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Ravan Samhita Ashwini Nakshatra by Rushikesh Despande

Ravan Samhita Ashwini Nakshatra by Rushikesh Despande

In English translations one rarely finds any classics wherein what would be the effect of each planet in every charan/pada of a nakshatra. Wouldn’t the planets give different results for each pada of a nakshatra it is stationed in, this question is often asked, but we find no answer? Some classics have given clues of different planets in different padas but it is rare to find them in a systematic manner. Presented below & in next 27 issues are the translations of it as given in available versions of Ravan Samhita. We are aware that certain variations can come in as authenticity of one of the oldest books of astrology such as Ravan Samhita is doubted as many versions are available & many lost.

Ashwni (1st Nakshatra)


Rushikesh Despande

Sun (Effects on subject when sun is placed in Ashwini)

If Sun has aspect of Mars, subject will not be kind. His eyes will be large and scarlet Mercury’s drishti on sun gives subject a peaceful life. He will be popular in mass. When Jupiter aspects sun (in Ashwini), subject enjoys power (of ruling). Venus’s drishti involves him in too much materialistic enjoyment (luxury and comforts). Subject happen to be poor when Saturn aspects sun.

Sun placement in 1st quarter gives subject a long life. He speaks softly and gets contentment from children. He suffers from diseases caused by pitta, vata etc.

When placed in 2nd quarter, subject will not be in comfortable position. He has to struggle a lot till the age of 8 years. Though sun gives good results in Ashwini, if placed in 2nd quarter it doesn’t give good results to the subject. He feels fear from phantoms (ghostly figures) and spirits. He may experience wretchedness due to someone’s curse. Such conditions are sufficient to downgrade him in life. A wealthy person experiences a sudden downfall in his life. Condition may be as sorrowful as begging. Even he may have to leave his home and country. If sun has moon in conjunction, subject spends life in poverty. Mars’s drishti (on sun) shows better results.

Sun positioned in the 3rd quarter makes subject wealthy and flourished. But his life will be short. Health will also not be stable. Often he shows aggressive and immoral behaviour.

An individual will be well respected, wise, wealthy and leader of his community, when sun is situated in 4th quarter. He becomes distinguished personality. The native will be religious and kind hearted. He owns his responsibilities in a proper and appropriate manner.  He has to travel frequently. He experiences fortune in later half of the life. When placed in ten or eleven degrees in Ashwini Nakshatra, sun gives prominent results.

Moon (Effects on subject when moon is placed in Ashwini)

If moon have drishti of sun, subject will be kind but tough by nature. Mars’s drishti compel him to be under influence of a particular class (group) of society. Native obtains success, money and all kinds of materialistic pleasures, when mercury aspects moon. Jupiter’s drishti makes him learned and  he bestows knowledge to others. Venus’s drishti on moon, makes subject rich. He has rapport with dignified women. Saturn’s drishti gives him a poor health. He behaves rudely with poor and own relatives. Even, he will be unfortunate regarding progeny matters.

Moon placed in 1st quarter, gives subject a magnificent personality. He achieves higher position and gives consultancy to well-known people. He works at high position in government sector. If birth chart has ascendant (lagna) of same Nakshatra and Jupiter aspects it, he lives more than 82 years. He suffers from blood (related) diseases and wounds. In spite of being a skilled employee, he is not praised by his colleagues and subordinates.  He achieves prominent position in society when Jupiter aspects moon and a lot of (hundreds and thousands of) people works for (under) him.

If (moon is) placed in 2nd quarter subject will be tall, cunning, and fond of liquor and spicy (eatables) dishes. He will suffer pain from fair sex and may have weak financial conditions for a short while. After performing some remedy, improvement may take place. Such a subject will be ungrateful but ambitious. If Mars or Rahu are in the opposition (of moon), then wife departs prematurely (near about 30 years of age). Venus if aspects moon, then subject is fortunate, he spends his life with his sons. While Saturn’s drishti on moon makes subject envious, unhappy and he gets full of struggle in life.

