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Marriage and 7th House by Hari Bhatt

Marriage and 7th House by Hari Bhatt

In Indian tradition marriage is a ritual.

Marriage is not a union of 2 bodies but a union of 2 souls.

Marriage is just not a meet of Bodies but souls &difficult.

In humanity the most important of all relation is married life calling pain, aims, lucky.

The way this relation is different, are same way it is unpredictable. There are many examples of marriage. Though being the way of life but its rituals are rooted below.

Be it in a church,. Temple, mosqe, we keep God, as the witness, marriage kazimullah, or priest, and gain blessings, this itself gives the significance to this act being marriage.

In an Hindu wedding holding of both hands together by the bride & groom is not a gift given to each other but union of 2 souls, thinking together &their existence as one. To get Lost in an ocean of  Love.

Raj kavi nandlal has said: marriage a growth of life step to words Heaven. Path to words Humanity A Godly step wife makes a one husband promises.

This promise to each other is marriage.

Marriages is sacrifice, it is hell, heaven happiness &sadness, friendship, security, scare population, Destruction, mukti, commitment promise, insults, thunder &lightening Love Hatred institution, tradition & sanskar many people have deferent meanings, for these words, their understandings are limited &hence the ideal married life does not happen, not that understand.

Marriage are selected in Heaven’ but broken here an earth. Today the institution is breaking.

Today there are divorces &disputes, is there any solution, and seems ‘No’

If on a shelf there are vessels kept on &if they bang with each other making noise we do not break the shelf.

Same way if arguments do happen between couples we cannot take it to the end point.

Institution of marriage is created for sustenance.

Marriage is union by sexual relationship bet man &wife, to have children who in turn project the customs norms of life.

We namely call wife as Dharm patni since she will be safeguarding the Dharm &not sexual patni.

Marriage is of 8 types:

Marriage is natural, but the institution of marriage is an danger, since it is controlled &governed by humans.

It is like abhimanyu is chakrayuha the one who comes out Victoria is the winner union of two souls by two bodies but still there are many reasons for it to be successful, unsuccessful, boring, & happy.

A women has to understand more in a marriage understanding is very important & is one cant then they should separate &or mot marry at all but the result is very sad situations.

For a woman today things are changing &hence a lot freedom  challenges, situation changing &hence an locations do change he was whereas man is the same as before 50 years back.

The new role of a woman is difficult for the man is accept where he is accepting her earnings but not her states professionally &change of her role hence to make the modern day marriage a success, the ,man has to change.

The meaning of marriage in sanskrit is unity with clarity.

Sex is an important part in marriage but there are couples who are still married even with the absence of it.

This is because of the Indian woman.

To save her marriage she is ready to do &sacrifice anything.

One could see small needs of mans &woman man gives love for sex, woman gives sex to gain love .

The feeling of your &mine should be sacrificial &ours should be implemented.

Animals also make love, but there is a difference.

They have sex seasonal, whereas humans have through out the years, hence one should follow principles.

Marriage &sex are not illegal, it is not bad, but a lifeline

For  Indian  society  marriage in a sanskar.

To love somebody is not just a strong feeling.

It is a decision a judgment a promise “as rightly said”

 Marriage is the beginning of coupled life whose base .

Standing on 4 wheels:-Love sacrifice, belief, &trust these all should function together.

Understanding &help could lead to a happy marriage.

The pillars of which stand on belief  & trust.

Missing of any one in either man or wife could lead to the breakage of this foundation.

As rightly said by  the  great poet shri suresh Dalal “To laugh in the drawing room and to bark in the bedroom”.

Now let’s look in to Astrology in marriage to make it happy or sad. The rahu in the kundali &the calculations in it are important.

Bad doings of your past life offer us in this life, &good doings of past a affect in this fife.

To love married life at the age of 21 for a boy & 18 for a girl is considered is our culture.

For any persons kundli Lagna means 1st year counted as a 5th house is 5th year, 10th house means 10th year way it is in same house for 12 years after which Lagna means new cycles of starts.

