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Kalasarpa Yoga – Fall from Power by A. Trivikram Rao

Kalasarpa Yoga – Fall from Power by A. Trivikram Rao

SA Volunteer: Srinivasa Sunchu

 (Taken From Astrological Magazine Of Raman Saheb, Dec. 1982 Issue)

The several yogas considered in astrology can be broadly classified into two main categories. The first category is of those that give long life, good status, happiness, prosperity, financial affluence and good health etc., called Rajayogas and the second category has those that reduce the good effects and aggravate the dark side of life called Daridra or Dainya Yogas. Of all the evil yogas that neutralize the good affects and add to the miseries in some way or the other, Kalasarpa Yoga is one whose presence in a chart is sure to work havoc in the life of the native. Classical books on astrology like Jataka-parijata, Phaladeepika, Brihat Jataka and Uttarakalamrita or/and many others are silent on this yoga.

But from the informative and interesting articles published in THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE, we have been able to learn something about this yoga.

Jyotishamrutham, a Telugu work on astrology, says that this yoga causes miseries and evil. It further says that even though there are other good yogas and even if two or three planets are dignified by exaltation or otherwise, all such god yogas become powerless and ineffective. Such a person will have to suffer various troubles. Either he will be short-lived or suffer poverty. But under certain specific conditions Kalasarpa Yoga (KY) would bestow excellent results.

A good deal has been explained about KY by our learned Editor Dr. B. V. RAMAN, in his book Three Hundred Important Combinations. This book clearly explains several good as well as bad yogas and is of great value to professionals as well as students of astrology. A chapter has been specially allotted for KY as to how it is formed and how it bestows its effects. 

In all these articles and the book it has been held that if any planet or planets conjoin Rahu or Ketu or both KY is nullified.

I have made a study of KY, and have found that one having this yoga suffers from some sort of trouble or other and some abnormally can be seen in his life.

I am of the opinion that even though one or two planets join Rahu or Ketu, the KY operates and is not nullified. Such a native is not spared by this yoga. It is found that KY is a certainty if the five successive houses behind the Nodes are vacant even if one or two planets join Rahu/Ketu. The only condition for the formation of KY is that the five successive houses behind the Rahu/Ketu or Ketu-Rahu axis should be unoccupied. It does not matter whether the ascendant falls outside or inside the axis of the Nodes.

Why should natives having KY suffer grave troubles or downfall? It is not difficult to answer this question.

When all planets are posited in the 7 houses, between Rahu and Ketu or Ketu and Rahu, the Moon will very often be close to the Sun, with the result the Moon will be weak without Pakshabala. Rarely the Moon can be away from the Sun, when both are posited within the seven houses only.

When all the planets are restricted to the seven out of the 12 houses, they are often in clusters of three or four in a single house. If the Sun also happens to be one of these planets, the other planets will be subject to combustion and thus harmful. Rarely, the seven planets are distributed among the seven houses to escape combustion.

Since their scope of activity is restricted to seven houses, usually it so happens that a number of planets may be subjected to the evil aspect of Saturn at one stroke and become harmful thereby.

It should not be forgotten that whenever Saturn aspects a house or planet or planets posited in the 3rd house from its position, the intervening house and also the planets posited therein, if any, i.e., the 2nd house from radical Saturn will also be subjected to the bad influence of Saturn, so also the planets therein. Here the principle of Papakartari comes into play. This condition is very often found and can rarely be averted or overcome.

Out of the seven houses, two are invariably allotted to Rahu and Ketu. Thus only five houses are left for the remaining planets to occupy. Out of these five three will remain under the sway of Saturn, as explained above. Thus two houses are left out. If these two houses are also spoiled by occupation or aspect by evil planets or otherwise, there will be nothing more left. Very often these conditions exist.

When the number of houses is restricted to 7 very little chance is left for the formation of good Rajayogas. No good yogas can be formed under the restricted circumstances. Thus planets usually get packed in a few houses. Rarely, we find the seven planets evenly distributed among all the seven houses.

For any good yoga to be formed the following conditions must be fulfilled.

  • The concerned house should not be tenanted by a malefic.
  • The house should not be aspected by a malefic or malefic.
  • The house lord should not be become combust.
  • The house lord should not occupy an evil house.
  • The house lord should not be in his enemy’s sign or in the sign of his debilitation.

Very often we find that most of the above conditions exist, with the result that no good yoga can be formed.

Usually many planets occupy mutually inimical positions like 2/12 (dwirdwadasa) or 6/8 (shasht-ashtaka) and in such cases they become harmful.

When the number of houses is restricted to seven, Jupiter will not be able to aspect other planets, particularly his 7th and 9th aspects. Rarely he may be able to aspect the planets in the 5th. Thus many planets are deprived of Jupiter’s benign blessings.

Thus in several ways chances for the formation of good yogas are meager and chances for bad yogas are always there.

I cite below a few cases of KY where the natives suffered miseries in their lives or remained obscure in spite of some good planets.

The Shah of Iran, birth: 26-10-1919, Sunday, 11-11 p.m., Tehran. Cancer-Ascendant; Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus in Leo; Mercury and the Sun in Libra; the Moon and Rahu in Scorpio; and Ketu in Taurus. Here the Moon is in the company of Rahu. The five houses behind the Ketu-Rahu axis are vacant. He married several times. His married life was unhappy. He lost his kingdom and fled to Egypt for asylum where he died. Though the Moon was with Rahu, he could not escape the doom.

