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Vaara Chakra Usage

Om Datta Guru

Dear Brendan,

Let me attempt to answer i.e if I understood ur query on Vaara Chakra, Ramanarayanan can surely correct my understanding & throw more light as Vaara Chakra has many uses which are still not popularly known even in many paramparas to my knowledge.

Vaara means day (for others)

Vaara Chakra

1) Sunday -Sun

2) Monday – Moon

3) Tuesday-Mars

4) Wed-Mer

5) Thur-Jup

6) Fri-Ven

7) Sat- Saturn

8) Rahu

9) Ketu

vara chakra

 *Rahuday and ketuday are just used to make concept understand, they are not part of terminology of jyotish.

So if we count from Sun, Rahu is in the 8th from Sun, it’s like Rahu is in the 8th house which is akin to an eclipse position for a planet in a chart.

Ramanarayanan wrote: Rahu sits in the simhasana in lagna and is aspecting Sun and as per the principle of vaara chakra he is the 8th placed from Sun indicating grahana/eclipse.

Thereby it is said that Rahu & Sun combo is always bad as in Vaara Chakra it is in 8th from Sun, here in this chart Rahu is aspecting Sun who is the 2nd lord of speech & is GK also – this explains the disease to a large extent,8L in asc & the timing of it in Jups period shows that D60 is correct without a doubt

2) He wrote:As per the vaara principle Sani is the kavacha to Mars and Guru is grahana to Sani which indicates that the power of Agni/energy is lacking in the diagram.

SJ: If we take the Vaara Chakra again and count Saturn from Mars (native is born on tuesday), he is the 5th from Mars, 5th shows the Kavacha (protection), but is Saturn strong in this chart to give the kavacha. To see Saturn’s state we have to see the associates here Jup. If we count from Jup to Saturn, it is Thur, friday & then Saturn which is 3rd & 3rd house is not considered normally good in a chart. Then we count from Saturn to Jup(the associate) which is Saturday (1), Rahu (2), Ketu(3), Sun (4), Moon-monday (5), Tue-Mars(6), Wed- Mercury(7) & finally Guru-Thursday(8) – 

So Guru is 8th when counted from Saturn in the Vaara Chakra and this is again not a good house an eclipse house, a house of darkness. Jup in such a position is not able to give its full light hence is Grahana to Saturn in the naisargika Weekday Chakra.

What I would be most interested to know from those who are capable to see the Exact Event of Past life (not a curse or yoga in the chart but the incident) which lead to this problem in current life.

I stand to be corrected in my explanation but this is what I have learnt from my mentors.

best wishes & a Happy New Year to all

Sunil John


Vaara Chakra useful in understanding yogas & dasas

OM Datta Guru


[Added: Kavacha means shield/protection of Gods one can say]

So we can read this from the weekday the person is born as well as from the planet itself?

[Sunil]: I use more from planet itself

Also, what about planets in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (kavacha), 6th, 7th, 8th (grahana) and 9th (kavacha?).

[Sunil]: Let me attempt to reply to above query through the supposedly real usage of Vaara Chakra for understanding Planetary Unions (yogas in a way) and Dasas (In general)

Yogas Application

  1. a) Jup-Moon- Gajakeshari Yoga is called a good yoga and gives fame & fortune.

Lets take Moon and count from Monday (for moon) till Thursday (for Jup) and Jup is 4th from Moon and from Jup to Moon it is 7th.

So here we put the 4 & 7 as into houses i.e results of 4th & 7th houses in naisargika kundali, results of 4H is fortune & 7th house is house of padaprapti (fame), which is what the combo of Jup Moon gives.