After which the 13 years starts.

10th house means completing 21 years &starting of 22nd year.

Inspiration for man to do karm, business to take responsibility will start after completion pf his 21 year of age where he is more maturity &could take in responsibility.

For a woman completion of 18th year &to begin the 19th in 6th Bhaavi &she will enter 7th Bhaav so that she can have sexual life.

Government has allotted 21years for man &18 years for woman.

To see happiness &sadness in marriage &why do we need the 7th sthaan (place) .

From the above understanding of union of souls &bodies is a vetal part of marriage.

Ina janmakundali 1st sthaan means my self &7th sthaan is counted my counter part.

In a mans kundli 7th sthaan is effects the woman. Woman s kundali 7th sthaan affects the man.

In a  kaalpurushs kundali. 1st sthaan means udit Lagna Rahi is mesh, &its swami is mangal. And now this mangal is energy, speed, force to get inspiration to do work grow , & fight news battles if this mangal is kept alone, is will create, Lighting thunder, destruction &nobody can stop it.

To get rid of mangal our old saint &astrologist said lagna is Rashi which fights is thla &whose boss in shukra, which is stree karak Grah is been used is get involved. To dissolve the power of mangal shukra is used & tula is scales which balances it fascinates opposite person by its sex life & attraction &beauty.

7th sthaan is the most peaceful of all sthaans and is the sthaan of suryast  so if any disturbances happen the Tula Rashi (scales) balances the act.

If shukra is given the elements of water it gets the power to extinguish the fire of mangal, & can contest it.

The rays of 7th sthaan in kundali. Falls on 1st house where shukra overtakes mangal.

Shukra & mangal both can’t stay without each other, son the combination of shukra & mangal is married life is given more importance.

Is astrology to see happiness &sadness of married life 7th house is given more importance?

Mangal +shukra means kundali s 1st &7th house =marriage life.

In olden times our parents used to decide our marriage, as time changed the trends of marriage have changed.

Love marriages have become common.

The balance of shukra has in created day by day. Haircuts, styles, fashion, way of life have changed.

New generation see faults in each other, they have forgo. Flen the word  Adjustment. &work on egos

“Home becomes a miniature hell”. Now days for Love marriage Astrologers are concentrating on 5th house.

  Why Love marriage is kept in 5th sthaan?.

Boy &girl meet in schools, colleges, work place, they get to know each other.

The Love friendship in the initial stage, they meet for movies, coffee & get involved with each other, &speed their day develop relation of Love &they plan to marriage.

When friendship is converted in to marriage at that stage 7th house is been operated by 11th house in which 5th house is involved.

Chances of getting married early :

We have noticed that certain people get married early & some late.

Appropriate age for man is 21-25 according to today day & age. Consideration of this age society norms decision needs to be taken woman 18 years -22 years.

Chances of getting married early according to the janmakundali are the following:

  1. In the kundali when Lagna &nearly that means 2nd &12th house or 7th house & next to it that is 6th &8th house where the shukra grahas are not associated with paap graha, than that person gets married fast.
  2. When lagnesh comes with shukra, or saptmesh with Kendra trikon than marriage can happen fast.
  3. saptmesh uchno is stronger or Navmansh kundali becomes stronger (Balwan) then marriage can happen fact.
  4. In Navmansh kundali to see happiness, Astrologers have said.

When Navmansh lagnesh in the kundlis Kendra or trianghe(Trikon) house, marriage can happen fast.

