised biography of Chandrasekhar.

A friend presented a copy of it in 2006 and there is mentioned clearly with my name, the prediction I had given to him in the presence of many people in August 1990 that he would become the prime minister of India for a brief spell that year itself replacing V.P.Singh who was looked upon as a menace because of his notorious Mandal politics. It was the policy of implementation of a poorly investigated, fudged and manipulated report on reservations for the other backward classes of India, the notorious report of B.P. Mandal.

How can this happen in the mahadasha of debilitated Mercury was the question of some astrologers sitting in the large gathering at the place of Chandrasekhar who loved to have a gathering of people around him always. I had insisted that it would happen in the mahadasha of Mercury and the antardasha of Moon very suddenly. In Jaimini it would be the mahadasha of Kumbha and the antardashas of Simha. In transit, Jupiter would be in Karka then and Saturn in Dhanu. was Rajiv Gandhi who was killed on 21 May 1991. ……It was easy to double check the prediction I had given to Chandrasekhar with Chara dasha where from Kumbha, his Amatyakaraka, Saturn would be in the tenth house.

Chandrasekhar became the prime minister in November of that year (1990) and fell after seven months.

I have to explain why I took the risk of giving the prediction so openly, the first and the last time ever, in an open durbar of Chandrasekhar.

Hiralal Chaubey, himself an astrologer, had given to him Mithuna lagna with which I had not agreed. After verifying the life events of Chandrasekhar, I had given him Mesha lagna, last navamsha and given to him what to date is my riskiest prediction. Not arguing with me, Hiralal took me to Chandrasekhar and asked me to tell about my prediction.


Why had I changed the lagna of Chandrasekhar from Mithuna given by Hiralal Chaubey (see page 269 CHANDRASEKHAR ek lambe safar ki kahani VINDHYACHAL PRAKASHAN B 19- Gulmohar Park, Delhi 110049) to Mesha was the question I had to answers later and some of them in the presence of Chandrasekhar.

Let me deal with it partly in a question-answer method.

I:You are the eldest child of your parents or the first child of your mother.

Chandrasekhar I am not the first child of my father but am the first of my mother. My father married twice.

2.You have studied political science, sociology but part of your education got interrupted.

Chandrasekhar I studied both and later I could not complete my PhD because I got involved in politics.

3.Between 1975 and 1977 did you yourself take a decision to leave the Congress party or were expelled ?

Chandrasekhar Expelled.

I gave my prediction to him thus: Astrologically you could not have risen to the high post of the prime minister in 1989 though, it was said that Biju Patnaik had hatched a conspiracy to propose the name of Devi Lal, the senior most among you all.

Chandrasekhar had looked at me with poker face without showing whether he believed me or not. There ended the meeting. 

Discussion with others was on the following lines.

A person who started his career like an intrepid socialist failed to rise higher because Indira Gandhi did everything to ruin his career. This is well explained by the presence of the tenth lord in the eighth house and the eighth lord aspecting the tenth house.

It was the period of Saturn Mars that he suffered the worst disaster of his political career. Here Mars in the eighth house of dashamansha confirms the reading available from the birth horoscope.

It started in the period of Tula-Kanya in Chara dasha with Amk in the third house and AK in the sixth and two malefics in the tenth house.

He did become the prime minister in November 1990 and it was a rather ludicrous situation, depending on the mercy of Rajiv Gandhi to whose disgrace it will be always said that on flimsiest ground he withdrew the support of his party to the government of Chandrasekhar in which he had less than sixty men of his own !


Mesha        1927 to 1929

Vrisha        1929 to 1941

Mithuna    1941 to 1950

Note: I have made no extra deduction for debilitated Mercury.

Karka          1950 to 1959

Simha         1959 to 1963

Note: I have made no extra addition for exalted Sun.

Kanya         1963 to 1969

Note: I have made no extra deduction for debilitated Mercury again.

Tula            1969 to 1976

Vrischika   1976 to  1983

Dhanu        1983 to  1985

Makara       1985 to  1987

Kumbha     1987 to  1995

Meena        1995 to  1996

Second cycle of Chara dasha

Mesha        1996 to 1998

Vrisha        1998 to 2010


The addition I am making now is to show his death through the method I am discussing consistently. I am also showing why I do not make extra addition for exalted planets and extra deduction for debilitated planets.

