Saptarishi Nadi Gemini Ascendant Chart 14 by Yenbeeyes

Saptarishi Nadi Gemini Ascendant Chart 14 by Yenbeeyes

Chart 150

About the native and his place of birth

  1. Parvati continues to ask for the results of the next chart, which has Gemini as Ascendant, and the placements of nine planets are like this: Sun, Mercury and Saturn are placed in Aries, Jupiter is in Libra, Mars is in Cancer, Venus in Taurus, Ketu is in Sagittarius, Rahu and Moon are placed in Gemini.
  2. When Parvati asked like this, rishi Parasara replied: This is the chart of a famous male progeny. His place of birth will also be a special one. King will be living in that place. There will be big roads in that place. Famous temple is also there. In such a place the native is born.
  3. The native’s house of birth will be in a street running north to south and the main door will be facing west. In the opposite side, there will be a Ganesha temple, in the northern side temples of Lord Shiva and Vishnu will be there, in the eastern side there will be an Amman temple and to the south of that cultivable lands and a brook will be seen. Native will be born in a thatched roofed house.

Characteristics of the Native

  1. We will tell about the characteristics of the native. He will be black coloured like that of Vishnu. He will have a windy body with a little mixture of bile. He will not think of trouble to anybody. He will be a skilled man. He will be a tenderhearted man. He will get a little angry before telling something.
  2. He will increase the cultivable lands.; will be pure minded; will have no evil thoughts; Goddess Lakshmi will reside in his house (meaning that he has lot of wealth). Will be a libidinous person; will make friendship with elders; will be devoted to God; will have a wavering mind.
  3. He will be submissive and modest. Will support those who approached him; will have two wives; will be doing many kinds of trade; will talk firmly; will construct a beautiful house; will have no siblings. Oh! Mother! Listen further.
  4. We will say, Mother! : In his red hand there will be Lotus line. There will also be a circle. He will be compassionate; will be a respectable person; will protect others; will have servants; has no distortions in the body.
  5. He will have the work of cutting the trees. He will possess carts and carriage; He will have some shortcomings in his teeth; His gait will be akin to that of an elephant; will not make friendship with stupid people; will be fond of meat and flesh. Will possess wealth, which will never diminish. Will undertake pilgrimage to take bathe in the holy waters.

Native’s marriage time and details of his wife

  1. Oh! Mother! We do not find any strength to say about his coborns (Meaning he will have no brothers or sisters). He will be alone. We will tell about his marriage time. At the age of twelve, the native will get his wife. That girl will be coming from the northern direction to where he is living.
  2. We will tell about her characteristics: She will have a reddish body; will be sweet to her husband; will have patience on earth; will be a little short tempered before saying something; will always have windy diseases; will have a worrisome mind; will be deceit less; will have pain in the teeth.
  3. She is capable of offering food to the poor; She will be observing the prescribed rites; her first mother will die and she will get a second mother (Meaning that her after the death of her mother, her father will marry again and she will be her second mother). She will be friendly to all. She has Putra Dosha (blemish of childlessness). After her arrival, the wealth of her husband will increase manifold.
  4. She will give birth two sons but both of them will die. Thereafter, there will be no issues. The native’s second wife will have sons. Oh! Beautiful Mother! whatever we say will not go wrong. Listen further.

About the second wife of the native

  1. When Her Excellency, Parvati asked the rishi to tell about the time when he will get his second wife and when that wife will get children, Parasara started telling: At the age of forty-four, the native will get his second wife and we will tell about her results.
  2. She will be of black colour like that of Lord Vishnu. Her face will have scratches. (The word used here is ‘mulli’ which has a meaning thorn.). Has no deceit or fraud in her mind. Has good manners; will assist those who are in trouble; will have children; will have lot of jewels; will have patience on earth; will be a little short tempered before saying something.
  3. She has the grace of Goddess Lakshmi.(Meaning she will be wealthy). She will be very pious; will provide food to those who come to her hungry; will be dear to her husband; will be a patient woman; will have a charitable heart; will have a little secretive also; will have growth of lineage.
  4. We will tell about the children that she will have. She will have six children and out of these two daughters and one son will have long life and others will not survive. Oh! Beautiful Mother! Our words will never fail. Please listen further.
  5. Upon hearing these words, Parvati asked the rishi to tell about which issues will survive and which will die. Parasara came forward and said: The first issue will be a son and he will not survive.

Putra Dosha on account of Evil Spirit

  1. Devi interrupted and asked for the reason of the loss of the child. Rishi started replying that the woman was possessed by an evil spirit. Because of that, she was troubled and lost the sons. Oh! Virtuous- Mother of the instructor to Lord Shiva!

Note: One word in the verse ‘bothagavan’ needs some explanation. ‘bothagam’ in Tamil means giving instructions or teaches. Therefore, the word denotes a person who is giving instructions or teaches something. Lord Muruga alias Subramanya who is the younger son of Shiva and Parvati did really teach his father the meaning of the Holy word ‘AUM (Ohm)’. There is a story behind this episode and also a separate temple in Tamilnadu in a place called Swamimali which is one of the six temples of Karthikeya. The story goes like this:


  1. Oh! Mother! We shall tell a remedy for this blemish also. Please listen. In her house, she must perform a propitiatory rite or ritual directed towards removing the blemish on childlessness. If she does that, the evil-spirit will automatically get away from her and she will beget a son akin to a King.
  2. We will tell about the previous birth of the native. The rishis continue: In the same village, born in a Muslim community while living with wife and children, doing business and having got wealth as well as lands, we will tell about the fate that fell upon him.

