Precautions for Each Planet - Saturn

Precautions for Each Planet – Saturn

Precautions For Each Planet – Saturn


Anita Khandpur, India

Lal  Kitab (Red Book) is a common name heard by many people across India. The remedies given in Lal Kitab are very simple and require very little time and they are inexpensive. There are many books available in the market by many authors and all of them have nearly the same remedies. What is more important to learn is what to avoid in life. This has been my personal experience as a professional astrologer in Mumbai, dealing with various category of charts & what it has been observed by this scribe is that it is not the remedies one does to solve ones problems that an astrologer needs to tell his clients but what the client should never land up doing on his own which will cause his downfall, this is what the astrologer must warn his clients. This would be a 9 part series which I have culled out from Lal Kitab and one rare old Gujarati Book, which I have observed to work very well in my experience over decades.


Saturn in the 1H

If Saturn is in the 1H, the native must not tell lies and also not have a evil eye over other peoples wealth. He must not eat meat or consume alcohol. When a child is born to a native with Saturn in the 1H, there should be no celebrations with beating of drums as it creates problems with income tax and sales tax. Saturn in the lagna always gives a person worries regarding children.


  1. Do not consume meat or alcohol.
  2. Do not tell lies or have an eye on others wealth.
  3. Do not celebrate with beating of drums if a child is born with Saturn in 1stH.

Saturn in the 2H

If Saturn is in the 2H, never keep the labor charges balance of workers. Do not eat fish and meat. Do not apply oil on forehead instead rub milk. Do not serve a black cow, instead feed a brown cow. If malefic Saturn is in the 2H and Rahu in the 12H there would be less male members in the in-laws family. Do not buy property, machinery, vehicles for/ with the in-laws, it would bring downfall for the native.


  1. Never keep balance wages of labourers.
  2. Do not rub oil on forehead.
  3. Do not buy Saturn items for in-laws.

Saturn in the 3H

If Saturn is placed in 3H, and the native has eyesight problem, he must give eye medicines free of cost. If Saturn is in 3H and Ketu is in 3H or 10H, whatever the problems money always keeps coming in. If Saturn is in 3H, one must always serve the dogs. If it’s not possible then keep three black dogs at home. If real dogs are not possible then stuffed toy or wooden dogs must be kept at home. This prevents from any health issues or downfall. Some person in the family may have pain in the waist or legs or a paralytic attack.

Female: 4th February 1963, 02:49:00, Mumbai

Chart 33

This is a chart of a female whose husband is into an extra marital affair and also has a child out of wedlock. Since the day she has kept these three black stuffed dogs, her husband cares a lot for her also her mother-in-law has recovered from leg pain issues.


  1. Donate eye medicines.
  2. Serve dogs. 

Saturn in the 4H

If Saturn is in the 4H, the native will be associated with doctors or chemist. He could have less happiness from parents. Do not drink milk at night, it brings sickness. Avoid being in an extra marital affair with a widow. Do not do bhoomi pujan after sunset. Avoid wearing black clothes because 4H is natural house of moon. Do not consume fish, meat or alcohol.

Male: 2nd June 1982, 08:32:00, Mumbai

Chart 34

The parents of this native are separated. His mother’s brother is in the pharmaceutical industry. His fiancée’s father and brother are both doctors. He has stopped eating meat and his life is improving


  1. Do not drink milk at night.
  2. Do not have an affair with a widow.
  3. Do not consume meat and alcohol. 

Saturn in the 5H

If Saturn is in the 5H, do not distribute sweets among people, if you still have to do it sprinkle little salt over it before distributing. Do not speak lies. If Saturn is debilitated do not take Saturn items in charity. Saturn in 5H makes a person desperate for child happiness.

Female: 1st October 1974, 17:30, Mumbai

This female had to go through lots of medical issues and later with the medical help she gave birth to twin boys at the age of 35 years old after nine years of marriage. In spite of telling her not to distribute sweets she does it and always has some problem in front of her whether its work, father’s health or clashes regarding fathers property.


  1. Do not distribute sweets when a child is born, instead distribute salty items.

Saturn in the 6H


  1. When Saturn is in the 6H, do not change slippers in temples. That is if slipper is stolen or lost at the temple gate, do not wear somebody else’s slipper from temple, go home bare feet.

Saturn in the 7H


If Saturn is in 7H, avoid extra marital relations otherwise suffering to children will happen.

Saturn in the 8H

When Saturn is in the 8H, it gives problem regarding marriage or marital life. Do not eat meat. During bath the feet must not touch the ground; either wear a slipper or stand on a wooden plank and take bath. Always try to have a slipper on your feet. Saturn in 8H also gives problems in developing own identity.

Female: 22 June 1960, 04:30:00, Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Chart 36

This woman is not married. Whatever proposals came, they wouldn’t materialize. She likes to remain always bare feeted at home and during bath she is totally against using a plank or slipper. She is always dominated by her brothers and is not able to have her own identity.


  1. Do not eat meat or consume alcohol.
  2. Do not take bath barefoot. 

Saturn in the 9H

When Saturn is in the 9H, the native faces obstacles in getting happiness from children.

Male: 8th January 1972, 00:30:00, Pune, Maharashtra

Chart 37

This native’s wife gave birth to twins after 9 years of marriage. He loves eating non-vegetarian food and has liquor daily. He faces problems in business.

Male: 1st November 1954, 13:53:08, Agra, U.P.

This man himself has faced losses in business. Has four daughters and two are facing problems in their married life. He himself has many health issues and is fond of alcohol.

Female: 7th October 1979, 12:15:00, Anjar / Jhunagadh

This female gave birth to twins in 2010 after many years of marriage. She had to be under medical supervision and one of her children had problems for two years after his birth. He had to undergo 2-3 surgeries after the birth. She is a pure vegetarian.


  1. Do not say lies.
  2. Do not consume meat or alcohol.

Saturn in the 10H

Do not get involved in crimes or help in crimes. Do not keep weapons with you. Do a job which requires sitting in one place and not roaming around. Do not take drugs, meat or alcohol. It will spoil your reputation and career.

Female: 25th July 1973, 10:21:00, Mumbai

Chart 40

She is a daughter of a well known actor. She herself acted in one or two films but her habits of drugs spoilt her career and she is in total depression, also has got involved in many scandals and is not married.


  1. Do not indulge in crimes.
  2. Do not consume meat, alcohol or drugs.
  3. Do not take a marketing type of job. 

Saturn in the 11H


  1. Do not cheat someone or be involved in affairs or lust. 

Saturn in the 12H


  1. Do not cheat anyone.
  2. Do not be involved in affairs.
  3. Do not say lies.

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