Longevity Research For A New Theory Of Pam Block

Longevity Research for a New Theory of Pam Block by Basilioli Sandro

3 Step Pam Vedic Theory (Part 2)


Basilioli Sandro (vediko), Italy

Edited, Reformed for Explanation and Programmed by

Rajendra Shah, India

Abstract Of The First Article

To find Longevity of the person, the mathematics is employed based on the parameters of Hindu Vedic Astrology. The parameters used are Lagna and Hora Lagna. The signs of these two Lagna in three Varga charts, viz. D-3, D-9, and D-10 are considered. Based on the nature (Chara, Sthira and Dwisvabhaav) of the signs of two Lagna (ASc and HL),   three varga charts give us three pairs to determine the Longevity in three categories viz.  Short, Middle and Long. The three pairs of three Varga charts give us the three letter code (such as Long-Long-Short or L-S-M etc.) to be used further in Table-1 to decide the Maximum and Minimum Longevity periods i.e. probable span of age (e.g. 60 to 91), during which the death can occur. Excel Tool to find out this first estimate of Longevity has been

Basis For Further Work : Article-2

For further accuracy, it is obvious that the probable duration should be as short as possible to have more accurate prediction for the year in which death can occur. So, in this second article, a method has been employed to predict a shorter duration, compared to span calculated in first Article, during which death occur.

Reduction to Life Span : आयुसंस्कार

For reduction, the span considered here is different from that in Article-1. Here the new span values for all three letter code are mentioned in the Table-2, for all nine combinations for each three categories viz. Short, Medium and Long.  The span values are considered here seem larger than those in Article -1 (Table -1 reproduced in this Article for comparison, with all 27 combinations). It is obvious that the correction is applied to these values to arrive at finer estimate of the Life span.

Chart 1
Chart 4

Ascendant and Hora Lagna : Sum of Longitudes up to 30 Deg

For reduction to this new span, a new parameter is introduced in the calculation. Here, Longitude of Ascendant and Hora Lagna i.e. स्पष्ट लग्न and स्पष्ट होरा लग्न are used. Also, for the basis of calculation of Hora lagna, the Sun rise is to be considered when the center of the Sun’s disc is visible on the Horizon. (सूर्य बिंबमध्य क्षितिज दर्शन). The option can be set in Jagannath Hora software, easily through preference for Sunrise and Sunset. For our purpose we add the degrees of both (Asc and HL) Lagna. We do not consider the sign i.e. राशि in this summation. We only consider degrees (0 to 30) in this summation. 

Reduction to the Sum of AL and HL

Now, the sum obtained is to be checked for Limiting Values as follows:

For all Short Life Cases: If Sum is Less than or equal to 17 deg,

For Medium Life Cases: If Sum is Less than or equal to 27 deg / 29 deg

For Long Life Cases: If Sum is Less than or equal to 13 deg / 16 Deg.

The Table -2 shows more clearly the Limiting values for each case. If the sum is larger than the limiting value, it is to be reduced by half i.e. dividing by two till it is less than or equal to the limiting value.

For Middle Life cases : M-S-M, S-M-M, L-S-M, S-L-M, M-M-S and M-M-M (64 to 80, 64 to 91) The limiting value is 27 deg. ,It means, for next step calculation, the sum of HL + AL must be reduced to the limiting values. So the sum will be always less than the limiting value before next step. We will call this Reduced Sum as RS.

Formula for Correction to Longevity Span

The basic multipliers for three categories of the Life  viz. Short, Medium and Long are 32, 32 and 64 respectively. The reduced sum RS obtained in previous step is to be multiplied by this Number. Further the product is multiplied by 12 and divided by 365. Now, the matter for finding correction to the Life Span is ready. i.e. the step for (आयु-संस्कार) can be written as  

Short Life: Life Span Correction     :  आयु-संस्कार  = RS x 32 x 12 / 365

Medium Life: Life Span Correction:  आयु-संस्कार = RS x 32 x 12 /365

Long Life:  Life Span Correction     :  आयु-संस्कार  = RS x 64 x 12 /365

Corrected Life Span = Span in Table-2 – Life Span Correction  आयुसंस्कार

The correction is applied to the Span Values obtained from Table-2. This correction , in terms of years, is to be deducted from the Maximum and Minimun span values to make the estimated Life Span more closer. Thus, the New span Values show the years upto which Minimum and Maximum Life Span can be expected.

EXCEL tool for Benefit of Readers for this Article

A fully functional Excel Tool has been created by this Editor. The tool can be very easily used to have the Longevity calculation based on this theory.  You can download this tool from here. Readers are requested to give feedback for this novel method  to the Author and Editor. The Excel Tool is used for calculating Life Span of Our Respected Nadi – Ashtakavarga – Navamsa Fame Late Shri C. S. Patel, who passed away in 2007 at the age of 92 years.  The sample image of the calculation by Tool is given below for the benefit of the readers.

Chart 5

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