The House of Luck – II M.L. Chatterjee

The House of Luck – II M. L. Chatterjee

SA Volunteer: Srinivasa Sunchu

‘Taken with permission from The Astrological Magazine: October 1977

In my previous article I gave out my Ideas for judging the factor of luck for different Lagna borns in a new way. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius have their 9th lordship falling in Moolatrikona sign of their 9th lords, and because of this, the persons born in the above signs should be considered as lucky persons. With regard to luck at its potential level this is true, but whether this potentiality can attain the kinetic level is very important. The theory of general science tells us that any potential energy in order to become active outwardly must have an external impetus to transform it to kinetic energy: otherwise, everything bogs down. As to how this potential luck factor can become outwardly active has to be judged by the placement of the 9th lord and also the position of Jupiter, natural Bhagyakaraka.

For example in the case of Aries Lagna natives, the 9th lord is Jupiter himself, and Jupiter attains very dominant role in respect of bestowing luck to the natives. Supposing Jupiter is placed in Aries itself; it is perhaps best because in such a case Jupiter over and above being placed in a friendly sign also attains Digbala and the 9th lord placed as such is certainly a very strong point to make the person very lucky. The next best position of Jupiter for such natives would be in Cancer, then Leo, then Libra and lastly Aquarius and Pisces. Out of these positions however the very best for excellent results in luck would be the placement of Jupiter in the 1st house, i.e. Aries, as explained above, in the 5th house in Leo because this is also friendly house for Jupiter and from here he aspects strongly the 9th house and Lagna over and above the 11th house. Similarly in the 9th in Sagittarius Jupiter gets four-fold strength, i.e. 

being placed in own house, in Moolatrikona, in the most auspicious 9th where Jupiter becomes extra powerful and being placed here he fully aspects Lagna, the 3rd and the auspicious 5th. The general dictum of Astrology “Karaka bhava nashakaha” does not apply here because Jupiter in this particular case is in his Moolatrikona where he always remains in gaiety and therefore forgets to do any harm whatever might be the other conditions.

Next in order come those born under Gemini Lagna. In this case malefic Saturn should better placed in the 9th itself which is his Moolatrikona. The next best place would be the 5th, his house of exaltation. Next in order Saturn should be placed in Sagittarius from where would aspect the 9th, his Moolatrikona. Here the planet gets Digbala and also becomes dignified as Kodanda-Sani (Sagittarius-Saturn). Lastly Saturn coming under Jupiter’s influence becomes more of a benefic and his malefic nature remains subdued. When placed in Pisces, the 10th, he should also be considered as good particularly with regard to professional achievements. When the 9th lord Saturn is placed as stated above it is almost certain that the potential luck-factor would have the chance to become kinetic automatically. However, to dilute the saturnine malevolence Bhagyakaraka Jupiter should either be with Saturn in the same sign, aspect the planet strongly or exchange position in such a way that both the planets are housed in good places, particularly the 9th and 10th or the 7th and the 10th. Of course when Saturn is placed in a house of Jupiter, even if Saturn remains there without Jupiter’s direct influence such a position can produce luck provided the natural Bhagyakaraka is not placed in Makara (Capricorn) which is not only the sign of his debilitation but is the very bad 8th house. Therefore under these configurations of Jupiter and Saturn, potential luck-factor of Gemini-borns can be expected to achieve fruition when time is ripe for them.

Further for natives born in Leo Lagna, I think the best position of Mars their 9th lord would be in Capricorn where Mars becomes exalted and from this position he aspects strongly and benevolently Aries which is his Moolatrikona as well as the 9th house. True, here Mars gets into the 6th from Lagna which is generally known to be bad but in this case Mars understandably overcomes the defect on becoming exalted, and being a natural malefic his placement in the 6th, an Upachaya, is good. Further from this house with his inherent high power Mars strongly aspects his Moolatrikona as well as the 9th house and this cannot be overlooked easily. The next best place for Mars would be in Lagna itself i.e. in Leo which obviously is very auspicious place Mars, being the house of his very intimate friend Sun. Further from this position Mars very well brightens the results of the 4th which is his own house with the help of his benevolent 4th house sight. The 9th house position of Mars in Aries should be considered as best. Though this is Moolatrikona of Mars, yet from this position Mars aspects the 12th, the 3rd and the 4th. The 4th being his own house a well-placed planet’s aspect on it should ordinarily be considered as good, but in this case the result cannot be actually so because Mars here influences the 4th with his 8th house sight which is known to be baneful. Hence the salutary effect of the 4th house gets diluted here unlike the position of Mars in Lagna of Leo natives and naturally therefore Mars should better be placed in Leo in preference to Aries though the last one happens to be his Moolatrikona. For Leo natives therefore their significator of luck, Mars, should be considered well placed in three places only, i.e. Capricorn, Leo and Aries.

