Jupiter Hampered by Babubhai N. Yodh and B.D. Vaghela

Jupiter Hampered by Babubhai N. Yodh and B.D. Vaghela

It is a common principle observed in Vedic Astrology that whenever Sun transits through Sagittarius and Pisces, this period of Sun transit is not considered auspicious period for marriage. Similarly when Jupiter transits through Leo, it is also not considered favourable period for marriage. So combining above astrological principles, it is clear that transit of Jupiter in the sign of Sun and transit of Sun in the sign of Jupiter are not prosperous for happy married life. When Jupiter is in conjunction with Sun, Jupiter gets combust and this period of transit also affects marriage life of a person.

Above astrological principles indicate the rule of combustion. Whenever above mentioned transits are observed, Jupiter gets combust and good qualities of Jupiter are extinct and do not remain effective. Beneficial qualities of Jupiter are subdued in presence of Sun. Jupiter represents family life, honesty, prestige, virtue, development, devotion, progeny, education, wisdom etc. So when Jupiter is in state of combustion under influence of Sun, these qualities of Jupiter remain inside and do not shine out properly and become ineffective in the life of a person. These qualities of Jupiter are very essential for happy and prosperous married life of a native and therefore auspicious period for marriage is not preferred when Jupiter is under influence of Sun as mentioned above.

These principles are partially observed by all astrologers while considering auspicious period for marriage. This principle is true because beneficial quality of Jupiter is essential for marital life of a native. But practically it is observed that relationship of Jupiter and Sun as mentioned above is not found so negative and harmful as it is observed in principle.  But in experience it is observed that good quality of Jupiter is badly hampered by North Node.

Jupiter is the highest beneficial planet and North Node is considered the most malicious planet. Jupiter represents religion, devotion, virtue, truth, honesty, family life, straight forwardness etc. while North Node characteristic is totally contrary to quality of Jupiter shown above. Jupiter’s influence is in subjective world and spiritual matter while North Node’s influence is in objective world and materialistic matter. Effect of North Node is unpredictable and gives illusive results relating to sign in which it is placed and to planet which becomes lord of this sign.

Readers are requested to refer our article in Saptarishis Astrology Volume -7 on page 806 of December-2009 regarding effect of Nodes.

North Node represents the planet which is owner of sign in which North Node is placed. Sagittarius and Pisces are unfavourable signs for North Node. North Node in these signs gives peculiar results relating to natural characteristic of Jupiter. If North Node is placed in these signs it gives highly unfavourable results of Jupiter because in that case North Node represents

Jupiter. Therefore, if North Node is placed in unfavourable signs i.e. in signs of Jupiter, it spoils the natural quality and characteristic of Jupiter.

In this article, we will study the influence of North Node when it is placed in Sagittarius and Pisces with reference to marital happiness and family life. So when North Node is places in the signs of Jupiter, it disturbs and hampers marital happiness and family life of a person.

The periods of transit of North Node in the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces are shown below.

 Transit of North Node in Sagittarius:

  1. June-1935 to January 1937
  2. February 1954 to August 1955
  3. September 1972 to March 1974
  4. April 1991 to November 1992

Transit of North Node in Pisces:

  1. November 1930 to May- 1932
  2. June 1949 to December-1950
  3. January 1968 to July 1969
  4. September 1986 to March 1988

Many complications and difficulties have been observed in married and family life of persons who are borne during above period. There is no marriage in life; delayed marriage and hurdle in married life is observed. We request all not to take only the above Rahu in Sg, Pi as the sole factor to predict on the quality of marriage as one has to look at several other factors and planets before coming to a conclusion, the above technique is just a reminder for us to double check marriage in charts when Rahu is in Sg or Pi.

For clarification of this principle, following birth charts are given


Native : Female

Date of Birth : 18-02-1954

Time of Birth : 17 H  30 M

Place of Birth : Padra (Baroda-Gujarat)

Latitude : 22° N 18’

Longitude : 73 ° E  18’

image 2b

In the above chart, Ascendant is in Cancer. North Node is in Sagittarius and placed in sixth house. Native had love marriage in 1975 and married against willingness of her parent. Her husband has no regular income and always harassing her in small matters. Often, she was beaten up by her husband. Though her father is a very rich man, she could not get any help from him because she did not take consent for her marriage.