He died in July 2007 in Vrisha which is aspected by Moon Darakaraka which is the dual use of DK as researched by me and the antardasha of Karka which is sixth from the Atmakaraka Jupiter in Kumbha. The pratyantara dasha was of Mesha from where Darakaraka is in the seventh and is aspected by AK. Mesha is also aspected by AK.

In Vimshottari it was Ven-Ven Moon marakas in many ways.

RAJIV GANDHI –events of life at a glance

Birth of sibling

Birth of Sanjay 14 Dec 1946 Simha which has BK Moon along with so many other karakas, in the antardasha of Vrischika from where the third house is aspected by BK. His younger brother Sanjay Gandhi was born.

Death of Sanjay Gandhi

In Makar-Simha-Karka (15 June 1980 to 2 July 1980) his brother Sanjay Gandhi died in an air accident. From Makar which has DKN, BK Moon is in the eighth house. Simha has BK and in dreshkona from Karka BK Moon is in the sixth Dhanu the rashi of accidents. Karka is the eighth house from Karakamsha which is Dhanu.

Note: Remember, it is safer to use pratyantara dasha in the relevant varga chart.


Went to UK for studies in 1961 in Tula-Meena and Kumbha. From Tula fifth house gets aspected by Rahu showing a technical education.

From Meena it is again Rahu in the fifth house.

From Kumbha the fifth house it is Saturn in the fifth house aspected by Mars showing technical education which is engineering in this case. But from Tula the fifth house does not show good education in this period and Rajiv could not get any degree.

Love affair and marriage

“In the January of 1965, he met Italian Antonia Maino in Varsity restaurant in Cambridge.”

It was Tula Karka. From Karka there is Ketu with DKN in the seventh house. It is a foreign girl with whom he fell in love.

Marriage 25 Feb 1968 in Vrischik Karka and Vrisha.

 Vrischika is aspected by DKN.

From Karka DKN is in the seventh house.

From Vrisha the seventh house receives the aspect of DKN

Birth of Rahul Gandhi 19 June 1970 Dhanu Tula Makar. Dhanu is the fifth house of the birth horoscope,Tula is aspected by PK Jupiter and for finer timing see the saptamsha where

from Makar the fifth house is aspected by PK Jupiter.

Birth of Priyanka Wadhera 12 Jan 1972 Dhanu which is the fifth house, Simha which has PK Jupiter and Mesha from where PK is in the fifth house. In Saptamsha from Mesha PK Jupiter aspects the fifth house.

Mother killed

Prime Minister after mother’s death 1984 Oct

In Kumbha Meena Karka his mother was killed.

Saturn MK is aspected by Mars who is also DK  in the eighth house from Kumbha.  In the birth horoscope Meena shows MK Saturn in the fourth house aspected by Mars which is DK and that is the dual use of DK here. Karka is the eighth house from Karakamsha which is Dhanu.

In dwadashamsha, from Karka, the natural significator Moon falls in the eighth house.  In Makar-Simha-Karka his brother had died and now in Kumbha Meena Karka his mother was killed.

Prime Minister

But from Karka pratyantara dasha, AK Mercury, Amk Venus and the remaining three other karakas aspect the tenth house and he was sworn in as prime minister by president Zail Singh.

Killed 21 May1991 in Kumbha-Makar-Vrischika he was killed.

From Kumbha DKN aspects the seventh house.

Makar antardasha has DKN and  remember the dual use of DK and DKN. Vrischika is aspected by DKN.

In August 1990, I shared with readers of the Times of Astrology, an astrological journal, my research in the most difficult dasha in astrology, the Kaal Chakra dasha.

With Jaimini’s Chara dasha, as I am the first ever astrologer to show how predictions can be made, so too with the Kaal Chakra dasha I had done that. To illustrate, I had taken Rajiv Gandhi’s horoscope and had discussed it ten months before Rajiv’s death. After the death of Rajiv Gandhi, newspaper men thought with their usual ignorance that no astrologer had predicted this tragic event. Then a very decent journalist of the Times of India, Vandana Mandlekar, contacted me and after examining all the evidences, wrote in the Times of India, June 6, 1991) the following :

“In all fairness sample these hints… K.N. Rao analysing Rajiv Gandhi’s horoscope in the August 1990 issue of the Times of Astrology wrote:

“The Pisces-Sagittarius period (June 6, 1990 to August 20, 1991) is a period of Simhavlokan, a period of total change in his political style of functioning… a time of risks and dangerous dare-devilry, a cataclysmic change which can be both fatal and spectacular”. Rao emphasises that he had detected a primary maraka indicating death) in the June 1990 to August 1991 period.

