The Confluence of Nadi Astrology and Parashara

The Confluence of Nadi Astrology and Parashara

Astrology is a journey in quest of truth, the ultimate truth of life.

It is known to all keen students of astrology that there are multiple systems of astrology like Parashara, Nadi, Jaimini, DNA, Lal Kitab,

Sadhu Paddathi, Krishnamurthy Paddathi, GurumurthyPaddhathi, etc. Every system has its share of merits and demerits and as such its own limitations in the way of analysis. It is therefore literally impossible to perfect the art and science of prediction based on a single school of thought. The integration of different systems is the master key to unlocking the doors of delineation. To put it in simple words, correlation and synthesis of techniqueswill give you a greater degree of accuracy.

Saptarishis Astrology Sloke

In this article, we have chosen only two systems – Parashara and R G Rao’s Nadi and tried to explain the blending of the two at the basic level, bearing in mind, that there are many layers to this technique that can be subsequently researched.

Preliminaries Explained

Since this article is introductory in nature, it will touch upon the salient features of R G Rao Nadi for those readers who are not conversant with this system. R G Rao has not used Ascendant or Lagna in his books. 1-5-9 i.e., trial positions of planets are very important. Planets in trines are considered as if they are in conjunction to a degree of 75%. Next in order is 7th, then 3-11, and last is 2-12 position of planets. Another important lesson is the movement and linking of planets. Along with this concept, to master the subject of R G Rao’s Nadi, a student has to studythe Significations or Karakatwasof planets and Rashis.

The purpose and scope of this article areto drive home the point that blending the R G Rao Nadi system, with Parashara, will lead you to greater clarity. In the practical case studies below, please observe closely how when we use Ascendant and apply Nadi Principles in addition to traditional Parashari, the picture becomes clearer. For example, in Nadi only Natural Karakatwas are used whereas when blended with Parashara, in addition to Natural Karakatwas, we can use Acquired Karakatwas, Inner Karakatwas, Outer Karakatwas, Functional Karakatwas, etc. Of course, the way planets get linked also changes significantly.

The concept can be analyzed in two ways – Static and Dynamic. Static is the analysis of basic promises and indications in the chart using Yogas, planetary dispositions, etc., whereas dynamic is an analysis of the timing of events as promised in the chart using Dashas,

Transits, Yogas, etc. So, one should be clear about what actually he/she is looking for in the chart and proceed accordingly. Otherwise, there will only be confusion no conclusion!!!!

Example Chart 1 – Lata Mangeshkar

Parashari – Lagna rises in Taurus, Natural 2nd House of Voice. 2ndnd Lord Mercury, also 5th Lord of talent and creativity is vargottama. 2nd Lord from Moon i.e., Sun also 5th Lord of Natural Zodiac is exalted. Also 5rd Lord Moon is in own House.

Nadi Confirmation–Saturn-Rahu-Venus trinal combination. Saturn, Karaka for profession also 10th Lord from Lagna is in conjunction with Rahu and Venus, Karakas for arts, film world, and media. Also Mercury 10th lord from Saturn is retrograde (Think over it). As such, she ruled over the musical world as an Empress.

No Marriage- 7th House is in Papa Kartari. Also 7th Lord is in 6th along Rahu Ketu Axis.

Nadi Confirmation – In this case, Mars 7th Lord as well as Karaka for Husband both moving towards Ketu, the terminator

Example Chart 2 – Female Jatak

Saptarishis Astrology Chart 235

The native has serious family problems and the early death of her husband who was sickly

Parashari 7th House has multiple afflictions. Out of 9 planets, 6 planets are connected to 7th House severely afflicting both 7th House as well as Mars in Lagna

Nadi Confirmation7th Lord Mercury is moving towards Ketu terminator. Mars, karaka for Husbandis retrograde and both retrograde Mars and retrograde Rahu are moving towards 12thh House which is also aspected by Sun. 12th House affliction is a clear indication of denial of marital pleasure.

Example Chart 3 – Dumb and Deaf

Saptarishis Astrology Chart 236


  1. Lagna is Gemini – Natural 3rd House of Throat and speech is in Papa Karthari hemmed in between two malefics Mars and Saturn.
  2. Third House is again in Papa Karthari hemmed in between two malefics Saturn and Sun.
  3. Lord of third house Sun is aspected by 8th Lord Saturn and Badhaka retrograde Jupiter.
  4. From Moon, 3rd house is again in Papa Karthari hemmed in between two malefics Saturn and Sun and 3rd Lord Mercury is in 6th House aspected by Badhaka Saturn.
  5. In Navamsha, 3rd Lord Mars is with Saturn in 8th House.

Nadi Confirmation

  1. Mercury is the 3rd Lord from Moon as also Karaka for Speech. So here it has both Natural as well as Acquired Karakatwa. Sun is 3rd Lord from Ascendant. Both Sun and Mercury are moving towards Rahu seriously afflicting their qualities. 
  1. Jupiter is Badhakaand retrograde. As per Nadi, Jupiter as Badhaka is aspecting 3rd House of Throat from previous house.

Example Chart4 -Swami Vivekananda

Parashari Indication

  1. Lagna is Sagittarius, Natural 9th House of Religion, Spirituality, Guru, Preaching etc.
  2. Sun, the 9th Lord is Atma Karaka placed in Lagna and Vargothama
  3. Sun is in own Nakshatra, 9th Pada. As such, his incarnation is for revival of Dharma.

Nadi Confirmation

  1. Saturn – Moon – Ketu combination.(Trinal)
  2. Venus – Mercury – Ketu combination.(Trinal)
  3. Sun – Mars –Ketu combination(Trinal)
  4. Out of 9 Planets, 6 Planets get connected to Ketu, Mokshakaraka!!!!

Example chart 5 – Male JatakDivorced

Saptarishis Astrology Chart 1

Parashari Indication

  1. Venus Karaka for wife is in deep combustion
  2. 7th Lord Jupiter and Mars Karaka for Husband both are in 12th House

Nadi Confirmation

  1. 7th House from Lagna is occupied by Saturn in trine to Ketu(Saturn Ketu Combination)
  2. This combination repeats in 8th House from Moon as well as 12th House from Moon
  3. 7th Lord Jupiter is moving towards 6th Lord Mars indicating litigations

Om Tat Sat

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