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Shadbala Mp3 Course by Ernst Wilhelm

Shadbala Mp3 Course by Ernst Wilhelm


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Confidence selfesteem, what you believe worthwile you can also believe in achieving it… Feel confident to do what feels purposeful… Selfesteem as quality of soulcontact
Posture of: Consistency steadfastness routine regularity commitment, consistency of effort – stick to it even when going gets tough and not being so enthusiastic (= burn off tamas of SATURN “have to do it”)

Motivation twd spirit life, enthusiasm masculine yang focus, Provides soul inspiration to follow in activity (Mars) to act upon… Inspiration (SUN)= about reaching heights not currently at, something better bigger brighter more… Fulfilling duty responsibilities ambition, confidence in being able to lead, of being important, fulfilling career leadership obligation

LIFE CALLS to be steadfast committed honorable

Based on what truly inspires you, what need committing to
Directs you to act upon true inspiration of TRUE SELF, take action that is innate to you

Deva, noble, idealistic, righteous… Want to be divinely inspired to fight honourably, commit even when not getting what you want, will stick to your word of honor

Puts focus on reaching highest aspiration inspiration, being best you can be, lead by shining example, be strong capable so others can look up to you in respect… Willing to sacrifice for inspiration, making sacrifice = important, things you sacrifice for is what you consider important… THE ONE or nothing, willing to bet on onething in extreme manner “I want that thing”

Not acting on inspiration, not have inspiration, regrets of “should have” … “did not follow up on inspiration, on my calling” … not significant enough to burn in soulfire, not important to be first… break your word, will not sacrifice for promises made, just “taking care of me, to live/survive I have to hurt…” obstacles in career selfesteem


Help make changes, create change in life based on change of heart, feel different about something and create new idea in mind about what would feel happy about it so start attracting that into life

MANAS where JEVA lives along with AHAMKARA (egoidea of separate “I”, of separate individual needs)
JEVA which is type of consciousness is part of MANAS (MOON) …jupiter-jeva = living being
SATTVIC = aspiring to become “best self” that can be, having highest consc that JEVA can have
CONSCIOUSNESS, conflict can be totally overcome in own consc if you are receptive to conflict
Open up and reflect whole universe, reflect God in your consc, God coming as loss

Look at how you feel about life, envision things to replace what you not prefer… Help make changes so you feel more nourished with needs met… What would feel good, guiding life twd comforting happiness,
Envision better BASED ON before

Important to cultivate overall happiness, not want to sacrifice, acquire health-promoting things
Social confidence about sense of self in world

“not feel good” = not getting needs met, not action-centered: begins action by PUTTING IDEAS INTO CONSC, stepwise twd little better, gets out of depression by imagining something better

“depression is not being able to envision great things you want to become or do, not being able to imagine better future” – YOGANANDA

MASTER of stress and ease/peace

DETERMINE DIRECTION in life based on deeper emotional needs/feelgood
Determine what you want (ref:toward) based on what you not want = what not feelgood (ref:away), what would feel better instead  change
DIRECT you twd feeling emotionally happy contented, to feel good so nothing else need to be done, to give ultimate bliss not by “earning” or doing but by feelingood to be in state of mind… Gives heartfelt need/feeling, something in consc you need to experience, imagine it to degree that it happens manifests in your life, envision what you hope to receive, make you receptive to those things, what you are attuned to you will have in life, it is “Just matter of time”

LIFE CALLS to feel about where you are, put you into uncomfortable unhappy place situation state to make you aware of contrast, to envision imagine see what you really want in life, what would really feel good to get out of “rut”

Asura demonic, no luxury of looking for ideal/hope (concentration camp survival), not deal with conflict by looking at noble and good… being receptive, most important thing is to do nothing

