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Planet - Mars by Anita Khandpur

Planet – Mars by Anita Khandpur

Planet – Mars


Anita Khandpur, India

Lal  Kitab (Red Book) is a common name heard by many people across India. The remedies given in Lal Kitab are very simple and require very little time and they are inexpensive. There are many books available in the market by many authors and all of them have nearly the same remedies. What is more important to learn is what to avoid in life. This has been my personal experience as a professional astrologer in Mumbai, dealing with various category of charts & what it has been observed by this scribe is that it is not the remedies one does to solve ones problems that an astrologer needs to tell his clients but what the client should never land up doing on his own which will cause his downfall, this is what the astrologer must warn his clients. This would be a 9 part series which I have culled out from Lal Kitab and one rare old Gujarati Book, which I have observed to work very well in my experience over decades.


Mars in 1H

If Mars is in the 1H. Do not take free gifts or Charity from anyone.  Do not speak lies.  This will work like poison in milk, even your Destiny will not support you. Do not keep Ivory items at home. This is a chart of a male who was working in the police department. He had been to prison and still out on bail. Upon advice his life changed and at present this person is in construction business. He does not take free gifts or tell lies.

Chart: 14 Feb 1965. 21:00hrs. Mumbai.

Chart 18


  1. Do not take free gifts or Daan (charity) from anybody.
  2. Do not speak lies.
  3. Do not keep Elephant tusks items at home.

Mars in 2H

If Mars is in the 2H, Do not neglect or ignore your brother. The more you help him or take care of him, the more your prosperity increases.


  1. Do not Neglect your brother.
  2. Do not insult your Mother or Grandmother

Mars in 3H

If Mars is in the 3H, Do not be proud or Stubborn. Do not have any type of vices or indulge in extra marital affairs. The woman he marries will be of a suspicious nature always, even if he is not involved in any affairs.

Female 21august 1971.  13:30.  Mumbai

Chart 19

This is a chart of a female who is into the film industry, sometimes as a dress designer, sometimes organizing promotion events. Her Husband was a well known person who expired untimely due to a chronic diseases. After that she has been flirting with many men and not being successful in any relations and work.

Do not let your stomach come out (pouch) as it may lead to blood related problems.


  1. Do not be proud or stubborn.
  2. Do not indulge in vices.
  3. Do not let your stomach come out                                            

Mars in 6H

If Mars is in the 6H do not distribute sweets on your children’s birthday, instead give salty items.

Chart: Male 16th August 1962:   17:59:  Mumbai

This native works with a construction company since last 30 years and still insecure about his position in the company. Recently in April 2010 and again in April 2011 he was in prison due to being a middle person in property dealings. Around the year 2000 he was in an affair with a female from whom he has a son and he cannot do justice to his married life with his wife nor to the other female. Till this day he distributes sweets at every small occasion, even birthdays of his children. Always worried about finances.  

This in my practical experience should be observed  even if Mars is not in the 6H.If it is not possible atleast ensure that you offer sweets only to people who have come to your house and not send it to people’s houses. If this precaution is taken it brings Financial prosperity.


  1. Do not distribute sweets on children’s birthday.
  2. Keep your character clean otherwise you will face financial crunch.                                                        

Mars in 7H

If Mars is in the 7H do not keep creeper plants or plants with broad leaves at home.

Do not take mercury related items as gifts.

Do not keep parrot as pet bird.

Stay away from relations represented by mercury i.e.: sister, fathers sister or always gift them with Red clothes.

Chart: Female 25 July 1973, 10:21. Mumbai.

This  female is a daughter of a known Actor. She receives lots of gifts being in a large family and her dad’s large social circle. Her mother has planted many creeper plants at home and also has a parrot at home. All her relations break, not married still, could not be successful in her film career and has now gone into depression and isolated herself from all her near and dear ones.


  1. Do not keep creeper plants or plant trees with broad leaves at home.
  2. Do not take items of Mercury as Gifts.
  3. Do not keep a parrot at home.
  4. Gift Red clothes to your sister, father’s sister. 

Mars in 8 House

If Mars is in the 8H, Do not insult or hurt a widows feelings.

Do not build a Furnace below the floor.

Do not have the main door of the house in the south direction.

Chart: Male 22 August 1958. 09:00. Devlali. Nasik.

In olden times in the north people used to dig a sort of pit and build a tandoor in that to make rotis. (like a sigdi in which coal is lit and food cooked.This is under the floor)

In olden times in the north people used to dig a sort of pit and build a tandoor in that to make rotis. (like a sigdi in which coal is lit and food cooked.This is under the floor)

Chart 22

This person has Mars in Aries in 8H. He is jobless since the last 23 years. Drinks a lot every day. His wife and children have separated from him. They stayed in a south facing house. He stays with his mother and brother. His brother is a well known person in the Film Industry. He does odd jobs of the house of his brother and drinks from the wine bottles his brother keeps at home. Also very rude at talking with everybody. At times he has a habit of flicking money.


  1. Do not hurt a widows feelings.
  2. Do not build a furnace below the floor.
  3. Do not live in a south facing house.

Mars in 9H

If Mars is in the 9H do not become an atheist. Follow the traditional customs and rituals.

This is a chart of a native who has Mars in the 9H.

He is a very successful Director of a Multi-national company. A very religious person who follows all the rituals religiously. Male 27 December 1970 10:50. Mumbai.

Chart 23


  1. Do not become an atheist and follow traditional customs and rituals. 

Mars in 10H

If Mars is in the 10H, do not sell ancestral property or gold of the house.

Ensure that milk does not overflow on the fire (in India milk is everyday boiled) or it creates obstacles to children.

Chart: Male 6 April 1951.  14:35. Nagpur.

Chart 24

This is a chart of a onetime film actor and now a very successful documentary film maker. He has Mars in Aries in 10H. His wife has got a
psychological problem so she forgets sometimes when she keeps milk to boil and this creates
problems with child at home.

Chart: Male 24 January 1979. 12:00pm. Patiyala.

This native has exalted Mars in 10H. He is settled in Dubai. He keeps buying properties and lots of gold for his wife making addition to the ancestral property and wealth.

I know of a female client, a successful business woman in Dubai having Mars in Taurus in 10H. Does not have a child even after many years of marriage. She keeps on complaining always that milk always keeps on overflowing at her house when she tries to boil it. Also she sold off her gold to compensate losses she and her husband incurred in their business in the past few months. After that their financial position has gone from bad to worse.


  1. Do not sell ancestral property or gold of the house.
  2. Do not allow milk to overflow on the fire while boiling.

Mars in 12H

If Mars is in the 12H, do not let the knifes or any weapons if you have at home become rusted.

Do not keep mars items with you.

The elder brother of the native should not wear red clothes.

Chart: Female.22 June 1960. 04:30. Aurangabad. Maharashtra.

This person is into construction business, and has all the antique showpieces and metals shinning.


  1. Keep the weapons, knifes shinning bright.
  2. Do not keep Mars items with you.
  3. The elder brother should not wear red clothes.

Taking Precautions Solves many problems.

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