  1. association of Chandra &saptamesh with shani does not happen then the marriage happens fact;
  2. Shukra is shani house but lagna makarl kumbh is coming then.
  3. Boss in the 2nd sthaan, counter part in 7th sthaan if is happens in Kendra or trikon then….
  4. lagnesh with saptanesh, changes with shukra yog then……….
  5. If saptmesh comes in a guru or shukras association then.
  6. If saptamesh, guru with ketu then ……………………
  7. Association of Lagnesh & saptamesh, pratham Bhav L(effect) till saptambhav & if Lagnesh or saptamesh is powerful then……….
  8. 7th sthaan –saptamesh –lagnesh –chandra paappidit (If not ) then ………
  9. Reason of shukra being powerful in married life my personal feeling & opinion is –Reason of if shukra is getting stronger then.
  10. If saptamesh comes in 5th house then…..
  11. If Lagnesh in 7th house & saptamesh changes in Lagna yog then ………………..
  12. Union of Lagnesh &saptamesh in shubha sthaan …
  13. The speed of saptamesh is fast then.
  14. Saptamesh & Lagnesh & shukra both have come near then….
  15. If saptamesh comes is association with unch shukra then…
  16. Guru with Chandra in lagna in 5th , 10th &11th Bhaav then…..

Chances of getting married late:

  1. Lagna or 7th Bhaav or even near is paapgraha coming can cause delay in marriage.
  2. Surya, shani – mangal –Rahu –Ketu these paapgrahas coming together can………
  3. Saptamesh in 6-8-12th houses, treubled with paapgrah, associated or even Dhrustircon……………
  4. In 7th sthaan 6-8-12 sthaans maalik (owner) has come can……
  5. Saptamesh becomes Neech, can ………
  6. Lagna, 7th & 12th sthaan if all these come in paapgrah, can……..
  7. Mangal dosh kundali, can
  8. If saptamesh is vakri ( ) or if anyone in 7th sthaan in vakri, can………
  9. If saptamesh comes in 2nd bhaav (effect) can….
  10. Owner (swami) of shukra & 7th sthaan comes in a Drusti of shani, can ………
  11. If shani is in 7th or Drusti of shani in 7th or on saptamesh.
  12. Lagna, Lagnesh, saptan, saptamesh and shukra &alls in steady Raahi can…………

Chances of marriage not happening:

  1. saptambhaav, saptamesh & saptamdarak all paapgraha are getting suffered than marriage does not happen.
  2. Lagna or 7th of Neech rashis shani –Neech Rashis Guru or associtation/ disassociation to wards of Rahu in Lagna or 7th house effects gets married & divorces or leads life alone.
  3. Shani plays a very important role in Lagna yog. If in the kundli, shani has come in the 7th house with Chandra & if shubha Grahs are not overseeing it then marriage does not happen.
  4. Also if shani becomes saptmesh & comes in 12th house & no shubh yog along with any other Grahas yog, one does not get married becomes.
  5. Harshal in 7th & Neechno then one dojes not get married.
  6. The owner of 7th house is paap piddit, 6/8s other half union in 7th then one does not get married.
  7. The owner of all 3 -6-8-12, comes in 7th house then…..
  8. In Lagna, in 7th house, in 12th house if paapgrahas come then……
  9. If shukra & mangal it is of Neschno or fazing out weak, or paap Grah suffered ( piddit) then ……..
  10. Shreen Chandra with 7th shani comes in paap Rashi & no shubh grahs association with 7th ……………………………
  11. Surya Relation of shani with 7th house then …………………

       When could one have at Happy marriage:

  1. Saptamesh with shukra becoming shubh & strong &comes in profitable sthaan (Labhdayak) then married life becomes peofitable &happy.
  2. The main head (owner) of 7th 9th house goes through changes than ………………..
  3. Saptamesh Kendra /Trikon (tringle) shubh Dhristi is powerful then……………..
  4. If Lagnesh & saptamesh becomes friends & both kundlis have shubh yog & not paapiddit then …………………
  5. When saptamesh is stronger & in 7/8 shubh grahas have come if shubh yog is falling in 7th houses then……………….
  6. When saptmesh &shukra are are of oonch Rashi heaving, &7th house &no papa sambandh then……….
  7. One & same Rashi is birth Lagna (janmalagna) &Chandra fall for both man &wife is same then………………..
  8. Saptam – saptamesh &shukra all get associated with shubh grahas & no paapiddit then………………..
  9. 7th Gurus Rashi have come &if guru is seeing & no paapgrahs have any relation with that Rashi or Guru then…………….
  10. Lagnesh & saptamesh have shubh (Navpancham yog) with shubh grahas & paap Grahas are not sufferingj then……………..
  11. Over all both man & wifes kundalis from 7th Bahaav 28 or more points are matching arrived then………………….