Not able to feel what feels not-good or recognise own preference, not able to envision better… Less ego”I”, unclear of what feel good for “I”, what would feel good to want… Deep need so faint that everything else overrides it, you hardly hear… Feel frustration from making decisions that lead to worthless situations, not getting into boat when it is there… Own /self wellbeing neglected, developing consc not important, getting into painful suffering depressed situations NOT important to find way out, daily enjoyment feelgood NOT important… Suffering victim consc = suffering words in consc so suffering words come out BUT not important to make change
Needs starved  imbalance in being  do imbalanced things  not taking care of self effectively
Not taking care of own wellbeing, getting tapped out, things go to hell, no way out, end of rope… “should be done”, feel unhappy, no tolerance for other views “other idiots”, not guiding you to peace so you end up in troublespots frustrated… no tolerance to open up to stress of life AND TRANSCEND IT, what is left is only battle… engage in useless fights, spoiled brat, things are black/white… forget how well things can work out, negative perception of how your person is treated… feel misunderstood in relation to who you are, in being seen as true person, no ease around people and tend to hide

Able to see what you like prefer NOT and envision/imagine better future and move twd it… Not allow self to stay in feelbad places, good ability to change life when “not feelgood” … Puts focus on “my” need and wellbeing, “self” you know and are, living feeling being trying to make progress selfdevelopment, “my” life being progress needs… Lots of tolerance for conflict, every moment in life is conflict, Attuned to natural chaos conflict of world, has no own agenda, adapts to environment “sympathy for devil” … Feel good about life regardless of what it is… Positiv perception of how your person is treated


Deal with emergency immediate fixit actfast problems in life, “do now or else will become trouble”
Survival fighting, intense momentary actions to stay alive… Fight battles that can be fought, difficulties that can be overcome… Helps to get life back on track when deviates… Fixing things fighting battles, also fighting conditions of own body weaknesses… Capacity for action in following inspiration (of SUN), act on problems to fix OR inspiration to follow, directing energy to act

DIRECTS you to deal with immediate troubles that can be acted upon “eat the frog first…”

LIFE CALLS to fight & win conquer battles overcome obstacles difficulties

Deva, noble, idealistic, righteous… MASTER of dealing with conflict and opposition… Exert himself in reference to principles, “this is logically right” … True MARS fight only for noble principle (cause) , picks good fight and keep focus on why fighting is worthy… Motivation for fighting, true reasons, fighting logically effectively engineered, keep focus on reasons for fighting. Also use opportunity to achieve goal without fighting/winning battle

Gets in to fix things when something goes wrong, is meant to be used only occasionally (adrenalin-hi trauma-reaction), reacts at critical moment… Engineering logic

Effective in fighting battles of life to get thru daily grind, any obstacles that need solving… Using logic to engineer solutions that work efficiently… Selfconfident, relaxed, facing challenges… Puts focus on challenges to overcome, learning from challenges that overcome you, enjoy competition, fight battle of life

Helpless in logical practical challenges, lack of ability for tackling problems… Panic fears, get scared easily, freezeup, not see solution for solving problems… Knowing what needs to be done but do something else instead, regret later “did not tackle that problem when should have” … looking for battles to fight (they never end) … need to prove yourself by fighting worthlessly, ignoring true reason for fighting or discipline, seek life of pain, fight for sake of fighting, not confident in exerting will and overcompensates by trying to prove himself, wilful angry pushy, frustrated wilful in feeling his will not doing what it needs to do


Practical ability to get job done, ability to manifest purpose, knowhow skill craftsmanship… Communicate negotiate talk way out of problems, efficient skill in getting things done, multiskilled and quick, loves to benefit other people… Sense of humor, wit, ability to see multiple meanings, curiosity that pulls along
Manage practical life to go smoothly even with losing sense of purpose or commitment or enthusiasm, practical productivity

Everything is game… Never feel conflicted at level of MERCURY = sitting together chatting with friend
Curious investigation = checking out what came before or what is available

PROBLEMSOLVING = anticipating, sets up life so don’t get problems, analyses to anticipate smooth management, Help you arrange manage what you need for yourself, express who you really are in “arrangement / composition”, to have productive life… Ability to speak out in such way that reflects who you really are… Adaptable, great actor of roles… Helps to plan / keep life on track

Able to be of service, see other people flourish, enjoy life as long as there are goodthings to be enjoyed BUT don’t have to be “my” things, just as easily enjoy other’s progress victory wealth success, always happy to share for sake of sharing, ability to be satisfied when others are doing well, even at own expense
will go/get in practice Whatever is appreciated for manifesting concrete achievement (money partnership child resources…)

