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Saptarishi Nadi Gemini Ascendant Chart 15 by Yenbeeyes

Saptarishi Nadi Gemini Ascendant Chart 15 by Yenbeeyes

Chart 151
  1. The rishi continues with the next horoscope. The planetary positions are as under: Lagna is Gemini and in Lagna Jupiter and Mars are placed; In the house of loss that is in Taurus Venus is placed, Sun and Mercury are in Aries, Moon and Ketu are in Leo, Saturn is in Libra and Rahu is in Aquarius. The native of such a chart is a male.
  2. I will tell about the birth house of the native: The street will be running east to west and the main door of the house will be facing the south. In the east, there will be a Kali amman temple and in the direction of Northeast there will be a Mariamman temple and a vinayakar (Ganesha) temple. In the northwest direction, a temple for the blemishless Parvati and a temple for Lord Shiva will be found.

Note: To denote the location of the Mariamman temple the rishi has used the word ‘Vedhian’. Literal meaning of the word is a brahmin who has studied Vedas and also practicing it. However, as far as directions are concerned there is no specific direction assigned to such a Brahmin. If we take the meaning of the word as the Lord of Vedas – it will point it out to Brahma. Brahmasthan denotes the center. In Astrology, the two Brahmin planets are Venus and Jupiter. If the rishi means this then the directions would be South-east or North-east as the former denotes Venus and the latter Jupiter. I have taken it as northeast as it is also the Ishaanya direction wherein Lord Shiva resides. The word is subject to further research.

  1. Near his house, there will be a tank. To the south of that, a temple for Vishnu will be there. In such a small village, in a thatched house, the native will be born. We will tell about the fortunes of the native’s father, his excellent mother, his dignified coborns along with their previous and next births.

About his father and his coborns

  1. Rishi continues to say: The native’s father had three brothers and no sisters. All the three brothers will have long life. Out of the three, two will be elder and one will be younger to the father of the native. All the three will be long lived. Oh! Mother! Listen further.
  2. We will tell about the characteristics of the father of the native. Please listen! While talking he will have a dualistic tendency. He will be percipient i.e. capable of perceiving things from the available information. Will have a little education. Will increase the land holdings on earth. Will make friendship with many in the country. He will be of black colour only. Will be a compassionate person; will be courageous.
  3. He will be a pious man; will listen to the words of those around him; will not say ‘No’ to mendicants; will have a charitable character; will make friendship with good people; will have a broad chest; will have little troubles; will have a bilious body.
  4. We will tell about the previous birth of the native’s father. Was born in the country ruled by Pandians; got wife and children; due to his own efforts obtained wealth and had a good yield from the crops grown in the fields; The rishi continues to say that while living like that…
  5. He used to light the lamp to Kallazhagar situated in the middle of the forest and also did many other good services. At that time, lot of people gathered there to do abhishek to be performed to Kallazhgar. (Abhishek is a Hindu ritual done to the Gods. It is an auspicious bath done to the deity with variety of substances like – milk, curd, honey, tender coconut, oil, sandal paste, water etc. etc. The other English term we can use here is anointed).

Blemish on account of anointing (abhishek) with curd made from buffaloes’ milk

  1. He himself purchased all the necessary things for the abhishek (Note: I prefer to use this word rather than the word anoint) and also got the things of those who assembled there. We will tell about the fate that was to come at that time. He purchased the milk and curd of buffaloes…
  2. …and gave it for abhishek. The holy sage (who does the abhishek to the deity) also performed the abhishek in the ceremonial way and did the Puja to Kallazhagar. That misfortune came upon him. In addition to that, he lighted the lamp of the Supreme God by using the castor oil.

Note: Lamps have always been associated with peace and prosperity and always identified with auspiciousness. Dispelling darkness and giving light knows no religious boundaries. The lamp or ‘deepam’ as it is called in India signifies:

  1. The burning up of the Self to provide Light to the World.
  2. The destruction of ego and attainment of enlightenment.
  3. The removal of darkness.