      When could one have a Bad marriage:

  1. Lagna, happiness & mangal in 7th house –shani-Rahu –ketu like grahas & grahas like shukra is unfriendly or unlucky, then one can have a bad marriage………………………..
  2. Mangal or Rahu like grahas come in 7th house then………………………..
  3. Opposite to shukra is shani that effect can make a sadful marriage……………………….
  4. Saptamesh or shukra becomes saptmesh & comes in 12th house & paapgrahas are suffering, then………………………….
  5. Lagnesh & saptamesh s sadashtak yog, is suffering from paapgrah &then could lead to divorce.
  6. Guru shukra ( sinhast) that means coming in sinh Rashi, then…………………
  7. If saptamesh becomes one my of Lagnesh then……………
  8. In 7th house if vaksi Graha comes, then ……………..
  9. From shukra the Guru 6-8-12 then……………………………..
  10. Association of shukra with ketu, then………………….
  11. Saptamesh would keep relation with 6th or 6th owner, then…………….
  12. If there is mangal dosh &one opposite person does not have the same dosh then…………………….
  13. If shani –mangal –Rahu –ketu come in 6-7-8 bhaav then would spoil the marriage……………………..
  14. Together Ashtamesh in Lagna, vyaesh, 7th & karak shukra, with vakri Budh, then…………………..
  15. Saptmesh 6th or owner of 6th together with in any Bhaav connected that woman is counted as the debtor (Lendal), would suffer the marriage…….
  16. Overall both man & wife s kundali has Less than 28 points then would spoil the marriage…………………

Pl Note: Bad marriage, suffering-means out of the couple one would suffer tremendo us ill gealth, separation, Divorce; (vaidavy) all these are included,

Chances of marriage (yog);

  1. Lagnesh +saptamesh +labhastris 1+7+11)Rashi – ansh –kala –total of all. The Rashi Ansh which comes kala over or from these trikons Gochas Guru passea by then chances of marriage arise.
  2. Of Lagnesh s N akshatra pati s Rashi- Ansh – on kalamas saptameshs Naksatra pati s Rashi ansh –kala to add. The rashi- Ansh – kala which comes on it or from its Kendra 90/270s Guru Gochar passea by then chances of  marriage arite.
  3. Gochars shani – Guru is Dhristi:-
  4. Lagna or 7th house over if it is falling.
  5. Lagna or saptamesh over if it is falling.
  6. Lagna or saptamesh over if it is falling.
  7. Lagnesh or 7th house over if it is falling then within 15 years that persons marriage surely Lappens.
  8. Gocha is Gurl shukra & Rahu lets see –
  9. from 7th house gocha is guru – shukra & Rahu even if passing or seeing then marriage happene.
  10. Saptamadhipati Go chars Guru – shukra- & rahu s dhristi falling then marriage happens . union or Look (Dristi ) or association.
  11. Guru – shukra – & Rashis with saptamesh –then in that year marriage happens .
  12. Persons rashi & its offer on Chandra from 5-7-9 rashi & gochar Chandra marriage when in that year that marriage day – becomes powerful for hast melop.
  13. Over janm(Births) ketu, Guru passes that time ,marriage happns.
  14. Chandrakala Nadi =follow priciples as below

Dare shansh trikonsh Gochare Devpuje .

Daresh Bhavatvev karkasya falam Bhavate!! From when saptamesh is Navmansh, that Navmansh & its. Trikon & karak ( strees shukra) Graha that Navmanshan would from Navmanshan Guru Brahman then streelabh happen that means Lagna happens.