Then why did Rao word it so cautiously in his interview to another magazine in April? (“There will be attempts on the lives of big leaders” is all he said). He did not want to invite the provisions of the Anti-Terrorist Act, he explains.

The Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act ironically passed by the Rajiv Gandhi government in 1987, has become the proverbial aunt Sally for astrologers now. The act, for the first time, lumped stargazers with terrorists to declare that action would be taken against whoever “predicts, prophesises or pronounces or otherwise expresses, in such manner as to incite, advise, suggest or prompt, the killing or the destruction of any persons bound by oath under the Constitution…”

Thus, an astrologer predicting Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination would have been liable to a minimum of seven years’ imprisonment.

– The Times of India

Rajiv Gandhi’s death was seen by me by applying some other dashas of Jaimini (the Sthira dasha, particularly), and also the Vimshottari dasha. But the application of the Vimshottari dasha was purely classical, not the extension of the Atmakaraka of Jaimini to the Vimshottari.

mahatma gandhi

impressions of Gandhi ? You might well ask for someone’s impressions of the Himalayas.

George Bernard Shaw 

Mahatma Gandhiji’s life is well documented yet the information available about his sons is scanty. Let some known events be traced through Chara Dasha.

Tula dasha (1869 to 1881) was spent in primary education but those being days of child marriages, talk of his marriage also began in this period as Darakaraka, Mercury is in the lagna, Tula,  upapada is in Vrischika  and DKN is aspecting Vriscika.Vrischik period was to begin at the age of thirteen next.

Vrischika (1881 to 1892)

He was married in this period at the age of thirteen (date of marriage is not known) as both DKN and Upapada are here. Upapada being the pada of the twelfth lord, he went to London for studies and studied law as is clear as the PK Saturn is aspected by Jupiter, the planet of law. In the dasha of Vrischika aspected by dharma guru Jupiter and AK from the ninth house, he discovered in England the richness of the Indian scriptures and from them on made the Bhagvat Gita as the source of his greatest inspiration in life. He studied all religions but the presence of Rahu in the ninth house with his AK had adverse influence and

“He returned from England in 1891 very much a “brown sahib.”

It being a rashi which contained his PK he also became the father of four sons whose dates of birth with dasha can be seen here.

Father’s death

The family faced severe economic problems after Karamchand’s death in 1885. It was Vrischika Karka period. Karka has Atmakaraka which is period of changes and troubles and has GK Sun also the natural significator for father aspecting the ninth house from here.


Hiralal Gandhi 1888 Vrischik  has PK Saturn and is aspected by PK, natural putrakaraka, Jupiter. In the antardasha of Mesha which has has the aspect of PK Mahatma’s first son was born.

Manilal Gandhi 1892  In Dhanu from where the fifth house is aspected by PK and in the antaradasha of Vrischika has PK, his second son was born

Ramdas Gandhi 1898 In Makara and antaradasha of Mesha which has the aspect of PK his third son was born. Makara is aspected by PK.

Devadas Gandhi 1900 in Kumbha-Vrisha or Mithuna his last son was born. In Saptamsha, Mithuna is aspected by PK.

Dhanu period 1892 to 1896)

From Dhanu Amatyakaraka is aspecting the twelfth house along with Atmakaraka and Rahu. But he had struggled for a career as the Amatyakaraka is in the sixth house from Vrischika.  Soon the dasha was to change. The aspect of Rahu brought help from the Muslim friends who had South African connections. 

From Dhanu there is Gnathikaraka, Sun in the tenth house and Gandhiji’s struggles with racist Englishmen who had thrown him out of a first class railway compartment became history and the great turning point of his career including his imprisonments in South Africa. From Dhanu, the third house of struggles and valour, receives the aspects of so many karakas, AK.Amk,BK,MK and DK. This led to satyagraha as his weapon of fight against the white men, first in South Africa and later in India.

Makar Period (1896 to 1898)

The struggles continued in this period with Gnathikaraka,Sun, aspecting the third house from here, Meena.

Kumbha (1898 to 1905)

His struggles, writings, imprisonments caught wide international attention. The tenth house receives the aspect of AK and Amk and the Gandhiji the world came to know was now a formidable personality. This was a period of intense introspection with so many karakas aspecting it.The somnolent yogi in him was rising to assert and the young Mohandas who had eaten non vegetarian food, stolen cigarette stubs, stolen money was full of remorse. The close degrees of Mars and Venus in his lagna without the admonishing presence of GK had let to uncontrolled sexual passion in his early youth. The fifth house of pratyahara was now blossoming transforming the “sinning” Mohandas into a Mahatma.