Dasas Application

Now in a natives chart these results even when Jup Moon are not in Gajakeshari yoga can be seen in any Moon/Jup dasa which will give fortune & fame, the flavor of it must be seen where it is happening, e.g Moon in 3H n Jup in 8H, Jup is 6th from Moon, in this natives moon/Jup dasa he got employed (Jup is also 7 & 10L), employment related issues since Jup is 6th and it brough him into limelight (7th house basic vaara result of Jup-Moon combo) & also started his fortune ( 4th house basic vaara result of Jup moon combo)

Being 10L in 8H it also brough sudden downfall, i.e what i am trying to say is that the real chart will modify the results but Vaara Chakra will give basic definite results.

1.b) Mars- Sat combo or mars/Saturn dasa –  Mars is tue, Saturn is 5th from it and Mars is 6th from it – so whenever mars saturn is together in yoga or dasa operative there will be results of 5th house and also 6th house results – then other factors will alter or add additional parameters to it. In mars/Saturn dasa the native fell in love (5H) had a great new opportunity (5H matter) and developed tremendous blood pressure problem (6H) had lot of enemies cum obstacles in everything he did( 6H matter) and they were old (Saturn) & also very fierceful enemies (Maritian).

‘Vaara Chakra shows what is ordained by nature is my understanding, the basic indications gotten from Vaara chakra will happen in dasas and yogas & it can make us understanding yogas dasas easily than any other method is what i am told.Obviously we need to add basic nature of graha & lordship etc into account.

Though I learnt this some yrs back but I did not apply it due to various reasons, its only recently last week I was taught again by mentor & then Ramanarayanan reminded us of Vaara chakra, but there is one thing surely there is more to Vaara Chakra than we know is what is told to me. Thats the reason I had asked Ramanarayanan if he knows more about Vaara Chakra 2 mails previous as I am sure there is more to it than what meets the eye though I cannot be said to have understood this in its entirety.

Hope this helps

best wishes

Sunil John


 Vaara Chakra useful in understanding yogas & dasas

Hari Om

Dear Sunil & Ramanarayana,

Thanks for the examples. They were very helpful. There must be some principles that relate to the day lord of one’s birth with this Vaara Chakra.

In any case, just as a follow up on the Mars/Saturn as it applies to my own chart! It was probably the most impactful dasa/bhukti of my life. There are of course many ways to see this but we’ll stay with the principles of Vaara Chakra.

1.My engineering career came to an end and I decided to take a completely different direction in life. Major drop in salary and it brought anxiety, fear and tension.

2.I got married in that sub-period.

  1. We became pregnant in that sub-period and the child was born in next sub-period.
  2. Decided to return to graduate school in that sub-period.
  3. Moved all the way across the country in that sub-period to reside in a different city.

So in my case the 5th house matters [quitting job, deeper commitment in love and marriage (not exactly a 5th house matter), new knowledge and birth of child], and 6th house matters [new work, anxiety, fear and tension] all manifested. The marriage can be seen elsewhere.

Mars as lagna lord and AK is Simhasana and despite its combustion brought these results. Saturn is Parijata. Saturn of course disposits the LL/AK and he has a controlling part to play in the destiny. 

For those not familiar with this, look up Vaisheshikamsas in Parasara or Sarvarth Chintamani.

Mars is also lord of the 6th house so it brought emphasis to that house. Saturn is karaka of career (according to some) and he is placed in the 10th house and lord of the 3rd and 4th.

One reason they brought marriage is that they both contribute to Venus’s AV in the 7th house.

Date:          March 13, 1949
Time:          12:33:33 am
Time Zone:     0:00:00 (West of GMT)
Place:         8 W 13′ 00″, 53 N 20′ 00″

All the best,


Om Datta Guru

Hi Brendan,

U are most welcome.

The reason I did not reply to the weekday born query is since the reply is generalised and hence I feared that it might be criticised.