Corresponding to the position of Mars in the 6th in Capricorn, Jupiter should better be placed in Aries when he after absorbing the 4th aspect of Mars would pass on his benevolent 5th aspect on to Lagna as well as his 9th aspect which is also very auspicious in the 5th house which is Jupiter’s own place, Sagittarius.  By virtue of this position Jupiter starts playing a dominant role in co-operation with the exalted 9th lord Mars from the 9th house itself for giving luck. Again Jupiter, when placed in the 10th in Taurus, can directly aspect Mars in the 6th in Capricorn and thus transform the malefic nature of Mars to a great extent and therefore the position of Jupiter in Taurus in the most powerful Kendra, the 10th house, should also be taken as good for luck for Leo natives. Further when Mars is in the 6th house Jupiter may also be in Cancer which though is the 12th for Leo ascendant, yet this position of Jupiter is considered to be beneficial because here he gets exaltation and from here aspects and receives the aspect of exalted Mars in Capricorn, placed face to face. Further as the 8th lord, Jupiter’s placement in the 12th with exalted power in Cancer is always considered very auspicious. For the other two positions of Mars in Leo and Aries, Jupiter’s placement in Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius should be considered good for enhancing luck.

Within the periphery of my discussions herein next comes Sagittarius. For this sign lord of the 9th is the Sun and the 9th is also his Moolatrikona. Therefore, if the Sun is placed in the 9th itself it is definitely very good. Similarly two other good places for the Sun would be Virgo the 10th, which is his friendly house and also Lagna that is Sagittarius, which is over and above being a friendly house for the Sun, he further gets Digbala here. If the 9th lord the Sun is placed in Aquarius and Taurus, i.e. in the 3rd and the 6th respectively these positions should also be considered good because Sun being a natural malefic his placement in Upachaya houses should be taken as beneficial. However placement in the 3rd in Aquarius would be better because from this position the 9th lord aspects the 9th, his own house and Moolatrikona. The last place preferable for the 9th lord the Sun would be the 4th in Pisces because from here the Sun in a friendly house aspects the most powerful Kendra, the 10th falling in Virgo, another friendly house for the Sun. Now for helping the 9th lord Sun in the above stated places natural Bhagyakaraka Jupiter should better not be placed in the same sign along with the sun because in such a case there is always a probability of Jupiter’s combustion by the Sun. The Sun being in Leo it would be better that Jupiter remains either in Sagittarius or Aquarius or Aries. Then again with the Sun in Virgo it would be better if Jupiter remains in Pisces. Further with the Sun in Sagittarius it would be better if Jupiter remains in Aries or Leo. Particularly Leo would be very good because in this position Jupiter would get an excellent status in respect of change of house position between Lagna lord and the 9th lord. Furthermore with the Sun in the 3rd in Aquarius and in Taurus in the 6th, the corresponding best position of Jupiter would be in Leo as well as Gemini; then again Virgo and Scorpio. No doubt being in Scorpio, Jupiter would be placed in the bad 12th but because this is friend’s house and from this house he would aspect his own sign Pisces with his benevolent 5th sight, Jupiter’s bad quality as stated above thus gets considerably minimized. The last position is though not very much covetable yet the mutual positions between the Sun the 9th lord and Jupiter lord of Lagna should give the native luck after some obstacles.

For those natives born in Capricorn the house of luck is Virgo which is Moolatrikona of Mercury. Naturally therefore for the natives the best position of the 9th lord Mercury would be Virgo itself. The next position for Mercury would be his placement in Lagna, Capricorn, because Mercury gets Digbala in Lagna. The other two good positions for Mercury would be Taurus and also the 10th Libra because both these happen to be the auspicious 5th and 10th houses for Capricorn. These signs are friendly signs of Mercury. In the last count Mercury might also be placed in his debilitation in the 3rd Pisces because from this place he would be able to aspect the 9th house but since Mercury becomes very weak in this sign to become fully effective the planet should get cancellation of debilitation for which Jupiter, natural Bhagyakaraka, should be placed either in Aries, the 4th house or in the 7th house in Cancer, when he would have exalted status. When Mercury is in Virgo, Jupiter should be placed in Pisces and when Mercury is in Capricorn, Jupiter should remain in Virgo. When Mercury remains in Taurus Jupiter should either be in Virgo or in Scorpio and lastly when Mercury is in Libra Jupiter should either remain in Aquarius or in Aries. Such a planetary configuration between Mercury and Jupiter, the first as 9th lord and the second as natural Bhagyakaraka, would be a happy augury for Capricorn natives.

In respect of Aquarius ascendant Libra becomes the 9th house which is Moolatrikona of Venus. As such when placed in the sign he would become highly beneficial for luck. Corresponding to this position of Venus, Jupiter’s placement would be best in the ascending sign Aquarius and the next place in Sagittarius which is the 11th. The 9th lord of luck could as well be placed either in Aquarius or in Pisces when again the corresponding position of Jupiter should be either in Pisces, Cancer or Leo. Similarly when Venus is in his own sign Taurus the 4th, in the ascendant or in a friendly sign or the auspicious 5th, i.e. Gemini, correspondingly Jupiter should be placed either in Libra or in Sagittarius.

In my concluding article I would like to discuss another most important topic in this connection, i.e. the stability factor of luck with reference to Chandra Lagna. Also I shall substantiate therein my premise by citing some horoscopic examples.

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