Obama’s Oath Chart 2013 — A Vedic Muhurt Analysis By V K Shridhar

Obama’s Oath Chart 2013 – A Vedic Muhurt Analysis by V. K. Shridhar

Barack H. Obama took oath at 11.55 ET on 20th January, 2013 in white house, as president of USA. He also took another oath on 21st January, 2013. Astrologically his oath on 20th should be considered and not on 21st. If one solemnises marriage ceremonies twice on successive days, his second ceremony/celebrations has no astrological signification. Before taking oath on 21st, he was official president.

The following analysis is based purely on astrological data, not considering a host of other factors like omens, status of mind, direction faced, style of breathing, compulsion of holding ceremony, propitiation done, environmental status in respect of its purification by incantation etc., at the time of taking oath. Of course this time he had taken oath without stammering or break, as shown through the electronic media.

Diagnosis of the oath according to according to Muhurt branch of Vedic astrology has many facets, but only three aspects are discussed here viz, Gunas & Doshas present at that moment (Muhurt Significations), beneficence/maleficence of  the moment with respect to the native (Radical Considerations) and election chart analysis considering the former two factors along with general astrological considerations.

Muhurt Significations:

Panchanga elements at the moment:10th Tithi. (Bright Half), Bharni Nakshatra, Shubha Yoga, Taitil Karan, Sunday.

10th Tithi: A Poorna Tithi indicates fulfilment of desires, luminous Moon during the Bright Half further makes the Tithi efficacious, favourable for coronation.

Bharni Nakshatra: a cruel Nakshatra fundamentally used for destruction/poisoning of enemy,  capture, courageous works, fire related works, entry into fort, weapons, arms & ammunition etc. Becomes crueller as the Moon is in its fourth quarter, Scorpio Navamsha—enhancing its nature to extreme malevolent/brutal (the Moon with Ketu occupying sign & Navamsha of Mars, and aspected fully by Mars in D-1, D-9 & D-10).

Sunday: the most suitable for coronation/oath by a king/head of a state. The Sun, day lord is well placed in 10th house.

Hora: Saturn’s Hora was prevailing, generally used for poisoning, weapons, lying, theft, land activities among others. Malefic Hora lord is inimical to the day lord — an undesired / unfavourable factor in Muhurt.

Shubha Yoga: a beneficial one, its tutelary lord is Lakshami.

Karan: Taitil, a beneficial one Brihaspati Samhita (3/203,204) states that an auspicious work initiated in fore-noon, Poorva Paksha (Brighjt Half), Uttrayana & in Taitil Karan on an unalloyed pure day is held as fortuitous: and different from this fails to attain success (to be understood in holistic view of the Samhita). All these elements are complied here, except fully pure day, which is possible very very rarely.

Ravi Yoga: the Moon in 9th Nakshatra from That of the Sun—strong beneficial Yoga, capable to annihilating even strong Doshas.

Amrit Yoga: formed by concurrence of 10th Tithi & Sunday—a very favourable auspicious Yoga, sanctifying further the Poorna Tithi—& completion of leftover works in the instant case.

Dagdha Yoga, Jawalamukhi Yoga: formed by concurrence of Sunday & Bharni Nakshatra—burns & destroys initiated work & beneficences—has sullied both weekday & Nakshatra, preventing to give their benefic effects. Sullied, because we are examining the Muhurt for an auspicious/good cause. Such influenced Bharni is suitable for the works mentioned above.

Most of the exponents have opined that Mercury in 10th house is not welcome in good elections.

Though the Sun in 10th house is beneficial but it does not meet the requirements of Abhijin Muhurt which was prevailing between 11h 59m to 12h 39m (E.T.).

In respect of universal consideration of the time: Tithi, Yoga, Karan, & the Sun are efficacious for beneficial (shubh) effects; but Nakshatra, weekday & Hora are sullied for certain detrimental effects (ashubh).  In the opinion of the author two powerful Amrit & Ravi Yogas, inherently potent to nullify adverse effects of Doshas (like Dagdha, Jawalamukhi, & Saturn Hora) are not fully operative because the planetary positions in D-1, D-9 & D-10 charts are rather adverse. Bharni has attained a very high degree of maleficence. In Vedic electional astrology, Nakshatra occupied by the Moon is the fundamental for siddhi in an election, and all other elements have supportive roles. When the current Nakshatra itself is sullied, effects shall be accordingly. Perhaps presence of Abhijin Muhurt could have been a saviour.

Other elements of Muhurt are dilated under election chart significations.

Radical considerations

Birth data of Barrack H. Obama has been considered as August 4, 1961, at 19.24 hrs. in Honolulu, USA. As per Nirayan (sidereal system) the ascendant is Capricorn 24° 43’, the Sun Cancer 19° 13’, the Moon Taurus 10° 2’, Mars Leo 29° 15’, Mercury Leo 9° 0’ , Jupiter Capricorn 7° 32’ Rt, Venus Gemini 8° 28’, Saturn 2° 00’ Ret., Rahu Aquarius 3° 59’.

In addition to radical ascendant, his horoscope should be examined with respect of Janma Rashi (Taurus), latter being stronger. Janma Nakshatra is Rohini, ascendant Nakshatra may not be considered. Taurus has 34 points in Samudaya Ashtakvarga, while radical ascendant only 23.

At the time of oath, Bharni Nakshatra was 26th from Janma Nakshatra (Mitra Tara, in third triad)—a favourable one.

The Moon was transiting 12th sign from Janma Rashi—an adverse transit. In the opinion of some, both Tara & the Moon should be favourable for full Siddhi (fruition of the desires & success).