1. look for higher profit margin, negotiate problem to become secondary, think of incentive to compensate fro problem get focus away from problem find different angle, hot to make better product service, manage things to get better to improve
2. put effort into fixing deficit, manage way out of problem negotiate way past obstacles, talk it over, negotiate solution while staying in trouble situation

MASTER of manifesting and getting things done

DETERMINE DIRECTION in life twd expressing inner self, developing contact to self by expressing
Direct you to do practical little detailed things for yourself, setting boundaries with which to manage express true to you, arrange manage life routines that help get what you need for yourself… Direct you to do things that are naturally good for your practical life routines, twd selfdiscovery in practical level

LIFE CALLS to manage practical life in productive manner, bring things together in working order (clockwork, schedule)

Difficult being effective in life management practicals, no interest or curiosity in good things, difficult putting skills to use to utilise own potential… Expressing yourself “deceitfully” in way not true to yourself, avoidance patterns, regret having expressed yourself… Pulls off track, not express/speak your boundaries, not getting what need to make life work… Education learning not based on innate natural tendencies… Often neglect what self needs… Needs lot, communication and friends not important, not take happiness from other’s happiness… Work much harder to manifest, practical difficulties, no support, not taken seriously, no fairness in game, feel misunderstood in relation to what you say, not confident in negotiating things, not using talent skill productively, feel retarded

Can act “as if” another weak planet even though is not… Effective in expressing what intends to, in charge of your world, happy to be silent in times of stress, only say what wants to say, choose education and friends discriminately… Puts focus on friendship, friends, happy doing good things for others, can do favor without feeling deficit, not care about “whose need”


Helps make changes, help evaluate appreciate options, help decide what offers most valuable choice, make decisions that not regret, choose what is most valuable, helps make changes so can feel valuable with needs met… Looks for best happy option in NOW

Poetic = derive meaning where there is none

Most decisions are made based on having opportunities to evaluate (not on visions)
At crossroads: want/need that, opportunities are not based on previous experience, life’s offering provokes your need, evaluate options in reference to arousal of need, different opportunities, different needs – which to take? Which to fulfil? … much of what happens is based on what life presents to you …WHO presents opportunities? do they exist before we see them? Attracting opportunities… or start paying attention to them… see already existing things AS OPPORTUNITIES so you have to decide WHAT TO SEE AS OPPORTUNITY?… MASTER of evaluating options and opportunities

Choosing evaluating options that are offered, twd what would appreciate without regret… Awareness of important valuable criteria gives strength/pleasure to march in direction of heartfelt desires, can try regardless of fulfilment, usually get enough needs met anyway to feel it was worth it regardless of outcome
Natural comfort, helps deal with burdens by directing focus into enjoyment, fair equal share, desire for comfort/ing, happy to serve others BUT NOT at own expense, has to be mutual… Confidence in own healthy pride and sense of selfworth, manner etiquette… Social grace, decorum

DETERMINE DIRECTION in life based on deeper emotional need/fulfilment, evaluating based on “how much do I really need this? To feel fulfilled…”

DESIRE = evaluating how fulfilling things will be, what will this give me? Is the cost worth it? Costeffective
Genuine desires you really need fulfilled, healthy spiritual desires, good things (luxury) God puts right in front of face so you can fell happy enjoy pleasure, doing nice things to others… Pursuit to satisfy desires that make your life better, more worth living

LIFE CALLS to make decisions and choose options, evaluate situations alternatives choosing best of worst, make best decision NOW to get value

Deva, idealistic, noble, righteous… teach that every opportunity has price, needs to be worthy, only good in life is worth price we pay… Job of VENUS in conflict is to smooth out wrinkles, diplomacy, negotiate peace treaty (what is worth fighting for / peacemaking for? Find livable balance costeffectively )
Fight occurs always between conflicting desires