There is a usage though general but when coupled with an individuals chart it can give fantastic clues. Beware I haven’t tested this extensively. Permit me to take ur chart

1) House & Tatva: U are born on Saturday if am not wrong. Now from Saturday- Mars is 6th and from Mars it is 5th, so both 5th house and 6H matters will happen during Mars dasa whenever it runs in ur life. Both Vaara lord Saturn & planet in questions Mars are active cum dramatic planet – tamasic if thats the correct articulation – so in Mars dasa for anyone born on Saturday these results can happen

Repeating in ur Mars dasa – 5H & 6H matters will happen

In ur mars dasa u got married (deeper commitment to love – I personally do take 5H for marriage too as it is gains from 7H but this 5H etc has to be fortified), 5H also shows education and thats what happened, u got child another 5H matter, end/change of career another 5H matter, 6H job related matters too. U moved to another part in the country by changing ur residence, a 6H matter as it is 3rd from 4th house of residence. one can even call it 5H matter as it is arudha of 3rd house. Anxiety fear & Tension a 6H matter.

2) Rahu Dasa for u: from ur weekday lord Saturn it is sharing 2/9 relationship in the vaara chakra. so 2nd House & 9H matters will happen along with tatva of Saturn and Rahu.

1.a) so status can be gained in this dasa- 2H, b) higher knowledge/wisdom & prosperity will be gained -9H matter c) money can be focus in this dasa -2H matter d) 9H is teacher also, u might have become a teacher or known as a teacher (which is obvious as I know u are a SJC Guru) e) Also u might have done some talking (2H matter) f) U might have travelled abroad – 9H matter and Rahu is in the 6H etc etc

3) Same way we use vaara day to see antar dasas also

Hope this is properly explained, sometimes my english is funny

Kind regards,


Hari Om


Your english is brilliant and as good as mine any day. What you said here is to the point and very much so. This is so neat that like Robert, I am very excited to learn this from you and Ramanarayana. It gives so much insight into planetary relationship that has very practical applications. I’ve been working on these various chakras for a while and they tell a great deal (Kaalachakra, Sarvatobhadra chakra, Kota chakra). They are really powerful for evaluating transits.

Yes, tying it to the vaara lord (day lord) particularizes it for the native (and for those who are not aware vaara means day).

I was born on a Saturday (vedic weekday).

Yes, I agree with your comment on the 5th house and marriage. It’s the 11th from the 7th and gains in love, compassion and knowledge come from marriage and relationship if we are able to overcome our own narcissistic self-absorption and begin to relate to another and isn’t this what marriage and attraction and Venus teaches us. We also gain in Purvapoona in my opinion but only if we really do our work in relationship and free ourselves from the ‘negative’ attachment of the 7th house. Children are also a gain from marriage.

My Mars is in the 4th bhava but right on the cusp of the 5th house in the Bhava chakra and this is very important. Mars dasa activated all the 5th house matters in his dasa. Too often we completely neglect the Bhava Chakra in chart examination. The Bhava Chakra indicates the distortion between who we really are deep inside and how we manifest. Much like the Saatya and the Maya or the True Self and the False Self.

What you said about Rahu dasa is entirely accurate and all I do is TALK and TALK and TALK and much of the talking is about 9th house matters and I’m self employed but its a service type of work and I have a family all thro this dasa. Interesting that Mars brought the children and Rahu for his entire dasa will keep me active with family life as 2nd house matter. I should shut up for a while but Rahu won’t let me. I give lectures all the time on ayurveda and jyotish and some on psychology but from the point of view of the ego/soul/Self relationship.

So we can also examine the dasa/bukti relationship here too.

Does anybody write about this? Has Sanjay spoken on this?

Others should note that the vedic day is from sunrise to sunrise, whereas the western calendar is from mid-night to mid-night. I was born at 12:32 am and in our western calendar this was a Sunday morning but in Vedic terms it was Saturday and ruled by Saturn. JHora tells us the Vedic weekday in the box on the first screen with Natal Chart information.

I will clearly leave the world in my Jupiter dasa as the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn (vaara lord) is 3/8 and I will not have the energy or motivation. Jupiter/Saturn will not be good. My life line in my palm shows this too.