Various kinds of Oil like Gingely oil, Castor oil etc. or Ghee is used in the lamps. Each oil has its own significances. For example if ghee is used in lamps, it increases the health and prosperity of the household. As far as Castor Oil is concerned, which the native of this chart has used in lighting the lamp of Kallazhgar, it is also not bad. In fact using of castor oil also gives prosperity and development. However, the rishi has stated that because of using that oil the native was subjected to some blemish.

About 21 kms from the city of Madurai is situated the temple of Azhagar Koil. It has a temple that is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is called Azhagar or Kallazhagar. He is the brother of Goddess Meenakshi and when the wedding of the Lord Shiva and Goddess Meenakshi takes place, Azhagar travels from here to Madurai to witness the marriage.

  1. Therefore, on account of these two bad deeds, blemishes fell upon him. During his last days, he lost all his prosperity, lost his vision, was affected by a disease like that of jaundice and this handsome man (native’s father) died. Again, in this birth he came as the father of the native.

Characteristics of the native

  1. Rishi continues: We will tell the results of the native, born to such a father. Will have a courageous mind; will have comparable black and red color; will be capable of perceiving things; will have lean body; will be knowing ancient treatises on architecture. Oh! Devi! Listen further.
  2. He will be courageous. He will not be afraid to anybody on the earth. By speaking pleasingly and courteously, he will establish things, which will be most unfavorable. (Fraud under guise of friendship). He will be a victorious person; will be educated; will be a liberal donor; will be a happy and wealthy person; will be a fearless person; will accumulate special lands.
  3. He will be dear to Kings of other nations; will be interested in beautifying himself with ornaments etc. He will be talking respectably; will have sharp intelligence; will be a person without any blemishes; will have increased cattle wealth; will compassionately support those who approached him for assistance.

Previous birth of the native

  1. We will tell about the previous birth of the native. He was born at Tiruvarur in Sudra caste (the 4th caste-the other three being Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vysya). Having got lot of gold and also large land holdings; was living as a wealthy person. He did many righteous deeds.
  2. He was offering water to those who came by establishing watersheds and was living without any shortcomings. Oh! Beautiful haired Parvati! We, rishis state the fate that fell upon him during that time.

Blemish on account of forcible copulation with the wife of the brahmin

  1. He was very friendly with a Brahmin in the same village. During that time, one day, with an idea of copulating with the virtuous wife of his friend….
  2. approached her; Somehow or other he wanted to enjoy her and hence talked to her with many sweet words and said that if she agrees to his request and gives him enjoyment, he will give what all possible by him to her. When he said like that, the girl started telling…
  3. Without ever thinking that I am a virtuous woman born in a Brahmin family; still you are asking me with such a bad intention to give you enjoyment. Please do not have such thinking. You will increase your sins and your family will get destroyed. You will experience pains of hell. So do not desire-she beseeched.
  4. Upon this, he became angry, caught her beautiful hand, drew her towards him, and forcibly had sex with her. That woman filled with lot of grief in her mind, cursed him that you will be without fortunes and will get lot of trouble.
  5. You will loose all your lands and wealth, your wife and children will die and you will die without any comforts. The girl addresses him as Oh! Sinner, without my consent you lifted and enjoyed me and so I desire that you must be buried in the hell.
  6. Because of the curse of this woman, he lost all his belongings and had an evil death; Oh! Mother! We say that he was then born without any trouble in the shepherd’s family.
  7. When the seven rishis said like that, Parvati started asking: Tell the reason for taking birth in shepherd’s family in spite of having copulated a Brahmin girl? The rishis addressed Parvati as the sister of green colored Vishnu and requested her to listen further.

Reasons for taking birth in a high caste.

  1. Even though he was born as a Sudra in his previous birth, because of the charity he made and his righteousness he was born in this caste. Oh! Mother! The native will get his fortune after his sixth year and thereafter it will grow like that of a waxing moon.