Meena period from 1905 to 1916

With Jupiter the planet of dharma and Amatyakaraka and Atmakaraka Moon both aspecting the ninth house he took Brahmacharya and had no sex and also began to emerge on the national scene as the successor to the great leaders preceding him, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, C.R.Das and Gopal Krishna Gokhale. He was becoming India’s political dharma guru and got world fame with satya and ahimsa as the weapons of struggle in the fight for India’s freedom.

Towards the end of this dasha he decided to come back to India and fight for freedom with his satyagraha and ahimsa his two famous weapons and bamboozle western people for whom he had now developed an attitude which is expressed thus: Mahatma Gandhi was once asked what he thought of the Western civilization.

He said he ‘thought it was a good idea’.

Meena is a moksha rashi and its dasha shaped Mohandas Karamchanda into the Mahatma the world knows of.

Mesha (1916 to 1922)

This rashi contains his Amatyakaraka and Gandhiji had become an amatya among Indian politicians in the truest sense of the term.

“Gandhiji and Kasturba arrived in India and were given a welcome they had not anticipated. Gandhiji was not aware that his reputation had preceded him. He became a national leader on arrival. Gopalkrishna Gokhale, Gandhiji’s political mentor in India, advised Gandhiji to spend a year traveling around India learning about the problems and making contact with the people. After his travels, he started an ashram at Bochraj in Gujarat and later was induced to visit Champaran in Bihar. The emissary of the poor and exploited peasants of Champaran was so persistent that Gandhiji could not refuse him. When Gandhiji went there and saw the conditions, he was shocked beyond belief and launched a legal campaign that forced the British farmers to abandon their exploitation and give relief to the peasants. It was his first significant and major victory in India achieved through non-violence. This incidence catapulted Gandhiji to the national scene. (From the internet)

Vrisha (1922 to 1927) See how many Karakas including AK and Amk are aspecting the tenth house from here. Mahatma Gandhi had become so powerful a mass leader that Louis Fisher an American journalist had written in his Inside Asia  that the  British rulers were not realising that Mahatma Gandhi had become so powerful that he had only to shake a finger for the British Indian empire to collapse.

Mithuna (1927 to 1931)

Mahatma Gandhi has moulded out of common clay so many leaders and had become an unchallenged leader of leaders but Gnathikaraka aspecting the tenth house from here created from this period onwards so many opponents openly in Mohd Ali Jinnah and his Muslim League and turncoats like Mohd Iqbal the song writer whose  Sare Jahan se accha Hindustan Hamara is a national song. Iqbal had now become a proponent of Pakistan.
Karka (1931 to 1943)

The rashi dasha which contains Atmarakara is a period of intense tribulations, challenges, rise and fall, glory and failure and all that is recent history with the divison of the country becoming inevitable.

Notable here among so many great events is the year 1942 Quit India Movement started on 9 August. In Karka Simha with Rahu, Mars, Venus, Moon, Mercury aspecting the tenth house, the struggle for freedom of India was at its peak, leaders in jail and the British army was getting annihilated by Hitler’s armies led by the brilliant general Rommel.

Simha (1943 to 1954)

Notice Darakaraka from Tula and DKN from Makara aspecting this house.                

 Kasturba Gandhi died on 22 Feb 1944 In the mahadasha of Simha which is aspected both by DK Mercury and DKN in Makara.

India was partitioned in the antardasha of Makara with so many karakas including Mars in the tenth house from here accompanied by worst communal riots between Hindus and Muslims and the greatest mass migration in human history.

And worst of all in Simha which is aspected both by DK and DKN, antardasha of Makara which has DKN and the pratyantara dasha of Mesha which has DK in the seventh house, the Father of the Nation was shot dead.

I was a teenager then, and when the news reached us my father fainted. We fasted that night, weeping. I saw him, served him a volunteer in Sewagram where my father covered his tours as a journalist for twenty two newspapers of the world. The light had gone out–that light which had shone on the nation with a spiritual effulgence which can rarely be believed my modern generation of Indians. Let me end this piece by quoting Albert Einstein.  

Albert Einstein said

Generation to come , it may be, will scarce believe that such one as this ever in flesh and blood, walked upon this earth.

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