Matrimonial Misadventures by T. R. Mohana Pillay and K.R.A. Thapan

Matrimonial Misadventures by T. R. Mohana Pillay and K. R. A. Thapan

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(Taken From Astrological Magazine Of Raman Saheb, April 1977 issue)

In ancient days marriage among Hindus was a religious sacrament. It was the foundation stone for second ashrama of grahastya. It was not merely a union of two persons but of two souls and the sanctity of marriage was not terminated even by the death of a member. The period before marriage was strictly controlled by well-defined rules which completely eschewed carnal relations. Time has worked changes and at present certain psychologists even advocate premarital experience in sex. Procreation of the species was the main intension in olden days while carnal enjoyment has now become most important object of matrimony.

In spite of the drastic changes wrought by the passage of time, the institution of marriage still keeps up its old characteristic.

Mere interaction towards external adornment and momentary excitement often lead our younger generation into the portals of matrimony and many of them pay the price of the hasty step they take. Of course, planets have their own say in such matters but personal volition and free-will are always there at least to a limited extent to escape from unpleasant entanglements.

A study of a number of horoscopes has shown that certain results observed in married life are, to a large extent, indicated by certain special configurations. Such unfavourable combination in the horoscope are :-

  • the 7th house, its lord and the karaka for matrimony, afflicted by malefics either by conjunction or by aspect or by occupation of unfavourable  Bhavas;
  • unfavourable disposition of Venus and Mars;
  • Involvement of extra-saturnine planets and
  • affliction to the 5th (courtship) and the 12th (bed comfort), etc.

Mars, a fiery planet, is the stimulating agent of the sexual instinct in a man or woman whereas Venus governs emotions. It goes without saying that Mars is the most mischievous planet in creating havoc in married life unless he becomes Mangala (auspicious) due to strength and favourable disposition. Kuja Dosha (evil due to Mars) is well known that we need not elucidate it here.

A few cases of peculiar matrimonial relations may be noted in the following horoscopes.

Chart No. 1: This is a chart of a girl born and brought up in luxurious circumstances.  The Ascendant is Taurus and the lord of the Ascendant is in 9th house. First grade yogakaraka Saturn is stationary in the 2nd house (by Bhava). The 7th lord Mars is in retrogression is also in the 2nd though in Taurus. There is conjunction between the Moon and Venus; but in strict sense, there is no conjunction by Bhava. They are posited in the same sign and their union in a female chart is always dangerous in relation to matrimonial affairs. According to Mantreswara in Phaladeepika, in judging a horoscope every house has to be considered as lagna and thereby the merits and demerits have to be reckoned. Taking this view, the position of the 3rd lord has also to be considered as the 3rd is the house of fortune from the 7th (3rd lord the Moon is conjunct Ketu in the 9th from Lagna).

The 7th lord Mars is in retrogression and stationary Saturn is incapable of keeping Mars at bay to avoid calamity. Uranus conjunct the Ascendant accentuated the catastrophe.

A large number of proposals came for the girl but none fructified. One day, all of a sudden, she gave up all her parental pleasures and family and sought the company of an old man, a widower and went astray. The configuration from the Ascendant gives ample evidence of such inevitable union. The configuration from the Moon is also noteworthy as Jupiter lord of the 3rd and 12th occupies 7th along with Rahu and Pluto.

Chart No. 2: This chart is of a highly enterprising gentleman favoured with all local fortunes during adolescence. Here Venus is at the Rasi junction (Gemini) though Vargottama. Mars lord of the ascendant is conjunct Rahu and the conjunction takes place in the 8th, the house of secrecies. Here Mars acts as stimulating agent of carnal desires which made him indulge in illicit intimacy with a number of women. Rahu-Mars conjunction indicates the trap and ultimately he was trapped into an unwanted alliance. The aspect of Jupiter (the 9th lord) on Venus (Kalatrakaraka) was help less to save him.

Chart No 3: This chart is that of a nurtured girl with all fortunes. There is an excellent Adhiyoga from Lagna. Here Lagna and Chandra Lagna are placed in odd signs and this indication is not a good augury for fortune for a girl. Venus is in 7th conjunct Jupiter lord of the Ascendant. Venus being the karaka for marriage is not welcome there. The Sun being the 9th lord is in the 9th itself by Bhava though in the 8th sign. But the 7th lord Mercury is placed in 8th house. For a woman, as the 9th represents general-fortune of her husband it should be free from blemishes. Here Mars-Rahu conjunction takes place in the 9th house.