When Moon placed in 3rd quarter, subject gets education in Science. He may become preacher or priest. He may workaholic and helps those who come in contact with him. He proves to be a good friend. When mars aspects moon, subject suffers from wounds, tooth and ear disorders.

Subject will be highly qualified and knowledgeable, when moon is placed in 4th quarter. Such a moon is better if not placed with sun. He will have expertise in many branches of science and technology. He gains higher education by virtue of his talent and hard work. He will be cautious and active in his work. If moon is in final degrees of Ashwini, subject becomes doctor, engineer or attains high position in raj darbar. (Government)

Mars (Effects on subject when mars is placed in Ashwini)

If mars have drishti of sun, subject respects his parents. He will be modest and learned. If mars aspect moon, native will be attracted towards (other) women. Such a person will be cruel, unethical and show-off a lot. Mercury’s aspect makes him ‘self praising’ and he associates with low character women. Jupiter’s drishti makes him a leader of his family. He will be wealthy and powerful in such situation. Venus’s aspect will deprive him from having good (tasty) food and other material comforts. Family debars him on regards of his extra marital affairs. He may be a good social worker. Saturn’s drishti on mars, prohibit him to get  parent’s love and he expelled from family.

When Mars is placed in 1st quarter, subject will be short in height. He manages to achieve success in business. He will be honourable in society. Native will have good fortune regarding health. People loves and respect him like (their own) father. He gets higher degrees in science and mathematics. He excels in army or community related works.

When (mars) situated in 2nd quarter, subject lives in poor condition. He will not have any children and restricted to tiny family. He will always wish for having progeny (at least a male child). Usually, such a subject is blessed with one or two daughters. He will have inherent wicked feelings, but he frightens from fire and water. He may suffer sudden accident or fever. He bears a special mark at his face or on forehead.

It is beneficial for a subject to do business at a place other than birth place, if he has mars in 3rd quarter of Ashwini. When sun aspect mars (in 3rd quarter),  subject leads a healthy, wealthy and happy married life. When sun aspect mars from his debilitation sign, it gives exalted result. Due to Jupiter or other benefic planets’ drishti on mars, subject will lost his mother during childhood. He excessively (spends) misuses his money in material comforts and luxuries.

Mars when placed in 4th quarter, gives subject a high quality comfort. He will be responsible and humble. Subject will have complaints about blood related diseases and swollen body. Native becomes engineer if born in 12 or 13 degrees of the Nakshatra. He will have more female children (daughters). When Jupiter has drishti on mars, he gets (remarkable) paternal property.

Mercury (Effects on subject when mercury is placed in Ashwini)

If Mercury has a drishti of sun, subject will be popular among his relatives and pals. He will never lie and accomplish profits from government.

When moon aspect mercury, it gives subject an interest in poetry and arts. He earns money by means of arts. He possesses different varieties of vehicles, clothing and dwellings. He feels affection towards wealthy women.

He will have an influence in politics and power, if mercury has drishti of mars. Jupiter’s drishti makes him a member of outstanding family, wealthy and gets satisfaction of progeny. On aspect of Venus, subject will be popular as well as expert in public relation. He carries out social works in excellent manner, if Saturn aspect mercury. Due to mighty and firm nature, he may involve into a controversy.

Mercury placed in 1st quarter makes subject a nonbeliever. He lives poorly in society. He used to drinks liquor/drugs and makes physical relations with many women. He faces hatred on ground of his mean nature. He never cooperates to anyone. Moon’s aspect makes him a low character. While Jupiter’s aspect shows its positive effect. Such subject obtains higher education and earns handsome income regularly. Native   will be philosopher by nature. He will have intuitive and supernatural ability and receives honour for the same.

