Use Of Dwadasamsa Chart In Prediction Padma Chakra Method‐2

Use Of Dwadasamsa Chart In Prediction Padma Chakra Method‐2 by Pramod Bhavasar

Article No 2: Case Study
Date: 05.06.2008
Let us discuss actual case study on the
Birth Date: 15‐09‐1976
Birth Time: 22:00
Birth Place: Ahmadabad (Gujarat‐India)

table 1
chart 1

Let us find out the year of age 15‐09‐2008 15‐09‐1976 Birth Date ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 32 Years She completes 32 years on 15‐09‐2008. As I discussed earlier, for 1 year = 5 days and 5 hours is additional due to our method taking 360 days per year instead of the actually 365 days 5 hours per current calendar system. For greater clarity please refer to my previous article in Vol3 of Saptarishis Astrology Aug 2008 issue. Therefore, for 32 years =32 x 5 day = 160 days = 5 months and 10 days And 32 x 5 hours = 160 hours = 0 months and 7 days So, total becomes 5 Months and 17 Days. Subtracting these months and days from 15‐09‐2008 we will get 28 Õ 03 Õ 2008 I.e. year of age 33 will start from date 28 Õ 03 Õ 2008. In birth chart, as she completes 32 years, 32 / 12 = 8 th house will be completed. And 9 th house will start from date 28 Õ 03 Õ 2008. In the birth chart 9 th house represents the following as discussed earlier, 1. Father 2. Owned House 3. Luck 4. Long Journey etc. The lord of 9th house, in Birth Chart Õ Saturn is in third house. Now 3 rd house represents Brother or Sister, Neighbor, Father in Law etc. In Vrishabh Lagna, 9 th house is the Badhak (Badhak means worry, delay, obstacles etc.) The lord of 9 th house is Saturn is called as Badhak Õ Planet. So, the prediction will be as under from the date 28‐03‐2008 to 23‐3‐2009 i.e. during the age ofyear 33 1. She has worries in her own house (i.e. Husbands House) Õ so difference of opinion with husband can be there. 2. She left her husband¯s house and lives at her father¯s house 3. Her father is also in mental tension 4. Father in law and her own brother are also in mental tension 5. Due to all above mentioned factors they have difference of opinion among themselves. How To Use Dwadasamsa Chart In Padma Chakra Method:‐ Step 1: Note the year lord (Saturn in this case) Step 2: See its house position in the Dwadasamsa Chart (D12) Step 3: Superimpose this Year Lord from Dwadasamsa Chart onto the Rasi Chart. Saturn is in the 10 th house Õ Kumbha (11) sign in D12. That means the working of Saturn is in 10 th house of Birth Chart. Now 10 th house represents Mother in law and Job.Therefore she has difference of opinion with her Mother in Law also. And her job is also affected due to all this.

Further more, 5 th house in the Birth Chart represents 1 st child, her first child is daughter and child¯s Birth Date is 20 Õ 04 Õ 1997 (i.e. 11 years old). 216 In this case the lord of 5 th house is Mercury, this Mercury is in Makar Sign of Dwadasamsa Chart Õ i.e. in 9 th house. It means working of Mercury is in the 9 th house of Birth Chart. So, she came to her father¯s house with her 11 year old daughter. And thus 1 st child is also in mental disturbance. That is why due to above situation of mother¯s charts Õ daughter is not able to live with herfather, grandfather and grandmother though she loves them like anything. This scribe will try to demonstrate as many charts as possible through actual cases studieson which predictions were made in advance using Padma Chakra method as taught by my Guruji Late Shri Nanubhai.

Yogayatra of Varahamihira

If Karma nakshatra is afflicted in transit then the remedy as per Varahamihira is – for 10 days to eat food without salt in it, meat and liquor to avoid, to do homam with honey and ghee and to take bath with water that has been medicated with Durva (Dhub Grass, Bermuda or Bahama Grass)–Priyangadu (Tanguni), Sarso (Mustard) Saunf (Fennel) and Shatavari (Asparagus).

NakshatraKendubhadyaya, Verse 15 of Yogayatra of Varahamihira

Samudayik Nakshatra (18 th ) if afflicted then gold silver should be donated. When Vainasik (20-21- 22) nakshatra is afflicted then food should be donated and land should be donated to aCompetent (Guni)Brahmin. – NakshatraKendubhadyaya, Verse 17 of Yogayatra of Varahamihira

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