Warm Regards,


Miscellaneous Replies – Robert Koch

Om Datta Guru

Dear Robert,


U are most welcome but pls keep in mind this technique I haven’t worked extensively, rather not even put my mind to it though its been in my kitty for long. I will try my level best to reply and am sure u, Brendan & others (me included) can work together on this over a period of time & test it on several charts to refine. In another mail I shall give some more info on it. My reply below as [Sunil]: so that I do not miss out on replying properly to ur kind self.

Om Gurave Namah
Dear Sunil and Brendan,
Re: Vara Chakra
I am following this discussion re: Vara Chakra with interest, and have a couple of questions.  Please excuse if my questions have already been covered, as I’m just trying to get the gist of what you are teaching here: 
So, from what I’ve read so far, the following approaches can be gleaned: 
1.  See the results of yogas from the Vara Chakra sequences of benefic/malefic houses (starting point being any of the planets creating the yoga), as well as karakatva.  This would be the Naiskargika Vara Chakra;

[Sunil]:Yes Sir, there is another method of understanding what each yoga will bring & it is mentioned in books of Bhrigu, one such work u can find it in Tejen Bose’s book on Bhrigu system.

  1. See the results of dasa/bhukti from the Vara Chakra vantage point, taking either dasa or bhukti lord as the starter;

[Sunil]: yes, for finer tuning I guess we must  see bhukti we must start the count from Dasa lord in Vaara Chakra. This is my personal interpretation and not from the parampara man i learnt

An eg: Would two dasas like a) Sun/Moon & b) Moon/Sun give the same result – it can and it cannot also. We analyse it seperately

  1. A) Moon/Sun – Taking Moon as start, we count to Sun in Vaara Chakra – tue,wed,thur…. Sun which comes as number 9 which is 9H, this house we know stands for higher education, foreign, parakrama(efforts) in business & is the house of boss.

This dasa of Moon/Sun (AD) is of 6 months only and during this period I came back from australia (9H matter of foreign), started business (became Boss -9H matter & also 9H of properity), made lot of efforts to start this film company in australia (9H matter), started my astrology studies (9H of higher wisdom) , joined SJC (9H of institution), met Sanjay (9H of knowledgeable people)

  1. B) In contrast we take Sun/Moon (AD) -counting from Sun – sunday, monday – so 2, i.e 2H – of basic education which is what i was doing in that antar, it is also 2H of family, I met some of my mothers family relations for 1st time (2L is Moon) & loads of cousins – am sorry thats what i remember about that antar so far.

  2. See the results of all the above, taking the native’s natal Vara lord as the starter.   [Sunil]:yes also vaara lord, my vaara lord is Ven, so counting from Ven, Moon will be fri, sat, rahu, ketu, sun & monday which is 6H, so in moon dasa I started work job (6H matter), had lot of obstacles (6H),made loads of enemies in work (6H matter), had many tumultous breaks in relationships (6H matter), etc etc ofcourse these general things happens as such one can say

    Do I have this right?  If so, which vantage point takes precedence?  If, for example, I am running some dasa/bhukti, is it more important to see the Vara Chakra from those planets, or will it work better to see them from the natal Vara lord?  Or, should they be seen from the Naiskargika Vara Chakra in preference to the others? 

    Similarly yogas:  Are they best seen from the Naiskargika Vara Chakra, from the Vara Chakra of the planets themselves, or from the one initiated from the native’s Vara lord? 

[Sunil]:I must be honest I cannot reply with confidence here, though an obvious thing we all can say that ones Vaara Lord will take precedence. I might prefer to follow a general format which most follow take first the normal things that are expected as per Vaara chakra and then superimpose ones Vaara lord on Vaara chakra to get double confirmation, triple confirmation would be then putting ones planets (natal) of our chart in those houses which are getting activated.

Pointers would be welcome, and thank you in advance.  This looks like a simple but very useful system. 

[Sunil]:U are welcome, yes it is a simple system – some more on it i would reply to dear Phyllis’s email as a general thing in all.

