Tingling on the Parts of the Body and Its Effects by V. Raghavendra Rao

Tingling on the Parts of the Body and Its Effects by V. Raghavendra Rao

Certain parts of the body slightly tingle often which indicates some results and one can predict out of it. In Sakuna Sastra it has gained some importance.

This is an unpublished Palm leaf Manuscript entitled “ANGAMULA ADURUDU SASTRAMU” in Telugu which means effects on tingling on various parts of body which is in Sakuna Sastra. 

  1. The Manuscript of 1/8 demy size of 12 folios the matter is in running text form, I have converted into a table form 3. Date and Time of the Manuscript is unknown 4. Author of the Manuscipt is – Chandragiri Chinnaya
  2. Accession Number of the Manuscript is 18302
  3. Name of the Library – Oriental Research

Regarding illustration – generally in sakuna sastra majority of  us know if right eye tingles for male –

It is good omen and it is bad omen / sakuna for ladies like this whenever a person observes a mild tingle on any  part of the body there is a sign of expecting the result as mentioned in the Manuscript

My own experience can be illustrated with a small example, once my upper lip tingled

But I was somehow unable to read the result in the table, on the next day I received a good news from my relative..

That his marriage is fixed. The effects of tingling on various parts of the body is given below:

Parts Of Body

Effects On Tingle

1) Centre of the Head (at brahma randra)

(tingle at center of the head is very

minute it is to be observed sensitively)

May receive some Suspicious news

2)  Left side of the center of the head

Will be respected in the Society and gain good name

3)  Back side of the head

Indication of enemies at the background

4) If entire head tingles

Will become the head of the family

5) Right side of the forehead

Will be relieved from the chronic health problems

6) Left side of the forehead

No effects indicate (either bad or good)

7) Edge of the eye adjacent to the nose

Will win the case in the court

8) On the other side as said above

Will get wealth

9)  Right eye lower lid

Danger to the brother

10) Left eye upper lid

Will be cursed from the unknown reasons/sins

11) Eyelid upper part

Will face a lot of difficulties and it will be solved gradually

12) Left eye full

Will face difficulties boldly

13)    Right side of the nose

Will receive the bad debts also gets wealth

14) Left side of the nose

Will become rich gradually

15) Upper lip

Will hear good news from relatives / friends

16) Lower lip

Will eat delicious dishes, which he never tasted before.

17) Neck

Danger to life

18) Back side of the neck – Right side

Indication of suspicious events in the house

19) Back side of the neck – Left side

Indication of danger from enemies

20) On the Adams Apple on the neck

Fear of death from serious disease

21) Right Chest

Enemies may attack

22) Left Chest

Good from near and dear

23) Umbilical

Will affect from a chronic disease

24) Stomach

Will gain good name

25) Back

Will feel angry

26) Right side of the back

Will win the case in the court

27) Part between neck and shoulder

May expect help from ladies

28) Right shoulder – full

Will hear death message of

Relatives/friends who lives in foreign land

 29) Right side of the Chest below the


Will be honored

30) Left side of the chest below the


Will be relieved from the Doshas

31) Right hand elbow

Will receive the fruits of the past deeds

32) Left hand elbow

Will gain a lot of wealth

33) Right hand

Will gain good name and fame

34) Left hand

Will lose name and fame

35) For ladies on the left hand

Gains are indicated

36) For ladies on the right hand

Will face troubles

37) Right hand thumb

Gain of wealth indicated

38) Right hand middle finger

Will commit sins

39) Right hand action finger

Will hear a death message from relatives

40) Right hand wrist

Will gain wealth after a great difficulties

41) Left hand middle finger

The ideas will be fruitful

42) Left hand little finger

Will meet the king/officer

43) Left hand thumb

Will be honored

44) Left hand ring finger

Good for health

45) Left hand full

May have to leave his existing good status

46) Right side of the back

Will receive a sting from the poisonous animal and will become normal after some time

47) Left side of the back

Will leave the place where presently living (may shift his house to some other place)

48) Entire back

The disease from which he is suffering will not be cured

49) Waist

Will purchase good dress material

50) Secret part

There is an indication that the friends / relatives living in foreign land are in difficulties

51) Right lap

Will win over the cases pending in the court

52) Left lap

The enemies will also compromises

53) Both the laps

Income from all sources and recovery of bad and doubtful debts

54) Right knee

Will face a sever anger

55) Left knee

The relatives who are living on foreign lands will come and join leaving the grudges

56) Both the knees

Will do adventures consequently wins the hearts of the officials

57) Near right leg ankle

Will lead life in multiple storied building

58) Near left leg ankle

Will have to face a chronic disease and expected to spend a huge amount for cure of disease

59) Near the ankles of the both the legs

Will leave his native land with a great sorrow

60) Upper side of the right foot

Will leave his native land with a great sorrow

61) Upper side of the left foot

The case pending in the court will be lost and it will favor the opponent

 62) Bottom side at the curve of the right Foot

The money lent will not be recovered

 63) Bottom side at the curve of the left foot

Indication that the native in suffering from a serious disease

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