Shastiamsa Shani Transit

Shastiamsa Shani Transit by Saptarishis Astrology Team and Andree Leclerc

Thy Experiments Towards Truth

Secrets of Shastiamsa – 1

Kaala’s Movement (as written in 2006)


Saptarishis Astrology

Copy editor: Andree Leclerc

Part I – Exploring Kala’s Movement in Shastiamsa (D60)

There are many methods to use Shani’s Transit & Aspect of Shani has been used in most novel manners in Nadi Granthas like Bhrigu nadi, Deva Kerelam (Chandra Kala Nadi) which are different from the traditional 3,7,10 aspect.

We came across a verse in ChandraKala Nadi Part 1 P.314, verse 3124 (below is a translation by Shri C.S.Patel)

Verse 3124: When Saturn transits Chandra Navamsa Rasi (Rasi represented in the natal chart by the Moons occupied Navamsa Rasi) or the sign occupied by the Moon (in the Natal Chart), the native suffers from enemies, mental anguish & humiliation from secret blemish.

Note 3 words: 1) Enemies 2) Mental Anguish 3) Humiliation from Secret Blemish

Verse 2044/45 : When Saturn transits 8th from Chandra Navamsa Rasi, native will suffer great calamity during Rahu’s period and will have termination of some running favorable yogaphala or yogabhanga results.

Verse 2385 talks about bad results in 7th from Chandra Navamsa Rasi

Chandra Navamsa Rasi cannot be ignored, but while reading the above it struck on us to integrate the same on similar yet vast researches on Shastiamsa (D60) that we have been carrying out for some time ‘even with inaccurate birth times’

The moon sign in Shastiamsa (D60) is called as ‘Chandra Shastiamsa Rasi’

The Usual Suspects:

  • When it comes to D60 most ignore it with excuse of time of birth not accurate.
  • Oflate D60 has become popular to see for Past Life Karma
  • BPHS gives clear instructions on the usage of D60


  • Ignore the Lagna of D60 & just note down the sign position of Moon
  • See Sign of Tr Sat in Rasi & superimpose it on D60 vis-à-vis Shastiamsa Moon
  • Let us study if during these transits they went through bad times

Example 1: Tony Blair (Rodden’s Rating AA)


Currently Sat is in Cancer & In D9 it is in 2nd house from Chandra Navamsa Rasi which is in Gemini, so when in Nov 06 Sat moves into Leo & then it retrogrades, with its 3rd aspect it will look behind at the Chandra Navamsa rasi & change can occur (also reported in press) as Moon is in 3H of change of job. Now we see D60 (those who do not believe in Ascendant of a divisional chart or authenticity of exact time can ignore the house explanations). 


Right now Tr Sat in Cancer is on natal D60 Sat effecting his image badly (Sat is with AL)

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