Planet - Moon by Anita Khandpur

Planet – Moon by Anita Khandpur

Planet – Moon


Anita Khandpur, India

Lal  Kitab (Red Book) is a common name heard by many people across India. The remedies given in Lal Kitab are very simple and require very little time and they are inexpensive. There are many books available in the market by many authors and all of them have nearly the same remedies. What is more important to learn is what to avoid in life. This has been my personal experience as a professional astrologer in Mumbai, dealing with various category of charts & what it has been observed by this scribe is that it is not the remedies one does to solve ones problems that an astrologer needs to tell his clients but what the client should never land up doing on his own which will cause his downfall, this is what the astrologer must warn his clients. This would be a 9 part series which I have culled out from Lal Kitab and one rare old Gujarati Book, which I have observed to work very well in my experience over decades.


Moon in 1H


If Moon is in the 1st House do not have a well or hand pump below the ceiling of your house. I would also like to add here Do not cover the tank at your terrace with a shade.

Do not use Glass Tumblers for drinking milk or Glass plates for eating. It reduces the Rajyog or the Growing potential of a person. Also the family does not grow.

Do not insult your Mother or Elderly Females. Take their Blessings. Always keep your mother with you.


  1. Do not cover the tank, well or handpump.
  2. Use silver for drinking milk if possible. Avoid glass tumblers or plates.
  3. Respect Mother

Moon in 4H

Do not do Business of Milk or Dairy products. Instead offer Milk in a Temple to get Success in Work.


  1. Do not sell Milk.

                                                   Moon in 5H

Do not Donate items of Moon. Do not talk negative and do not abuse anyone.

Do not sponsor education or give free education to anyone. Here I would give example of a client who had Exalted Moon in the 5H (chart below). Her husband was working abroad and their financial position was very good. The Headmistress of the school where her son was studying asked her to sponsor fees for children who couldn’t afford. She used to pay the fees of those children for three years. After that their position became so bad, her Husband left the job and came back, and a day came when she had to beg for her children’s education.


  1. Do not donate items of Moon.
  2. Do not give free Education to Anyone.
  3. Do not abuse anyone.
Chart 27

Moon in 6H

Do not Discuss or talk about your plans to anybody, they will never materialize.

Do not arrange free water for crowds. If you wish to do so, do it at Cremation ground or Hospitals. Here I would state an example of a client who is undergoing major financial losses but refuses to stop charity of water. He provides free water and Sharbat (sweet drink) at religious places and for people who go walking to SiddhiVinayak (Ganesh) temple (a famous temple visited by celebrities in Mumbai every week) on Monday night.

Chart 28

This Businessman always talks about his plans before he actually implements it. Either it never materializes or he faces lots of obstacles in those projects.

General Rule: Do not drink milk at night. This should be followed even if Moon is not in 6H. Drinking Milk or consuming white items like rice, kheer, sugar should be avoided. If avoided, financial position becomes better.


  1. Be Secretive. Do not disclose your plans before they materialize.
  2. Do not distribute free water.
  3. Do not drink Milk at night.

Moon in 8H


Do not Gamble or do illegal work.

Moon in 9H


If Moon is Exalted (in Taurus) in 9H do not give Charity of Moon items.

Do not build a round water tank on your terrace. If you have to make, it should be Square

Moon in 10H

Do not drink milk at night because this is the natural zodiac house of Saturn. Milk will work like poison.


  1. Do not drink milk at night.
  2. If you are a Doctor or an Ayurvedic healer do not distribute free medicines.
  3. Do not keep milk giving animals as pets.
  4. Do not have very very close relations with in laws. 

From The Desk Of The SA Editor

As a rule we do not interrupt an article but Anitaji’s article is interesting and we instantly remembered the chart, it does not fit the rule exactly but is worth noticing.

Chart 29

Anita says that when Moon is in the 10H one should not keep milk producing pets. The above native bought a Turtle (which this scribe presumes is not a milk producing pet) into his house in year 2004. From that year till now his life has been one hell. He developed rheumatism, arthritis and all other kinds of diseases affecting his knees (10H/Cp) and also in other parts of his body and has been going through extreme pain. He has visited all kinds of healers, alternative therapies he has studied and has visited many faith healers from abroad but nothing seems to have worked.

Moon in 12H

I have discussed about not giving free education when Moon is in the 5H. This applies to the 12H also; it applies in Navmash as my practical knowledge. Readers are requested to test it further.


  1. Do not have a well or Hand pump in the house.
  2. Do not offer milk to Sadhus or Saints at night.
  3. Do not provide free education to anyone.

I disclose some details of a natives chart.

Chart 30

Capricorn ascendant with exalted Moon in the 5H, Sun in the 8H. In Navmash the moon goes in the 12H and Sun in the 7H. This female sponsored free education and later had to beg, borrow for her own children’s education. Today she is also a teacher. If she wants to teach for free, she takes a token of Rs 10 (1/5th of a dollar) or a chocolate from her students.

The house where they stayed had water problem and she had a hand pump in her house. It bought more and more problems in her life also leading to separation from her Husband. Later her parents helped her to install a motor and got the pipeline changed.

A few years after her marriage her husband stopped working and became violent. She started going to satsangs (spiritual meetings) for peace of mind and helped the pundit in whatever way she could. This pundit on seeing the family’s problems would give them fruits, food grains offered in the temple. He would visit the family after 7pm and instead of tea always preferred a cup of milk. I have discussed this matter also in Sun topic. Then this female came across reading this in Lalkitab, she refused all help from this pundit. She stopped giving Charity during Sunrise and sunset as said in Sun article, her Life changed for the better.

Taking Precautions Solves many problems.

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