Decision making evaluations “off the mark”, cause error of judgement and regret… Not able to evaluate in advance, make stupid regret decisions, values are not clear, not able to choose… Choosing desiring things that turn out to be worthless, indecisive, regrets, halfhearted, gets into unhappy unfulfilling situations
Heartfelt need BUT don’t listen to it, don’t choose it, ignore it – then look back and regret “if I could do over again I would do differently” … True criteria for value of choice is so vague/faint that everything else cover it up, you might achieve desire but not be fulfilled, not get into boat when it is there… No ability to evaluate “realistically” appropriately in reference to deeper need… Equality not important, getting into abusive relationships, get taken advantage of, doing more that own share and getting backless, getting burnout, pay more than get value for, not get your value served, lose in exchange… Not evaluating price correctly in conflict-context, evaluation distorted “what the hell, all is lost anyway, might as well fight till bitter end / death”, pick battles not worth fighting, keep losing investment, not even able to enjoy victories, being in 1-to-1 relationship attracts difficulties… Insecure in selfworth, not getting notices, being dismissed and ignored

Able to choose evaluate options, progress stepwise thru choices decisions… Aware of need, becoming fulfilled by fulfilling desires… Evaluates deeper meaningful needs correctly… Puts focus on comfort, nurturing, providing equal mutual comfort in partnerships, both my need + your need… Understand price of actions… Confidence in selfworth, others will respect, get taken into account, others not waste your time, magnetic confidence attracts respect


“wisdom giving joy”

Innate sense of purpose, feels worth doing, worth your time… Help you envision and follow path of what you need for yourself… Rules brain holistic expression, Express wisdom understanding virtue… Help set higher goals you have to do for yourself in order to walk path, to have reason to live… Forgiveness, acceptance = wishing well and being ready to help another as act of forgiveness… confidence that what you hope for you can arrive at… contemplation tuning into your own divine wisdom… Envision better based on: because it is there and it feels natural… Pursuit of what you SEE, what you see makes you happy

Pursuit of abstract things: money knowledge philosophy religion faith, downtoearth not important, abstract leads to fantasy “having that I can get that…” expands to million pathways… Abstract visions that you commit to at expense of other things in life, seeking ultimate happiness through that abstraction
JUPITER = “tends to destroy his own house”, lets run to neglect in abstract pursuit while house crumbles down around you, get lost in clouds

MASTER of purpose and vision

Deva, noble, idealistic, righteous… Turns twd higher purpose, looking up to devas, insight, knowledge, purpose, insight, philosophies understanding that helps make sense of conflict

DETERMINE DIRECTION in life twd developing innate self, to get educated by self taking education that supports who you naturally are = higher education… Direct you to do tings that are naturally good to your path and purpose, twd selfdiscovery in feeling your path… understand purpose by feeling it (NOT by looking for it), to BE goal in yourself, take joy in doing what is being JEVA =”living” …JEVA = life, JUPITER endowes everything with life… what gets you thru life when all else fails is living it, give life opportunity to do whatever, life will carry you thru/on

“nothing in life matters but it is important to do it anyway” –GANDHI

LIFE CALLS to search for goals purpose, what are you going to do with life, to understand purpose, life calls to have faith that things work out for best even though makes no sense (to believe in fate)


“this is my purpose, help twd goals, ability to envision/see life so there is something to pursue, faith in things getting better… make choices about what is natural to oneself, following path on present level in Vishnu’s footsteps, path that feels most natural effortless… importance of wealth religion philosophy accept conflict as teaching teacher


No sense of purpose in life, no faith in things getting better… Not able to express wisdom even though liberated, not appear as wise understanding, fumbling with religion spirituality “better off saying nothing”
Not directed twd things you have to do for your path, getting regrets “I wanted that yet something else always instead” … Not understand conflict “why this? This should not be happening, I don’t want this, just get out of here back to good life” … Study/Education brings stress, not so keen on education, not willing to receive new knowledge


brings pain, burden, stress into life – but if you are strong it does not bother you… helps to deal with unavoidable burdens that cannot be fixed or changed… obligations, ability to deal with problems in life, that which cannot be avoided which only needs to be persevered, just have to be carried (like: weak constitution from birth, abandonded by parents, death of child…)

loves outdoors nature animals more than humans, solitude, loner and not people centered, do things slow, persevering personality… take time for yourself for what you need, withdraw into your own space, take private time and space, ability to get by on very little… do what needs to be done …humor is sarcastic