The most significant point here is that the Navamsa of the Moon sign is in Pisces and its lord Jupiter is placed between Lagna and the 7th lord (Mercury) and aspects his own house which is the Ascendant also. This particular configuration results in a forced marriage (Phaladeepika).

Chart No. 4: This chart is of a gentleman. Here the 7th house is flanked by two malefics – both fiery – though there is exchange of 6th and 8th lords – Mercury and Mars, the exchange (parivartana) does not benefit the 7th. The 7th lord Venus is aspected by Mars, the Ascendant lord, here the stimulus is generated by Mars square Venus. The 7th lord is afflicted by Rahu also.

Mars is the commander-in-chief of the solar system and the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Jupiter are within his range by his 4th house aspect. The stimulus is generated at a weak moment in life of the native by Mars and the native voluntarily declared his marriage without his or her parent’s consent. The aspect of Mars made her ultimately to surrender to him through some unknown impulse.

Chart No. 5:  The Ascendant is the secret sign Scorpio aspected by its lord Mars debilitated in Navamsa. Venus is in Rasi junction in Capricorn. Mercury and Jupiter are in the 2nd house though in Scorpio. The chief blemishes of this chart are :-

There is a mutual aspect of the Moon and Mars which is an indication of willful conjugal companionship in a girls chart. The 5th lord Jupiter is aspected by Mars (the aspect is feeble) and Mars generates a tendency to love affairs and

The 3rd lord Saturn aspects the 7th lord Venus along with Pluto. Pluto instigates Saturn to cause eccentric activities related to the 7th house affairs.

The first combination results in illicit conjugal relationship and the second precipitate a sudden marriage without any religious performances.

Chart No. 6: This is the chart of a gentleman favoured with fortune of every kind. At first sight it indicates some mishap concerning the 7th house affairs. For Taurus Ascendant, Venus in the 7th does not indicate a happy marital life. There is exchange between Venus and Mars. Venus is in deep combustion.

According to Kerala classic Jathakadesa the Sun with Venus or Mars conjunct in the 5th or 7th house gives the native a deformed wife.

Sukredheedharmasthage bhanuyukte

Bhoumadya vaa daravaikalayamahuh

This dictum came true 100% in this case. The native fell in love with a dumb girl and married her.

Chart No. 7: In this chart, the 5th lord representing courtship is placed in his own sign. Though there is a conjunction between Mars and Venus, by distance they are far apart. But the affinity between Venus and Mars caused some troubles and he gradually engaged in a secret unholy alliance. Luckily he foresaw the adversities of future and escaped from the grip of his fiancée. Jupiter, a malefic for Capricorn Ascendant by lordship, by aspecting Venus and Mars saved him from calamity.

His marriage, fixed unexpectedly with a girl from a respectable family, was also sudden. Mercury lord of the 6th and the 9th, is in the 6th house. Pluto is also in the 6th. Ketu is in 7th but not in the middle of the house. The 7th lord, the Moon, is in mutual aspect with Uranus which precipitated the marriage. Uranus causes sudden activities, changes etc.

Chart No. 8 is a phenomenal one in many respects. Lagna is Libra occupied by the Sun in debility. Mercury is also there. The 7th house is occupied by the yogakaraka Saturn. Jupiter a malefic by lordship, forms a strong Gajakesari Yoga in the 7th. The aspect of two debilitated planets, the Sun and Saturn (though they are bittern enemies) causes Rajayoga. The 7th lord Mars is in the 12th in Virgo with Rahu. Mars aspects the 7th, Aries. The aspect of the 7th lord on the 7th brings forth matrimony by choice usually.  The native was involved in a love affair for a long time. Yogakaraka Saturn in the 7th saved her from scandals, keeping her social status. Rahu-Mars conjunction in the 12th, the house of bed pleasures, caused the unusual circumstance.