  1. From shukras 7th house swami (owner) in Gochar when guru passes or sees (Duristi) then in that year it self persons (male) marriage.
  2. In the janmakundali 7th houses or in Lagna a slow moving Graha like, shani , Guru, o- becomes vairi & Gochar this graha becomes vakri that time marriage happens or yog.
  3. Kaalchandrasha over jeevkarak graha from its reaction when guru parses then yog for marriage happens.
  4. From your janm Nakshatra, the 10th Nakshatra& 19th, Nakshatra which comes , & when over that &Guru / shani grahas pass then marriage happins.
  5. Kaal chakradasha according Deh Rashi & jeev Rashi if one removes , & when Gocharas Guru – ketu or rashi then marriage happens.
  6. Shukras Bhinashtak varg the rashi which has more & more points &from which when Guru parses then marriage will happen.
  7. In shawastakvarg the rashi which has more points over that guru is gochar Bhraman gets then married.
  8. Lagna Rashi Ansh – from kala Guru rashi –Ansh after kala. The rashi over which Ansh –Kala from that Kendra any one graham Guru shani or Rahu /ketu would pass then marriage would happen.
  9. From udit Lagnas ansh (paru) 55th Navmansh Gocars guru comes then marriage can happen.
  10. Saptamandhipati/ shukra from both or ones unions. Trikon, when guru passes to take in sight 6 rashi s. after which Lagnas ansh, shukras ansh & saptameshs ansh, becomes guru then marriage will happen.
  11. Of 7th Bhaavs rashis points (total) add 8 of that add 5 parts, the age coming IV the age marriage will happen.

For eg: one person 7th house, vrushabh comes that means 2+8=10. This needs to be added continoulty 5. 15-20-25-30 etc age comes.

This persons 3 Lagna yog is becoming stronger then the derved year marriage happens surely

Vishonjari mahadasha according to Antradasha marriage chances when?

  1. In saptamesha / Anardasha, marriage happens.
  2. Association with saptamesh friendly grahas mahadasha / Antardasha, marriage can happens. Enemy grahas yog is there that time meeting happens, conversation, but it does not reach to marriage. Trouble & suffocation is what it leads.
  3. Lagna or its friendly grahas dasha/antardasha makes marriage happen dasha/ antardasha of the.
  4. The graha which is seeing over the 7th Bhaav can let marriage happen.
  5. The dasha / antardasha which come in 7th house can let marriage happen.
  6. The dasha / antardasha with shukra &its friendly graham can let marriage happen.
  7. Acc to kaaldashas atten vrushubha / Tula s antardasha makes marriage happen.
  8. Acc to kaaldashas pattern the rashi in which shukra falls chat rashis antardasha or saptamesh coming under which rashi that rashi s antardasha makes marriage happen.
  9. Saptamsthaan, saptamesh, & shukra & related shubh friends Grahas Dashas – marriage happens in antardasha makes marriage happens
  10. From Chandra 7th houses owners dasha antardasha makes marriage happens.
  11. From Chandra 7th houses owners or from shukra to positions owner getting associated dashol antardasha can let marriage happen.
  12. In the kundali least to least marks – kalas graha knowns anitya prathi karak Graha that making desha/antardasha marriage happen.

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         What kind of a wife the person would get?

In astrology Navmansh kundali “ kalatr suth” has been given a lot of meaning & importance.