Planetary positions of house of siblings

  1. Rishi started telling about the coborns of the native: “we do not find any elder brother to the native.” At this point, Parvati interrupted and asked: “When Sun and Mercury are placed in the house of gains (11th house which also indicates elder siblings), how can you say that the native will have no elder brother?”
  2. Eighth lord Saturn (placed in the 5th) aspects the Sun and Mercury, there will be loss of two brothers. Oh! Mother! There will be no brothers to the native; but definitely, there will be two sisters and they will live long.
  3. If there is a male issue, that will be lost immediately. We will tell about the native’s marriage time. At the age of 22, from the southwest direction, he will get his wife who will have eyes like that of a deer. That girl will come from the native’s mother’s side.

Note: Maternal relationships are indicated by the sixth house. Here 6th lord Mars is placed with Jupiter the 7th lord indicating that the wife will be coming from a relation from the maternal side. From the Moon, the 6th Lord is Saturn who is aspected by Jupiter the 7th Lord. Hence, from both angles the relationship of his wife indicates connection from his mother’s side

Native’s Mother’s coborns

  1. We will tell about the coborns of the native’s mother. She will have only one brother and nothing more. There will be many evils in his family. After the age of five of the native, that family will rise high. Oh! Mother! Further listen.
  2. After the age of six of the native, his uncle will become lucky. He will increase his land holdings; will increase the cattle wealth; will have a beautiful house. He will be living with elegance. Oh! Mother of Lord Ganesh, having the head of a black elephant! Listen further.

Native’s parent’s death

  1. After the 34th year of the native, his father will die. At the age of 42 of the native, his mother will die. The native has got a crisis at the age of fifteen. He will be suffering from a disease at the age of ten.


  1. He will be afflicted by death like diseases. Since Jupiter is in Ascendant, whatever diseases come, they will be cured. Just like a snow in front of the Sun, all his diseases will vanish and he will live till his sixty eighth year.
  2. He will live on the earth until his sixty eighth year and will die in the month of Meena (from 15th March to 14th April approximate period) on a full moon day. Oh! Mother! The rishi continues: He will be born in Saiva community in the same village in his next birth.

About the native

  1. When Parasara was attempting to say like that, Jaimini rishi interrupted and asked Parasara to tell about the family, which is with defects (shortfalls). Rishis started telling: Oh! Mother! When the native is of three years old, his family will become separate. At the age of twenty, his paternal grandmother i.e. father’s mother will die.
  2. There will be poverty until the native attains five years. He will also be affected by diseases. There will be only little increase in cattle wealth. There will always be debts. Dislike and disgust will be there. Thereafter there will be lot of yoga (luck).
  3. There will be increase in lands and wealth. Increase in ornaments will be there. He will live duly praised by the people of the world. He will construct a house. His family will be comfortable. Will be prosperous. Rishis addressed Parvati as “Wife of the destroyer of Kama (Manmadan)! Devi!” words said by us will not go wrong.

Note: Legend has it that Shiva deep in meditation, became indifferent to love and thus all procreation stopped. The devas in anxiety approached Kama (deity of love), who fired an arrow of love, at Shiva.  Shiva with his meditation disturbed opened his third eye on his forehead and struck down Kaama into a heap of ashes.  Rati, Kaamas’s wife performed severe penance.  Shiva promised her that Kaama would return to her and resume the spread of love and procreation. He would however be formless or “ananga” to all but her.

  1. The native is not interested in the acquisitions or earnings of his father. He will construct a beautiful house in a different place. To the south of Ayalur he will accumulate special lands. He will have his own well; He will have a separate grove and also flock of cows, cattle.
  2. We say that he will have many servants. The long stretch of land holdings of his father’s side will be reduced. We have stated all the results as applicable to the earth, which is surrounded by ocean. Oh! Mother! You have eyes akin to that of a sword! Our words will not go wrong.

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