If mercury is placed in 2nd quarter, subject will get luxury and comfort from his offspring. He gets an opportunity to explore different lore. He becomes (world) well-known after the age of 35 to 40. If sun is also present along with mercury in 2nd quarter of Ashwini, then subject is awarded with the highest degrees in Medical science. He will be a famous doctor or a surgeon in this case. He will be generous and pure-hearted.

When mercury is present in 3rd quarter, subject will be blessed (by god). He sets an example through accomplishment of certain tasks. He used to perform his duties and responsibilities firmly. He will have (more) sons. He will face health problems. His lives around 60 years.

Mercury present in 4th quarter doesn’t give good results. Character of native will be low. He will not be successful. He will be weak (spiritless). He faces loss in business. When Jupiter has a drishti on mercury, it makes subject an ordinary author, clerk / accountant or banker.

Jupiter (Effects on subject when Jupiter is placed in Ashwini)

When Jupiter has a drishti of sun, subject always stays away from illegal works. He will respect religion and ready to serve ordinary people. He becomes famous if moon aspect Jupiter. When mars aspect Jupiter then subject behaves exactingly and he fetches money from political figures. He tears down arrogant attitude of people. Native lacks decency if mercury has drishti on Jupiter. Such a subject finds joy in controversies and arguments. He will be importunate and can’t see anyone succeeding. When Jupiter has aspect of Venus, subject will do a business of cosmetics, perfumes and other feminine articles. He will be witty with youths. If Jupiter has a drishti of Saturn, subject will be deprived of pleasures. He will work hard without much success and will not take any interest in his family. 

Jupiter placed in 1st quarter makes subject highly qualified and religious. He studies classics and gains knowledge in philosophy as well as spirituality. His speech will have an enchanting effect on others. He mesmerizes people in even in big public meetings. He gets publicity and wealth after the age of 35. Admirers and friends help him to possess great wealth. He becomes an author even working at an ordinary post.  He will be careful to get respect and praises from others. His financial condition will be weak. He will always have some debts.

Jupiter in the 3rd quarter will keep balance in subject’s intellectual and material wealth.  Such a subject will be literate and famous.

When subject has a Jupiter in 4th quarter, he will be fortunate and lives his life comfortably. He earns money with his efforts and power. Many people works under him. He proves to be a good officer, soft spoken, protector of his children and completes his responsibilities firmly. He earns money through unplanned trade.

Venus (Effects on subject when Venus is placed in Ashwini)

If Venus has aspect of sun, such a subject will ‘have gain’ / ‘advantages’ from government. His wife will like an unsolved puzzle for him. When moon has drishti on Venus, he will get a high political post. But his image will get filthy on account of his relation with low (caste) class girl (young woman). He doesn’t get anything from family if Venus has the drishti of mars. He will be poor. His marital life will be challenging. Having an aspect of mercury, subject will stammer while speaking. He will be a liar. He will have a long life. He finds an interest in history. He will earn money through the work of writing in later half of the life.

Venus in 1st quarter attributes subject a well built body. He will be friendly by nature.

Subject will have affection with his family if Venus is placed in 2nd quarter. Such a subject will be a well wisher of friends and will possess many resources. He gets all these things in later half of the life. He becomes an author, artist and lovers of art. If a proper attention is endowed with to his education, he can become an engineer or a mediator.

Venus placed in 3rd quarter makes subject wise and learned.  He meets people with great enthusiasm.  He will be specialised in medicine, politics or a sculpture. There will be some defect in his body. If there is a yoga of other benefic planets in his horoscope, he will be popular and contributed to charity.

Venus placed in 4th quarter makes subject (his personality) attractive, smart in chatting, and an influential orator. He will be a first class actor, music director, and fond of musical instruments. His writing will be equally powerful. Such a Venus if have sun in combination, makes subject’s married life awkward and full of feud. His marriage will happen in abruptly or in very dramatic conditions.   