The Sun transit in Aquarius was middling; Saturn transiting had Vedha from the Moon, election ascendant Aries lord Mars transit was middling. In another opinion for male natives having Taurus Janma Rashi, the Sun’s transit in 9th & Venus in 8th sign from Janma Rashi are not favourable transits —which were present at that moment.

10th Tithi is Ghaat Tithi for Taurus Janma Rashi. However presence of Amrit Yoga (Sunday on 10th Tithi) effect of the Ghaat Tithi is nullified, by sanctification of the Tithi by the Yogas.

Maha Dasha of Saturn, Dasha of Saturn & Antra Dasha of Mercury started on Jan,14, 2013—a beneficial for the native, Saturn being ascendant lord & highly beneficial for Taurus Janma Rashi. Mercury is in 7th & friend of Saturn in addition to lord of benefic houses from both radical ascendant as well as Janma Rashi. Logic is not extended here, being a subject itself.

Election chart significations

Election chart as on January 20, 2013, 11.55 ET, at White House, USA: as per Nirayan (sidereal system) the ascendant is Aries 18° 17, the Sun Aquarius 6°  46’, the Moon 25° 33’, Mars Aquarius 26° 10’, Mercury Aquarius 8° 18’, Jupiter 12° 27’ Ret., Venus 20° 24’, Saturn Libra 16° 45’, Rahu Libra 29° 40’. This chart shall not only indicate about the President but also about the country, USA.

Election ascendant Aries has 32 points in Samudaya Ashtavarga chart of native—a favourable one. Its lord Mars is enemy of radical ascendant lord Saturn, as well as Janma Rashi lord Venus—very unfavourable—an undesired feature in Muhurt astrology.  Further Aries is 12th sign from Janma Rashi—highly unfavourable as per dictums of Muhurt.

Further election ascendant lord is inimical to D-9 lord Mercury & D-10 lord Venus. Therefore D-9 & D-10 election charts are not synchronising with D-1 chart of the election—a requirement considered essential for better fruition, by some exponents. 

In election chart (D-1), its lord is exalted & placed in 10th house (upachaya)—a highly beneficial for fruition of success. Mars, lord of Kendra with the Sun, lord of Kona, making a strong Yoga for power & success. Full aspect of Jupiter (lord of 9th) further strengthens it.  Trade & commerce (10th), diplomacy (5th) & righteousness (9th, but with own concepts, Jupiter being retrograde) shall flourish during his tenure. Retrograde Jupiter lord of 12th (expenditure) in 2nd house (treasury) shall cause difficulties in expenditure (planning & execution). Exchange of 2nd & 9th (wealth & luck) lords shall bring stability in national coffers, which is already in a delicate state.

The Moon is mind of the election, which must be examined in depth. In D-1, D-9 & D-10 charts the Moon is aspected fully by Mars; and disposition of Mars is not favourable in the latter two charts, being placed in 12th & 8th houses respectively. Further the Moon is debilitated in D-9 charts. The Moon (in Mrityu Ansha) is in adverse aspect of Saturn & Rahu in D-1, making it highly afflicted. Venus has aspect on the Moon in D-1 & D-10 is perhaps only remedy. Bharni as election ascendant as well as Moon’s Nakshatra has afflicted the election to a very high degree of maleficence. High affliction of the Moon is the most undesirable in any auspicious and benefic election. Afflicted Moon shall practically nullify most of the favourable features in this election. As a result the mind shall lack in stability/calmness, incline to engage in war like situations (Mars with 6th lord Mercury), opposition from Senate & House (7th house —visible opponents/associates).

The natural instinct of USA to remain continually engaged in global war activities supressing enemies shall continue, despite pressure from global fraternity (viswakutambh—represented by Jupiter aspecting from 2nd house). Exalted Mars in D-1 with 6th lord Mercury (debilitated in D-9), indicates that apparent military supremacy shall continue with some victories over enemies, but adverse positions of Mars (12th in D-9 & 8th in D-10) indicate some latent losses in military status. Mars is significator of a number of things, but here its role in war/ brutality has been emphasised because its relation with the Moon (mind) and being with Mercury (6th lord – enemy significator) in 10th house (karmas). In Hindu electional astrology Mercury is not welcome in 10th house. Mars being lord of 8th (hidden matters) in 10th (karams) indicates that some breakthrough research work & exploration. Mercury (6th lord, its Mooltrikona sign, indicator of debts) being not well placed, indicates debt situation may not improve.

Position of Rahu or Ketu in an election ascendant is not welcome, as this destroys all types of initiated works. However there is an antidote for the same. Rahu or Ketu give benefic effects in ascendant of an election chart when, quadrant is occupied by a benefic planet & rising sign of Navamsha chart in not occupied by a malefic planet (Brihaspati Samhita-4/15, 24/72). In D-9 & D-10 charts the required antidote has not been met. Ascendant of D-9 is debilitated & conjoined with malefic Saturn & Sun; and other Kendras are not occupied by benefics, but have Rahu & Ketu. Apparent opposition shall be from Sanate & friends (11th lord in 7th), and lower class community represented by Rahu.

Second terms of former US Presidents had been full of turmoil, which is also seen here. Despite upper hand of adverse aspects, the President shall steer through with lot of difficulties, much more than faced during his first term.

N.B.: This article deals with logic based on Indian Muhurt (electional) astrology and the data available to the public, and the discussion is purely academic in nature.

This article has been written by V K Shridhar, author of “Hindu Electional Astrology”, a compendium on Vedic Muhurtas.

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