Chart No. 9: This chart is that of an unfortunate gentleman who is the son of a famous judicial officer. The 7th is occupied by the debilitated Moon, the 3rd lord for the Taurus Ascendant. The Moon is Karaka for mind and the 7th lord is in the 5th, the house representing mind, courtship and love affairs. The aspect of Saturn on the Moon in the 7th instigated him to marry an older woman of a low class family. In this case, another baneful element is the Navamsa of Venus is Scorpio.

Chart No. 10: This chart is that of a gentleman favoured with sound education, wealth and children in high position. Mars and Rahu conjunction in the 2nd in Virgo made him involved in illicit affairs even though he had a loveable wife.

There is a fine Malavya Yoga due to the position of the Venus in the 10th in Taurus from Ascendant Leo. When this native completed 60th year, Venus begun to assert itself. From Venus, Mars is in the 5th conjunct Rahu (conjunction not perfect). There is a square and mutual aspect between Uranus and Neptune. From Venus, the square aspect between Uranus and Neptune and the position of Mars-Rahu in Virgo precipitated a second marriage with a young woman. Here Neptune and Uranus took the lion’s share of responsibility for the alliance. Neptune instigated a platonic affection whereas Uranus fructified his ultimate aim.

Malavya Yoga is fructified in a peculiar manner, wedlock with a woman below forty. Here also Mars in the 5th from Venus who is the 7th lord from Venus acts as the stimulating agent and the conjunction of Rahu with Mars trapped and compelled him to a second marriage.

Personal volition is always there, if there is perfect unity in mental attitude between the bride and bridegroom at first sight. This has been clearly laid down in Jathakadesa as follows:-


Sakthih subhada viseshathah proktha

Panigrahan nrina

Mathyartham chinthaneeyam syat

India’s cultural heritage is permeated with valuable principles. The age of soul mate theory in on the verge of extinction. But Westerners like Max Muller have observed that what the West lacks and requires are available in India. The Indian cultural tradition in one which is refined and extracted out of age-old experiences by men of wisdom in the blast furnace of trials and tribulations.


Chart No. 1: Woman born on 23-2-1944 at 11-48 A.M. at Trivandram

Rasi: Taurus-Ascendant, Mars, Saturn and Uranus; Cancer-Jupiter, Rahu and Pluto. Virgo-Neptune; Capricorn-the Moon, Venus, Ketu and Mercury; Aquarius- the Sun.

Navamsa: Capricorn-Ascendant and the Sun; Aquarius-Venus; Pisces-Jupiter; Aries-Neptune and Ketu; Taurus-Uranus; Cancer-Mars; Leo-the Moon, Mercury and Saturn; and Libra-Pluto and Rahu.

Chart No. 2: Man born on 23-8-1937, midnight at 12-15 at Trivandrum.

Rasi: Aries-Ascendant and Uranus; Taurus – Ketu; Gemini-Venus; Cancer-Pluto; Leo-the Sun and Neptune; Virgo-Mercury; Scorpio-Mars and Rahu; Sagittarius-Jupiter; and Pisces-Saturn and the Moon.

Navamsa: Aries-Ascendant; Gemini-Venus, Ketu and the Sun; Cancer-the Moon; Leo-Pluto; Libra-Uranus, Mars and Saturn; Scorpio-Jupiter and Neptune; Sagittarius-Rahu; and Aquarius-Mercury;

Chart No.3: Woman born in Quilon on 30-7-1942 at 4-45 afternoon.

Rasi: Sagittarius-Ascendant; Aquarius-the Moon and Ketu; Taurus-Saturn and Uranus; Gemini-Jupiter and Venus; Cancer-Pluto, the Sun and Mercury; Leo-Mars and Rahu and Virgo-Neptune.

Navamsa: Virgo-Ascendant and Mercury; Libra-the Sun and Pluto; Capricorn-Ketu; Aquarius-Venus and Neptune; Pisces-the Moon, Uranus and Jupiter; Taurus-Saturn; and Cancer-Mars and Rahu;

Chart No.4: Man born at Kottayam on 2-12-1936 at 3-45 afternoon.

Rasi: Aries-Ascendant and Uranus; Gemini-Ketu; Cancer-the Moon and Pluto; Leo-Neptune; Virgo-Mars; Scorpio-the Sun and Mercury; Sagittarius-Rahu, Venus and Jupiter; and Aquarius-Saturn.

