Precautions for each Planet - Jupiter by Anita Khandpur

Precautions for each Planet – Jupiter by Anita Khandpur

Lal  Kitab (Red Book) is a common name heard by many people across India. The remedies given in Lal Kitab are very simple and require very little time and they are inexpensive. There are many books available in the market by many authors and all of them have nearly the same remedies. What is more important to learn is what to avoid in life. This has been my personal experience as a professional astrologer in Mumbai, dealing with various category of charts & what it has been observed by this scribe is that it is not the remedies one does to solve ones problems that an astrologer needs to tell his clients but what the client should never land up doing on his own which will cause his downfall, this is what the astrologer must warn his clients. This would be a 9 part series which I have culled out from Lal Kitab and one rare old Gujarati Book, which I have observed to work very well in my experience over decades.


Jupiter in 1 H


If Jupiter is in the 1stH do not take charity from anybody

Chart 156

SA Commentary

A sutra or verse always is isolatary in nature but has to be used in conjunction with the whole chart. 99% of the theoreticians use it in isolation whereas a master or true professional astrologer will never do so and hence they do not ever criticize isolated verses. What they would do is see if the result of a verse is repeated and also supported by other planets/yogas in the chart. Hence a true professional astrologer does not land up criticizing the combinations given in BPHS or other classics.

The above chart belongs to a Guru who earlier in his career gave away knowledge free but later started accepting donations and in few years only he was criticized by those who donated for financial irregularities and this resulted in bad image internationally around 2004.

Jupiter in 2 H

When Jupiter is in the 2H, all the requirements are fulfilled. A person should not insult the guests in his house.

 Male 22 august 1958, 9:00am, Devlali/Nasik. 

Chart 157

This person is not working for more than 20 yrs, but his mother and brother take good care of him. He is very rude at talking and misses no opportunity to insult anyone. As a result his wife and children do not stay with him.


  1. Do not insult guests at your house
  2. If Jupiter is exalted in the 2H, do not give in charity items of Jupiter.
  3. Do not keep potholes open in front of your house. Fill them with mud.

Jupiter in 3H


  • Do not influence others to praise you.

Jupiter in 4H


  1. Do not be a Day Dreamer
  2. Do not bare your body before anybody

Jupiter in 5H


  • Do not accept charity or donations in name of temple

Jupiter in 7H


  • When Jupiter is in the 7H, one must not give in charity yellow clothes to any sadhu on a Thursday or on Jupiter’s nakshatra.

Jupiter in 8H


  • Avoid being close to a person who is on his deathbed or it will be difficult for him to breathe his last.

SA Commentary

Chart 158

It is so much of a coincidence regarding the rule given by the article author and the above chart which was shown to mentor few years ago. Mentor commented that if this man was in a room of a dying man the man would not die and incidentally this was observed in two cases in the natives life, his grandmother was on the deathbed and he was called to help, he put his hand on her chest for 30 mins and the grandmother became alright and survived for nearly 10 years, but 2 years of the natives life after this incident was pure hell. Then once his Guru was on deathbed and he happened to enter his house at that moment when his Guru was sinking, again he put his hand on his chest and the Guru survived. 1.5 years later his Guru was in ICU and of all his relatives he asked for none except the above chart native and he went to his Gurus city and was present for 7days with him, doctors had given hope, then after 7 days he left that city and as soon as he reached Mumbai, within 6 hours he got the news that his Guru had expired. His whole family including 300 members waited at the funeral pyre till this native reached his Gurus city and at the funeral pyre, then his Gurus last rites were performed.

Jupiter in 9H


  1. Eat fresh food and do not eat remaining food eaten by someone or your eaten food be given to someone.
  2. Do not make false promises
  3. Do not talk against Religion

Jupiter in 10H

When Jupiter is in the 10th house, do not go out of your way to help others. Do not be associated with sadhus and saints. Keep your head covered. Do not wear Gold.

As per Lal Kitab kundli and Kaal-Purush Naisargic kundli, the horoscope stars with Mesh lagna always. So 10th house belongs to Capricorn, A sign of hard work and 10thH is house of Karma, a sign ruled by Saturn. So doing pooja will not help, only your karmas, hard work, actions will help you. If you take Makar lagna, Jupiter owns the 3rd and 12th house which is vyay (loss), so when Jupiter is in 10th house, do not be associated with sadhus and saints. Do not go out of your way to help people just do your work.

Example: Male 27 December 1970, 10:50:00, Mumbai

This person is a Vice President of a company. A very shrewd person, Believes in hard work. (Jupiter in the house of Saturn, so if a person has qualities of Saturn will be very successful)

Chart 159

She is a very successful business woman, very blunt and does not do too much pooja. She also believes in hard work.


  1. Do not go out of your way to help others
  2. Do not wear yellow clothes or gold
  3. Do not be associated with saints or sadhus
  4. Avoid keeping your head open

Jupiter in 11H


  1. Do not make false promises
  2. Avoid eating non-veg and drinks

Jupiter in 12H


  1. Do not insult sadhus, instead serve them
  2. Do not give false evidences
  3. Avoid wearing malas in the neck

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