Saturn (Effects on subject when Saturn is placed in Ashwini)

If Saturn has a drishti of sun, subject will earn his livelihood from livestock. He will be affiliated with the leather business or agriculture. He often performs great tasks. When sun is not favourable, the father will not have much affection towards native.  When Saturn has moon’s aspect, subject follows bad people. He will be of cruel nature, bad character and lives in underprivileged circumstances.  When mars have an aspect on Saturn, it makes subject talkative, untruthful and he never helps others.  He earns money through bad practices if mercury has drishti on Saturn. Jupiter’s aspect gives him a senior position in government. He will have huge wealth, kind wife and children. Native will reside in foreign places if Venus’s aspect Saturn. Even though his personality will not be cheerful he will influence the mass. He will be loved by women and will waste his money in luxury and comforts.

If Saturn is present in 1st quarter, subject will spend his childhood in poverty. As time passes he becomes happy and works with slow pace.

Subject’s complexion will be dark if Saturn is placed in 2nd quarter. He will have curly hairs. His forehead will be broad and body will be lean. Such a subject will be cunning regarding earning money but will be clown in behaviour. He will always worry about his financial condition without much essence. He will be brutal and sulk. He will be associated with unethical works till the midst of his life.  

Saturn placement in the 3rd quarter makes subject expert in trading. He will be a traveller and maintains friendly relations with everyone. He will be a well wisher of his subordinates and takes care of them.  He will be remembered by mass for public works. But such a subject will be over ambitious and short tempered.

Saturn presence in 4th quarter gives subject a comfortable life. In spite of his pious thoughts he will do immoral works. Subject earns his livelihood from agriculture if Saturn has an aspect of sun.

In the birth chart of woman, such a Saturn (placed in 3rd quarter of Ashwini) has an aspect of sun; she remains single.  If marriage happens by chance, she gets divorced. If moon has aspect on such Saturn, women will be ugly with bad odour body.

If Saturn is placed in 4th quarter, it makes subject brave, enduring, powerful and outspoken. He suffers from stomach disorders, indigestion and gastric troubles. If sun has an aspect on Rahu, subject will be dutiful and accomplish his responsibilities. Whenever he will be in bad situations, he finds a companion.  

Rahu (Effects on subject when Rahu is placed in Ashwini)

When Rahu is placed in 1st quarter, subject will be intelligent, well built and follower of his father. He gets proper support from his guardian. He bears a special black mole on the face. If Rahu has an aspect of malefic planet, subject has to face many accidents in his life. Nevertheless he survives through all.

Subject will firm believer on religious rituals/customs if Rahu is in 2nd quarter. He makes foreign trips. His livelihood depends on charity/aid. He will be unstable in works as well as thoughts. In the last periods of life he suffers from psychological disorders.

Subject will experience bad financial situation if Rahu is placed in 3rd quarter (of Ashwini). He will be deprived. He doesn’t find interest in any kind of works (good or bad). He will be emotional and philosophical. He renounces the world and becomes a yogi.  He experiences bitter married life. He grabs others property.  He will possess a great hoard (money) if Rahu has Jupiter’s aspect. He will be unscrupulous, usurer and smuggler, but a jolly person.   He will be knowledgeable in marine (science) machinery.

Results of Rahu being present in 4th quarter will be mixed as exaplained in above commentary.

Ketu (Effects on subject when Ketu is placed in Ashwini)

Subject will be highly qualified (educated) if Ketu is placed in the 1st quarter. His success stories become inspiration for others. He will be popular as well as specialist in his domain area. He will earn livelihood by being associated with manufacturing work. He will be a mechanical engineer or may indulge in semi technical trading.

If Ketu is present in 2nd quarter, subject will be poor but expert in public relation. He always makes money from public works.

3rd quarter’s Ketu keeps subject in low grade people. He never becomes father (will not have any children). He gets respect in the society. He always ready to help people.

Subject will stay away from his motherland (birth place) if Ketu is present in 4th quarter. He depends on others’ food. His lifespan will be of 35-40 years.

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