Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 12 by Venkat Ramana

Bhrighu Saral Paddathi – 12 by Venkat Ramana

With Obeisance to Lord Ganapati and Sage Bhrighu, this study of mine is presented at their feet.

BSP-10 Jupiter 9th house rule.

Jupiter will implement itself in the 9th house from the place it is located in a chart and/or the house where it is located in the 40th year of a native’s life.

One can observe that the Kakshya method when coupled with the BSP gives more accuratehint for us to predict. Let us examine the charts given here under by applying the kakshyarule.


Chart 1

DOB: 23-08-1964 TOB: 5.50AM POB: Chinaganjam, India, his Jupiter is in the 10th house.He got promotion in the 40th year on 1-April-2004.Jupiter is in the kakshya of Saturn the 6th and 7th lord posited in the 7th house. Saturnis also the lord of 10th house from AL. As Jupiter will give the result of its kakshya lord the native’s 6th of job and 10th house of career from ascendant and also 10th house from AL are activated and thus the native received promotion. Thus Jupiter’s 9th aspect of 40th year to the 6h of job gave result as promotion as the dispositor of 6H is in the 7H of position.

Chart 2

DOB: 09-SEP-1963 TOB: 4.00 A.M POB: Machilipatnam, India. In this chart Jupiter islocated in Pisces the 9th house. This person in the 40th year (between 09-09-2002 to 09-09-2003) went in to depression due to the problems in profession. His blood pressure shot up to160/110. He met with an accident and was bed ridden for some days.Jupiter is in the kakshya of Moon the ascendant lord in this case. Moon thoughposited in his exaltation sign Taurus; this is badhaka sign for Cancer ascendant. Further, 11th house from ascendant is malefic especially for the purpose of health matters. Moon isaspected by 5L of mind Mars (8th aspect) who is placed in his enemy sign Libra. Moon also indicates blood in human body1 & Mars is the significator of accidents. Mars is placed in sixth house of accidents & health issues from Moon the kakshya lord. Thus Jupiter’s 9thhouse aspect in the 40th year to the 5H resulted in health issue as it is in the 6th from kakshya lord Moon. Note that this 5L is in the 4H of home and he was bed ridden was some days, Mars did its job.

Chart 3

DOB: 18-07-1968 POB: Amalapuram, India TOB: 16:00 HRS. This man was working abroad, lost his job during August 2007 and returned to India. Again in January 2008 he went abroadon some job and could not retain it for long, then returned to India during July 2008. In January 2009 he once again got a job abroad and he is continuing there. So during the entire 40th year he was having professional disturbance. Jupiter in 10th house Leo.


In this case Jupiter is in the kakshya of Sun who is the 10th house lord posited in the9 th (12th from 10th) house of long journeys, conjoined with the 12th lord of losses Venus. Therefore, the native experienced losses and disturbances in his professional life

1 SA Publisher: Some take Moon as blood, some take Mars. Some take Mars as blood and Moon for flow of blood. It must be noted here that in the said chart both Moon and Mars are connected via Mars aspect & Moon Mars combination though a Dhana Yoga Combination but also gives blood pressure problems.   

during his 40th year, as Jupiter’s 9th aspect in the 40th year fell on the 6H of job where Saturn3L of changes and travel is sitting which is in the 10th from Kakshya Lord Sun.

Chart 4

DOB: 10-10-1968 POB: Secunderabad, India TOB: 03:25 A.M. This man in the 40th yearsuffered severe infection in his liver and is now cured. During April 2008 this person was infected and hospitalized for some time. In this case Jupiter is in the kakshya of Ascendant. Ascendant lord Sun is placed in the 2nd house conjoined with Ketu (malefic). Ascendant contains Mars (in medical astrology functional nature of planets is not considered) and 8th lord Jupiter2 . Ascendant also contains Mandi and Gulika. All these factors indicate the trouble in the Leo region that is liver.

Further ascendant degree is 13.31 (2nd drekkana) indicating the second part of the body from neck region to abdomen and also first 5 degrees of a drekkana indicates internal body parts and second 5 degrees of drekkana indicate external parts of the body.Thus Jupiter’s 9th aspect on the 9H is falling in the 40th year in the sign of Aries (health in natural zodiac) and its lord Mars is placed in the Asc who is the kakshya lord hence there was health issues in the 40th year.