Kind regards,

Best regards,

Om Datta Guru

Dear Phyllis & Others,

you had meant it to be sent to the group but it came privately, but would reply to the group so that some background is given on Vaara Chakra.

One of my mentors is student of a Village astrologer, this mentor taught me this technique when I said I am finding astrology very confusing & how come a Jup-Moon is Gajakeshari or Sat-Venus dasa can be downfall at (in vaara it comes as 2/9, 2nd is money and maraka also, and 9th is 12th from 10th and 3rd from 7th of public image).

2 yrs back I ignored it thinking its too simple a method as I am obsessed with complicated methods from books & list (generally speaking, not intended at someone), then later 9 months back I was taught this again I ignored it as I was obssessed n working on only D60 for months, now again he taught me.

Years back mentor had scolded me (though he is younger to me) and taught me in 2 mins this Vaara Chakra, he then told me to concentrate on this and meditate on Tatvas, saying that these are the first things taught in astrology when one learns this science to understand what the sages are talking about. He doesn’t like me going in for complicated methods (I am guilty of doing that) and often says that if I do my base well I will understand astrology the way it is to be understood.He again repeats that astrology starts and ends with Tatvas n I should stop reading astrology and meditating on it more.

Now mentors, one teacher is village astrologer whose parampara is 800 yrs old from whom he learnt this. The huge library he has is in Lopi sanskrit, he doesn’t understand hindi or english and only speaks in marathi. I must be honest and I confess that my meetings with him have impressed me so much that I am always singing his praise. He used to read more than 150 charts per day and has now reduced it to 40 per day as his daughter in law doesn’t like so many people coming to house. Although his reputation is high & he likes me but it is so difficult to get in touch with him. I have seen him unlock charts which big time people haven’t been able to do so.

Being a total village guy I do not know why he uses Uranus, Neptune, Pluto – but when he uses it ohh i have never seen his predictions fail, its like thumb rules, he has around 90% accuracy which my mentor has observed over 10 yrs and even after sitting for 4 hrs next to him for 6 months my mentor could not learn anything much esp the method by which he times marriage year within 6 seconds & I have seen him do this, ohh he just counts on his finger1,2,3 and then he says so and so year marriage will happen. But he will never teach his methods, even to his son he has taught few things only, he is just too strict when it comes to learning astrology, but his biggest strength is in remedies – he just knows how to unlock the chart, same chart I have seen being rotated to the top astrologers of india and the remedy wasn’t working and then he did it & there it was unlocked.

The village guy had a different form of education, for 25 yrs he was taught astrology and not asked to look at any chart, only after 25 yrs he was allowed to do so, ofcourse many books in his memory and he is what they call DasaGranthi Brahmin (10 major Granths- Works of Hindu religion he is master of)

I can write pages but i must not bore.

To sum it up

1.a) Vaara Chakra is a basic tool that I was supposed to learn which incidentally in my truity fruity way of learning astrology through books and sitting in city I haven’t learnt at all.

1.b) The outer planets I am wondering how his parampara knew it even before it was discovered to normal public, but my mentor says he has seen the village guy use it like thumb rules and it works as the client will always say the event happened but the village guy is very smart as he doesn’t divulge those thumb rules and after sitting for months one can garner just 5-6 rules that too if one is lucky.

1.c) Didn’t want to write this but when I was checking english I taught might add this, this astrologer predicts with ‘ONLY TRANSITS’ and my mentor has seen this for more than a decade. But in my chart he used dasa in one particular query and my mentor later when i told him was shocked as this village astrologer for more than 50,000 charts has never used dasas . I think Guruji tries to cover up his traces on purpose or has too many tools up his sleve.

1.d) He doesn’t spend more than 30 secs per chart and not more than 10 mins per person – all predictions given & door show (subtley)

1.e) If u donate money or not he doesn’t bother to see if u have kept money for his readings, he is on to the next chart & he just doesn’t bother this is what i have seen over 60 readings which happen in public



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