  1. In a navmansh Lagnas swami in a janm kundli falls in which sthaan (place) that sees. If Lagnesh &navmansh lagnesh becomes friends then marriage life become happy.
  2. Swami of navmansh kundli if falls in Lagna in janmakundli then marriage (advese) chances are there.
  3. Swami of navmansh Lagnas owner if falls in then marriage life would not lead to a success.,
  4. 6th place wife ill –debtors –enemies happy
  5. 8th place wife death chances are possible .
  6. 12th place wife would become secret enemy would do cheap things, & woman is a bad woman.
  7. If Lagnesh comes in navmansh bet ts 2-9 Bhaav then after marriage the person becomes rich & Luck starts faro using him.
  8. If navmansh lagnesh comes in 10th position then he gets working woman who is business oriented & gets success in business & who is too aggressive.
  9. If navmansh Lagnesh comes en 5th position then wife comes with a lot of Luck of Last birth & meeting again due to last births good doings.
  10. If Navmash Lagnesh comes in 3rd position & if it is not paap piddit with any bad signs then it is better. After marriage increases husbands fame husband becomes more aggressive.
  11. If navamansh Lagnesh comes is 11th Position then after marriage it is Lucky & gainful.
  12. If navmansh Lagnesh comes in 4th position then gets wife who is more caring & Loving.
  13. If navmansh Lagnesh comes in 7th position then basically result is good, but could make more than one relation. If there is a combination of Chandra shukra, mangal then charees are more for this kind of relationship. Alone Chandra can take on wrong path . alone shukra can take on wrong path. Alone mangal can cause death of one partner & then relation with new person. If rahu comes then it is worst. If Guru comes then it makes marriage life auspicious ( satvik) surya comes then partner, most of the time stays abroad. Togetherness is less.

According to grahas of 7th position the nature & Look of husband &wife would be as descrbed below.

Surya : self respecting, ambitions, Big hearted signity, independent , short tempred, hard working, witty (instant) giving answers) outspoken,  spend thrift, dominating, stubborn do as per own wish. In 7th house, Surya is setting ( lide sunset)

Because of which there are disputes in marriage life. In lifes Later years, person homely life comes to an end.

Aged life – they depart.

If surya is paappiddit, thenmakes wife  sacrificing. Marriage life looks not complete (incomplete). Arguments  arise decreases sexual deseres.

Chandra : Loving, mind ,  imaginative, cool temered peace loving, delicate (petrit) built, easily affected with cold & cough, changing moods, whims & fancies, Beautiful, would sa crifice anything, soft hearted, Romantic thoughts.

Mangal: mangal does dosh, hindrancing, Anger, daring, Self decision maker, hot tempered, fighter, Leadership & aggressive, stubborn, speaking on face, hardworking, fancy lifestyle. Never satisfied, always fighting in married Life, Lot of crises in marriage, defference of thoughts.

Poudh: soft, mild weak by body, coward, easily desire, story teller, historic, writed, reader, coming from a good background, fighter,.

Guru: satrik (pure) simple & straight, well married clever, religious, Expert, wife is one man, good looking, good character big heated good by health, marriage life is happy, Lucky by nature, body, famous, always cheerful, Patience, compromising after marriage lucky starts favoring.

Gets faithful Life partner with principles, good character, nature foe lows all name of nature &society  family loving, loving, wife gets respect from husband. Husband is wig heated but does not understand his wife.

Married life is good.

Sinhast guru brings un satisfaction in marriage life.

Shukra: happy, fun lavish, good life, Lover of art , Beautiful, with aims, attractive sex oriented, good Looking, very good personality, for love would talk Love, surrender in love have affairs, gets hurt very easily marriage is only to enjoy sex. If shukra is bad then would spoil married life extra, maital affairs.

Shani;- family life, Lacks happiness &pleasure not much aggressive in sex life, stingy calculative, simplicity, does not like ane jewillery, Loner, Locks to live alone  old thinking ( orthodox), pessimistic likes to stay home alone. Hard worker, self worker Lacks sexual, desires, Both have diiference in nature age, looks education find apposite person of a lesser standard. Feels other person of a lesser standard.

Feels other person as scheduled caste or tribe doubly nature.  Selfish, narrow minded person bodily illnesses, falls sick & ill etc.

Rahu : scheduled caste or tripe, character not good, black Toyed  person (talking poison)  political, Lack of understanding, Lavish, sensitive, not compatible materialistic. Stone heated, venomous. By nature corrupt, egoistic, egocentric, hysteria fits, Spend thrift does more expenses.