accept difficulties that cannot be overcome or fought, suffer and mourn losses, wait out hardships and suffering, ability to make best of deprivation and loss… unavoidable things (karma) just have to get thru, grin and bear it without complaining, patience to deal with things the way they are

creates emptiness that generates desire, desire is result of emptiness (Lack, more fulfilled = less desire)
separates you from things, away from things (create lack emptiness deprivation), when right direction is AWAY to letgo of distractions, giveup say “NO” to things say “GOODBYE”, dropit leaveitalone… in order to have space / room to focus on what is baseline important… showing things to let go in order to find essential who you are, who you are meant to be… paying your dues, climbing up ladders

takes you away form things so you can use time to focus on important
gives lack = vulnerabilities so you find out who you really are
always make you find validation in world – LEARN to validate yourself internally

deepest grooves of subconsc, force that leaves lasting impact, longterm force of any momentary impact, consequences that get locked into, whole new reality of different enterprises that sprout up unavoidably, workroutines professions institutions… force and lasting impact of experience, feel / touch / getting hit with

TRUE DETACHMENT is understanding how EVERYTHING IS GOD, win/Lose or have/not is all same, ability to be totally happy either way, you can enjoy having and losing… MASTER of time and karma …TIME IS ILLUSION that allows you to suffer your karmas and learn from your pains of life so you become effective in who you are, take advantage of “time you are given”… “learn in time”… everything is just “matter of time”
Helps realise there is time for everything and now is time to toil, be happy slave (slave wanting to be king is not happy) let other planets help you out of slavery, be content until your work/effort pays off
It is OK to go through different periods, it is part of process

DETERMINE DIRECTION that helps get away and letgo to have more time for yourself or leave no longer serviceable supporting things… DIRECTS you to get rid of useless wasteful things that no longer serve, directs twd desire (7h) twd not-me, twd your pursuit for fulfilment NOT being fulfilled, twd doing that which ends up teaching you who you are not (thru elimination)… Directs you twd yourself by teaching you what to stay away from (Mirroring = everyone who comes into your life is you, he just looks like not-you)

LETGO – because if you keep outdated things that are no longer good for you, things are going to turn into crisis, just “matter of time” (SAT is master of time)

LIFE CALLS to bear burden of problems that cannot be solved, persevere weather hardships which are unavoidable

Asura demonic, no luxury of looking for hope / ideals (like in concentration camp survival), no hope, hell and slavery, strength and resolve and resources you need in order to live in poor conditions (in world of death disease nohope struggle)… ability to feel/be happy in stress misery, in losing conflict, when life is not treating you fair, when imprisoned sued repossessed, when conflict occurs it is “just matter of time” when you will lose because you cannot win every time, ability to deal with being loser
not paying dues  being picked on  not tolerate hassle  end up in fights

Ability to be detached and accepting about things being the way they are… Ability to learn who you ARE NOT, pay attention to mistakes and learn from them, engrave lessons deep into mind, impact strongly, helps appreciate process of having time to burn off karma… puts focus on survival, longevity, having necessities to live by… “I can handle losing as part of life”, helps deal with harsh realities… feels OK to bide your time, pay your dues, climb up ladder slowly, no need for shortcuts… “I failed now but later I can try again” … grim determination

whole world caving in because of loss or failing, losing focus easily… Getting depressed by unavoidables, no spine to carry burden and stand straight, whining complaining being victim, not accepting, trying to reject “why does it have to be like this?” … Wanting something but cannot letgo from other things standing in the way, cannot getaway from wasteful things from wasting time, “meter is ticking” but you don’t hear it, stick to distractions and don’t get to be who/what you really are… Ride dead horse for long time, not able to let go, get caught in nonsupportive things, waste lot of time with trivia, cannot say “NO” … Fail to learn that external IS NOT you… Not patience / perseverance to pay attention to life lesson, regard other things more
“Not fair” to start at bottom and work way up, “just make me boss right now” and give me priviledges, impatient frustrated… not confident in bearing loss, cold distant detached (NOT able to love in loss), compensate by false detachment that keeps from living truthfully with what you have, indifference “I don’t care what happens since things are not important in ultimate scheme”… not “being present”… dwelling on losses, wasting time you are given

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