Blemish because of the death of a girl and the destruction of fetus

  1. In the same village, in an old monument he copulated a lonely girl (a girl who had no husband or a virgin). Because of that act, she became pregnant. He then gave her medicines to destroy the fetus of the girl. The fetus was destroyed and the girl also died.
  2. He was affected due to that blemish. All his fortunes left him and he became a pauper in the world. Mother! In Kancheepuram, which is situated near the river vegavthi, in the temple to the east of the sacred water place of Ekambareswarar…..
  3. …he was doing the work of illuminating the lamps (lighting the lamps there) and also fetched water to those who were there during all the three times of the day. Because of this work of dharma, some of his sins were removed and he died.
  4. Created by Brahma the native was born in Vysya community. Oh! Mother! The bad deeds of previous birth followed him in this birth and hence he was with a fluctuating mind, and was bereft of brothers…


  1. The native thus got the putra dosha also. We will tell a remedy to remove the putra dosha. He has to prepare a child like figure in silver and perform a graha shanti and then the silver childlike figure is to be donated.
  2. He should offer food to the destitute and along with his wife for one year on the shashti tithi of every month if he observes fast with due devotion and piety, this blemish will be removed and he will get children.
  3. In case if he does not do it, he will get sons. Even if they are born, they will die immediately. If he does as per our sayings, he will get children – two children will be born – one male child and a male child.
  4. When the rishis stated like this Parvati said: When should the remedy be done to remove the evils? When Parvati asked like this, the rishi, conqueror of anger started telling: Oh! Mother! Listen!
  5. In the mahadasa of Mercury and in the Antardasa of Venus and also in the antardasa of Rahu, if he performs Navagraha Shanti according to the said norms, he will get progeny and the troubles will be removed.

Period of death of Father and mother and self

  1. We will tell about the time of death of the father of the native. At the thirtieth age of the native his father will die. His mother will die at his fortieth age. The native’s death will be at his seventy third year in the month of makara (between 15th January and 14th February) on a Full Moon day.
  2. He will die because of stomach ailments. Thereafter, he will be born in the country of Virinchi in Kshatriya caste. He will live admired by everybody having in possession lot of villages, lands and wealth. Oh! Mother! Listen further.
  3. We will tell about the previous birth of the native’s wife. She was born in a big town to the east of Kancheepuram in the Vanniar community. While living with splendor and greatness along with children and with enormous wealth, she was affected by destiny (arising from the actions of previous birth). Oh! Mother! Plase listen.

Blemish on account of refusing food to child

  1. A poverty-stricken lady approached this woman one day and begged for food for her child. She did not offer her food. The poor lady cursed her saying that since you refused food to my child, in your next birth even if you beget children they will die.
  2. Therefore, she died in that birth and after that in the next birth, she was born in a place west of Kancheepuram near the river Palar. Married to the native, had fortunes, and also got the blemish of Putra Dosha.

No Remedy

  1. At this Parvati started asking the Rishi to tell a remedy for the removal of Putra Dosha. Rishis replied: Oh! Mother! We will never say that this excellent woman will have children. Whatever might be the remedy she does, she will not have any progeny.
  2. Parvati continues: Oh! Rishi!, You said that the native will have a second wife. Please tell about her previous birth. Rishis started replying: Oh! Excellent Mother! Listen! She will be born in the Agricultural family in a place near Tirumalai hills.

Blasphemy, On account of unhappy death taking the form of evil spirit.

  1. Oh! Mother of Lord Arumuga (Six faced Lord Subramanya is called here)! Listen! She blamed her husband’s brother (without proper grounds for the same) and because of that unwanted blame, he could not bear the same and died unhappily. He became an evil spirit. Please listen further. Devi!
  2. Wife of the native also died because of pregnancy. Again, she was born near a river to the west of Kanchipuram. Native married her. She will have the evil spirit near her in the beginning. Sons will be born.
  3. We will tell a rite to clear this blemish. If she does a beneficial propitiatory rite to clear off this evil, a beautiful child will be born. If the born child is a male, that will not stay but will die.
  4. From birth to death the native will have flourishing grains and wealth; his wealth will be increasing manifold; he will have fortunes like that of the waxing Moon. Oh! Mother! These words of the eminent rishis will not fail.
  5. We will tell about the time of death of the wife of the native. She will die when the native is sixty-six years old and the death will be due to a windy disease. The incomparable second wife will die after the death of the native. Oh! Wealthy lady! He will be living a life without any troubles. Please listen further
  6. We will tell a few more yogas. Oh! Mother! He will take a hidden treasure from the earth. When Parasara said like this Parvati interrupted and asked the rishi “When and from where he will take the hidden treasure?”
  7. I will tell. Listen. Mother! He will take the things we said, from his own house. At that time the native will be of forty-seven years old. He himself will take out the treasure. Thereafter, the yoga will start increasing like that of a waxing moon. He will have the benign glance of Goddess Lakshmi. Oh! Mother! Further listen.

Note: It is believed that the benign glance of Mahalakshmi brings us boundless prosperity. There is a story according to which the Celestials had lost all their wealth, power and control over all the worlds, due to a curse from Durvasa Maharishi. It was solely due to the benevolent glances of Sri Lakshmi that they regained their lost splendour and lordship of the three worlds. This is confirmed by a line in ‘Sristuti’, which is in Sanskrit. So if a person is leading a prosperous life, it is usually said that he has got the benign glances of Goddess Lakshmi.

The Chapter ends here. Presumably, there must have been more to this. By the last words of the rishi as he has asked Parvati to listen to his further sayings.

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