Elon Musk Astro Portrait by Vidhan Pandya

Elon Musk Astro Portrait by Vidhan Pandya

Elon Reeve Musk is a business magnate and investor. He is the founder, CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX; angel investor, CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; founder of The Boring Company; co-founder of Neuralink and Open AI; president of the Musk Foundation; and owner and CEO of Twitter, Inc. With an estimated net worth of around $181 billion as of November 18, 2022, Musk is the wealthiest person in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index and Forbes’s real-time billionaires list.

As per various websites on the internet, he was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. While his birth time is not available in public record. I have taken a bold attempt to guess his birth time based on data available in the public domain. Time can be taken around 12:07 noon. Birth chart based on this (assumed) birth time.

Chart 225

This chart has very powerful raja yogas and dhan yogas sufficient enough to make him the Wealthiest Person on planet.

Panchang Analysis

Chart 226

The natives born on Shashthi tithi love to steal the spotlight, and resist giving others their chance therein. We know Elon likes to be in the limelight and he is very active on social media. He has over 100 million followers on Twitter as of June 2022 Winning is more important to him. He wants to take big initiatives and wants to lead, rule, govern. He is very ambitious and he wants to do things to “change the world”

With the Shashthi tithi, he gets Aries and Leo signs as Dadgha rashis. Aries is the personality of a native, it is known that he has a rather eccentric nature. After acquiring Twitter, he fired a lot of top executives causing much pain and grief. Leo is the natural sign for children, unfortunately his first biological child died when he was just 10 weeks old.

Chart 227

He was born on Monday which is ruled by Moon. Moon is a planet of emotions, he was given to emotions. Moon is in the 12th house which made him reserved and introverted during his childhood days.

Chart 228

He is born during Siddhi yoga, which means he is here to achieve. Yogi planet Mars is exalted hence his achievements will be higher. Siddhi means success. No doubt he is successful in many ways. Natives born in Siddhi yoga are skilled and accomplished in multiple areas in life. Elon is a business magnate with companies in Social Media (Twitter), Car manufacturing (Tesla), Space travel (SpaceX), Artificial Intelligence (Open AI) and several others.

Chart 229

Kaulav means born in a noble family. These people feel they belong to the aristocracy and will try to be at the top of their profession. They are adventurous, good, free thinking, popular, well spoken and sensual. 

Chart 230

Purva Phalguni nakshatra is ruled by Venus. Ruling deity is Bhaga who rules over all types of conjugal bliss, contracts, commitments, etc. P Phalguni indicates creative arts, he studied arts and can be considered creative. Indicates a healthy body but impulsive mind which leads to regrettable actions.

“Natives with key planets in Purva Phalguni will always have issues with eyes like eye sight may be weak, eye infection, night blindness, color blindness, native’s eye glasses are often broken/lost etc. This is on a physical plane. On a mental plane, it would indicate such natives would be blinded mentally in some way or another. They may have an illusion regarding something, they may trust someone blindly, even in light of facts they are not able to see things clearly etc. This is especially true in case of affliction.”

  • From Author’s book “Predicting through Nakshatra Part 2”, Technique 8 (Nakshatra study 86) Purva Phalguni & Blindness

“During the show, Musk noted that because of Asperger’s, he would not make eye contact with his cast. People with Asperger’s are often known to have difficulty with social interaction but have normal or above normal intelligence.” (Reference #1)

Chart 231

(Note: Planets close to Mrityubhag degrees are marked in circle)

Asperger’s Syndrome

Musk has a medical condition called as Asperger’s syndrome. “Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a developmental disorder. Young people with Asperger’s Syndrome have a difficult time relating to others socially and their behavior and thinking patterns can be rigid and repetitive.” (see reference #2)

For this condition to exist in a native, his/her Mercury has to be afflicted as mercury related to mental abilities. In the chart of Elon Musk, his Mercury is in its own sign but conjunct with the Sun and in paap-katari yoga with Ketu and Saturn on its either side. Also note that 5H has exalted Mars and Rahu. Both can be considered as natural and functional malefic in his chart. But note that Mars is Yogi and exalted which gave him extraordinary intelligence. He received scholarship during his college days at Queen’s university and was given admission into University of Pennsylvania.

Micro Manager

Musk is said to be a Micro Manager which is a trait associated with afflicted Mercury. He calls himself Nano Manager.

His parents were separated during his childhood

As per Nadi astrology rule, Ketu between the Sun and Moon causes separation between parents. 

The Sun & Father

His Sun is in Gemini sign with Mercury. Mercury is in its own sign. Sun does not have aspect of any other planets but is surrounded by Ketu on one side and Venus & Saturn on the other side.

Mrityubhag degree for the Sun in Gemini sign is 12 as per Jatak Parijat. His Sun is at 12 degrees and 36 minutes. Planets in Mrityubhag indicates issues related to the significator of the planet and houses represented by it. One of the significations of the Sun is father. His father was Electromechanical engineer, Pilot, Sailor, Consultant, Property developer etc. He also owned a mine. He was a wealthy person. Gemini is a natural sign of hobbies and interests. Placement of the Sun in Gemini sign gave him a father with many skills. Musk was separated from his father early in his life. Other significators of the Sun include Ego, self image, soul, focus, heart and so many things.