Ketu:- stubborn, nagging sex life is dirty, would keep relation with widows, would create negative thoughts, would ceate worried in nature underdeveloped mind.

Own life is dirty dusty nature, would marry & keep relations with scheduled caste & tribe, backbite others, controversial after marriage, married life is bad, show off is what he believes, good showmanship.

Readers above mentioned Grahas of Rashi situation- Lucky graha unlucky graha s relation (Dhristifal)s there might be changes in this.

From which direction man & wife could meet?

  1. Acc to astrology if one has to see wife disha(direction) then in mans kundali, 7th house from shukras rashi’s owner comes in a graham, that graha’s direction wife could come. In wife kundali husband direction if one has to see then to take Guru.
  2. In navmansh, saptamesh griha falling in which rashi that rashi’s direction wife comes.
  3. Shukra, from which Rashi or Navmansh that rashi’s direction wife comes.
  4. mans kundali sapmesh- saptamesh Graha or shukra from all these 3 the one who is stronge, from that graha’s direction wife would come.
  5. 7th owner the rashi in which it falls that rashi’s direction wife comes.
  6. person’s Deshmarg one rule has come, that 7th sthaan’s griha’s direction or 7th house above which there is Dhristi falling of graha’s that direction wife comes.
  7. Saptamesh’s Rashi- Ansh- In kala shukra rashi-ansh-add, kala& the rashi which comes that rashi’s direction wife comes.

Rashi                  Derection

2-6-10                Dakshin

3-7-11                 Paschim

4-8-12                Uttar.

Graha’s              Direction.

Surya                  Purv dasha

Mangal              Dakshina.

Shani                   Daschin

Budh                   Uttar

Guru                    Eshaan corner

Shukra               Agni corner

Rahu                   Netrashatra corner.

Ketu                    Vayary corner.

Above mentioned rashi & Graha’s acquires Direction knowledge.

After marriage girls makes a move by steping out of father’s house. she is changing her house.

Lets see that wife gets hearer sthal( position) is husband or farther sthal’s.

  1. See the rashi which fall’s in girls kundali property.
  1. If in 7th sthaan, sthir (steady) rashi comes then she will have a closer distance with her husband.
  2. If in 7th sthaan, char Rashi comes then she will have a distance with her husband.
  3. If in 7th sthaan, Diswabhav Rashi comes then husband & wife both will have an equal distance between each other.

1-4-7-10 char rashi, 2-5-8-12 sthir rashi 3-639-12 Diswabhav Rashi.

  1. See for saptamesh coming in which Rashi & dicide the distance:

Eg 1. One girl has vrushak marriage, saptmesh shukra in tula rashi is comes is 12th position which is strong. Tula rashi is char rashi, person lives in jannagar, their presents had decided they do not girl to go beyond Rajkot, but look at destiny saptmesh because stronger in char rashi that’s why she gets married all the way is Mumbai.

Eg2 one boy has vrushak marriage, saptamesh shukra in makes rashi comes in 3rd place (char rashi ) his marriage happened,with a girl far away in madras, shukra falling in makar rashi that’s way man showing Dakshin Disha.

Same way man & wife coming or canfall under which direction could  be found.

Bhavi man & wifes janmalagna Rashi Nakshatra how to know?

  1. In saptan sthaan falling Graha’s rashi or Graha’s nakshatra’s wife is found saptmesh coming aone with the graha, & if it is strong then Graha’s rashi / nakshatra is of the opposite person.

2.Saptan sthaan’s owner falling under which rashi that raashi’s that rashi’s owner falling under which rashi that rashi that rashi,s owner / Nakshatra’s wife in found.

  1. saptmesh is in which Nakshatra please see 7th siting Graha which Nakshatra it is coming to see. From 7th doing Dhristi that graham see from which nakshatra . of all 3 the stronger graha’s nakshatra wife is found.
  2. Lagnesh rashi – Ansh –in kala shukra’s rashi ansh add kala.