Chart 5

DOB: 17-05-1954 TOB: 03:05 A.M POB: Cuddapah, India. This person is an IITian andcompleted his research in IIT Kharagpur. His 40th year would be from 05/1993 to 05/1994. Hewas working as a lecturer in REC Calicut. During the 40th year his promotion was denied due to political issues. He got vexed up with his job and tried abroad (Singapore) for a job.

2 SA Publisher: Normally Jupiter is also taken as karaka for Liver by many & Jupiter being in the kakshya of Asc(body/health), he had health problems regarding the liver especially so since Jupiter is the 8L of chronic diseases. What is requested of readers is to aggressively use this Kakshya technique as taught by Venkat Ramana and then it would give the readers more confidence in its application. Remember to commit the Kakshya Table to memory.

During 09/1993 he got a chance and left for Singapore. There he could settle as a reader in Singapore University. He is a Pisces ascendant person, Jupiter is in its own kakshya. Jupiter is the 1st and 10th lord posited in the 4th house and AL. 10th house is occupied by Rahu and Mars. Due to the presence of Rahu the native was clouded for some time with politics (rahu) happening in his career (Rahu in 10H) and Jupiter implementing its 9th aspect in the 40th year in the 12th from ascendant took him to abroad for betterment of his profession as 12H is abroad and Jupiter is 10L of profession. Thus Jupiter’s 9th aspect in the 40th year happened to the 12H of disappointments and its lord Saturn is in the 8H of transformation and transformation is what happened in his life. Saturn is with the planet of travel Moon so he travelled to Singapore and since Saturn is in the 5H from Kakshya lord Jupiter it gave new opportunity as 5H is the house of new opportunity.

Chart 6

DOB: 14-12-1964 POB: 04:35 A.M POB: Machilipatnam, India. He is a Scorpio ascendant person Jupiter in 6th house Aries. In 40th year (feb-2004) he purchased a flat by taking loan and entered new house. Jupiter aspects 2nd house of gain of property (11th from 4H of property) being in 6th house of loan.

Jupiter is in the kakshya of Moon the natural 4H of property of the natural zodiac & also 6L of loans from 4H of property sitting in the 5H which is the house of gain of property being 2nd from 4H, thus in the 40th year he had gain of property


DOB: 20-03-1968 POB: Ponnur TOB: 04:14 A.M. He is Capricorn ascendant. Jupiter in 8th house Leo. In 40th year the native experienced lot of financial problems and his wife suffered slip disc. He purchased a flat during end of 2006 which he had to sell during his 40th year (Jan/2008). Here Jupiter is in his own kakshya apart from being the lord of 12th house in 8th house aspecting 4th house from ascendant and thus you can see that the 9th aspect of 40th year resulted in loss (12L & 3L) of house. Being 12th lord aspecting 4th house he had to sell his house to overcome financial hardship. Eighth house indicates wife’s health.

Chart 8

DOB: 17-07-1964 POB: Kakinada TOB: 06:00 A.M. He is cancer ascendant person. This person has taken bank loan and purchased Car during Oct/2003 in his 40th year.


Jupiter is in the kakshya of Ascendant. Ascendant lord Moon is placed in the 4th house of vehicles. Therefore, Jupiter connected the 6th house of loans (9th from Jupiter) and 4th house of vehicles giving him opportunity to buy car on loan in his 40th year.

Chart 9 

DOB: 20-12-1962 POB: Eluru, India TOB: 01:30A. M. In this chart Jupiter is posited in 6th house from Virgo ascendant aspecting the 9th aspect to the 2H of family life where Venus is placed. The lady got married on 07th April 2002 in her 40th year. Jupiter is in the kakshya of Sun who is the lord of 12th house of bed comforts. Sun is posited in the 4th (sukha sthana) which is the house of settlement in life alongwith Mercury ascendant lord. Jupiter being in the kakshya of 12th lord activates the 9th from itself which is the 2nd house in the chart leading to addition in family.

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