Navamsa: Cancer-Ascendant; Leo-Uranus and Pluto; Libra-Ketu; Scorpio-the Sun and Neptune; Sagittarius-Venus; Capricorn-the Moon; Pisces-Mercury; Aries-Saturn and Rahu; Taurus-Jupiter; and Gemini-Mars.

Chart No.5: Woman born at Alleppey on 19-12-1947 night at 5-30 a.m.

Rasi: Scorpio-Ascendant, Mercury and Jupiter; Sagittarius-the Sun; Capricorn-Venus; Aquarius-the Moon; Aries-Rahu; Gemini-Uranus; Cancer-Saturn and Pluto; Leo-Mars; Virgo-Neptune; and Libra-Ketu.

Navamsa: Cancer-Ascendant and Mars; Libra-Ketu; Sagittarius-Saturn and Uranus; Capricorn-Jupiter; Aquarius-Venus and Pluto; Pisces-Mercury; Aries-the Moon and Rahu; Taurus-the Sun; and Gemini-Neptune.

Chart No. 6: Man born at Alleppey on 16-11-1942 at 7-45 night.

Rasi: Taurus-Ascendant, Saturn and Uranus; Cancer-Jupiter and Pluto; Leo-Rahu; Virgo-Neptune; Libra-Mars and Mercury; Scorpio-the Sun and Venus; Aquarius-the Moon and Ketu.

Navamsa: Aries-Ascendant and Uranus; Taurus-Mercury and Saturn; Cancer-Rahu, Venus, Jupiter and the Sun; Scorpio-Pluto; Sagittarius-Mars; Capricorn-Ketu; Pisces-the Moon and Neptune.

Chart No. 7: Man born at Quilon on 23-6-1934 at 2-29 a.m.

Rasi: Capricorn-Ascendant and Rahu; Aquarius-Saturn; Aries-Uranus; Taurus-Venus and Mars; Gemini-the Sun; Cancer-Mercury, Ketu and Pluto; Leo-Neptune; Virgo-Jupiter; and Libra-the Moon.

Navamsa: Pisces-Ascendant; Gemini-Rahu and Uranus; Cancer-Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto and Mars; Virgo-Neptune; Scorpio-Saturn; Sagittarius-the Moon, the Sun and Ketu; and Capricorn-Venus;

Chart No. 8: Woman born at Ernakulam on 7-10-1940

Rasi: Libra-Ascendant, the Sun and Mercury; Pisces-Ketu; Aries-Saturn, the Moon and Jupiter; Taurus-Uranus; Cancer-Pluto; Leo-Venus and Virgo-Rahu, Mars and Neptune.

Navamsa: Capricorn-Ascendant and Neptune; Taurus-Uranus, Mars, Mercury and Rahu; Virgo-Saturn and Venus; Libra-the Sun, Jupiter, Pluto and the Moon; and Scorpio-Ketu.

Chart No. 9: Man born at Alleppey on 16-6-1935 at 4-45 night

Rasi: Taurus-Ascendant; Gemini-Mercury and the Sun; Cancer-Pluto, Ketu and Venus; Leo-Neptune; Virgo-Mars; Libra-Jupiter; Scorpio-the Moon; Capricorn-Rahu; and Aquarius-Saturn.

Navamsa: Aries-Ascendant and Jupiter; Gemini-Mars; Cancer-Ketu, Uranus and Pluto; Virgo-Neptune; Libra-the Sun; Scorpio-Venus; Sagittarius-Mercury; Capricorn-the Moon and Rahu; and Pisces-Saturn.

Chart No. 10: Man born at Kottayam on 19-4-1903 at 2-30 afternoon.

Rasi: Leo-Ascendant; Virgo-Mars and Rahu; Sagittarius-Uranus; Capricorn-the Moon and Saturn; Aquarius-Jupiter; Pisces-Ketu; Aries-the Sun and Mercury; Taurus-Venus and Pluto; and Navamsa: Cancer-Ascendant, the Sun and Mercury; Leo-Rahu and Pluto; Sagittarius-Neptune; Capricorn-the Moon; Aquarius-Ketu; Pisces-Mars and Venus; Aries-Jupiter; and Taurus-Saturn.

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