The rashi – Ansh –kala coming find that makshatra. That nakshatra or from that 10th 19th nakshatra is calculated of the opposite person.

  1. Lagna’s rashi in ansh kala, saptamesh rashi –ansh –add kala that nakshatra coming if that or 10th /19th is of the opposite person.

Eg 1: person having vrushak marriage. Over  here saptmesh shukra in 3rd position with shani & coming in makar rashi. & shani counted as stronger hence persons. Bhave  wife shani lagna /rashi / tinds of nakshatra. Persons Lagna in anuradha nakshatra coming girl will happens with.

Eg2: persons mesh lagna. In 7th stahaan, tula’s uonch rashi’s shani’s coming. Hence person’s lagna shani Rashi’s lagna/ nakshatra along with happen. A person’s Bhavi wife ‘s janmalagna is makar.

Eg3: Persons kumbh lagna , saptmesh in surya lagna is weak in shatru rashi in 7th sthaan Chandra is in mitr rashi (sinha), persons wife kark lagna or would find of Chandra nakshatra person’s wife is kark lagna & rohini Nakshatra.

Ours janm laglnesh or saptamesh’s ounch & Neach rashi is that of opposite person’s janm rashi or Lagna.

  1. Lagnesh or saptmesh falling under which rahi, that rashi or in Navmansh kundali the rashi falling or its trikon rashi is of the of the opposite person. Janma rashi / Lagna.
  2. In saptamesh’s ashtakvarg the rashi which has the most points that rashi or its. Trion rashi is of the opposite persons.

who will die before : man or wife?

count from wife’s Nakshatra till man’s nakshatra *7/27 =  note remaining same way man’s nakshatra till wife’s nakshatra*7/27=note remaining. Less count remaining will die first. Mans janma nakshatra is Bharni wife’s janmanakshatra is chitra.

Wife- from Bharani to chitrais 16th nakshatra.16*7=112/27=4 remaining.

Man-from Bharni to chitra is 13th nakshatra.13*7=91/27=10 remaining. Wife’s remaining is less, hence wife would go first.

Astrologers following the system of matching kundali’s of man &wife, without discussing more please take of the important ones.

  1. Total of 36 out of which 18 or more is good.
  2. one madis is vrajya,2nd nadi is Doshkark because it is acidity causing system. Acidity would delay child birth ,

Vaat prakurti – Aadhya nadi (1st)

Pit prakurti      – Madhya nadi (centre)

(kay) cough prakurti – third nadi.

Ek nadi is delaying child birth, less of Harmoglobin in child.

  1. To see mangal dosh is important.
  2. Graha friendship is important.
  3. Both’s lagnesh & saptmesh needs to be friends very important.
  4. Both ‘s janm lagna / between Chandra rashi & shatru shodhak both ‘s yog should not happen.
  5. Both’s lagnesh / saptmesh should have shubh yog.
  6. Both’s kundli in sarvasttakvarg in 7th Bhaav 28 or more points of derived then Lagna jeevan is happy even if points are 18 or less.

Above mentioned are important ones only. Any person wanting to find shlaksana wife then below  mantra -1’/4 lac mantra jaap needed to be done.

Writes self experience, resders can make use of , & good luck will follow .

Mantra –    Patni—————!


Sulakshana patni to find please say the above marathi

Now girl finding good boy that mantra is !

This jaap needs to be also said 1 ¼ lac times.

  1. Om hi kumarayanam: swaha !
  2. Om hi nam soubhagya Dehi Dehi swaha!

The above mentioned ruled are only the important ones, other’s are also. Applicable , but all could not be mertioned, hence readers make note of it.

One very imp instruction is that any One rule in any kundali , 100%is not applicable.

Each kundali is analysed indiridhally,which will give prosperity &accuracy.

!! Hari om shanti : shanti : shanti: !!

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