A native Birth: 6-9-1945 at 5-18 p.m., Guntur Dt. (A.P.). Aquarius-Ascendant; Rahu with Mars in Gemini; Saturn and Venus in Cancer; the Sun, the Moon and Mercury in Leo; Jupiter in Virgo; and Ketu in Sagittarius. The ascendant falls outside the Rahu-Ketu axis. There are no planets in the five houses behind the Ketu-Rahu axis. The native is highly educated and has inherited a lot of property through his adoptive parents. He is intelligent and good looking too. He cherished a desire for I.A.S. He disposed off all the properties for this purpose and squandered away his wealth. Reduced to a pauper he returned home in a pitiable condition. He is now eking out his livelihood on a meager salary. In this case Mars in conjoined with Rahu.

Birth: 9-9-1934 at 8-18 p.m., Tiruchoor. Ascendant – Aries; Mars and Ketu in Cancer; Venus and Mandi in Leo; the Sun and Mercury in Virgo; Jupiter in Libra; and Saturn, the Moon and Rahu in Capricorn. The Ascendant is outside the Ketu-Rahu axis. There are planets with Ketu as well as with Rahu.

He is found to be unhappy always. He is never seen with a smiling face. He has changed a number of professions like a rolling stone and has not been able to stick to any one job. All his troubles relate to his professional life, a source of constant misery to him.

Birth: 15-4-1936 at 10-55 a.m., Long. 81° 57′ (E), Lat. 16° 18′ (N). Ascendant – Gemini; Rahu and Jupiter (R) in Sagittarius; the Moon in Capricorn; Saturn in Aquarius; Venus in Pisces; the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aries; and Ketu in Gemini.

In this case Jupiter is with Rahu. Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are in their own houses and deemed strong. The Sun and Venus are exalted. The chart indicates great affluence and status but the native is most miserable and a very insignificant person not welcome in society. He is well educated. His married life is miserable. His wife and children have deserted him and are living independently since 1975. The native is staying in Hyderabad, working as a part-time tutor in an educational institute on a meager salary. He is a hypocrite and his habits are most detestable. He dresses shabbily.

  • Birth: 9-3-1938 at 7-30 a.m. Long. 79°40′ (E). Lat. 17°58′ (N).

Pisces – Ascendant with Venus and Saturn; Mars in Aries; the Moon and Ketu in Taurus; Rahu in Scorpio; Jupiter in Capricorn; and the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. In this case Jupiter is debilitated without cancellation. Venus and Moon are exalted. The exalted Moon has joined Ketu. The native started life in a humble was as a clerk. Later on he passed B.Com. and L.L.B. and rose to an enviable position making rapid strides in his profession, amassed wealth and grew very rich soon. He owns two houses besides other assets. But his private and family life, are very miserable. His wife once attempted suicide. His only son is mentally retarded. All his wealth and status become meaningless when his family circumstances are taken into consideration. Though the Moon is exalted and conjoined with Ketu, the evil effects are not averted.

  • Birth: 9-2-1926 at 4-15 p.m., Long. 81°46′ (E), Lat. 17°0′ (N).

Cancer Ascendant with Rahu; Saturn in Scorpio; the Moon and Mars in Sagittarius; and the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Ketu in Capricorn. Please note that Ketu is in the company of four planets. The 1st and the 7th are involved in the yoga. The five houses behind the Ketu-Rahu axis are vacant. The native is a graduate and also a practicing advocate. His association is mostly with low class people. His domestic environment is depressing. He is addicted to drink and vices and does not hesitate to betray his own friends. Both he and his wife have undergone operations of the stomach. Always in the grip of poverty.  His eldest son married a girl of his own choice and left the native. But the daughter-in-law committed suicide. The native’s wife was always ailing until her death in a car accident. Another son is suffering from bodily deformity.

Here are the details of the chart of the oath-taking ceremony of Mr. Tanguturi Anjaiah, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, on 16-10-1980, Thursday at 11 a.m. He scucceeded Dr. M. Channa Reddy.

Rasi Chart: Ascendant – Sagittarius; the Moon and Ketu in Capricorn; Rahu in Cancer; Venus in Leo; Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo; the Sun and Mercury in Libra; and Mars in Scorpio. This is a clear case of Kalasarpa Yoga. Mr. Anjaiah took oath of office at a time when all the planets were sandwiched between Rahu and Ketu. As long as he was in the chair as the C.M. he was unhappy and restless. He remained in power for one year and four months after which he lost it.

Giani Zail Singh took the oath of office as the seventh president of India at 11-38 a.m. on 25-7-1982, Sunday. The chart relating to the oath-taking ceremony indicates Kalasarpa Yoga. Here Venus is conjoined with Rahu. In addition, Lagna in this case happens to be the Moon sign also and Saturn in posited there. That means the Ascendant as well as the Moon are spoiled. The Moon is not quite strong in terms of Pakshabala (within 72°). The yoga in this case involves the 4th and the 10th (happiness and profession). There is exchange of houses between the lords of the Ascendant and the 11th, Mercury and the Moon. Though this exchange is good, the Moon is with Saturn, a Malefic. The lord of the Ascendant Mercury is in very close contact with Sun and is combust. Mars, lord of the 3rd and 8th in the 2nd, is not welcome. The 2nd and 9th lord Venus is with Rahu and aspected by Saturn. The 4th and 7th lord Jupiter conspires with the 3rd and the 8th All these factors collectively indicate that the president of India (Giani Zail Singh) cannot enjoy peace of mind and happiness. He will not be able to successfully serve his full term of office. His term is bound to be very short.

The purpose of this article is to show that Kalasarpa Yoga can affect adversely both individuals as well as nations. This yoga will operate even though one or more planets conjoin Rahu or Ketu. The only criterion for the formation of this yoga is that five successive houses behind the nodal axis must be unoccupied. The lesser the number of houses unoccupied the greater will be the imbalance created in the horoscope. That is the general rule. This is not to say that persons who do not have Kalasarpa Yoga are exempt from miseries and misfortunes in life.

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