The Inner Dimensions of Cosmic Rebirth by Joseph R. Giove

The Inner Dimensions of Cosmic Rebirth by Joseph R. Giove

The ecology of choice and transformation in a rapidly changing world

The Rebirth Celebration, May 9th through 11th 2009, will be a global collaborative of people who share compassion as a common passion. We will unite our collective wisdom and power to welcome a new cosmic birth, indicated by this key period revealed in the Mayan Calendar. In 2004, we co-created the Harmonic Concordance. In 2007 we honored and celebrated the Divine Feminine in us and the world at the Mid-Point of the Fifth Day through the Breakthrough Celebration.

Last year on the Summer Solstice we invited the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine within us in the Gathering of One, the Global Eden event. Now we are honored to celebrate the birth of something new and unimagined in years past.

We celebrate the Rebirth of the Divine Plan in creation and in us. Please join us by going to and learning more.

The primary focus of current affairs seems to be the global economic meltdown and global warming, two very apt metaphors for our time.

These also have correspondences in our personal lives: lost jobs and homes, large-scale failure of systems we’ve relied on for modern conveniences and our livelihood, diminishing future prospects for economic growth, fear of biospheric collapse, and a general malaise with the state of the world.

Yet, as Carl discusses above, forward movement now in evolution is in the realm of consciousness; it is our consciousness that is evolving, as well as the consciousness of all life. In view of this, we are served also by looking at the inner dimensions of these outer changes. Here we may find not only solace and a place of spiritual grounding, but also solid footing on the path moving us consciously and gracefully through these exciting times, which are pregnant with possibilities and opportunities.

The current warming of the planet and the melting of the economy are clear results of the consciousness that informed the human activity that led to these conditions: 1) In terms of global warming, consciousness that is disconnected from and dispassionate to its impact on the environment; 2) In terms of the economy, a consciousness disconnected from and disempowered of its own value in relationship to its environment. So while on the surface these may seem like unrelated phenomenon, the reality is a deep relatedness that has holistic implications especially relevant for the times. Fortunately however, as Carl points out, “consciousness” is changing and evolving; it is being directed by cosmic forces embedded deep in the central Intelligence of the universe, which some may call God, G-d, Allah, Brahman, Universal Intelligence, Great Spirit or Hunab-Ku. This Intelligence is holographically nested in each of us. It is now calling us to rely on “It” and consciously co-operate with evolution.

We can look out through It…and to It, and become awed, gracious and humbled by Beauty, Truth, Grace, Harmony, Abundance, Divine Balance and Love. Or we can obscure It by focusing on the distorted creations and lesser manifestations of humankind, which resulted from a fragmented, separatist, greedy, self-absorbed consciousness. Fortunately, our consciousness is evolving holistically by the Grace of G-d – by these cosmic emanations – and we do not have to contemplate a future that is a mere extrapolation from the past. In fact, one of the more profound insights from the genius and insight of the Mayans is this: the energies that give rise to our manifested world change along a divine plan with which we can consciously align, and that by doing so, we move into greater perfection with the divine plan. In other words, the world that was is not what informs a new world. What informs a new world and our new lives are powerful forces continually emanating from the inter-dimensional, creative core and Intelligence of the universe. The Big Bang should no longer be perceived as solely a historic event; rather, it is also the ultimate present moment, THE Holy Moment: the perpetual bringing forth of new Light from the Creative Heart and Mind of the living universe. By creating resonance with that Heart-Mind, we cooperate and thus quicken the cosmic plan of creation. This will be the core shared intention of the Rebirth Celebration Concordance: I AM resonating with the Creative Heart-Mind of the Living Universe. I AM the Creative Heart-Mind of the Living Universe.

Inhale while looking up through the brow: I AM resonating with the Creative Heart-Mind of the Living Universe.

Exhale and smile: I AM the Creative Heart-Mind of the Living Universe.

Those who focus on what’s falling away, melting, dissolving – on what is no longer supported by new evolutionary energies – may become despondent, fearful, scarce in their thinking, jealous of opportunities, possessive of their resources, and mindless to the consequences of their actions on others and on the environment. This is the very behavior that is no longer supported by the underlying evolutionary impulses. Any system of a personal, social, economic, political, educational, commercial or medical nature that was

based on features of scarcity, separatism, greed, domination, control, imbalance, force, conflict, etc. have lost their energetic foundation and are dissolving back into the void as we speak. Amen and, respectfully, good riddance.

What is emerging now…what is being supported by the new evolutionary energies are people creating systems based on collaboration, harmony, the implicit abundance of nature, egalitarian awareness, the explicit and indelible nature of interrelatedness, interdependency and interconnection. We may look around us with innocent eyes and joyously behold:

a massive proliferation of social networking that has infiltrated all aspects of society and commerce;
technology enabling collaboration that crosses geopolitical, economic and ideological lines;
a massive “greening” movement that is increasing awareness of our impact on the environment, with inspiring and creative programs being developed around the world to restore our balance with nature;
free and sustainable sources of energy that are slowly making their way into the common awareness;
new partnerships forming between long-time competitors;
software being developed “free” by global communities of programmers in “open source” models;
ideas being shared and new economic models proliferating in communities around the world, giving rise to alternative forms of currencies and exchange of value between individuals without requiring a central bank or government to control…or to demand a toll from each of us for the pleasure of their exploitation;
humanity collectively solving stubborn problems like hunger, poverty and contagious diseases without waiting for governments or other political systems.

These holistic, collaborative, more balanced, more ecologically aligned creations are themselves an out-picturing of the new human consciousness informing these worldly innovations. However, being focused on the dissolution of old systems may blind us to these new emergent properties and to the magical nature of our times. This blindedness will inevitably disempower us and prohibit our eyes-wide-open involvement. It will stop us from asking pertinent questions, the answers of which will ignite our own personal fulfillment and purpose now. Questions like: What are the characteristics of this new evolutionary wave that is impinging on my inner nature? What is the deeper meaning of global warming, economics, increasing novelty and accelerating time from an interior, self-reflective point of view…the “inner ecology” of personal transformation? How can I best serve this unfoldment for my personal and community welfare? How can I quicken my own alignment with these new and exciting transformational energies being released upon the planet now?

What was once viewed as paradoxical or oxymoronic can now make sense and be seen or felt in the higher light of multidimensional awareness. Now is the time we’ve been waiting for. It’s not in 2012 or some other imaginary date in the future. It’s about now; it is now.

This is what the Rebirth Celebration is about on May 9, 10 and 11 of 2009. Leading up to this grand celebration and the global meditation prayer concordance is a dialogue occurring in the discussion forum. Here we access the collective wisdom, creativity and genius to answer the above questions, and this one: ¨What is being birthed?!” Ultimately the answers are in the living of our lives, which we do consciously, intentionally and collectively together as we navigate this magnificent shift of the ages.

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