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Saptarishis Facebook Research Technique 2 by Dr. Arjun Pai

Technique: Saptarishis Astrology

Readership Level: Advanced

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We have formed a small research group on facebook where techniques are posted and members test the technique by posting charts whether the technique is working and not working. It helps in getting a technique tested by members from across the world.  Those who wish to join can do so at Those who remain inactive for some time are deleted automatically from the group.

Readers must note that these techniques are taken from either notes of the SA Editor or from other books or from classics or at times BSP’s or Nadis are mixed with some other methods and more refined methods are presented below. At times a shloka from a Rishi is incomplete in our limited understanding, coupling it with some other Rishis shloka and basics help us form a better method. So the credit for all that is presented below in the form of Research is actually others work.  Research in last century has been presented by authors as something new and unique but actually it is only searching a method again (Re – Search) and applying basic commonsense and logic which some like to present it as something new and their own. Here it is only the Rishi which must be highlighted and not the astrologer. At times logic/references has been hidden so that it does not fall into the hands of those who abuse astrology for personal gains like fame or money which are only bi-products and not the main product.

Saptarishis Research Technique – 2

SA Tech- 2: ‘Property dispute with Father observing Mercury and Ketu connection (Sambandh) in a chart.

Step-1: Note If Mercury and Ketu are in trine to each other, this can lead to some dispute with father regarding property. Basic fundamental is that Mercury & Ketu should form a sambandh (relationship)

Note 1: This sambandh (relationship) can form in many ways at times an example is Mercury in Kendra to Ketu (not trine) but dispositor of Mercury is with Ketu or vice versa.

Note 2: For example, if dispositor of Mercury is a retro planet sitting in 2nd house from Ketu, so by backing retrogression movement it is forming relationship (sambandh) with Ketu and at the same time Ketu has 2nd /12th aspect which strengths the sambandh thereby giving results.

As per mythology, Budha (Mercury) was born out of the lust between Chandra (Moon) and Tara the wife of Brihaspati (Jupiter). Chandra was the student of Brihaspati and he cheated on his teacher behind his back and enchanted his wife Tara. A battle broke-up between Bhrihaspati and Chandra due to their desire for Tara. The fierce battle needed Brahma to intervene to stop the war. He convinced Tara and gave her back to Bhrihaspati from Chandra. Since Mercury was an abandoned and illegitimate child for Tara and Chandra, he put Budha under the supervision of Rohini and Kritika the two other wives of Chandra. As Budha grew up he was ashamed of his birth and was angry with his father Chandra. This clearly explains why Mercury is inimical to Moon who happens to be his father.

Moon is the natural 4H of land and property and Mercury is the 6L of fights and legal battles (lawsuits) in the Kalapurusha Kundali. When Mercury is associated with the South Node (Ketu) of the Moon it can create issues of mental instability and eccentricity, typically leading to differences and headless (Ketu) activity with father related to property. Ketu can typically bring strong seperative energies to the planet/ house it is associated with. Ketu is well placed in Pisces the natural 12th house of the zodiac, which is 4th (property) from 9th house of father and Moon is 8th (cancer in natural zodiac) from 9th house of father, 8th showing inheritance.

A similar mythological story explains the enmity between Sun and Saturn, who is the son of Lord Sun and Chhaya. Sun and Saturn sambandh (relationship) in any chart it is observed that it creates similar issues in career and differences between father and son or the native and the Government, since Sun is also the karaka of Government.

Let us illustrate the above technique by taking a few charts those were posted on the Facebook research page of Saptarishis Research Group.

Chart 1: Reference Saptarishis Astrology

DOB: 21-May-1943; TOB: 12:32:30 Hrs (+5.30 east); POB: 76E31, 09N35.

Chart 1
  1. Native has Sun, Saturn & Mercury in trine to Ketu. Saturn and Sun relationship itself is a bad combination for fights with father.
  2. Also note, here that the Mercury is retro and creates also a Kendra (square) relationship with Ketu from its previous house Aries.
  3. Besides, Mercury is also aspected by a debilitated Moon, which again indicates to impulsive, emotional nature of the native and differences with the father.
  4. Also, observe the dispositor of Mercury is Venus. Venus is in Shastashtak (6/8H relationship) with the seperative Ketu.
  5. Now read what is written about this native: The native is from a Malayali family and married a Gujarati lady 5 decades back, as a result his father fought with him and property worth hundreds of crores (Millions of Dollars) native had to let go.”

Chart 2: Reference Saptarishis Astrology

DOB: 12-Apr-1973; TOB: 13:30:00 Hrs (+5.30 east); POB: 72E37, 23N02.

Chart 002
  1. Debilitated Mercury is in conjunction with Sun and an exalted Venus. Mercury is in Kendra to Ketu in this chart.
  2. The dispositor of Mercury is Jupiter. Jupiter is in Shastashtak (6/8H relationship) with the seperative Ketu.
  3. Mercury is also in trikona (trine) to the inimical Moon. Again indicating the eccentric, unpredictable nature leading to differences with the father.
  4. Also note, the dispositor Saturn is Venus. Venus is with Sun in the sign of its exaltation. This again shows a strong inclination for sweet bitterness (unexpressed rift) with the father.
  5. Now read what is written about this native: “Cancer Ascendant so 4H will be the issue/or non issues of life. Mercury is in Kendra to Ketu (not in trine) but dispositor of Ketu is Mercury itself (thereby forming sambandha) and dispositor of Mercury is Jupiter who is Neecha (debilitated) and with Mars, so this son cheated his father of a part of fathers own property.