The Sun is in the 10th house of status, power, Karma etc. He was a Venture Capital investor in Tesla but in 2008 he fired the CEO and took charge of the company. He started acquiring shares of Twitter and in October 2022 bought Twitter and became the CEO after firing some of the firm’s top executives. He has an obsession with power.

The Moon & Mother

Moon is in the 12th house of foreign land. His mother was a Canadian but married to Errol Musk, a South African and lived there. His mother, Maye Musk, was a Model. It may be noted that the Moon is in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra which is ruled by Venus. 10th from the Moon is occupied by Venus and Saturn in Taurus sign. 10th house indicate profession and Venus in 10th from the Moon gave him a mother who was a Model. Taurus is also a sign on Food and Nourishment. Saturn the karma karaka is in Taurus with Venus. Maye was also a dietitian.

Moon indicates Travel and 12th house indicates Space. He formed SpaceX to take people to Space.

Moon is in the 12th house of Luxury, expenditure. Mother would have a lavish life.

Mars & Brother

Mars is exalted with Elon with 27 degrees and 28 minutes. Which is tad short of highest exaltation point of 28 degrees. Mars is with Rahu. Rahu in 5th house gives him fascination with latest technologies like AI, Solar, self driving cars etc. Mars represents power, electricity. 5th house represents creativity. He was very much interested in Solar power since his college days. He acquired SolarCity. He had a fascination for computers (Mars) and he had written and sold a computer game to PC Magazine during his school days. During his childhood he spent lot of time with computers.

He is close to his brother, Kimbal with whom he founded Zip2 his first company.

His brother now owns a restaurant company. See again the connection of Saturn (dispositor of Mars) with the Taurus sign.

Mars is the 8th lord which indicates deep desires from past lives, research. Mars is in Capricorn which is the sign of Karma. He is obsessed with his work and known to work for long hours.

Mars is the vital energy, power to do things in the body. He is highly energetic and known to work without break for long hours. Mars as the 3rd lord of change.

Exalted Mars with Rahu gave him children through IVF. 5th lord in 9th house with 9th lord Venus gave him many children.


Jupiter is retrograde in his chart. Jupiter owns the 7th house of business, relationships, wife etc.

Retrogration means repetition.

He can be said as a serial entrepreneur as he co-founded many companies including Zip2, X.com, Tesla (really?)

He had 3 partners (2 spouses, 1 girl friend)

Justine Wilson (m. 2000; div. 2008)

Talulah Riley (m. 2010; div. 2012) (m. 2013; div. 2016)

Grimes (2018–2021)

Shivon Zilis

Note: he married and divorced Talulah twice.

Also notice that Ketu is in 9th from Jupiter. Ketu means cut. He bought and sold companies.

He married and divorced many times.

Jupiter as 4th lord.

4th lord is in 3rd house (12th house from 4th house)

He was born in South Africa but he moved to Canada as he knew that immigrating to the USA will be easier with a Canadian passport. He later moved to the USA. Stayed in California until 2020 before moving to Texas.

He separated from his mother land. Changed his domicile multiple times.


Saturn is the Karma karaka. It is aspected by Jupiter (retro) and conjoint with Venus in the sign Taurus. Saturn is the lord of 5H and its placement in 9H confers a highly auspicious Yoga. Saturn is with 2L Venus, this is a combination of riches (Dhan Yoga). Venus as 2L in 9H indicates powerful Yoga for wealth. Venus in the 9th house aspected by Jupiter is another Yoga for wealth. Also note Saturn’s 3rd aspect falls on 4th sign of Cancer which is related to Vehicles hence he joined Tesla (a car company).


Mercury is the lord of ascendant and 10th house. Lord of ascendant in 10th house makes him dedicated to his work. Native will spend most of his time around 10th house significations including Karma, work, status, duties, responsibilities etc.

10th lord in 10th house – Yoga for hard work; dedication to work Mercury is in the Gemini sign of social media. He is known to be very active on Twitter. Musk used Twitter to promote Tesla. It is also said that Tesla did not spend any money in Marketing (Promotions) but used Social Media, mainly Twitter to promote the brand.

Mercury is the mind, speech etc is in the 10th house so he is always thinking about power, status, work, karma.

Jupiter the 7th lord of business in 3rd house of Social media confirms this.


Venus in Taurus sign represents Dhan Lakshmi. He is indeed the wealthiest person in the world. Venus in Taurus sign which is own sign of Venus bestows blessings to him from Goddess. He met his first wife when he moved to Canada and they waited for long years before getting married. Venus is aspected by Jupiter Retrograde. Here Jupiter is Dhara Karaka (in 7 Char karak scheme). We know that Dhara karaka planet signifies Wife, partners, business, relationships among other things. He married many times. Venus with Saturn is a Yoga for wealth. It should also be noted that Venus is aspected by Rahu and Saturn is the dispositor of Mars & Rahu. In other words, Venus is having relationship with Saturn, Mars & Rahu, this indicates troubled married life.

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