She is good looking, smart and well-spoken, even though she had to suffer for ten years in marriage life. After that she became independent in earning by home decoration activities and commission in land transaction. She became independent to maintain her husband and two children. Her husband has to depend on her and has to follow her because of no earning.

She is not happy with marital life and her family life also disturbed. Her husband is totally dishonest person. He is addict to a habit of tobacco and wine. In order to fulfill his bad habit, he used to steal money of his wife. Finally, she decided to leave her own house and live separately from her husband with her two baby girls.

Some persons supported her and gave her land to establish organization for service of animals in 1996 and at present she lives in and runs the organization very well and devoted her life for services of pet animals.


Native : Female

Date of Birth : 26-04-1969

Time of Birth : 17 H  15 M

Place of Birth : Mumbai (Dadar)

Latitude : 19° N   01’

longitude : 72° E   51’


In the above chart, Ascendant is in Virgo and North Node is in Pisces & placed in seventh house. She graduated with Masters Degree in arts. Then after two years, she got degree in journalism. She is a good dancer and first class journalist. She wanted to marry but she could not get right person. Many persons came across her for marriage, but they were not faithful and cheated her and broke the promise of marriage. So, she became very much frustrated for marriage life.

Finally in the year 2008, (39 years) it was decided to marry a person living in Canada. They met several times and they both agreed to marry also. Her parents had fixed date of marriage and invitation cards were also printed. But at last moment, she did not foresee happy married life with this person and she denied for marriage. Till to day she is unmarried.


Native : Male

Date of Birth : 25-06-1949

Time of Birth : 16 H  18 M

Place of Birth : Baroda (Gujarat)

Latitude : 22° N 18’

longitude : 73 ° E  12’


In the above chart, Ascendant is in Libra and North Node is in Pisces & placed in sixth house. He has got master degree of arts. He married in 1975 with an ordinary and uneducated girl. He is only son of his parents and very obedient. They lived in joint family with his father and mother. Being an obedient son, he has to follow parent’s liking in all the matters. Parents were very much orthodox in nature and living style. Native did not earn sufficiently and has to depend on parent and follow all instructions from them.

He was in Jyoti Industry in 1994, but industry did not prosper well. Therefore he did not get more salary and he had to leave the job. He was nice person, but they could not live harmoniously due to less earning, disturbance from his parent, financial limitations, want of comforts and no other entertainment except family living. Moreover he has two sons to maintain and to look after their education and needs. In this state of living, it was unbearable for him to continue living with his father. At this stage, native separated from his parent and lived in rented house with his family.

His wife was very unhappy with this orthodox atmosphere. It was not possible for her to adjust with this type of living. Native could not satisfied his wife’s willingness and also could not provide any entertainment and  comforts in her life. Whatever native was earning, it was not sufficient to maintain his family. Even with this type of situation, his wife tried to adjust herself with the family for fifteen years. After all she because rebellious and use to quarrel with her husband. She did not agree to any matter of her husband. In such circumstances, she found small job of teacher so that she need not depend on her husband and became independent. She used to act according to her free will and she started to live separately from her husband and till now they are living separately.


Native : Male

Date of Birth : 25-02-1950

Time of Birth : 00 H  10 M

Place of Birth : Nadiad (Gujarat)

Latitude : 22° N 41’

longitude : 73 ° E  54’


In the above chart, Ascendant is in Libra and North Node is in Pisces and placed in sixth house. Native is only matriculate and could not complete higher education. He married in the year 1982 and got engaged in service in factory as a laborer. Due to hard work in factory, he left service of factory and joined ordinary service with insufficient earning.

After marriage, they lived in very old house of his grandfather without any facilities. His wife had to suffer many difficulties due to financial limitations and inconvenient residential facility. Earning was not sufficient for livelihood. She could not bear these difficulties of daily routine life and result was that she suffered with high blood pressure. She could not get any medical remedy due to financial shortage and as a result she died of heart attack. She had no issue.

Native could not marry thereafter and living life very ordinarily in dissatisfied condition.

Malicious effect of North Node related with Jupiter as mentioned above in marital happiness and family life depends on situation of Jupiter in the horoscope of a native. As per astrological rule, Jupiter is the best benefic out of all the planets. So, if Jupiter aspects any house, all matters related to that house are protected from any impediments. Generally it is observed that if seventh house is aspected by Jupiter by remaining in first, third and eleventh house in the horoscope, the seventh house is protected.

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