Chart 3: Reference Saptarishis Astrology

DOB: 23-Feb-1951; TOB: 16:25:00 Hrs (+5.00 west); POB: 70W48, 42N33.

Chart 003
  1. Dispositor of Mercury is Saturn. Saturn is retro and forms a relationship with Ketu in the 12H to itself.
  2. Dispositor of Mercury, Saturn is conjunct the Moon, which is inimical to Mercury.
  3. Now read what is written about this native: “Mercury and Ketu are in 6/8 to each other so it does not fit directly with the above rule but dispositor of Mercury is retro Saturn in 2nd house (so it will go backwards being retro) and meet with Ketu, thereby forming Sambandh. Here the native might not have had a fight regarding property per se but what I know is he had a huge legal battle getting his father’s inheritance, finally got some of it.”

Chart 4: Reference Sampath Kumar

DOB: 21-May-1957; TOB: 19:48:29 Hrs (+5.30 east); POB: 82E13, 16N56.

Chart 004
  1. Mercury is conjunct Ketu in this chart. The dispositor of Mercury and Ketu is Mars. Mars is in (3/11H relationship) with Mercury/ Ketu. However, observe that there is parivartana yog (exchange of planets) between Mars and Mercury.
  2. After exchange of houses, Mercury (from Gemini) is in trine to natal Moon, indicating an emotional and an over sensitive nature.
  3. Also, note there is Sun and retro Saturn are in Samasaptaka (1/7H relationship)
  4. Now read what is written about this native by the poster on FB (face book): “100% correct; This is my Horoscope, Asc Scorpio, Mercury & Ketu joined in Aries. Mercury and Mars are exchanged their houses [6/8]. After my birth, my step brothers filed a case against my father for lands and huge property [nearly 100 Acres]. After 3 years my father and I won the case got my share through court.”

Chart 5: Reference Balroop Mukunda

DOB: 25-Mar-1954; TOB: 01:00:32 Hrs (+4.00 west); POB: 61W20, 10N33.

  1. Mercury and Ketu are in trine to each other satisfying the rule.
  2. Dispositor of Mercury is Saturn. Retro Saturn is in trine to natal Ketu and also in square if taken from its previous house Virgo.
  3. Sun and retro Saturn from Virgo are in 1/7H relationship. Also, dispositor of Saturn (Venus) is with Sun in Pisces, its exaltation sign.
  4. Now read what is written about this native from the post by SA research group member: “Yes it is to say that this dictum rings true. The dispute over deceased father property among siblings happened during the infamous Venus Dasa, Saturn Bhukti i.e., in late 1998 and continued until 2000. Here Mercury is in trine to Ketu, but Sir did you also (Q.) refer in an earlier post to Mercury as the 10L or LL in trine to Ketu for defining astrologers?”

Comments from Other Posters on FB:


Sivakumar Chodagam: Hi Sapta Rishis Sir: Here I would like to put forward my chart, in the sense my birth details, I was born on 10th August 1969 at 7:45 a.m., Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. So, Mercury and Ketu are in first house in my chart. May be because of this combination I believe, though my father is role model and i love him very much, there are instances in my life where I quarrelled with him and later felt very bad of myself. Are there any remedies that you suggest to overcome such situations? Hope Sir, you can throw some light on this.

Sapta Rishis: Ketu is the best remedy is what one can say (haven’t seen your chart, though it would have been easier if u had posted a jpeg of it, others could have commented also). I presume u can read Telegu, pls read a book by Sri Mulugu Ramalingeswara Vara Prasad Siddhanthi, on Rahu and Ketu he has written a book and even given Ketu Kaal (presume this is not mentioned in other books) and he has given some very good remedies. Friends of SA magazine say that this is a very rare book.

Sivakumar Chodagam: Hi Sapta Rishis Sir: Thank you very much, I will go through the book you mentioned above and follow the remedies. By reading your articles posted on FB, what I personally feel is that you are doing an excellent job taking lot of pain to know a lot regarding various combinations and explaining the effects with such combinations and they are appearing as though the thumb rules, thank you for the extensive research that is going on from your side and hope you will continue this research work on this god gifted subject of Astrology.


Soumya Kumar: I know a chart: Mercury in Kendra to Ketu; Ketu is in Ashlesha. Mercury in Mesha (Aries) and Ketu in Kataka (Cancer). The native had excellent relation with his father!

Sapta Rishis: Dear Soumya Kumar presume it is not working in the case sent by you.


Bhaskar Chakraborty: In my findings I have observed that when Ketu is trine to Mercury there will be land litigation for the native but not necessarily with father. It may be that the litigation or court case may happen for father’s property.

Manoj Philip: Bhaskar Chakraborty your statement is precise!

Shankar Nath Kapoor: My Mercury, and Ketu are in Pisces, with Jupiter, the Sun. Jupiter, the Sun and Ketu are in Vargottama Navamsa in Revati-4, Nakshatra of Mercury. Mercury, being in Poorva BhadraPada-4, is in Nakshatra Exchange with Jupiter. There was no dispute at all about property, though we lost all our ancestral property due to loss in father’s business/small industry.

Bhaskar Chakraborty: Shankar nath ji, it may be the case that Jupiter is present there and all are in Jupiter’s house and there is the exchange of Nakshatra or the stellar Parivartana yoga of mercury with the Jupiter, the saviour saved here.

Shankar Nath Kapoor: Bhaskar, you may be right.


Rishi Kumar: I have seen in many horoscopes, Ketu and Mercury is in trine or connected, then native do love marriage. Any comment form respected elder members?


all the active Facebook readers who have tested this technique and shared their feedback along with charts which has encouraged publishing this article at such a short notice.

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